My Chat Today


The next morning, the chat continued at work.

8:53 AM me: well, how are we this morning?

8:54 AM SuLee: we are fine :)

and you?

8:55 AM me: good. are you sore this morning?

8:56 AM SuLee: a little. but definitely relaxed

I woke up feeling rather noodly.

me: stretching like a cat?

8:57 AM SuLee: exactly. I soooo did not want to get up this AM

the weather is nice, I would rather nap and then go out and play

9:00 AM me: so are you wearing, what you said you would be wearing?

SuLee: Yes, I think I look cute, but it's also comfy, except these jeans are the smaller size, so they may be a bit too tight, but oh well

9:01 AM me: mmm, so if I was at your work, a married man would be sneaking lustful glances at you?

9:02 AM SuLee: well my tight ass at least ;)

me: that same ass I came all over last night?

9:03 AM SuLee: the very same one

9:04 AM me: so your shirt isn't very revealing?

SuLee: well it's fitted, but not overly tight.

9:05 AM me: so, if I came to your desk for some weak excuse, and stood over you, what would I see?

9:06 AM SuLee: well, if you stood directly over me, you'd definitely get a nice shot at my breasts..

me: I'll have to remember that for when I come over later.

9:07 AM But, you are not only about sex, right?

You like chatting as well

SuLee: well, I'm TRYING to be better today. Yesterday was insane

me: and, yet, I have other plans...:)

9:08 AM SuLee: plans?

me: I don't want you to be better

I want you to be worse

9:09 AM SuLee: well of course YOU do! you're not the one who has to sit here all good and not think about getting fucked and try not to get wet and turned on and not run to the bathroom, but not be able to cum because I moan way too loud

9:10 AM me: Aww, it's so hard to be desired

9:12 AM SuLee: well sure, I'd be lying if I said I didn't like the attention, but seriously, I was going crazy yesterday

9:13 AM me: Well, maybe I should leave you alone, then, today...

9:14 AM SuLee: because you can't control yourself?

me: I am in total control.

SuLee: really? doubtful

9:15 AM me: No, I just was feeling pity for you.

9:16 AM SuLee: pity for me? you don't want to cum?

9:19 AM me: I like to cum, but as I said I am in control.

Pity for you squirming in your seat.

trying to work, but feely wobbly legs

feeling your heartbeat

9:21 AM SuLee: which may be beating a little harder now

me: and what if someone were to come up to you in your chair

and brush up against you in your condition

and you could feel his eyes looking down your top.

and as he leans over to point at your screen

for some flimsy excuse

his chest brushes up against your shoulder and you bite your lip

and he stops, looks around

and whispers in your ear

"I know what you are doing."

"SuLee, I know what's going on."

SuLee: you're killing me

me: Can I see your nipples through your shirt


9:25 AM SuLee: now you can

me: "well, what can we do in the office about this?"

He pretends to reach for a pencil on your desk

9:26 AM His forearm brushes across one nipple

SuLee: you see Goosebumps run up my arm

me: " You have two choices. Do exactly as I say or I tell your boss, what you are doing."

" i can hear your breathing. I know what you want."

SuLee: I'll do whatever you want me to do, I just don't want to get in trouble

9:28 AM me: good.

put your arm on your armrest

and I will rub myself against it.

are you in a cube?

Can people see you?

SuLee: yes, people can see me

I'm feeling very exposed right now

9:30 AM me: so you can't put your hand between your legs?

SuLee: no, but oh fuck I want to

me: so at least open them a little bit

I want to smell that pussy I fucked last night

9:31 AM SuLee: I moved my knees wider apart

me: are you warm down there?

SuLee: very

me: are your panties getting wet?

9:32 AM SuLee: I just sat up straight and arched my back like I was stretching, rubbing my pussy into the chair. oh yes, I'm wet

me: Take a deep breath through your nose

all the way

can you feel the flutter in your chest?

SuLee: yesss

9:34 AM me: and your nipples are sticking out?

9:35 AM SuLee: they are like little pebbles. I keep pushing my arms in slightly to rub

me: and you are really exposed at work, right?

9:36 AM SuLee: well, not totally, but there's another guy across the way. I'm only exposed if he turns around

9:37 AM me: so you can quickly rub your hand across your nipples? and pinch them?

SuLee: yes

me: Now!

SuLee: oh god

they are so hard

they ache

me: He's busy working, and you are squirming in your seat thinking about my hard cock

ramming into your pussy

SuLee: yes, I know I am soaking my panties again

me: thinking about my hand on the back of your head

and my tongue fucking your mouth

thinking about my large hands mauling your tits

SuLee: pinching and pulling at them

me: but what you really want is to feel my hands reach down from your shoulders

at your desk

pinch those nipples

9:41 AM SuLee: I did, oh god

I just pinched them hard

me: feel me reach down to your pants

open up your jeans

9:42 AM SuLee: fuck I'm squirming so bad

me: slide my fingers down to your clit

my arms are trapping you in your seat and one hand is working your clit

while my other large hand reaches down and starts finger fucking you right there

feel that, but keep your voice down


after this, I'll let you follow me to the bathroom where you can suck my dick

SuLee: oh god yes. I want your cock in my mouth

me: looking at the picture you sent me

I think of those eyes closed

and I'm fucking your mouth

SuLee: yes, holding my head tight, as you push deep into my mouth. I love that

me: I bet you do.

Tell me what's happening around you at work, in real life? I want to picture you

SuLee: um, the guy across the way is reading his email. I can hear the secretary a cubes down talking to someone. A few people are at the coffee bar, but they can't see me

I'm stting on my chair, with my headphones on. I probably look pretty tense

me: you are kind of alone then?

SuLee: except for the guy behind me

but he's not really paying attention

9:51 AM oh god, I really need to go touch myself

me: so you can pull your top a little out so i can see down your tits?

SuLee: maybe a little bit

9:53 AM please, I'll be right back. I just need to rub my clit a little

me: take off your panties when you are there

9:54 AM SuLee: I'll be right back

me: ok

Let me know if you enjoyed that, and I can continue.

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