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Morning Release


My Lover,

How I miss you not being here, near me, touching me, caressing me...I have been having this recurring dream which has made your absence even more agonizing... So I thought I would share it with you...

I let out this soft moan just as I open my eyes, I'm lying on my right side and someone is laying behind me, I can feel their breath on the back of my neck and their body against mine, their knee is against my bottom. I can hear their breathing pattern and I know they are sleeping. I was aroused but I wasn't sure if what had just happened to me was a dream or if I was awake. I slide my hand down slowly and quietly not to wake the person behind me, which is definitely male, they are very close against me. And I slide my fingers to see if I really did feel what I think I felt, Yes, evidently I did. Yes, I was physically aroused. But still, did I dream what happened or did it happen? Doesn't matter really. But I don't want to wake him. I don't want to wake him but I WANT him. So, I slowly turn my body to my left side as I pull the covers over my head. Remember, I don't want him to wake up yet, so, I stop to give any movement time to settle, listen to his breathing and make sure he's still sleeping. I slide down deeper into the bed to find what I'm seeking.

I gently run my fingertips down his tummy and he moves a little, when he is moving I gently push him over a bit so that there is a better access to the prize. Quiet again, waiting for breathing to continue, I want him sleeping. He is flaccid, which is perfect. I glide my tongue up his shaft (he's moving) and hungrily take him into my mouth. I feel his body tense for a second, then his hands are in my hair, he's awake. I want it all, now he's awake, he's moving and I can feel the arousal building inside my mouth. I LOVE THAT FEELING. I'm slowly tugging on it, the skin is soooooooo silky smooth and soft, yet it's as hard as steel at the same time. I love to feel of the silky skin gliding across my tongue. My fingers are busy exploring, and massaging. I can feel the wetness from my own body that wants attention too.

He moves the sheet and I know he's watching, I look up and my eyes lock with his. I'm down there in my zone, loving the feel of the skin on my tongue (true!), feeling the tip against my throat, and soooo aroused. I slip my fingers down to touch my self and my body's reaction is to be swollen and wet, I tremble as my fingers slide over 'mine'. I can feel him moving more, his knee is lifting and pressing against me. "what does he want?" His hands are tugging at me. So, sadly, I let go of the prize and move up the side of his body. My fingers are wet and I reach up and glide them across his bottom lip. His chocolate colored lip glistens from the dampness before he quickly flicks his tongue out for a taste. Yum.

I'm beside him now and he pulls me closer and leans over for a kiss, I glide my tongue across his bottom lip and there is still a hint of the honey I had put there, I tug his bottom lip between my lips, sucking and gently grazing with my teeth. He uses his tongue to open my lips and devour my mouth. Yummy. His hands are busy exploring my body, my nipples are taunt and throbbing, his fingers find the wetness. I gasp against his lips and my back arches as his fingers rub and probe inside me. As he is touching me, my hands are busy exploring his body. But, I'm greedy, I want MORE. I want him, inside me, NOW. I'm wet, my clit is throbbing, I want his cock NOW. I gently disengage from his grasp and move above him, hmmmm, first, I want something else.

He's so hard, I lower myself over him and slide onto his cock, it's not inside me, it's between my lips like a hotdog, I slowly move against it, the tip is teasing my clit as it taps it over and over. I look at him, he wants MORE, he wants inside me. Not yet. NOT YET. His cock is now covered in my wetness, I slip down again, between his legs, and glide my tongue up the shaft of his wet cock, he spasms, raising his hips to bring his cock to meet my tongue, yummm, it's yummy, wet, cum covered cock. I lick the precum from him and take his cock into my mouth to get it all. Ok, NOW, I will give him what he wants. His hips are moving, his cock is throbbing, he's ready.

I think he's more than ready, he has precum dripping...

I slide back into position and he takes control, he doesn't give me a chance to move, his cock is immediately inside me. I gasp, I hear his sharp intake of breath. Ummmhmmm he's glad I woke him I think. I am still for a minute, just taking in the feel of the fullness inside me, Wow, I love that feeling. He's slowly moving his hips, pulling against my hips, going deeper. His hands move to my breasts, he's massaging, rubbing, pinching, *gasp* my body arches, my hips begin to rotate as he's moving, he growls, my eyes open, I'm looking at him and I KNOW what he's about to do.

I allow him to think he has complete control by now. He moves quickly! The movement leads to me being on my knees, I reach for the headboard, he's behind me, inside me, I feel his breath on my neck, his teeth grazing the tender skin of the back of my neck. (purr) His hands are on my hips, tugging, pulling, guiding. His hips are moving against me faster and faster, The whole bed is rocking, I can barely breathe but it is SOOOOO DAMN HOT AND GOOD. I'm so aroused. I slip my right hand down between my legs, I can feel his cock, it's so wet and slick, my fingertips are touching him as he's fucking me, I find my clit, I gasp, I arch back against him. Finally he speaks. "Cum for me", that's all I hear. My body is tight, I can feel it building, it's going to happen, I can't move my fingers, but, he's fucking me hard and fast and I know he's nearing the end.

He reaches his hand around and pushes mine away, he doesn't move it, just holds it tightly against me, the movement from our hips grinding is all it takes, I'm about to explode, I know he is, I feel him throbbing, his breathing is faster, more ragged. My turn to take what I want again. This Is my party.

I move and he's on his knees, I slide down, I want his cock in my mouth when I cum. I want to feel it there. I'm going to have it. He doesn't complain, he knows what's coming. I take his whole cock into my mouth, and my jaws collapse against it, he's rocking his hips, his fingers are on my clit, moving, circling, I'm about to cum, my hips are rotating against his hand. I can feel these whimpering noises escaping my lips even though my mouth is filled with him. I look up at him, watching, I want to SEE his face, his dark eyes when he explodes. I feel the explosion coming, mine and his. I'm cumming, NOW. As I cum I suck harder, tighter, I have him, he's mine. He explodes, I feel his cum hitting the back of my throat, he's gasping, his body is quivering and shaking, my body is taunt and sensitive, DON'T STOP. I'm going to explode again, he moves from my mouth, I am writhing and grinding against his fingers, my back arches, I release a long moan as I quake against his hand, it feels sooooo good.

Do you miss me enough yet?

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