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Sabine looked back at me, "It is OK, go ahead if you like."

I laughed a little and shook my head no, "Too much for me today."

Nevertheless, I slowly moved my hand toward him and eventually slid my palm over his dick. Just for a second and just lightly.

Karl was looking right at me while I did that, "Wonderful."

I moved my hand away and told Sabine, "That was very nice, thank you for sharing." I sat back down and leaned on my arms. I looked around and saw that some men nearby had been watching, but probably were blocked from seeing very much.

Sabine looked over and said, "Yes, of course, we don't want to get in any trouble here."

I said, "You mean we don't want to get in any more trouble." We all laughed.

I lay back down and thought about what I was going to do for the evening. The sun was beginning to get low, maybe it was about 7:30 pm by then.

Sabine leaned her elbows onto Karl's chest and asked what my plans were tonight. I really was not sure. I had a late morning flight out, so I said I thought of going getting something to eat and maybe going back to the hotel spa for a while, and then maybe grab a drink somewhere.

"Would it bother you if we joined you at the spa?" Sabine reached over and touched my arm.

"Not at all."

We decided to meet back at the spa around 8:30 pm. They wanted to go back to their place and get cleaned up first and get some better clothes for afterward. I wanted to go back and get a shower. We all got up and got dressed. We parted with the European hugs and little kisses on the cheek.

I went back to my room and ordered room service. I hopped in the shower so I could be out before the food came. It felt good to get the sun screen and the sweat washed off. I stayed under the shower for about 5 minutes and then climbed out and toweled off.

I was wearing my robe and drying my hair when the doorbell rang with the room service. It was a young guy who delivered the food. I had my robe tied, but I got the strong sense he was hoping for a peek. I did not cooperate this time.

I had a bowl of soup and a sandwich and then finished getting dressed. I was just going to wear something casual down to the spa.

Sabine and Karl were just checking in at the spa counter when I arrived. Compared to them, I was very underdressed. Both had on nightclub style clothes. They each had on black slacks. Karl had on a plain white silk shirt. Very nice. Sabine had on a red clingy top with a mixture of red and silver metallic fabric. She is not very large up top, but she looked great in it. It was clear she was not wearing a bra underneath.

They saw me coming and we hugged again in greeting.

The only thing that was not coed about the spa were the locker rooms, so Sabine and I went together to the women's locker and Karl went to the men's locker to change. I was just wearing shorts and a tank top. If we were going out later, I always planned to go back to my room and change first.

Sabine and I were both undressing as we talked. She was quickly nude while I was still in my bra and panty. There were a couple of other women in the locker room with us. I finished stripping down. Both of us put on our robes with nothing underneath while the other women were putting on swimsuits.

We planned to meet Karl in the sauna. Sabine and I hung our robes on hooks outside the sauna and walked in. Karl was already inside along with maybe 4 other men and one woman. The sauna was large enough for all of us, but it was a little crowded. Sabine sat down on in front of Karl, one step below. I sat to his side, squeezing in between him and another man.

Some of the people were involved in conversation. Everyone was nude and all were sitting up on their towels. There was not enough room to lie out as I had the day before. Sabine spread out her arms and put both of her arms over Karl's legs as she leaned back on the bench. Karl spread his legs out a little to make it easier for her. As I was sitting to his side, his leg was touching mine.

I leaned back and closed my eyes, enjoying the heat. It did not take long before I could feel the sweat beading up everywhere on my skin. I could hear the conversation of the people, but could not understand most of the German.

I opened my eyes. Karl was lightly rubbing Sabine's shoulders while he was talking with one of the other men in German. He smiled at me as we looked at each other.

Karl asked if I had a chance to eat something, asked how I felt, some other small talk. Sabine was sitting underneath us, but when she heard us talking, she leaned her head back and looked up smiling.

The sauna in this spa is very hot; the implication being you cannot stay in too long without becoming overheated. There was some turnover of the people in the sauna, several had left and a couple of new people joined. There was still not a lot of room, but it had opened up a bit. I shifted over a little so that I was now sitting in a corner of the upper shelf, facing Karl. This allowed me to sit with my legs almost flat instead of sitting with my knees up and holding them with my arms.

