tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMrs. Rogers' Neighborhood

Mrs. Rogers' Neighborhood


Tammy cursed softly as she pressed the channel button on the remote control for the hundredth time. "Static..." She muttered softly, tossing the remote onto the coffee table as she paced back into the kitchen, glancing at the clock on the wall as she passed beneath it. The cable company had told her they would have someone there before 10 and it was already 9:30. "But whoever heard of the cable man being on time," Tammy muttered to herself as her finger ran through her long red hair as she sat down at the table, stirring a cup of coffee long since gone cold.

The morning had started normal enough; James (her husband of 9 years) had woken up and gone to work, dropping the baby off at day care as this was a rare day off for her. Tammy had cleaned up the breakfast dishes and decided to check the news before deciding what to do with her free time only to find static on every channel as she flipped through the 80 odd options they had asked to have installed. She'd called the cable company to complain and was assured someone would be out immediately to fix her television. That had been over an hour ago and Tammy was beginning to become impatient. She was just wondering whether she should go shower and get dressed when the doorbell rang.

"It's about time," She muttered under her breath as she opened the door, smiling at the two large black men standing there. "Can I help you?" She asked with a feigned pleasantness as she glanced between the two men.

"Hello, Ma'am," Martin Narem greeted her with a warm smile, his eyes running over the woman's small frame quickly before he met her gaze. "We're from the cable company; we understand your reception is out." He told her, glancing down at the repair voucher in his hand to keep himself from ogling her impressive breasts too much.

"Oh, please come in," Tammy told him, standing aside as she opened the door wider, her hand gripping the collar of her bathrobe drawing it tight around her neck as she felt his eyes run over her once more. I should have gotten dressed, Tammy thought to herself ruefully as she realized how inappropriate it was for her to greet them in just her bathrobe and nightgown.

Nice legs, Jason Pogue thought to himself as he followed Martin into the house, his eyes running over the short woman as she held the door for them. He normally hated being the second technician on a job since he did little more than fetch tools and stand around idly but after seeing the lady of this house, he didn't think he'd mind too much. She was shorter then Martin or himself, probably not more then 5'4 or 5'5" at the most with large ample breasts that he'd love to get a closer look at. "Ma'am," He greeted her politely with a smile as he looked her over quickly before following Martin into the living room.

"Good Morning," Tammy replied with a friendly smile, surprised at the polite manners both men had shown as she started to shut the door.

"Hold on," A voice called out in surprise, the sound of running feet catching her ear as she glanced out of the partially closed door. "Sorry," the young man said with a slight smile as he hurried up the walkway to the house, "I was still in the van." He explained as he rushed after his two co-workers.

"It's about time, rookie," Jason told the young man as he rushed after them, shooting another quick glance over his shoulder at Tammy as she shut the door and moved off into the kitchen. "Hmm, now there's a definite MILF," He told his friends in a hushed voice.

"What's a MILF?" Ray Hackney asked, looking at his two older co-workers. He had been hired only a few days ago and was still in training, his degree from the local technical college all but useless on the job. He'd known Martin for most of his life, growing up only a few houses away from him and it had been his influence that had gotten Ray the job.

"A MILF is a Mother I'd like to fuck," Jason told him in a whisper as he glanced back towards the kitchen, "and I bet that little honey is dying to be fucked by a large strapping black man like myself." He told them both with a wolfish grin as he grabbed the front of his pants in an obscene gesture.

"Yeah," Martin replied with a scornful grunt as he turned his attention to the cable receiver, "I'm sure she was just hoping someone like you would show up this morning to show her what she's been missing all these years. Pass me the screwdriver."

"Hey, you never know," Jason replied with a shrug as he passed over a screwdriver, "she might be just looking for something to pass the time. Her husband probably hasn't hit that pussy like he should in a long time."

"Dude, shut up," Martin told his friend with a smile as he continued to work, shaking his head at Jason's constant obsession with sex. True, they'd had many encounters over the years with women whose houses they were working in, Jason seeming to have an extraordinary sense when it came to the women who'd be receptive to their advances. He'd seen and experienced things with women over the years that he'd never dreamed possible thanks to Jason's smooth approach and innate sense of what each woman desired.

