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"I'm not a dyke, I may feel certain things when I'm around certain girls but I'm not like those weird, extreme bitches I see walking around at pride parades," Farah Elmi said, somewhat angrily and the six-foot-tall, dark-skinned and slender, Hijab-wearing young Somali Muslim woman leaned back in her chair, and sighed deeply. Sitting in the living room of her apartment in Orleans, Ontario, Farah was not having the best of days. Fortunately, her friend Sammy was around to comfort her...

Sitting opposite her, a short, curvy, dark-haired and bronze-skinned young Latin American woman nodded sagely. This one is in denial, Samantha Martinez thought to herself. The two young women had been best friends for ages. Although they came from radically different backgrounds, they were super tight. That's why Samantha was on hand to help Farah in her time of need...

"Neither am I, dykes are a bunch of masculine-looking chicks who act weird, I'm not like them, I'm a normal gal, just like you," Samantha replied sweetly, and she gently laid her hand on Farah's thigh. The young Somali woman looked at but did not voice any objection. Emboldened, Samantha drew closer to Farah, tenderly massaging her inner thigh, and the young Somali woman smiled.

"Um, hello, Sam, what are you doing?" Farah Elmi asked, and Samantha smiled at her, and paused. The key to seducing newbie lesbians was to be as patient and as nonthreatening as possible. Newbie lesbians and bisexual gals were usually repulsed by bull dykes, whom they found too scary and hard to relate to. Now, a normal-looking, normal-sounding gal like Samantha, with her long dark hair, sweet smile, and penchant for stylish, ultra-feminine summer dresses, that's the kind of gal that newbie lesbians and experimental bisexual chicks flocked to...

Samantha Martinez was out to family and close friends, but had never broached the subject of her sexual orientation with Farah Elmi, her beautiful Somali friend. Samantha's parents, Antonio and Nicole Martinez were cool with her being a lesbian, as was her older brother Stefano. Yet the person whom Samantha cared about the most, her long-time gal pal Farah, had no idea that the curvy, feisty Latin American fashionista was decidedly not straight...

"You seem tense, Farah, I'm here to help you relax," Samantha said innocently, and Farah bit her lip, then smiled and nodded. Earlier, the two young women had gone shopping at Place D'Orleans, one of the largest shopping centers in the Canadian Capital region. Afterwards, they'd gone to the movies and seen the new movie Flatliners. They had fun, and then went home to relax. Just a couple of average gals doing their thing during Thanksgiving Weekend in the City of Ottawa...

"Thank you, amiga," Farah replied, her voice barely above a whisper, and Samantha smiled, taking this as a good sign. When Samantha suggested that Farah lie down and relax, the young Somali gal did not protest. Samantha began giving her good friend a massage, and lo and behold, Farah actually began to relax. You are in excellent hands my dear Farah, Samantha thought, smiling as she admired her gal pal's sexy body.

"You're very welcome my dear," Samantha replied, and she gently kissed the back of Farah's neck, causing the young Somali woman to purr like a kitten. After exploring the bodies of numerous young women in her twenty five years, Samantha was pretty much an expert on the female body's erogenous zones. When she massaged Farah's back and gave her big round buttocks a firm rub, Farah tensed, but relaxed rather quickly. Taking this as a good sign, Samantha continued what she was doing...

"Oh you're good," Farah murmured, and Samantha grinned, and caressed her big round butt, knowing that she was enjoying herself. The key to a good lesbian seduction was patience, sensuality, and above all else, appearing harmless. Farah and her ilk, i.e. closet lesbians and bisexual women everywhere, were turned off by masculine queer women the way straight-but-curious guys were turned off by effeminate gay men. A gal like Farah needed to be introduced to lesbianism by a lovely, straight-looking and nonthreatening queer woman like Samantha...

"Oh, I'm about to get even better, sweetness, please turn around," Samantha said, and a smiling Farah did as she was told. Samantha looked into Farah's lovely face, and noticed that the Somali gal's visage was full of lust, rather than fear. Now we are getting somewhere, Samantha thought, and her heart skipped a beat when her eyes met Farah's.

"Sammy, my friend, I love what you do," Farah Elmi said impulsively, and the young Somali woman suddenly grabbed Samantha's face, and kissed her on the lips. A bit surprised by Farah's boldness, Samantha kissed her back passionately. Much to Samantha's surprise, Farah kissed her not like a newbie, but like she'd been kissing girls for quite some time. Always one to go with the flow, the short, feisty Latin American lesbian drew her Somali gal pal into her arms and just like that, the two young women began exploring one another.