I kept my knees bent a little, so that my feet were close to Karl's leg, but not touching. He continued to massage Sabine's shoulders. She looked up at one point and asked if I wanted to go out later to one of the local night clubs.

I responded, "I hope so, maybe it depends on how tired I am after we are done in the spa."

"Yes, I suppose that is the same for us."

We had been in the sauna for about 10 minutes. I was not quite ready to get out yet. Another three people came in and I needed to shift back to make room.

Sabine stood up and said, "Let's trade places."

So she sat down next to Karl and I sat on the step below them. I did not lean back as Sabine had. I leaned forward with my elbows on my legs and enjoyed the heat. When I sat back up after a minute or two, it did not take too long before I felt his hands begin to rub my shoulders as he had Sabine.

It was interesting he started rubbing first without saying anything, but he did lean forward and say, "OK?"

It did feel nice and I said, "Nice."

I spread out my arms over his legs as Sabine had. I did not look up at them, but I could imagine they were both smiling. I had the impression Sabine was the least jealous woman I had ever met. Karl's fingers were deeply rubbing my shoulders but it was not close to being painful. Very nice.

After another couple of minutes, I needed to get out of the heat. I looked back and said, "I need to cool off."

Sabine responded, "Yes, me too."

We all got out at the same time. The cool air outside the sauna was actually warm, but felt cool compared to where we had been.

Sabine asked, "Do you want to go sit out by the pool?"

"I want to shower first."

She nodded without saying anything. I took the gesture to mean 'of course'.

There were two large shower stalls off to one side, with only a divider between them, so you could just walk in and people were able to see. Someone was using the closest shower. I thought we would take turns, but Sabine pulled me toward her under the water stream. The water was cool, but not too cold. Karl was not far behind.

"Come on, friends must share sometimes." Sabine had a big smile on her face. Karl started laughing.

I was under the stream and I could see that Karl was soaping down Sabine. It was nice to see two people that were so into each other. Obviously in love, just as obviously very open about their public affection. But I also felt like a third wheel.

"I feel like I am intruding."

"We are enjoying your company. Please don't feel uncomfortable."

With that, the two of them started to soap me down. I started laughing.

I said, "You two hardly know me, it is difficult to imagine how you treat your real friends."

"Oh, no. You have become one of our real friends. We shall be very disappointed if you do not tell us when you are coming back."

Sabine stood up and gave me a big hug and I felt Karl come behind me to sandwich me between them in a big group hug. I hugged back, although I could only get me arms around Sabine.

After we embraced, they finished their soap job. What was interesting was that it was somewhere in between how we had applied sunblock to me and Sabine compared to the treatment we gave Karl. I mean that while Karl had soaped down Sabine very quick, they took a longer time together as they washed me off.

Sabine had started with my lower back and butt, leaning over to do my legs. Meanwhile Karl did my shoulders and back and then moved to my side where he started on my stomach. After what happened in the park when we did our tag team on Karl, it was no surprise when he started soaping my breasts. It is safe to say that he gave them a couple of little squeezes before he finished. I looked up at him and saw the big smile he had and then smiled back at him. It was not entirely innocent, but I was not offended.

Sabine did not linger, but she definitely ran her hand over my pussy area during her soaping.

We turned our attention over to Karl next. We did not miss any spots, but did not take too much time with him and I let Sabine handle his intimate areas.

"Let's go out to the pool, you got your massage earlier."

We all rinsed off, put on our robes and headed out to the pool. There were perhaps 20 people total using the pool area, maybe 6 were swimming at that time. It was not yet 9:00 pm, so people were still wearing suits.

There were quite a few empty chaise lounges, so I selected one and Sabine and Karl sat down next to me. As was typical, Sabine took the chair next to me and Karl was on her other side.

We were all sitting quietly when the attendant came around and informed us the spa area would allow nudity from 9-10 pm. Sabine asked some questions and they had some back and forth conversation, but as it was all in German, I did not get too much of it. It was probably just Sabine asking how long that had been the policy, any problems, etc.