"Rookie, take over for me," Jason told Ray as he stepped back, his eyes fixed on the kitchen door. "I've got to go see a lady about a horse," He announced with a nasty smile as he grabbed his crotch as he moved across the room.

"You're going to get us all fired," Martin warned with a laugh as he continued to work, knowing that Jason wouldn't leave until he had at least tried to get into the attractive redhead's panties.

Ray watched the older man move across the living room with a cocky swagger, envying Jason's casual confidence when it came to sex. He'd always heard stories from Martin about his co-worker's sexual conquests but had dismissed them as macho bragging, but now he was seeing Jason's prowess in action and feeling jealous of the older man's confidence.

Tammy was sorting through yesterday's mail, tossing the junk letters and fliers from the department stores away when she heard someone enter the room behind me. "Yes?" She asked with a pleasant smile as she looked at the man standing in the doorway, "Can I help you?" She asked as she straightened up, her hands smoothing the bathrobe down over her hips as she turned to him.

"Hello Ma'am," Jason smiled at her as he moved slowly across the kitchen, approaching her with a predatory gleam in his eyes. "What's your name?" He asked her softly, his hand reaching out to brush against her arm as he stood near her.

"I'm... my name is Tammy... Tammy Rogers," She responded softly, moving her arm away from his touch, looking up at him as he seemed to tower over her. "Can I help you?" She asked, wondering at the strange way he was regarding her. "Do you... do you need something?"

"I was just wondering if you'd like to..." Jason asked, pausing to see if her mind would pick up on his meaning as his hand reached out, brushing a lock of red hair away from her forehead.

"What? What do you mean?" Tammy asked, her mind not grasping his implied question even as she unconsciously moved away from his hand. "What do you want?"

"I was wondering if you'd like to," Jason repeated softly, leaning close to her so that his lips were almost brushing her ear as he whispered, "fuck."

"What?!" Tammy almost screamed in shock as she looked up at the strange black man in shock, her eyes growing large as she tried to back away from him only to bump into the counter. "I... I'm a married woman, how... how dare you say that to me?" She asked, anger and outrage beginning to bubble through her shock. "I... I think you should leave now." Tammy stated trying to regain some of her composure.

"You know you want to, Mrs. Tammy Rogers." Jason told her softly, ignoring the anger shining in her eyes as she places her hands against his chest, vainly trying to push him away.

"No... how, how could you think that?" Tammy demands, her voice sounding weak and brittle in her ears as she struggled to push the large black man away from her. "I... I haven't done anything to make you think..." She argued desperately as she felt his hot breath on her face as he leaned ever nearer.

"Oh, you know you secretly want it," Jason assured her, his large hand sliding across the soft flesh of her cheek, his fingers combing through her thick hair as he brought his face close to hers. "You're probably dying to get laid, Mrs. Tammy Rogers," He hissed softly, his voice scornful as he made sure to use her full name. "If you didn't want to be fucked, why did you answer the door in your nightgown?"

"I... I didn't think to change..." Tammy protested, "it... it wasn't intentional. I... I didn't do it to give you the...Hmphf." She muttered as his mouth suddenly covered hers, kissing her forcefully as his large hand slid down to her neck, his fingers gently closing around her throat. She tried to push him away, to pull her mouth from his, to resist him but every time she moved she felt his large strong fingers close around her throat, restricting her breathing until she ceased her struggles. "Please..." Tammy pleaded breathlessly once he lifted his mouth from hers, his hand still around her throat as she looked up at him. "I... I don't want..."

"I don't give a goddamn what you think you want," Jason assured her softly, his free hand coming up to rest on her hip, a cruel smile flashing across his as he felt her body tremble slightly at his touch. "I know you, I know the kind of slut you really are, Mrs. Rogers."

"I... I'm not a slut," Tammy snapped angrily, her eyes flashing as she felt her cheeks burn at his words. "I love my husband, I've... I've only ever been with him. You... you need to leave now," She told him, a hint of strength in her voice as she tried to ignore the heat of his hand on her hip. "If... if you don't leave, I'll scream," She threatened, knowing his two co-workers wouldn't allow him to harm her. They'd help her, they had to, they couldn't be as depraved as he was.

"Scream all you want, Mrs. Rogers," Jason chuckled, the hand resting on her hip sliding lower, sliding down until it was resting on the bare flesh of her thigh. His fingers gently caressed the soft skin of her leg as he looked deep into her shocked and scared eyes, "No one's going to help you."

