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Morning Love


Every day has been like a dream for the past two years. A happy dream where everybody wakes up refreshed and ready for the next day. Today was like any other; waking up to Reveille after another restful night, Mark and Alycia stirred in the morning light that poured through the bedroom window. Today was Saturday and neither of them had anywhere to be at any particular time. Rolling over towards Mark, Alycia propped herself on her elbows and she leaned in and gently kissed his lips. He sleepily blinked and smiled up at her, and He knew from the look on her face that today was going to be a really good day.

Alycia continued to kiss him, placing her hands on either side of his head and lowering her body onto his. Her slinky silken spaghetti strap nightdress glided against his bare chest. She let her long, curly hair drape over her left shoulder and drag across his chest as she moved in for another kiss. Pressing her lips to his, she kissed him tenderly. Moving with his response, she parted her lips and their tongues met. Her head swam in a dizzy spell that always happened when they kissed like this. He pulled her tight to him and held her head to his kissing her harder and pushing his tongue past her lips. Their tongues battled for dominance and she lost. Giggling she broke the kiss. For a moment they looked at each other; gazing dreamily into one another's eyes. Alycia loved moments like this when for a second the entire world was right and she felt completely and totally safe with Mark.

Alycia lay down on top of Mark, hugging him around his neck. Sighing heavily, loving this moment so much. She pushed herself back up and she kissed his forehead. Then she sat up and whispered, "I love you," while looking into his dark brown eyes.

After a moment her mood changed and she had this look of lust in her eyes. She leaned forward and straddled him at his groin. She perfectly placed her body on top of his pelvis. "Ooo! Someone is a little excited this morning!" She laughed and threw her head back while churning her body in a back and forth motion, "this ought to turn you on." She drew a deep breath and while leaning backwards with her hands on his knees she started to breathe quiet deeply. Still moving in a back and forth motion, her body began to have an orgasm without her touching herself. This was a little trick of hers. She can make herself have an orgasm at will anytime, anywhere. And to think, this was only one secret of many. A long time ago she was hypnotized by a boyfriend to do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. After a while she learned to escape his control and control it herself. She had great pleasure knowing that she could defy her ex. But this was six years ago. Now she uses her talents and repossessed control to tease and please herself as well as her current lover, friend, and husband. Someday she may tell him everything, but right now it not the right time or place.

He looked up at her with astonishment. Her little trick never ceases to amaze him. He grabbed a hold of her waist and helped her move in the right direction at the right pace. When she was finished and leaned forward again, he grabbed her hands with his and stroking her hands with his thumbs he said, "I love it when you do that."

"I know," she said playfully as she grinned down at him, "I can tell Mark Jr. liked it too!" She giggled which caused her to squirm on his groin. She felt him twitch and throb beneath her. "I think I need to tease you some more. Let me get this out of the way." She crossed her arms at the hem of her nightdress whipping it over her head and threw it on the floor at the end of the bed. Alycia hardly wore panties to bed; they usually served no purpose since most of the time they ended up on the floor so she stopped wearing them to bed. She heard him moan involuntarily as his hands automatically went to her full breasts. She always liked her breasts, especially after she got her nipples pierced. Now she likes to attach odd and exotic jewelry to the rings and sometimes to the nipples themselves. She put her hands behind her head and moved herself in a circular motion. He found her nipple rings and pinched them gently between his thumbs and index fingers. She moaned and closed her eyes and she felt her second orgasm building up deep in her body. Again she leaned backward, grabbing his thighs to keep her body in his reach. This time her moans were a little louder. He encouraged her by pinching and groping harder and faster as her breathing and motions grew faster and faster. She felt herself clench and spasm with a raging orgasm that gripped her entire body. She shuddered and squirmed on top of her lover as he held her in place by her breasts. Mark couldn't help but grin a sideways grin. He loved hearing her orgasms, especially if he was the one who caused them.

Finally he couldn't take it anymore. After Alycia had come down from her orgasm Mark grabbed her by her upper arms and in one swift motion he threw her on the bed and straddled her hips. She gasped as she suddenly flopped on the bed; her hair everywhere and eyes afire with lust she saw the same look in her lover's eyes as he took charge.

