tagIncest/TabooMom And Son Learn The Hard Way Ch. 01

Mom And Son Learn The Hard Way Ch. 01


This is a hilarious story about incest, where all characters are 18 years or older.

If you like it, please vote. The story may be continue, depending on the response from readers.


Not long after opening his eyes to a beautiful summer morning of July 1982, Matt, dressed in a formal suit, scurried down the stairs shutting the bedroom door behind him and calling out softly yet firmly, "Get the car, Brad. Let's make a move". Matt had asked his 18-year old son Brad to drop him to the airport as he was leaving on a business tour and would be away for three months. Brad, who was waiting in the living room, walked to his mom, who was preparing his favourite meal for the breakfast, gave a quick peck on her cheek and disappeared in his dad's car. On the way to the airport, Matt asked Brad to take up responsibilities in his absence, and take care of Laura."If only she was not my mom, and if she wanted to be cared the way I want to care for her", Brad thought. He got an instant erection as he thought that it was going to be only the two of them, he and his mom, in the next three months, though he knew his fantasies were not going to turn real.

Matt was an admirable gentleman, married to Laura for twenty years. Laura and Matt were great parents, and very satisfied with each other for most of the 20 years long relationship. With a matching sexual appetite, they had become loving partners over the years. Matt had sometimes let himself into girls from contacts at work or travel. Laura relied on her husband alone for her needs, and would not question his fidelity either.

Matt was 37 when he married a 19-year old Laura. As every year rolled by, his sex drive was slowly dwindling . When Brad was 16, his father had become sexually inactive. In all his liking, Laura was quite the hot teen with a perfect hour-glass figure, swaying hips, perfect ass and the smallest of waists, when he brought her home on the wedding night. Laura kept herself up all these years as she retained the cute girly smile and a lovely bright face with large blue eyes and full lips that together with the slim 5'8" frame could send a man's blood rushing to the groin instantly. However, her biggest asset was a perfect delicious ass, the hips protruding to just the right proportions, and curving back to the sexiest pair of juicy slick thighs.

Laura, especially after Brad reached the age of 10, usually dressed up conservatively, but in a tight-fitting attire, that emphasized her curves to complete an insanely sexy package. Long blonde hair running down half the length of the back. The breasts, not too large and not too small, slightly sagging, showing off an impeccable cleavage with just the appropriate amount of flesh folding in the middle. A little too wide areolas only made the most unbeleivable pair of breasts.

As he was growing up into his late teens, Brad was impressed by her perfectly toned, yet well-covered body. She was an extremely beautiful woman in his eyes, and a loving mother. Even before puberty touched him, he was in awe of his mom.

The earliest sexual experience he had with his mother or anyone, was four years ago, when he had innocently barged into her bedroom and got a very brief glimpse of her back in all its nakedness while she was changing into her usual long dress after a shower. Even with that little eyeful he had had as Laura quickly pulled the gown up her back, he could feel a surprising bulge in his pants that subsided faster than it had arrived, as he fled the place like a snake apprehended by an alien creature. That unforgettable little episode was the first time he felt his penis swell and enlarge. This erotic experience was followed by several attempts to catch forbidden glimpses, often when she would walk into the bedroom after a shower, hoping to see a bare part of her again. On every occasion, he only got a pair of exposed legs only up until where the thighs started. That was sufficient to make him stiff, often so intensely that he would silently escape to his bathroom, free the poor angry young prick and spurt gallons of white cum all over the sink as soon as his fingers touched the sensitive swollen head of his erect virgin penis. The seven inches of his erection could hardly stand the excitement of watching his mother's beautiful legs, though only upto where the thighs began. He imagined feeling his penis rub against those soft legs, the fat engorged head being caressed in her beautiful feet, before spilling his thick semen over her feet. He would be aroused stealing peeks of his fully-covered innocent mom with the household chores, walking around in tight-fitting attire, completely oblivious of all the perverse imaginations running through his head, and occasionally bending over to provide the most arousing view of the most immaculate and magnificent ass to the helpless pervert that he had become. Her large blue eyes bedazzled him, so much that everytime there was a prolonged eye-to-eye contact, he was aroused more than his busty school teacher was capable of arousing him, standing inches close to him and reprimanding him. Sometimes a peck on the cheeks before mom left for work, would send him to his bedroom at supersonic speeds.