At the end, Sabine told me, "As I suspected, the spa management is trying this out to see the response, overall it has been very positive, but also some complaints."

Two older couples wasted no time. They removed their robes and then took off their swim suits right out in the open and jumped into the pool. They could have been there the night before, but I could not remember for sure.

There was one couple probably in their 30's that were just beautiful. They could have been models. The woman must have been 5'10". She had a nice tan, not as dark as Sabine and Karl, but still nice. She also had no tan lines at all. Long black hair and a great body – unbelievable. The guy was just as nice. He had that Italian look. He had relatively long hair and a nice tan. The only real difference was that clearly he tanned in a Speedo because he a very distinct tan line and a totally white butt. We were close enough and I have good eyes, so I could see like Karl that he was not circumcised.

I turned my head toward Sabine, "Well, I can't go out there now with them out here."

It was a joke, but Sabine said, "Oh, you have a nicer body than her. Karl has been looking at your breasts for two days."

"Well, I don't agree with you about my body compared to her, but I will tell you that you are very lucky. I think Karl loves you very, very much."

"Oh, I know that. But I obviously don't have your kind of breasts and I think it is normal for him to look and notice. Don't misunderstand; I don't mind that he is looking."

"You two have a very progressive attitude. I know a lot of women who would be upset."

"I want him to be happy and enjoy himself, but I want to be aware of it. I am not blind. I don't want him to do things behind my back."

We were talking quietly enough that I doubt Karl could hear us, but it did not matter anymore as he got up, dropped his robe and walked over to the pool. He did not have the ripped body of the 'Italian guy', but he looked nice as he walked.

I told Sabine, "I am very glad to meet the two of you. It has been a much nicer visit not being alone all the time. But I would feel terrible if I interfered in any way with your relationship. I did feel a little guilty about today in the park when were giving Karl the massage."

"I was right there with you. I encouraged you to help. If I had a problem, I would not have invited you. And if I was uncomfortable with what happened, do you think we would have come here tonight. I am glad Karl likes you so much, as I do also."

Sabine reached over and held my hand and gave a squeeze. She said, "Come on Beth, let's swim."

A swim sounded good. Normally I still get nervous and would have hesitated to simply drop my robe, but all things considered, I just followed Sabine. I stood up, took it off and started walking to the pool. We got in together.

Sabine said, "Remember the couple you think is so nice looking and the girl you were afraid to compare to?"


"Well, the guy she is with never took his eyes from you as you walked to the pool."

I smiled and was grateful to be in shape and I had kept my running up.

"He was probably just laughing at my tan lines."

Sabine just laughed and splashed some water in my face, "You are crazy Beth. He probably likes your breasts as Karl does."

I laughed too and splashed her back. We made our way over to Karl, who was in the deep end. We did not swim, more just drifting over slowly.

Karl was in discussion with one of the older German couples. When we came over, he introduced us all. The older couple did not speak very much English, so my presence dampened the discussion.

The three of us were soon to ourselves. But while we tread water, I glanced over at the 'models' and saw them kissing as they stood by the pool chairs. Sabine and Karl saw what I saw and they kissed too. Just for a second, very sweet.

Sabine said, "Let's not forget our guest."

She then pulled me over and gave me a light kiss on the lips, "My new friend."

Karl followed suit, giving me a light kiss on the lips too. We got out of the water and walked back over to the chairs. We did not put our robes back on, but sat on the chairs in the nude. Most of the people in the spa had done the same. Karl was sitting up in his chair with Sabine sitting on the same chair with her back against his chest.

I got up and asked, "Would you like something to drink?"

"That would be very nice. Thank you."

I walked over to the attendant stand, which was near where the 'models' were standing. They both smiled at me as I came near.

I smiled back as I walked by, "Hello."

Many people were drinking beer by the pool and that always sounds good to me. I realized Sabine and Karl had not expressed a preference, but rather than going back, I ordered three beers. While I stood there waiting, the 'male model' walked up.

"Hello, I am Jean." I was wrong; he spoke in English, but with a strong French accent."

