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This is a true story that took place on a business trip to Europe. I am generally conservative, but there have been a couple of adventures over the last couple of years which tend to occur when I am away from home and feel less inhibited. A young German couple I met in the park later joined me at a hotel spa and a nightclub.

I was off on another trip for my job. Some of my travel is within the USA, but I also take trips to the Far East 2 or 3 times each year. Less frequent are trips to Europe; where I used to go to Germany, Italy and France frequently, but it has been less common the last few years. I was looking forward to a week in Munich, especially in the summer, one of my favorite cities in the world.

I am a scientist working in a high technology firm. My travel involves visiting customers and suppliers and I frequently speak at conferences. I think I am pretty and look younger than my 33 years. I have blond hair and green eyes and I stay in good shape from running with about 115 pounds on my 5'7" frame. My running has not made me into a stick; I still get looks from my 34C – 23 – 34 figure.

It is no secret Europe is more liberated than the US. Certainly that is true regarding attitudes about nudity. I have been to beaches where topless is the standard and fully nude is common. I have been to spas where not only is nudity allowed, but it is quite common for spas to be coed. When in Europe, I take the "when in Rome attitude". It would even be more awkward to be the only one in a swim suit when everyone else is nude. I can appreciate this is not for everyone, but I don't mind and even enjoy the occasional feeling of liberation.

This was going to be a busy trip. I was going to meet with multiple companies during the week; of course there would be obligatory business dinners. Fortunately, Munich has very fine restaurants ranging from upscale Italian and French, to sitting out on the sidewalk having beer and casual food.

The hotel where I stay is right in the center of activity, not far from what they call the English Gardens, Munich's version of New York's Central Park. One of the features of the English Gardens is an area with nude sunbathing.

I had been in Munich a couple of days without much break, but there was going to be no business dinner that evening. I was looking forward to a late afternoon run, spending some time at the spa and having a casual dinner and maybe drinks at a local nightclub. It was a beautiful day; it was warm and the sun was shining. I made my way running through the English Garden and was quite tired after about 5 miles. I was starting a slow jog back when I came upon the nude sunbathing area. There were perhaps 50 people lying out, but there was quite a bit of room. I was wearing my running outfit. Almost on impulse, I thought it would be adventurous (for me) to sit down for a few minutes and catch some sun.

I have been to nude beaches before, but every time I am a little nervous at first. This was no exception. I chose a spot on the grass with the closest person maybe 25 feet away. I can't just strip down immediately, so I removed my shoes and socks and laid down on the grass in my running stuff. The sun felt wonderful. After about 10 minutes, I sat up, looked around and peeled off my top. I was wearing a tank top t-shirt and a sports bra, both white. I looked around and no one seemed to notice or care. What a country!

A couple a little younger than me came nearby and laid down a blanket. Unlike me, they both immediately stripped down completely nude and care-free. I decided enough was enough and stood up to remove my shorts and thong bottom. Apparently the couple noticed my new found boldness and smiled when they looked over. The man nodded his head as if in encouragement. I guess they were regulars, as neither had the slightest tan line. My own tan line situation made it somewhat obvious I was a newcomer and my hesitation probably confirmed it. I smiled back and lay down. I will admit it felt exhilarating to be nude out in public like that, but of course I also knew I was not drawing any particular attention as it was normal behavior there.

As usual for me, after a little time I also get to feeling more comfortable, so I sat up and watched the scene. It was interesting to see some people walking around nude, others chatting with other people, and some doing even doing some Frisbee tossing. Very nonchalant all the way around.

I was not going to stay much longer, I wanted enough time to visit the hotel spa. I noticed the couple who had set up nearby was looking over at me. After a couple of minutes, the girl came over. She said something I did not understand in German, but when I asked if she spoke English, she smiled and said yes.

Her English was actually quite good, and she said, "We wanted to offer you lotion so you don't burn."

"Oh, thank you. I am actually getting ready to leave, but I appreciate the offer."

We introduced each other. Her name was Sabine; she pointed over at man and said he was Karl. He just waved. I told her my name – Beth – and we shook hands and talked for a minute.