"You're so beautiful," Samantha said, smiling as Farah undressed, revealing her tall, athletic, chocolate-skinned body. Slender yet curvy, with perky tits and a big round ass, Farah Elmi was Black Muslim womanhood personified. Samantha licked her lips, delighted by the vision of feminine beauty standing less than a meter from her. Samantha undressed swiftly, revealing her taut, curvy body. Only five-foot-four and a hundred and thirty pounds soaking wet, Samantha Martinez was tiny, but beautiful.

"I've been wanting to do this for so long," Farah said, and she kissed Samantha once more, and caressed the other woman's breasts. Samantha grinned, loving how bold Farah was, all of a sudden. When Farah's firm yet gentle hands started roaming all over her curvy, bronze-skinned body, Samantha welcomed it. Farah grabbed Samantha's big ass cheeks and pinched them, causing the young Latin American woman to squeal.

"Oh, you're a feisty one," Samantha remarked, and Farah grinned, and grabbed her. Playfully they wrestled, and somehow ended up on the living room carpet. Farah ended up on top of Samantha, who smiled up at the tall, strong-looking Black Muslim Amazon straddling her. This time, Samantha pinched Farah's ass, and Farah laughed, and then they began the kisses again. Samantha's hands caressed Farah's breasts, and then slid down her body, going for her crotch.

"I want you," Farah said, her voice brimming with desire, and Samantha nodded, just as her hand slid between Farah's thighs. The young Somali Muslim woman's eyes went wide as her favorite Latin American cutie began fingering her pussy, and they continued making love. Farah bit her lips, and kissed Samantha, then began playing with her nipples. Samantha worked two fingers into Farah's pussy, then three. That's when Farah began to moan, loving what Samantha was doing to her.

"You are mine," Samantha said, as she laid Farah on the floor, and began exploring her new lover in earnest. Farah smiled as Samantha kissed her, and then licked a path from her lips to her throat, and down to her breasts. Samantha's full lips fastened themselves to Farah's erect nipples, even as she continued fingering the Somali Muslim cutie's wet pussy.

"Hmm, I like that," Farah whispered, and a smiling Samantha spread her thighs and buried her lovely face between them. Farah cried out as Samantha's lips found her clitoris, and she began sucking on it while fingering the other gal's pussy with her sleek, agile fingers. Samantha has gone down on a lot of women. Middle-aged housewives. Female athletes whom she knew from her days at the University of Ottawa. Businesswomen working in the downtown core. Random gals at the mall. To name but a few.

Farah Elmi, as a Hijab-wearing Somali Muslim gal, now, this was one gal that Samantha never thought she would never get. Farah attended Carleton University, where she studied business management, and she was also at the mosque several times a week. Lesbians could only dream of getting a woman like that. Now, at last, Samantha Martinez's dream had finally come true. The young Latin American lesbian savored every drop of Farah's precious pussy, and hearing the young Somali woman moan in pleasure was music to her ears...

"Give me that sweet Somali booty," Samantha cooed, as she put Farah on all fours, and admired the other woman's spectacular ass. Farah smiled and shook her big chocolate booty from side to side, driving Samantha absolutely nuts. Samantha grasped Farah's ass cheeks and kissed them, and then spread them wide open. Farah squealed as Samantha's tongue slid into her asshole, and just like that, the Latin American lesbian began eating her delicious plate of Somali ass.

"Oh yes, do it, eat my ass," Farah squealed, and she welcomed Samantha's tongue in her butt hole. After giving Farah's asshole a tongue bath, Samantha brought out the big guns, as they say. Farah watched as Samantha took out a strap-on dildo, and put it on. Farah grinned, noticing how sexy Samantha looked. Feeling eager to get fucked, Farah looked at Samantha, an inviting look in her chestnut eyes...

"You are so going to get it," Samantha said, and she playfully smacked Farah's ass. Without further ado, Samantha pressed the dildo against Farah's pussy lips, and began to fuck her. Farah moaned softly as Samantha gripped her hips and worked the dildo deep into her. Grasping Farah's long dark hair, which was sans Hijab for a change, Samantha yanked her head back and fucked her with gusto. Farah squealed as Samantha fucked her with slow, deep strokes. At long last, the closeted Somali Muslim lesbian gal found out what woman to woman sex was all about...

"Thank you," Farah Elmi said, a couple of hours later, as she lay in Samantha Martinez's arms. Samantha smiled at Farah and kissed her tenderly. Worn out by the sensuous, passionate sexing of a lifetime, the two young women were recuperating. Farah kissed Samantha, and then, without warning, the young Somali woman slid her fingers into Samantha's pussy. Samantha gasped, then smiled, welcoming the intrusion. Just like that, they began another round...

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