tagLetters & TranscriptsMy Chat Today Ch. 02

My Chat Today Ch. 02


Another chat with my friend SuLee, while she was at the office, and I was working from home.

Sent at 12:02 PM on Tuesday
me: I was thinking today I would come up behind you
at the office

SuLee: my favorite...
I love it when you work from home ;)
Sent at 12:03 PM on Tuesday
me: you're sitting at your computer and you feel my hands on your thin shoulders
and then on the back of your neck you feel a piece of fabric stretched between my hands
I pull the soft silk up your neck
up into your hair
over your head down over your face
you feel the cool dark silk
run down over your face
over your little nose
over your chin
and down around your neck
I pull you back gently from your neck

SuLee: oh I like that
a lot

me: and kiss your cheek
then I run the silk back over your chin
and over your eyes
and I tie the silk blindfold around your head
I take my fingers and run them down from the top of your head
my fingertips on your neck
what shirt are you wearing today?

SuLee: pink tanktop

me: so I run my fingers down your bare arms
cradling your arms in my hands
and pulling your hands back behind
I lean down and whisper in your ear
and caress your bare arms
I pull your hands back behind you
you feel my legs
then, blindfolded, you hear

SuLee: wow, you just gave me goosebumps

me: "click" as you feel a cuff around one wrist
then "click as you feel the other

SuLee: fuck yes

me: your arms behind you, trapped in the chair
I lean down and remind you
that you promised to whisper in my ear
you feel my ear brush against your cheek

SuLee: please
you love it when I beg

me: I like to feel the air come from that last sound in “Please” hit your ear
I spin your chair around
what do I see
what else are you wearing?
you can't hear me right now
or see me

SuLee: tight jeans, my hair in a ponytail, black high heeled sandals

me: but you can feel my eyes on you
I begin looking through your desk
until I find what I am looking for
you hear the sharp clink of scissors cutting the air
you feel me approach you

SuLee: I just licked my lips, thinking about this

me: I rub the back of my hand against your right breast

SuLee: my breathing is getting erratic

me: and I take the closed scissors and run them against your bare neck
I reach my hand to the neck of your tank top and pull it out from your skin
you hear, the scissors cutting the material of your top
the tension of the shirt lessens

SuLee: i love this

me: as you feel the material being cut straight down the middle of your top

SuLee: I lean in and whisper "I'm such a bad girl, a very very bad girl."

me: I put the scissors in your mouth
"please hold these"
and I complete the ripping of your top in half
I run my hand down the bare skin of your breasts
what color is your bra?

SuLee: black satin

me: what a shame

SuLee: why a shame? I love this bra

me: I am going to cut it
but I run my hands all over the smooth satin
pressing your breasts together
take the scissors from your mouth,
I run the wet metal down your smooth skin and snip
one bra strap
then the other
you’re blindfolded, but you look lovely
I pull the cups of your bra down

SuLee: when I close my eyes, I can see it... blindfolded, hands cuffed

me: exposing your nipples
I stand up
and walk away a little
you hear a clink of ice on a glass

SuLee: yes

me: you feel my face come closer to your left nipple
my lips touch them
but they are cold
I suck your nipple into my mouth
filled with cold water

SuLee: I’m touching my nipples right now

me: it's a shock at first
but I drink back the cold water
and you feel my mouth and tongue warm around your nipple
and I am sucking hard on that nipple as it warms and extends
and I pull my mouth off
dragging my teeth as I go

SuLee: yessss

me: I leave my fingers on that nipple
and repeat on your other nipple
the clink of the glass
the shock of the cold water on your anticipating nipple
the cold growing to warmth and leaving a hard wet nipple
"are you comfortable?

SuLee: yes, no, i dont know
i feel dizzy

me: I move my hand off one nipple
you feel me reach for something on the floor
I raise it and rub it across your cheek
it is vaguely familiar
I run it down your neck to your breast
and in sharp shock
you realize I am putting a nipple clamp on your right nipple

SuLee: oh fuck

me: I reach down again
give your left nipple a long suck good bye
and clamp the second one on

SuLee: you’re killing me

me: next I run a thin chain across your shoulders
drag it taut across your neck
and you can feel through the pressure on your nipples that I am attaching the chain
to the clamps
give me your tongue

SuLee: sticking my tongue out

me: I lick it slowly
and pull upward on my chain
pulling on your nipples

SuLee: oh god

me: I push in and give you a deep kiss
I release the chain
and move hands up to either breast

SuLee: i just pinched my nipples really fucking hard
i am so wet right now

me: you feel my warm hands all over your breasts
and kneading and pulling at them
as the clamps stay tight
I run my teeth down your shoulders

