tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMrs. Halston's Will

Mrs. Halston's Will


Warning: This story is along the same lines and tradition of stories by authors like Temptanddestroy, Wannabeboytoy and DarkBetrayal. It involves adultery and humiliation. Don't leave comments about how horrible the story and I am for writing when you know damn well what is involved. You have been warned. Remember, it is only a fantasy. I do not wish this upon anyone or condone it. And all participants are over 18 years of age. Enjoy!


Trent, did you hear about Harry?" Trent's girlfriend, Amy asked him.

"No, what?" he wondered.

"Mrs. Halstan fucked him!" she said.

"No way?" he replied, shocked. "That's like her sixth student this semester..."

"Yeah, but this one really bothers me... I mean she already fucked the principal so that the rumors wouldn't get her fired and he forbids anyone from talking about it." Amy said.

"Wait, she fucked Mr. Anders too?" now Trent was really shocked. "But... but he's... isn't he...?"

"He's married! And Harry had a girlfriend!" Amy said with anger. She was referring to her best friend, Mary.

"How's she doing? What did Harry say to her?" Trent asked his girlfriend.

"She's devastated! Harry said... he said..." she started.

"What? What did he say?"

"He said he never even wanted to look at her again... He said that Mrs. Halstan was all he wanted now and that he belonged to her!" Amy told her boyfriend of three years.

"Oh my God! What an asshole!" Trent was really pissed. How could Harry do that to Mary? Next to Amy she was the sweetest and cutest girl in the world. "I can't believe Mrs. Halstan would do that either. She's married. She has kids!"

"She's just evil! That's all! An evil manipulative seductress who thinks she can get whatever she wants through sex!" Amy ranted.

"It seems that all she wants is sex." Trent retorted.

"I'm glad that we have her class together later..." Amy said.

"Why? What's important about that?" Trent inquired. Amy almost glared at him. "Oh give me a break! I'm not Harry and I'm not Mr. Anders..."

"I know I just want to be there in case she tries anything. I want to see the look on her face when you shut her down!" Amy sounded confident.

"Well we gotta go to class... I'll see you in an hour." Trent said and they kissed on the lips, tenderly.

Trent was walking down the empty hall, a little tardy since he had the chat with Amy, when he was intercepted.

It was Brenda, and she had the reputation for being the school slut. She was attractive, Trent would give her that. Brenda had a great body and she had made it clear to him that she wants him on multiple occasions.

"Hi Trent." She said in her best girly and seductive voice.

"What do you want, Brenda?" he asked, but regretted asking that question immediately.

"You..." she said with a wicked smile. "I want to fuck you."

"You know that's not going to happen." He said plainly.

"I know its only a matter of time before you realize that my body is far better than Amy's and then you'll leave that bitch for me..." she said with arrogance.

"Only in your dreams... Bitch!" Trent said and walked past her. He was getting tired of putting up with her heavy come-ons.

It was later that day and Amy and Trent were sitting across from each other in Mrs. Halstan's class.

Mrs. Halstan was sitting at her desk eyeing Trent. She was dressed very provocatively and obscenely sexy. Her top and short skirt left little to the imagination.

Amy could see the sexy mature woman staring at her boyfriend. She couldn't have made it more obvious. Mrs. Halstan wanted to fuck Trent. But she knew that her boyfriend would resist any advances.

Trent couldn't help but notice his teacher and the way she looked. Her tight clothes showed off her double G rack and it made him hard. Mrs. Halstan's breasts were perfect from what he could tell.

The bell rang and everyone got up to go to lunch.

"Trent, I need you to stay after class to discuss your last report." Mrs. Halstan said, licking her lips like a pornstar.

"Umm.." Trent was able to break her hypnotic gaze to look at his girlfriend. "Give me a second..."

The class emptied and Trent and Amy stood outside the classroom door. Mrs. Halstan watched them.

"No, Trent! She's going to try and fuck you!" Amy whispered hoarsely.

"Do you trust me?" he asked his girlfriend.

"Well... Yes, but I don't trust her. She's being really aggressive and I don't like the idea of some slut undressing in front of my boyfriend!" Amy said.

"I don't have a choice here, Amy. What's best is if I turn her down, then she'll stop..." he whispered back. Amy sighed.


"I love you..." Trent said.

"I love you too." Amy replied and they kissed in front of Mrs. Halstan. The teacher giggled.

"Lock the door, Trent." She ordered.