"Please..." Tammy managed to gasp, trembling as she felt his warm hand slowly begin to massage her thigh, "don't." She pleaded as his fingers climbed higher, slipping under the hem of her nightgown as he held her pressed against the counter. She bit her lip, whimpering softly as his large hand slid up her leg coming to rest on her hip. "Please," She begged softly, her large eyes filled with tears as she struggled to control her fear. "Please don't, I'll... I'll pay you, I'll do anything you want just not... not this, I beg you..." Tammy gasped, trying once more to squirm away from the large black man and his groping hand.

"Oh, I always like it when they beg," Martin commented dryly as he leaned against the kitchen door, smiling at the scene before him. He'd finished up with the cable box quickly and had decided to see how far along Jason's latest conquest was, leaving Ray to reassemble the box and check the reception.

"Oh... Help! Help me," Tammy sobbed looking at the man who had suddenly appeared in her doorway. He'd help her, he had to help her, the frantic wife and mother thought to herself as she watched him hopefully. "Please, I don't... I don't want this..."

"Oh, by the way, Ma'am, the problem was just a faulty switch on your box, we replaced it and your television should be working fine." Martin told her ignoring her pleas for help as if he hadn't heard them.

"Please... no, no," Tammy sobbed, the man's casual tone and lack of reaction to her plight breaking down the last of her reserves, the tears she'd fought back suddenly running down her cheeks. "Why... why won't you help me?" She cried, seeing the cruel amusement in his eyes for the first time.

"Why?" Martin repeated as he slowly moved into the room, his eyes running over Tammy's body as Jason held her pinned against the counter. "Why should I help you?" He asked her as he came to stand beside his partner, one hand reaching out to brush a tear off her cheek.

"Because... because..." Tammy stammered shocked at the bluntness of his question, shocked at the complete lack of morals that it implied. "Because it's the right thing to do..." She gasped finally, wondering how he couldn't see the obvious truth in her statement.

"I guess that really depends on where you're standing," Martin told her softly, leaning forward so that his lips were brushing against her ear, his breath hot on her cheek as his fingers moved to gently cup one heaving breast. "You see, my dear," Martin whispered softly, his thumb gently around the hard nub of her nipple as he spoke, "from my point of view, the right thing for me to do is to fuck you."

"Oh, oh... oh, god..." Tammy shuddered, his cold voice as he matter of fact-ly announced his intentions striking deep within her even as she tried to ignore the gentle stimulating touch of his hand on her breast. "Please...please don't..."

"What do you think, Martin?" Jason asked, smiling at how a few simple words from his friend had completely unnerved Mrs. Rogers beyond anything he himself could have done. "Do you think this whore is ready for us?"

"Probably not," Martin replied, laughing at the eagerness of his partner to just fuck her and be done with it. Jason never thought beyond his instant gratification and that was one of his major problems, Martin thought to himself. True, they could just fuck this white bitch and leave but they'd both be fired or arrested before the day was out and Martin wasn't about to put himself in that kind of danger. "Let's play with her for awhile, first." He told his friend with a smile as he looked at the short woman between them, "I'm sure Mrs. Rogers will become more cooperative as we get to know each other better."

"God... please..." Tammy moaned softly, realizing that she was trapped and that no one was going to save her from these two depraved men. "Please, don't... my husband, my baby..." She sobbed, biting her lip as she felt her body slowly begin to react to knowing touch of the two men. "I can't."

"You can, Mrs. Rogers." Martin whispered almost tenderly in her ear, his hand cupping her heaving breast, gently massaging the soft flesh as his other hand reached up to brush her hair away from her face. "You can because you have no other choice and you will because deep inside you want to." He assured her, his voice soft and almost hypnotic as he motioned for Jason to release the frightened wife and mother.

"No...no..." Tammy moaned softly, her eyes locked with his as she tried to fight the feeling of helplessness that suddenly seemed to flow through her. She knew she should fight, she should scream, she should do anything but simply stand there, protesting weakly as his hand continued to caress her soft tit. "I don't want..." She started to protest only to have her voice stolen as his fingers gently teased the hard little nub of her nipple, sending a small jolt of pleasure through her body that stole her breath.