SuLee: you’re making me shake right now

me: and drop to my knees between your legs
I take the chain
and pull it up to your mouth
you feel the thin metal links on your tongue
and if you raise your head
you can pull up on your nipples
and feel the pull and pain
that you inflict

SuLee: yes
oh fuck yes

me: my hands run down your bare side
and start working at your pants

SuLee: my heart is fucking pounding right now

me: the button and the zipper
lift your ass a little so I can pull them down

SuLee: which makes me pull on the chain slightly

me: and I pull them down to your ankles
leaving your panties
what do they look like?
Sent at 12:41 PM on Tuesday

SuLee: lol, white cotton with pieces of toast on them

me: cute! I pull my shirt off because I want to feel your bare thighs against my arms, ribs, and chest
so lean in between your legs
and you feel the scissors flat on your thigh
Sent at 12:43 PM on Tuesday
me: I am enjoying myself running my bare hands arms, goatee, lips
over your soft skin

SuLee: i want to touch myself so badly... it's like I am cuffed right now and can't

me: but to keep you interested, I reach up and twist the clamp sharply on your nipple
I run my nose deep into your panties

SuLee: oh my god

me: and you feel my tongue through your panties
I take two fingers and hook your underwear and pull it out from your skin
you hear the snip of the scissors
and then I return them
and I run my tongue down again
and you realize I have a cut a vertical slit
in your panties

SuLee: fuck i want to feel this so much

me: and my tongue is running deep down your slit
do me a favor
in real life
take your two middle fingers and stick them out
and think about how much longer, thicker and stronger my fingers are
are you there?

SuLee: I am
I'm thinking about your hands on me right now
I'm also thinking you're gonna make me pass out

me: you love putting your fingers inside
what would my fingers feel like?

SuLee: thick and strong

me: what would your pussy feel like?

SuLee: tight, warm and wet

me: is it smooth inside?

SuLee: yes

me: are you wet

SuLee: you know i am

me: so I am shoving my two fingers inside of you
and working them
one in. one out. the two fingers working opposite
one going in while one is going out
and your dripping down my hand
and I shove my other thumb in your mouth
grabbing that chain and pushing your head back at the same time
and I cannot see your eyes through the blindfold
or even your mouth very well
but I can see your body writhing
and your heavy breaths

SuLee: my nipples are so tender right now

me: and your hips would be moving
on my hand

SuLee: you don’t have any idea how much i want you right now

me: and your legs around my back
I want to see you cum on my hand
I want to watch you come the way I hear your come
and I want to feel the tension in your body beneath your smooth soft skin
as you build to an orgasm

SuLee: and watch me explode

me: I want to see your jaw strain
and see you gasp when I pull on that chain

SuLee: and you know how many orgasms I can have

me: well, you’re chained to your chair with your clothes in tatters
what do you want?

SuLee: i want you to fuck me

me: Should I fuck you right now

SuLee: yes please

me: so I pull your ass of the seat.
aw fuck it
I want to fuck you on the floor
I reach around and unlock the hand cuffs
I pull up the blindfold
and push you down on the floor
on your back

SuLee: please fuck me hard

me: I am so hard right now
and I push my self right into your slit
I remove the clamps
I want to feel your chest against mine
you are so wet

SuLee: oh i really am
my skin is on fucking fire right now

me: so I begin to slide in
I love fucking on the floor
I stick my finger in your mouth
as I am slowly pumping in and out of your wet cunt

SuLee: my hands on your shoulders, scratching your back
as you pump into me

me: I lick my thumb
and press it into your clit
then I crawl down on top of you

SuLee: I am going to rape the fuck out of my vibrators when I get home tonight

me: I grab your ass beneath my
and grind my pelvis into your clit
and now I am going to really fuck you
I grab your wrist and hold it to the floor
I hold your ass down
and drive my hard cock into your wet pussy
and I am driving deep into you

SuLee: can you jerk off right now? I want you to cum, I want to know that you came, even if I can't right now

me: wow, OK
hold on

SuLee: you have no idea how turned on I am right now
and I love the thought of you home, stroking yourself, thinking about me
that makes me fucking crazy

me: i am back
here's what I think about when I think of fucking you...
your skin
against mine

SuLee: which is so soft and pale

me: your voice in my ear
i am going to cum right now

SuLee: yes, do it
i want to fuck you so bad
i'm imaging you stroking and your muscles straining
as you cum hard

me: mmmm.....thanks

SuLee: well for all the times you've done it for me...
just wish I could have heard you... but I really like the idea of you cumming, getting so worked up... losing that coolness you have
me: Oh, I am still cool, baby!

SuLee: lol
fuck, you got me really worked up today
where the hell did all that come from?

me: I don't know. I just wanted to be memorable for you

SuLee: burned on my brain

me: now what do you do?

SuLee: sit here and suffer
count the minutes to going home
and, you bastard, I have two meetings this afternoon

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