Sabine gave me some tips on good bars and restaurants, very friendly. I described a little bit about what I do, how long I would be staying, etc. Sabine was a little shorter than me and thinner. She had a nice body, but not too many curves. She was very pretty with long brown hair. About that time, Karl came walking over. He was tall, perhaps 6'3", and also was thin. He had blond hair, sort of the longer style for men. He kneeled down next to Sabine and we shook hands. He also spoke excellent English. We talked for a while; they offered to show me around Munich if I had time. They were really casual about it when I said I wasn't sure yet. It seemed as though they were just being friendly. As Karl kneeled next to me, it looked like he was checking me out.

I have never had a problem if someone is looking at me. I am still a little nervous, but not offended. For me, part of the appeal of nude beaches is seeing and being seen. No big deal. For my part, I noticed Karl was decent sized and unusual, at least for me, he was not circumcised which I understand to be common in Europe. Both were completely shaved.

I think there is an appeal to me when there is some aspect of sexual innuendo. There is some electricity when on one level a common dialog over small things has on another level some degree of sexuality. Maybe I was completely wrong; maybe they are so casual being nude around others that it never crossed their minds. Even for me, my radar detects the potential connotations of being nude with strangers, it by no means it will be acted upon. Suffice to say for me, I enjoy the exhilaration which accompanies this kind of meeting.

They gave me an e-mail address instead of a phone number if I ended up having time. They also said they would be out here most days this week if the weather was good. Karl got up first and extended his hand to help me up. Sabine gave me a light hug first, followed by Karl, and then they went back to their blanket.

The flaw in my plan became apparent as I realized I was going to have to put on sweaty running clothes. As I stood there and recognized my dilemma, Karl and Sabine seemed to figure out my problem and laughed.

"Don't think about it, get dressed fast and it will be over quickly."

I laughed, but it was good advice and I did just that. Once dressed, I waved as I went back to my hotel. I took a quick shower in my room and went down to the spa, my hair combed out but still wet. Having already worked out, I decided I was going to swim a little first and then use the sauna. The spa policies were the saunas were male and female together; nudity was required. The pool area required suits for swimming with most people seemed to wear robes when just sitting out by the pool.

Locker rooms for men and women are separate, so I changed into my swimsuit, a standard blue one-piece. I had packed a bikini also, but this one was better for swimming. It was not exactly conservative however, cut very high on the hips and thin enough to leave little to the imagination. I had the pool to myself, but I did not want another hard workout, rather more of a leisurely swim.

When I finished, I got a robe from the attendant and made my way back to the sauna. I went to the showers first to wash off the chlorine. There are two rooms for sauna, dry heat and steam. I opted for the dry heat. I was the only one in the room outside the sauna, so I hung up my robe and wrapped a towel around me to enter the sauna. There were 4 men and one woman already inside. I would say all were in their 50's. All gave a typical German greeting for when someone joins. Of course all were nude, as I was also. However, none of them were wearing towels, only sitting or laying on them.

In the same way I did not immediately strip down earlier at the park, I sat down wearing my towel initially. It is embarrassing to admit I felt shy about it. They resumed their conversation in German. It was not rude that they ignored me, more that it was polite they acknowledged the newcomer as I entered and then went back to their discussion. I could not understand what they were saying, but it became pretty obvious the woman was married to one of the men present, and it seemed they all knew each other.

It had been about 5 minutes and the sauna was very hot, so finally I unwrapped my towel and spread it out. I had taken the plunge and the world kept spinning. I did not notice if people were watching or not. It was probably more unusual to them that I had worn the towel in the first place.

They gradually filtered out of the sauna and eventually I was alone. I took that opportunity to actually lie down. I love the feeling of the sauna; the sweat beading up and dripping, totally relaxing. My skin was glistening. When I had enough, I went out to the showers to cool off and then put my robe on to sit out by the pool.

People were wearing robes, but it was obvious they were nude underneath as they did not take much care in wrapping up. One woman had her robe almost completely open and a man had his robe tied but he was totally exposed and was clearly not worried about the view.