Though he did not get to see his mom the way that mattered to him, he did get lucky in his wonderful dreams, some of which were outrageously funny. In one of those dreams, his mom, completely nude, walked into the grocery where he was shopping, as one of his neighbours also watched.

"Mrs. . . Wood! "

"Hello Mr Spencer. . I was looking for Brad" Laura smiled.

"Mom! I. . ."

"I need you son, back in the house. . . lets go"

In another dream, Laura stood in the kitchen naked, washing the dishes, when Brad, clad only in his shorts, walked in to his naked mom, and a short while later, Laura's back was bathed in his cum. Looking back over her shoulder, her body still facing the sink, she smiled and said "Thankyou son, what a way to start the day. I will be off to the shower soon."

As he matured into the 18th year, already having grown up to 5'10", he knew it was very wrong and evil to lust after his mommy. He tried hard, and almost succeeded, to shrug away thoughts about making love to her, or even stripping her with her consent, or even masturbating her, naked, or through her long skirt, or even masturbating himself to her beauty. Being the pervert that he had become, to the brink of profanity, he was often lashed by his conscience. He was a prude, or atleast so he beleived. He tried all he could to not look at his mom as the desirable woman that she was, but see her as the mom that she was.

Laura was desperately seeking help for her sexual needs. She considered talking about this to her girlfriends from the neighborhood and at work. Laura planned to go to work as soon as Brad would return from the airport. Soon after finishing breakfast, Laura headed to her bedroom to prepare for a shower. As she quickly stripped herself down to only her bra and panties and sat on her bed, her mind was filled with the thoughts of talking to the women about what she was going through. As she leaned on to the back of her bed, her head fell back and she found her hand slowly sliding down her bra-cupped breasts and in no time her fingers reached the pleasure triangle and found the two engorged lips through the panties. She heard herself moaning loud as she brushed her fingers along the length of the lips. She was surprised that she was turned on and aroused at the thoughts of her girlfriends. Not realizing that she was already pulling down her panties, anticipating an orgasm, she squeezed the swollen clitoris, then slowly slid her two fingers up her pussy as the lips parted to welcome the intruders. As her fingers began moving in and out in a rythmic motion, mauling the walls of her vagina, she could not resist the temptation to get herself off while thinking about her friends. She was even calling out their names, the names of those who she thought were really sexy, as she screamed her fast building orgasm out of that starved and soaked pussy. So lost she was in her pleasure excursion, that she didnt realize when the panties were pulled down to allow her fingers launch a wet, slurping and thrusting rampage of her own love canal.

"aaahhhh NINA AAAAAhh ummmmmmmmmm UMMMMm TRACEY. . . UUUUUUH UMMMMMHHH" as never-ending streams of hot juice ripped past the pulsating dark walls to land on her thighs and sheet, marking her descent back to reality. What had suddenly become of her?Was she turning into a bi-curious woman?Or was she just fantasising?About being watched by a group of horny lesbians, getting herself off?She wondered if she would like to be watched by her friends, both men and women, while she flashed her jiggling breasts at her workplace, as she walked past the corridor. She was so proud of her lovely tits.

Would they sit there looking in awe and shock?Would they gaze at her and keep staring at her as she sat there with her breasts hanging out of the unbuttoned shirt, until the end of the day? Would they talk about her breasts, and keep talking all the time?Were they going to masturbate to the sight of her breasts, while the men walked towards her as they approached their climax, and shot their loads onto her naked breasts peeping out while she was otherwise completely covered except for the breasts?Were her female colleagues going to follow her act with their own?

At this point, she was so aroused that she even imagined her son walking in to her bedroom and finding her in all her feminine glory. Would he stand there, barely able to move, eyes locked and fixed, barely blinking, marvelling at the most incredible sight he had ever opened his eyes to, heart racing at unprecedented speeds, or would he just turn his head, apologize and leave her in the most embarrassing and profane mess she, a mother, could ever possibly put herself in?