He squeezed Amy's hand then closed and locked the door separating them.

"Come sit here..." she told him. He moved and sat down in front of her desk. She immediately began stripping.

"Umm... What about the report?" he asked. He couldn't help but watch her undress. Her body was amazing!

"Please Trent. You know I made you stay so that I could fuck you and make you my slave..." she said with an evil smile.

"You're slave?" he asked, surprised at her words.

"Once you've been inside me you will do whatever I say, including dumping that stupid girlfriend that you love so much." She stated with arrogance and the dropping of her thong panties.

"You say that like it will happen... Well I'm not that easy, slut! I love my girlfriend and will never cheat on her." Trent said in honesty. But her stripping was making him uneasy as he was curious to see her naked tits and his cock was rock hard.

"All men are easy once they've seen my big titties." She pulled off her shirt and stood topless. Trent's jaw dropped as he eyed them. They were perfectly huge. They looked so tasty. "See? I can have any man. Now just keep watching my boobs."

Mrs. Halstan dropped to her knees and began to fish his cock out. Before he knew what was happening she had his dick in her mouth. "Oh my God!"

"Mmmmmm... Do I suck cock better than your girlfriend, Amy?" she asked with a lick. Trent looked at her. He didn't want to answer but he wanted her to continue. "Well do I, Lover?"

"Yes..." he replied weakly.

"Say it!" she told him.

"You suck my cock better... than... Amy... Ugh..." he gave in. She had control over him now.

"Sit in my chair, Slave, and you'll know true pleasure." She ordered him.

Trent hesitated but then walked over to Mrs. Halstan's seat and sat in it.

Mrs. Halstan laughed. "And you thought you could resist me? You're such a good student, Trent. Now let me really teach you something..." she straddled her student, put his cock in her cunt and started fucking him. Her large tits hit Trent in the face. "Grab them, Trent!" he did as she told with pleasure and squeezed and sucked on her nipples. "You like my tits, Trent?"

"I love them!" he admitted humping up into her tight pussy.

"Is my pussy better than Amy's?"

"Oh Yeah! Much tighter! Ugh!" he groaned.

"And my body...oh... is my body sexier than your girlfriend's?"


"Am I more beautiful than her?"

"Yes, Mrs. Halstan! You're so much more beautiful! Oh God! So good!" he almost came.

"Don't call me Mrs. Halstan. Call me... Mother or Mom or Mommy or Mama! I'm your mother now, Trent. You will do whatever I say and give me more devotion than you do to your own mother." Mrs. Halstan cackled.

"Yes... whatever you say... Mother..." Trent gave in. Mrs. Halstan had completely taken over his will.

"Do you love Amy anymore?"

"No." he said truthfully.

"Who do you love?"

"I love you, Mommy."

"Do you love me more than your real mommy?"

Trent didn't even have to think about it. "Yes. You're my mom now!"

Mrs. Halstan came to his admission with an evil laugh. "Good boy... you made Mama cum." Then Trent emptied inside her.

Two minutes later Trent opened the door to the classroom. Amy was waiting for him. But Mrs. Halstan was right behind him. Her hand was reaching around and stroking his hard cock that was covered in their combined juices. And her pussy was leaking his cum down her legs.

"Trent?!" Amy cried.

"Your loving boyfriend is mine now!" Mrs. Halstan cackled. "Tell her, Lover."

"I love Mrs. Halstan now. Not you, Amy. She is my mother now." Trent said with a smile. Amy ran away crying and devastated. Halstan pulled her new slave back into her classroom for more fucking.

Rumor spread faster than fast about Mrs. Halstan and her seductions that day. By nightfall one of the student's mothers had reported the rumor to the principal. Mistake. The mother didn't know that Mrs. Halstan had already seduced the married principal and he reported it to her with loyalty along with the mother's address. Mrs. Halstan went over to their happy home and fucked the husband in front of his wife and the student who told the mom, exerting her true power of seduction, her big boobs. There weren't going to be any more students telling their parents about Mrs. Halstan after that. She was free to reign over the school.

The next day in her class Amy and Trent were there. Mrs. Halstan walked right over to Trent's seat and shoved her tongue down his throat for a sloppy kiss. Amy tried to leave but the evil busty teacher made her stay and, as unbelievable as it was, watch as Trent ate her pussy in front of the whole class.

Mrs. Halstan wasn't done with the students or teachers yet. She seduced every boyfriend and every married man working for the school, all of them, even the janitor.

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