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My Bi Weekend


This is my first story. It is true and happened it happened about fourteen years ago, but still is one of my most vivid memories. I have changed the names and place to maintain privacy.

At the time I was traveling for a large corporation performing quality assurance work in production facilities. At the time of this event I was in another state, near Dallas, Texas. As was usually the case this week I departed home on Monday and planned to return Friday afternoon.

Late Thursday afternoon I decided to go the bookstore in the mall to get something to read. While walking from my rental car into the mall I heard a women's scream. I then saw a young girl about three years old running through the parking lot with her mother chasing her. The mothers scream was followed by some Spanish words that I did not know. As the young girl laughed and ran away from the woman it was obvious that the girl was just playing but the woman, whom I later confirmed was her mother , and was carrying group of packages, was concerned and chasing the girl towards me.

Just as the girl emerged from between some parked car I noticed an old Ford Galaxy car headed towards the girl traveling way too fast for a parking mall lot. I quickly ran towards the girl and pushed her out of the way of the car, I was rewarded with getting hit by the Ford in my back. I was thrown into another parked car.

When I came to, I was laying on the parking lot staring up at a beautiful Mexican woman with long black hair, who was holding a crying three year old girl with scrapes on the face and arms. With a strong Spanish accent the mother asked if I was alright. My back was killing me and I told her this. She told me that she would get help and pulled a cell phone out of her purse. This surprised me as not many people had cell phone back in 1998, they were expensive. She proceeded to speak in rapid Spanish into the cell phone. After her call, she told me that her name was Maria and that an ambulance would be here soon. Maria also introduced me to her daughter Mary, who was holding her mother tightly. Mary was a very cute little girl similar to her mother in appearance to her mother but with darker complexion. I introduced myself as Ben Jones. Shortly the ambulance arrived and took me the hospital.

In the hospital emergency room I was examined and X-rayed. The Orthopedist doctor told me that they did not think that I had any broken bones, but would have a lot of bruising. He also told me that to be sure they wanted me to spend the night in the hospital and get another set of X-rays in the morning, as sometime small fractures of the spine did not immediately show up and they wanted to be sure that I did not have any unexpected problem.

I was admitted and taken to a room for the night. I called home and told my wife that I had been hit by a car, was OK and would probably not be home on Friday as expected. She wanted to fly to Texas but I told her that by the time she got there, I might be on my way home.

Shortly after I ended the call to my wife a black man knocked on my door and entered my room. He was about 5' tall and quite handsome. He told me that his name was Damon, and that his wife Maria had told him what had happened and had insisted that he check to see that I was OK. I told him what the doctor had told me, and that I hoped to be discharged in the morning. He gave me his telephone number and told me that he would pick me up in the morning if I called to let him know a time.

In the morning I was discharged at about 10:30 and called Damon, who arrived shortly. In Damon's car he told me that he was taking me to his home to show Maria that I was OK. He also told me that he was a Dentist, whose office was closed on Fridays. He asked if he could give me some pills for my pain. I told him that the Orthopedist had given me some pain pills and that this was enough, as I did not like to take medications that I did not really need. Damon smiled at this and to me that this was a great way to look and things and that I certainly had the right outlook and life. He also told me that I needed to be rewarded for saving the life of his daughter. I told him that I was glad that Mary was OK. A few minutes later we arrived and Damon's home to be greeted by a smiling Maria who gave me a big hug and a deep kiss on the lips.

We went inside and Maria demanded that I tell her everything that the doctors had told me. When she asked how I felt I told her that my back was very sore. She looked at Damon and told him that she had called his mother, and that Mary's grandmother would watch her until Sunday. She then told Damon that he was to take Mary to grandmothers house and that I would be soaking the pain away in their hot tub. Damon quickly gathered up Mary and headed out the door.

Mary told me that the hot tub was already and that she would help me undress. I hesitated slightly so she quickly took all of her clothes off displaying that most beautiful body that was a light brown with no tan lines. She was about 5 feet 4 inches tall which is slightly taller than my 5 feet 3 inches. She then took off my shoes and socks, moved up to remove my shirt and commented on the large bruise on my back. She then undid my belt, unzipped my belt and lowered my pants and had me step out of them. My cock was fully hard by then so my white briefs had a distinct bulge. Maria smiled and commented that she had never seen a white man's penis before and she was looking forward to it. She then pulled out the front of my briefs and slid then down my legs. She then licked to head of my cock. I asked about Damon, she told me that he would be gone about an hour but to not worry as he knew what was to happen. She then sucked my 5½ " cock into her mouth and put her hands on the back of my legs to draw me all of the way into her mouth. She quickened her sucking until I told her that I was going to cum. Maria giggled and went even fasted and increased her suction. I blew my cum into her mouth and she smiled as she swallowed it all. She licked my cock clean smiled and stood in front of me I reached behind her and gave her body a hug. I then licked her breasts and gave her a kiss. She surprised me by giving me her tongue which still tasted of my cum.

Maria then led me by my cock through the kitchen out the French door to their covered patio. On the patio was a large hot tub with the water bubbling away. Past the hot tub was a large in-ground pool surrounded by recliners. Maria helped me get into the hot tub, which felt wonderful on my back. She again thanked me for saving Mary. I told her that she had already thanked me. She told me that we were just starting. I could only stay in the hot tub for about 20 minutes. It felt great on my back but the rest of me was melting.

We got out of the hot tub and entered the pool. We swam around for a little while until I asked if I could now taste her. She giggled and sat on the edge of the pool near the shallow end of the pool so I would not have to bend over. She spread her legs and presented me with a lovely pussy. There was course hair above in a narrow strip but the lips which were a deep brown were sws ollen and without a hair. I slowly slid my tongue along the inside of her lips. I moved my tongue up one side and down the other. After a while I slid my tongue into her pussy. She laughed at this. I then changed my tongue for my finger so I could lightly lick her clit. She grasped my head and held me tight as I sucked her clit. Her legs came together to clasp my head as she came.

We then rested for a few minutes then went back into the hot tub to soak again. After a short while Maria helped me out of the hot tub and put me into one of the recliners facing the hot tub. She raised the back so that I was setting up with my legs stretched out. She then looked me in the eye as proceeded to suck my cock. It seemed like seconds until I was hard again. She then smiled as she mounted my shaft and slowing lowered herself all of the way down. She then slowing began to move up and down, riding my cock. I began to caress her breasts so she leaned forward so that I could suckle them. This continued for just a few minutes when we were interrupted by a naked Damon sporting a very hard black cock. I was surprised that his cock was only a little bigger then my 5 1/2", probably about 6 inches, but about the same diameter. Damon smiled and said that since I was using Maria's pussy, he would have her mouth. I said sure. Damon then slid his cock into her mouth. This is the first time I had ever seen another man's erection and was totally enamored. As Damon slowly slid his cock in and out of Marias mouth I said that this was the sexist thing I had ever seen. Maria looked at me in a strange way, then pulled Damon's cock from her mouth then told me that she wanted to see something to. She then pushed Damon's cock toward my mouth. I licked the head and slowly opened my mouth. Damon slid his cock in and out of my mouth. I chocked a few times and Maria to him to not go so deep. In and out went Damon's cock while Maria began to pick up the pace of riding mine. Damon came first filling my mouth with his cum, I tried to swallow it all but gagged so part went down my chin. Maria happily licked up what was leaking from my mouth as I filled her cunt with my sperm.

I stayed with Damon and Maria until Sunday afternoon. If this story is well received I will till about the rest of the weekend.

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