I was not wearing my swimsuit underneath after my shower, but I did have my robe closed. I had stayed at this hotel before and I had used the spa previously, but it seemed to me the spa had become more relaxed relating to dress code.

I dozed off for a short time, probably no more than 10 or 15 minutes. I looked around and saw there were perhaps about 30 people total, mostly couples of various ages, but also apparently some men and women who had come by themselves.

One of the female attendants came over and told me people in the pool area were allowed to swim nude from 9-10 pm each night. This was something different from when I had been there before. She acknowledged it was a new policy, so they went around informing people they did not recognize as 'regulars'. She said everyone else was a regular and if I did not mind, she would let them start earlier as I was the only hotel guest. I told her I did not mind, but I started to plan my exit if it got too weird.

The attendant walked over to people and said they could start earlier. I got a couple of friendly waves from a few people as they took off their robes and dove in. It probably only took about 5 minutes for most of the people to either begin swimming nude or laying out on their chairs nude. It did feel a little strange as I watched the transition from being a normal spa to now being completely nude.

There were all kinds of body types. There were a few nice looking people. Others you wondered whether they should parade nude with obviously not fit bodies, but for the most part people were average. My own view is more power to them, if they are not bothered then why should I.

I decided to have another sauna. I walked back and saw I had the sauna to myself. I took that opportunity and the more casual current dress code, to lay out my towel and lie down nude right away. It was about 5 minutes before I got some company, one of the nice looking couples joined. They gave the "Guten nabben" greeting as they entered, and I responded with "hello."

"Oh, you are English?"


"Oh, I hope we did not scare you off out there. Not everyone is comfortable with nudity as we Germans."

"No, not at all. It is one of the things I like about Europe in general." That was a true statement even if it did take me some time to get my nerve up.

I mentioned I had been out at the English Gardens earlier. All of the conversation had come so far from the woman. I guess they were in their 40's, as I mentioned before they were nice looking, about average height and looked fit. She had a nice looking body and I noticed the man was not circumcised. I was not staring, but as I was lying, my head was turned to them as we talked. They were both sitting on their towels.

I enjoyed how the conversation was so casual. They were going out of their way to be friendly. A young couple entered and the first couple introduced me as American.

"We did not get your name."


"Nice to meet you Beth."

They all introduced themselves, and spread out in the sauna. I was just about melted at that time, but I did not want to be rude and leave. I continued to chat for a few minutes. I felt being checked out by the men, but they were not overt about it.

"I need to cool off, nice to meet you."

I left the sauna and quickly showered. The cool water felt great and I thought it might be nice to have a quick swim. I put on my robe and walked back out. Not wanting to be the only one different, I laid my robe on one of the chairs, and walked over to the pool.

The shower and the cooler air had made my nipples hard as I walked to the pool. I wondered how many were looking at the 'new girl', but I decided it was probably no one and I quickly lost even the faintest feeling of concern.

I will admit freely nude swimming is great. Very natural. I cannot say anyone was actually swimming, I mean doing laps or anything. More just treading water or leaning against the pool sides as they talked. I noticed the two pool attendants had kept on their uniforms, which was probably a rule of the hotel, although now I wondered if the spa was run by a separate company. It did not matter.

When I got out of the pool, I laid out nude on the chair as others were doing. One of the attendants came over and asked if I wanted anything. I noticed people had drinks of some kind, many were drinking beer and I ordered one. There is just something about German beer – the 'Pils' was smooth and great. Ah, this is the life. I love Europe, I thought to myself.

It was probably about 9:30 pm by then. I also love the way Europeans eat late, especially in the summer, so I had planned to get cleaned up soon and have dinner at one of the local restaurants. I still had some time and because I was fully enjoying the moment, I relaxed and observed the surroundings.

I cannot say there was anything unusual about the whole thing. Obviously these people were very comfortable being nude and this was clearly not the first time for them. Nevertheless, it was interesting to me to just absorb the whole crowd. I mentioned before there were all ages and body types, but I am not trying to brag when saying I think I had the best body of the group. Probably not only was I younger than most, but I think my running had paid off nicely in my current muscle tone. For sure; my butt, abs and legs were in excellent athletic build, and blond hair and nice breasts don't hurt. It was not a standard mode for me, but I was completely shaven for this trip.