My French is much better than my German, so I said introduced myself.

He answered very quickly in French, but too fast for me to understand. I responded in English, "I only know enough French to demonstrate I am an idiot."

He laughed, "No, no, we enjoy when people at least try and learn our language. Are you American?"

"Oui, yes."

The girl he was with must have noticed we were talking, but apparently she did not have the same progressive attitude as Sabine. "Jean!"

The beers had arrived, so I just said, "Nice to meet you."

I was going to carry them back, but the attendant said that she would bring them to us. I went back and Karl and Sabine were laughing.

We gave a toast and took a drink. I think I was so thirsty I finished half of it.

Sabine was laughing and said, "I see you have caused a diplomatic incident. She is still talking and I don't think he has said one word."

I said, "Well, let me help him out and demonstrate she does not have any worries."

With that, I leaned over and gave Sabine a kiss. I intended it to be light fake kiss, but she opened her lips and we kissed for about 10 seconds. She had her hand high up on my thigh while we kissed. I sat back down. Karl had watched Sabine and I kiss, so he leaned over to kiss me. I responded in kind and we also kissed for more than just a light kiss. Sabine had continued to touch my thigh while I kissed Karl.

Sabine said, "I think it worked, they are both staring at us."

I laughed, "In the interest of international relations......"

I leaned over and kissed Sabine again, this time she moved her hand up to my butt.

"How about we head back to the sauna?"

Karl said, "Let's finish our beer first."

We toasted again, "To friends."

We finished up and walked on our way. None of us put our robes back on. As we passed the 'models', I only smiled.

There were only two men in the sauna when we arrived, otherwise it was empty. They were on one side. I was in first, so I set my towel out on the top bench in the middle and lay down. Karl and Sabine sat side by side on the top bench opposite the men so that my head was near to them.

By this time the nudity was becoming casual to me. But as I thought about it, I was truly amazed. This very day I had been completely nude in a public park. While many others were nude, some were not. And then to think about the little massage we had given Karl, I was amused by what people that know me would think. Then, I am taking nude saunas, nude swimming, and lying out by the pool nude......

I had my eyes closed again. I heard Karl having a discussion with the men in the sauna, but I had no idea of the subject. After a few minutes, the men left and we were in the sauna alone. Sabine got up and spooned some water onto the hot rocks. She then laid her towel on the bench below me. Essentially we were now lying side by side, except she was below me. Karl remained sitting near our heads.

We started talking about how we felt and whether I wanted to go to a club or not. I asked some questions – how far, type of music, dancing, etc. It sounded good. I had to get up in the morning to make my flight, but it was not too early. I told them I would like to go for at least a drink, but that I would need to go back to my room to get some different clothes.

We sat quiet for a little; I think again enjoying the heat. I was resting with my eyes closed. When I opened them, I saw Karl had moved down and was sitting with Sabine's head on his leg. That part was no big deal, but I did see that his hand was now caressing her breast and that she was smiling and looking at me.

I closed my eyes and soon felt a hand on my breast. I opened my eyes and saw Karl and Sabine smiling. He continued to hold her breast, but now he was circling my nipple with his finger.

Sabine said, "I told you Karl likes your breasts. If you don't mind, I don't mind."

I closed my eyes without saying anything and he took that as my consent. He began to caress my breast. I could hear and feel them switch position because now he had both of my breasts in his hands. Sabine was kneeling next to him watching.

I said, "Sabine, are you sure this is OK?"

She said, "I love him, the both of you should enjoy."

He was looking at me now, I think ready to stop if I objected. I didn't say anything and he continued to caress my breasts. Despite the intense heat of the sauna, my nipples were now hard.

"What if someone comes in?"

Karl said, "Yes, you are right. Thank you."

"That is OK, you have a nice touch."

Sabine gave me another kiss, and then said, "Let's go."

We took a quick shower together, with a little touching again, and then headed off to the locker rooms. I got dressed quickly and told Sabine that I was going to head up to my room to change. We agreed to meet in the lobby in 15 minutes. The 'girl model' was in the locker room with us, but did not say anything.

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