He looked down at her, loved her, wanted her, needed her, and lusted for her. God she made him so hot! He gazed at her below him, completely helpless to his touch, not that she would resist. He felt a wave of emotions run over him, almost intoxicating. He drank in her beauty and knew that she was his for the taking. Clearing his head a little he managed, "you have teased me long enough. Now it is my turn to tease and torture!" And with that he leaned down and kissed her fiercely, pressing his mouth to hers so hard she tried to turn away. He also grabbed her breasts as he turned her head sideways with his chin. He found her ear and began to lick and nibble on the lobe and the cartilage alternating between licking, biting, and blowing cold air across her ear. This made her moan and writhe with pleasure. Every time he switched actions she would gasp or sigh and squirm and wiggle under his weight. He loved to watch he move and squirm and twitch with pleasure. He switched to the other ear and her moans grew louder. She wrapped her arms around his back below his arms and pressed her nails into his skin as she enjoyed this rapture. He moved his way down to her neck after first kissing her again. He ran his tongue down the center of her neck and then kissed going back up. He moaned into her neck and started nibbling as he worked his way down again. Every now an then he got a little playful and buried his face in her neck and blew a raspberry making her giggle and squeal and squirm even more than she already was.

After slowing down a little bit, Mark worked his way down from her neck to her chest, as he kissed the whole way down. He grabbed her right breast with one hand and kissed the other on top of the breasts. He kissed around the nipple, on the underside where it is most sensitive, then ran his tongue everywhere he had kissed. Alycia gasped and sighed and arched her back into him as he continued to lick and suckle on her skin. After finding where was most exciting this morning, he began to suck on the underside of her breast while pinching the nipple and gently pulling and twisting the nipple ring. Her moans were growing louder and he knew that if he kept this up she'd have another orgasm right beneath him. This thought filled him mind and became his number one goal. He sucked harder and faster, furiously licking and sucking while pinching and twisting her nipple. Alycia arched her back even higher and she clawed at his back feeling the orgasm rip through her entire body. But even as she finishes coming he doesn't stop. Instead he sucks her nipple into his mouth and feeds on it; biting the ring and pulling back with his head. Then he sucked on her nipple and flicked the ring up and down against his teeth. All of a sudden he switched to the other breast doing exactly what he did to the other one to this one. His hand groped and squeezed her left breast as he worked on the other one. And just like before he made her gasp, sigh, and moan loudly as he lead her to another crashing orgasm.

She felt his erection and it was throbbing inside his shorts. Panting and trying to catch her breath, Mark kissed his way down her stomach, crawling down the bed and positioning himself right between her legs. Alycia never felt so on fire; there has to be a Niagara Falls and she thinks that the bed should be soaking wet. Mark rubbed her legs, starting at her ankles and working his way up to hips, then back down. He used the pads of his fingers and lightly traced patterns and changed directions often traveling in all directions but never touching her between her legs. He alternated from using pads of fingers to using his nails and gently scraping and scratching her legs. Alycia clawed at the covers on the bed as his touches torture her. He rubs and squeezes on the insides of her thighs, gets very close to between her legs but refuses to touch.

He took his right hand and gently touched at the top of her pubic hair and traced his fingertips down and around the outside of her labia. He laughs a little when she begs him to touch her clit, to make her come. Mark smiles and runs a finger overtop her labia, then ever so slowly slides his finger inside and discovers that she is absolutely soaking wet! Gently and slowly he moved his index finger up and down the length of her snatch, spreading the juices to her clit which is throbbing as much as his hard-on. His index finger found her ultra-sensitive clit and began to rub it in a circular motion. Immediately Alycia started to moan and slightly arched her back as well as tensed every muscle in her lower region. Mark rubbed faster and switched to his thumb to cover her whole clit. He showed no mercy and continued to rub even faster causing her to gasp for breath as a screaming orgasm coursed through her body. Alycia's legs felt like jello as she pushed herself off the bed with her feet. Mark continued to rub at the same pace as a second orgasm thrashed her. Barely able to breathe, Alycia begged him to stop. Begged for air, but Mark had other ideas in mind. He merely slowed down to let her catch her breath. He switched from her clit to her vaginal opening; sliding his middle finger in slowly, twisting as he entered her. He felt how tight she was and how much she gripped his finger. This always surprised him how Alycia would not stay stretched for long; a day or two and she was back to being virgin tight. He pumped his finger in and out of her. He knew that this was her absolutely most favorite thing to be done to her and if done right she could enjoy it all day having orgasm after orgasm. This was something else that perplexed Mark. Alycia and women in general can have orgasm after orgasm while the male population is lucky to pop off two or three good loads in a single day. But he also knew that he could still please even after he was spent.