"Yes, you do, Tammy," Martin confided to her, his voice a soft whisper as his hand combed through her thick red hair down to her shoulder. "You want it, you can deny it all you want but on some basic instinctual level, you know that you want to be fucked. Your body knows this already but your mind is fighting it," He tells her softly, his hand sliding under the collar of her bathrobe, pushing the garment off her shoulders as she stands placidly in front of him.

"I... please..." Tammy pleads, her hands making a futile grab for the scant protection of her robe as it slides suddenly down her arms, pooling around her feet as she stands between the two men dressed only in her nightgown. "James... my husband..." She stammered, her mind trying desperately to find some reasonable excuse that would allow her to escape the fate she knew these men intended for her. "James will be back soon," She told them with what she hoped was a believable assurance.

"I don't think so, Mrs. Rogers," Martin responded with a short laugh, his fingers suddenly pinching down hard on her erect nipple hard causing her to cry out in pain. "Don't think you can lie to us, my dear," He told her coldly, refusing to relinquish his vise-like grip on her breast even as tears formed in her eye. "That was the weakest excuse I've ever heard," He hissed in her ear as he finally released his painful hold on her breast. "Now cut the bullshit and do as we say," Martin instructed her, his hand once more gently cupping her heaving breast.

"Please... don't hurt me," Tammy gasped, trying to regain some small part of her composure, struggling not to let these two men see her weakness. "I'll do... I'll do what you want just," She assured them, fighting to keep her fear and shame from her voice, hoping that if she submitted to their lewd desires they'd tire of her and leave her alone, "just don't hurt me."

"That's good, Mrs. Rogers," Martin replied with a slightly evil smile his hand moving up off her breast to cup her chin, turning her head so that she was looking directly at him, her large brown eyes locking with his. "Now you are going to do exactly as we ask, aren't you?"

"I...yes..." Tammy replies softly, wanting to cringe away from his condescending gaze but afraid of his reaction as she slowly nodded her head in agreement. "Anything you ask."

"Take off your nightgown, Tammy" Martin instructed her simply, stepping back and motioning Jason to do the same, leaving the shaking and scared woman alone in the middle of the kitchen floor.

"Yeah, let's see your body, honey," Jason chimed in, leaning back against the counter with a mocking grin as he made a point of looking Tammy up and down slowly.

"I..." Tammy stammered, suddenly frozen between the two men, her muscles seeming unwilling to react to what she knew she reluctantly had to do. Her fingers gripped the thin cotton of her nightgown, balling the fabric in her fists as she looked back and forth between the two men. "I... I can't..."

"Hmmm, I'm disappointed in you, Mrs. Rogers." Martin told her regretfully, motioning for Jason to grab her arms as he walked up to her, his hand reaching up to the neckline of her nightgown as his partner gripped her arms tightly. "I guess we'll have to do this the hard way then," He told her as he slowly, deliberately began to tear the nightgown in half, the thin cotton ripping easily until it hung off her shoulders, the two halves exposing a wide swath of her chest and ample cleavage as she looked up her tormentor. "Very nice," Martin commented somewhat clinically as his eyes ran over her smooth, pale skin of her chest and stomach. "Much nicer than I thought when I first saw you," He tells her with a suggestive wink as his hand runs over the soft skin of her stomach, slowly moving further down her body.

"Please..." Tammy managed to gasp, her breath coming in short hard breaths as his fingers slide over the soft sensitive skin of her stomach, hating the warm rush of anticipation she suddenly felt as his hand neared her pussy. She was scared, terrified by these two men and yet her body was responding to their touch, betraying her as she tried to maintain some of her dignity. She bit her lip, squeezing her eyes shut in humiliation as she felt his fingers begin to comb through the thick red hair of her pubic bush. She tried to step back, away from his groping hand only to feel the other man, the one holding her arms tightly to her sides, pressing tight against her, the large hard bulge of his excitement pressing into her back. He must be huge! Tammy found herself thinking as she felt his erect cock rub against her back through his clothes, Much larger then James. She thought with a shameful blush, the thought of her loving husband bringing some fight back into her. "Don't!" She cried out softly, trying to turn her body to avoid the man's groping hand as she struggled against his friend holding her arms. "I... I can't do this..."

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