Her beautiful face was sporting a terrible and pitiful look of a mix of fear, shame and sexual bliss, as she was soaring new heights of excitement in anticipation of her grown-up son reaching home and calling out "Mom, you there?I am home". A part of her wanted to slip into her bra and panties and sit on the dining table and play with herself, only to be found by Brad and making it look like an accident. A part of her wanted to stay back in the bedroom and be found completely naked. Her heart was beating at a mile an hour. She was reaching a point of exhaustion, defeated by relentless lust and overcome by fantasies. The wait ended.

She heard the door open and then close loud. Her heart pounded faster and harder, as Brad was unmistakably walking up to the bedroom, either his or hers, after failing to find her elsewhere, each of his approaching footsteps asserting the fact that a son was set to stumble upon a dirty surprise, a mother was on the brink of losing her self-esteem and falling from grace. She had enticed herself into losing her long-guarded privacy, for the sake of lust. The conflicting thoughts converged in a defining moment of truth, as the magnitude of the impending embarrassment took over, and she fled to the bathroom and closed the bathroom door behind her, just in time before Brad pushed himself into the bedroom, to realize that mom was in the shower. Relieved that her dignity was salvaged, she reclined in the bathtub, half covered in water, still not recovered from the guilt, shame and anxiety, still breathing heavily, and started masturbating. The bizarre prospect of her son stumbling upon her, ignited her lust to astronomical proportions. She imagined Brad unbuttoning himself, stripping himself and dashing into the shower, led by his hardened cock bobbing and swinging freely in air as he walked through, before giving itself into its creator's hungry and starving mouth, letting itself being tasted, being licked, being explored, being touched, being pumped, being stroked, being

squeezed, played with, and relinquished in all its masculine glory, and then thrusting and shoving its length through her throat and pounding her pussy hard and hard until her insides were soaked in hot delicious cum. She imagined her son marvelling at the sight of every inch of her impeccable naked body, glistening in a mix of water, soap and sweat, and shivering in the aftermath of the orgasm, and the sight of his spent cock, still heavy, erect, throbbing and glistening with a white mix of her saliva and his ejaculate, and spanking her face. She imagined both of them breathing and inhaling the sensuous and sweet aroma of orgasmic juices, the smells invigorating their senses, and both of them tasting each other's sex that culminated in warm juices squirting out of their genitals, and finally collapsing in a satisfied embrace.

She must have had a strong heart for having survived such a tempestuous episode of lustful aggression and insane acts of profanity.

"I am such a horny slut!" she thought as she gave herself to another powerful and blissful orgasm that was loud enough to be heard across the house.

As the orgasm swept through her, and as she heard herself squeal, she wondered if her own son had heard her pleasure from his bedroom, and if he had overheard her whispering his name in between the loud moans, though not loud enough to be heard.

She had already cum twice that morning. Her fingers did not stop fucking her famished insides, as she thought about being heard by Brad a few moments ago. She wondered what possessed her. Without her knowing, one finger slipped down the wet pussy lips, and touched the little brown orifice below. She let out a loud sigh and started rubbing her finger across the puckered hole. Now, Laura was all over her pussy and well-lubricated anus. The other hand was constantly squeezing, pricking, kneading and pinching her erect nipples, as a fresh orgasm began to emerge from the insides of her belly. Laura was engulfed in another mind-blowing orgasm that ripped and exploded through her pussy, accompanied by suppressed squeals, leaving her in a pool of her own jizz, her body convulsing in fits of pleasure. As Brad was leaving for school, Laura decided to wear something exciting to work. Her face was glowing in a contented sexual bliss. Her long blonde hair was securely pulled back from the forehead, giving her the cutest and sexiest teen look. Clad in a flawless beautiful red skirt, reaching down just enough to conceal her thighs, tight as can be, perfect as can fit, accentuating every sharp curve on her body, revealing all but the forbidden bare skin beneath, she walked out of her room, and kissed a shocked Brad, on his lips this time, a brief one though, sending him off to school.

"See you honey, I will be home a little late", she said, playfully slapping his shoulder.