Alycia sighed and relaxed as she was being fingered. Out of habit she reached down and grabbed her breasts. She squeezed and pinched just enough to tease and heighten her pleasure but not enough to actually make her come. She closed her eyes and focused on the feeling of being fingered. Then suddenly Mark started rubbing her clit while fingering her slightly faster. She gasped and whimpered out of need to come so soon.

Seeing her sudden panic and accelerated breathing, he rubbed her clit faster and faster while still pumping his finger in and out of her wet pussy. Immediately she propped herself on her elbows and raised her knees off the bed. Without warning she began another strong orgasm that left her completely exhausted. She dropped back on the bed with her head to the side, panting and concentrating on breathing.

Mark slid off the bed and removed his pre-come stained shorts and tossed them with her nightdress revealing his throbbing hard cock. A little bit of pre-come hung on at the tip. Alycia slid off the bed and stood up with Mark. She put her hands on his shoulders and spun him around putting his back towards the bed. She pushed him downward so he sat on the edge of the bed. Now face to face she grinned evilly as she moved downward to kneel on the floor while rubbing her hands down his chest and onto his legs. She spread his knees so she could have better access and shifted closer.

His cock bobbed up and down when Alycia breathed hot air across it. The head glistened with pre-come and looked utterly inviting. She grabbed his cock by the base and while looking into his eyes licked the drop of pre-come off his cock. Alycia swallowed the drop and squeezed his cock and more came out. She giggled and he moaned because her hand slowly slid up and down his shaft. She took the entire head into her mouth and licked it like a lollipop and moved her head back and forth. Her tongue found his sensitive underside and rubbed and flicked it while sucking her cheeks in. She then pulled his cock out of her mouth and kissed the head while stroking the shaft with one hand and groping his balls in her other hand.

Smiling at his sighs and moans, Alycia stuck his cock back in her mouth and this time she started to fuck him with her mouth while playing her tongue against his shaft and still stroking and groping his balls. This caused a deep groan which pleased Alycia to know that he was enjoying this. Unexpectedly Alycia slammed her mouth down his shaft, swallowing his entire cock and squeezing it with her tonsils. Her tongue danced all over the base of his cock. He moaned so loudly and held her head to his body. She squeezed his balls a little and rolled them around in her hand. Then she pushed his legs even wider apart and took more of him in her mouth. He was so close to coming that he had to pull her off of him before he blew his load too soon.

Wiping her mouth and standing up, Alycia winked at mark and asked him, "So how do you want it, Markie?" He returned, "On your knees, woman! I've got a load I need to give you!" She was already on her knees with her face buried in the pillow and arms out, legs spread as wide as they would go, perfect for his height. He climbed on the bed behind her, putting one hand on her ass and the other held his member upright (not that it needed much guidance). He placed his cock on her pussy and rubbed it up and down her slit, making her whole pussy soaking wet. He placed the head at the entrance and pushed just the tip inside. He moved in and out only a little bit, an inch at a time. He wanted to tease her, to see how much she wanted it.

She reached under and began to rub her clit while Mark was teasing her. Not able to stand it anymore she said, "Come on, honey, fuck me!"

And with that he slammed his cock all the way to the hilt and let it set there. Alycia had gasped and almost screamed at this. Only slightly worried, Mark began to ride his cock in and out, starting slowly and working up the pace. He heard Alycia sighing underneath him and bounced even harder.

Deciding that he wasn't getting deep enough, Mark grabbed Alycia's wrists and held them like reins behind her back using them to pull her body into his. He was slamming against her so hard that his balls were making an audible smack off of her pussy. He continued at this fast pace and waited for her orgasm to come. He didn't have to wait very long because she started moaning loudly and talking nasty to him; he always loved that during sex. He groaned loudly with her as she came because her muscles gripped and squeezed his cock so hard that he almost came. He held it off just a little longer and if it were possible he began to fuck her even harder sending her into oblivion with another earth shattering orgasm and this time he joined her. Mark pulled Alycia tight to him and held her there while he groaned his long-needed come. He pumped load after load into her milking pussy. She reached under and squeezed his balls and get every last drop so could while using her own muscles to continue squeezing and pulling his cock, literally milking it with her muscles.

Completely spent, Mark pulled out and flopped over on the bed. Alycia caught his come in her hand and got up and ran to the bathroom to clean up. Moments later she threw him a towel and walked over to her panting husband. He sat up and she kissed him on the cheek and said, "Thanks dear, that was great!" She sat next to him on the bed and leaned against his shoulder as they both were still letting their heartbeats settle down.

He looked at her and sarcastically said, "Sure thing, I mean, no problem." And they both laughed.

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