tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy First Time in Public

My First Time in Public


I was raised in Central Arkansas. You know, the heart of the Bible Belt. I guess that is why I had such a hard time with figuring out my true fetish, being exposed in public.

After graduating from a small high school in Arkansas with honors, I accomplished the dream of every one of my classmates; got married to my high school sweetheart, got a job, and bought a house just a little ways away from Mom and Dad. Life was perfect until....

Little Rock was THE place to go for dinner and music. My husband and I went there often, just for a change of pace from Smallsville, Arkansas. One particular night we had a wonderful evening then started for home. Just outside of Little Rock, my husband non-chalantly said, "Why don't you take your top off?"

"HERE? In the CAR!!", I cried hysterically. "What if somebody sees me?"

"Then they will get to see the best looking breast in the state of Arkansas!", he said.

It was dark, there was no traffic, and the windows of the pick-up were tinted; but that did not cross my mind. Somebody would SEE me! I couldn't believe that the man I married wanted somebody to see his wife naked. I was terribly hurt, wondering if he thought I was a whore or something for everybody to enjoy. How dare he think that!

There was, however, something that stirred down deep inside me, something thrilling! Somebody might actually SEE me naked. It was a horrible thought, but it did intrigue me. By this time, hubby is starting to show signs that he is excited, too.

My hands shook so badly I didn't think I could get my shirt unbuttoned. An occasional truck passing by didn't help matters any, either. I took my shirt off, then tried to undo the clasp of the bra I was wearing. As soon as the latch popped, my nipples were already hard and pointing straight ahead! I was trembling all over...

Hubby then took my bra and shirt, tossing them into the back seat. I really felt vulnerable, and terrified about a trucker passing us and looking in, or, heaven forbid, we got stopped by the police?!! I didn't want to go to jail for this!!

With an evil grin, he unbuttoned my blue jeans and started playing 'down there'. It didn't take long to cum. By the time we pulled into the driveway of the house, I had cum three times.

Talking about it afterward, he told me that he loved the way I looked, and enjoyed it when other men got to look at me. At the time, I thought this was gross, I just couldn't beleive that something like that was possible, especially from the man I thought I knew so well! I explained this the best I could, telling him how uncomfortable I was topless in the truck and let him know I was really uncomfortable about letting other men see me. Talk as I might, the thought kept coming back to me the exhileration of taking off my top and possibly letting others see me.

The longer I thought about it, the more excited I became, but I was still nervous about admitting it. This IS Arkansas, you know! After several weeks, I told him I MIGHT be willing to do that again, but away from home so that the ramifications of getting caught were not that drastic.

By a strange coincidence, we had to go to Dallas just a week later for a business trip. The time we spent there was not too bad, we had a good time, and started back home on Friday at 4:00.

Just outside of Dallas, Hubby turns to me and says, "Hey, Hon, take that top off and give these truckers a show."

Say What?? I couln't believe what I just heard!

"Sure, you said that you would do it again, letting somebody see you this time, if we were not close to the house. Well, we are still six hours from home, there are some lonely truckers out here that would appreciate seeing your breast, and I would like for you to oblige them!", he said so non-challantly!

I hadn't really expected him to do this, and things were a LITTLE different than the first night going home from Little Rock. It was daytime, there were trucks everywhere on the interstate, and we were in my Sunbird this time, the windows were not tinted and truckers could look down and SEE me! Just thinking about it got my hands shaking again and I knew I was going to try!

I pulled the T-shirt over my head and saw the grin on Hubby's face as I started taking off the bra. Again, they went in back, where I couldn't just change my mind and put them back on. As I sat there thinking about my predicament, I realized how horny I had become!

"Now what", I asked.

"Well, we will pass some trucks and you put on a show", he said.

"A show? What do you mean?", said I, totally clueless.

"You know, when you get one's attention, make eye contact and make sure he sees your breast".


I saw that he was passing the first truck, and looking in the mirror on the side of the truck, I could see the driver. Seeing the man driving and knowing in just a second he was going to see me made me tremble so that I could not even set up straight in the car. To this day, I still feel this rush!

We passed the truck in the left lane, giving the driver full advantage of seeing my 'show'. Just as we got up even with the driver door, I noticed that we were slowing down, keeping pace with the truck.

"NO!", I screamed,"keep going at the fast pace, and let me just pass the guy and see what happens!"

Well, hubby did. There I was hands shaking, mouth dry, vagina moist, and horny as hell, we passed the truck. The driver never even glanced down at me!

I was all revved up and no place to go! I was topless and WANTED somebody to see me! I saw that hubby was passing another truck. By this time, I was going to make sure that if I were giving the truckers a show, they could at least be polite enough to watch!

I could see the driver in his mirror look back at our car, then do a double take. Oh my gosh, he saw me! I couldn't wait to get even with the cab!

As we pulled past his door, I saw him look down at my bare breast and smile! He reached up and honked the horn and gave me a big thumbs-up! I was just about to cum from all the excitement, I had been seen topless! I smiled back, gave him a wave, then told hubby to pass the next one.

Evidently, truckers tell about things like that on thier CB's, because we were not even close to the other truck yet when I saw him looking intently in his mirror. He wanted to see, too!

Husband was looking like the cat that ate the canary! "Why don't you give them a REAL show?", he said.

"I thought I was", I said.

"No, totally nude!" This was going way too fast, but I was soooo turned on by the thought of the truckers seeing me topless, then nude. With a smile at hubby, I pulled my jeans and panties off, which was no small feat in the Sunbird.

As we passed the next truck, this driver was already aware of what was happening in the car beside him. I looked up to see his eyes popped open wide at me sitting there with absolutly no clothes on. Hubby pulled me over on his shoulder, pulling me over in my seat exposing my pubic area to the driver. As I was looking at the driver, hubby started to finger me, right there in front of this man! I don't think I ever came like that in my life!! I blew the driver a kiss as we pulled in front of him to pass the next truck.

We ended up giving the truckers a show until we got to Texarkana. After cumming several times I felt like I could sleep the rest of the way home, but much to hubbby's displeasure, I did put my clothes back on.

After we got home, hubby and I screwed our brains out...I don't know which one was more excited, him or me. I knew after this trip, exposing me would be something we would be doing again in the future, and I couldn't wait.

Maybe that will be my next story!

Love ya


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