Brad was completely enthralled by the taste of the brief touch of her lips. He was not up for going back to his bedroom, sensing his rollercoaster coming back after that unexpected kiss. Instead, he slipped into the garden surrounding their house, away from Laura's eyes, and hopefully away from the world's eyes, and helping himself with as few as three strokes, released the pressure out of his swollen balls through the heavy, engorged prick all the way into nature's lap, in a powerful dissipation of sexual energy that required eight mammoth hip-jerking spurts flying in every possible direction. There was something fascinating about ejaculating in the open, over the grass, he thought, looking around to see if anyone was watching. Almost collapsing to an intense gushing orgasm, he pulled himself to school. A few minutes later, Laura, caught in the midst of a tempest of conflicting emotions, left the house to another day at work.

Brad's long-suppressed obsession for his mother, though only limited to being caressed and fondled by her, and him feeling and groping and possibly even kissing her breasts, her thighs, her ass, her feet, and catching a glimpse, no matter how short, of her naked breasts, her thighs, her bare back, and possibly even her heavenly forbidden bare ass globes, rose to a high again. His fantasies and obsession, after being suppressed for sometime, resurfaced. He could think of nothing, but his mom, in the same pretty outfit she was in when he left home. Glamorous, but not pompous, the red skirt reached down to her thighs. She had stockings pulled up her legs. The more forbidden, the more exciting it was. How he wished he could show his thick manhood, that he believed was the longest and thickest in the world, to his beautiful innocent mom. He imagined her large pretty eyes open even wider as he flashed his beautiful stiff penis to her, hoping she had not seen anything as beautiful and as enormous as his cock. He imagined being rewarded by his lovely, innocent and startled mom with an overwhelmed gaze, as if she had never seen an erect cock before, and then with a hot kiss on his mouth, long or short, he did not care, and finally helplessly watching his hot unstoppable semen fall on her sexy stockings-covered feet, and he himself collapsing on his knees, unable to withstand the overwhelming experience, and apologizing to her while staring into her sexy blue eyes and hoping she felt rewarded with the sticky mess. His daydream broke and he was brought back to his senses when he was rebuked by his wonderful mom who was moving her gaze between his still erect penis and her messy feet."Is that what you have been wanting to do with your mother?You disgraceful pervert!For how long have you been wanting to do this, son?Did you know that even flashing yourself like that is totally absurd and punishable?"

A mortified Brad cursed and damned himself for his deplorable incestuous thoughts, glad that it was only a dream.

The day at work was pretty normal, despite the fact that Laura was preoccupied with the wild thoughts of flashing to her colleagues. As planned, Laura left early, and stopped by at her friend Eva's

place. Eva was 41, a single mother and lived with her 22-year old daughter Annette. Eva was a hot busty blonde, with a perfect bottom. She usually tied her hair up, which gave her a mature look, sexy at the same time.

In a sexy black silk skirt that hardly obscured her butt, and white panties that matched her bra, she greeted Laura with a wide smile "How are you Laura? thrilled to see you here", and the next thing Laura knew was she was wrapped in her friend's warm, and almost suffocating embrace. Freeing herself from the embrace, her eyes taking a good look of her, she replied, "umm, you are gorgeous". Eva nodded and they walked in , hand in hand. Laura was greeted by a faint sweet smell.

The scent of sex. Eva had been playing with herself through the afternoon, waiting for her daughter Annette to join her. Annette was expected home anytime. The two mothers settled down with a cup of coffee, and babbled away. The chat was about random things, until after they finished coffee, and settled down on the couch. Laura started ,"I am going through something, and need someone to talk to". Eva was constantly looking in her eyes.

"I am sexually depraved. It has been two years since I had good sex. My sex life has been stagnant."

Eva's eyes lit up with excitement as she broke in and carried the conversation into a direction she was confident about, knowing that it was going to be a thrilling afternoon,

"I see that you are in stress and you seek relief".

Before Laura knew, Eva's slutty hand was buried in between her legs beneath her little skirt and with the same speed the hand emerged, back to sight, but this time it was holding her panties. Laura's senses were flooded with a sweet fruity smell. She had never smelled a woman except herself. The piece of wet cloth was hanging inches close to her eyes. As she was trying to come to terms with the appalling yet exciting truth, Eva brushed the panties on Laura's beautiful face, asking her to smell it, and continued in a seductive tone,

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