I thought to myself this had been a good day. I had not really planned to indulge my nudist streak, but when I thought back I realized I had stripped down in the middle of a public park and then another public setting at the spa. It might have been normal and casual for these people, but it was still a thrill for me. I liked to watch nude people walking around and I did not mind the idea people were watching me.

I got up and nonchalantly walked over to the attendant station to get a dry towel. I did not bother putting on the robe in this environment. It felt strange walking around nude this way, maybe because the environment was not previously nude. If someone told you the hotel lobby was nude between 2 and 3 in the afternoon, it would still be weird to see people walking around naked.

It was warm, but nevertheless my nipples were really hard as I walked. The attendant smiled at me. "I see you fit in nicely here."

I reached to the stack of towels and dried my hair. I smiled back at her.

"I love the way Europe is so casual about nudity, much more liberated than the US. I like the new spa rules."

She did not comment on my statement, but said, "We will be closing at 10."

"No problem, I need to get something to eat later anyway."

She asked if I needed any suggestions, but when I told her where I was planning, she said, "Good choice, they also have a good bar."

The restaurant was close and I had known from past experience they had good Italian food.

As I walked back, I noticed something that broke some of the casual atmosphere. One of the older men, who were sitting on a chair nearby, who had a good look at me talking to the attendant, clearly had an erection. Interesting, he had his robe on, but open. He was making no effort to hide it, which I thought was curious. I would have thought that could be a natural reaction of people, but I also thought the natural reaction would be to cover himself.

I did not make a big deal of it, and only glanced over for a split second as I walked to my chair. I was not offended, but it did remind me I had places to go now that things had become 'weird'.

I looked at the clock and decided I should head up to my room to get cleaned up for dinner. I headed back to the locker room, some others had the same idea also, put my clothes back on and headed up to dry my hair and get dressed to go out. Due to the hot weather, I opted for a light white silky blouse and black slacks. The blouse was sheer enough to see the outlines of my bra, but not some sleazy see-through.

Munich in the evenings is magical, especially in the summer. There are expensive shops near the hotel with a lot of people on foot on their way to somewhere or window shopping. Very unlike the US. The temperature was great and I was soon at my destination – "Roma's."

My meal was excellent. The wine list was awesome, even by the glass. I opted for a nice Tuscany wine during dinner. It is interesting to eat by yourself. Not everyone likes it, but I don't mind. I enjoy solitude and since I was not with anyone, it did not matter. I enjoyed watching the crowd. The bar could be seen from the dining room. This place was nothing like the pool. The men and women here were a few couples, but the bar looked like a pick-up place and the many of the people were dressed to kill.

People were dressed casually, but the clothing was expensive, not a pair of jeans in the joint. Men would have open collared shirts, but typically had on a smart jacket or blazer. Lots of expensive shoes and avant garde hair styles. It reminded me of midtown Manhattan.

I enjoyed the crowd as I finished dinner. Everything was excellent, including the nice looking guy who was my waiter. He had on the standard waiter uniform for an upscale place like this, but he had an Italian look and an air of confidence. It was only about halfway through the meal when I picked up the place he was standing as he poured more wine etc., offered him a chance to look down my blouse.

I thought to myself, "What is it about men?" A little while earlier I had been walking around completely naked without creating any particular commotion, while here he could only get a peek at my bra yet seemed to be intrigued. I don't want to give the impression I was hanging out of my shirt. It was a white silky button-down blouse, a little sheer, so you can tell somewhat the style of bra I was wearing. However, it was nothing too daring either. I have mentioned before that I have nice breasts, so no sort of wonder bra is needed. Consequently, while it was white also, my bra was more low cut and a little lacy. The way my blouse was cut, he was not getting that much of a view. But like I mentioned, it seemed that a little glimpse of 'forbidden fruit' was all he needed.

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