tagMind ControlMy Immortal Ch. 05

My Immortal Ch. 05


The door opened and the driver extended a hand to me, helping me out. "Do you have your ticket?" When I nodded, he smiled. "All right. Go in and take your seat. Mr. Meadows will see you after the seminar."

"I can't sit with him?"

"No, ma'am. He's up on the stage with the other speakers. You'll be in the front row."

"Thank you ... "


"Thank you, Michael."

Michael escorted me into the building, made sure that I was comfortable in my seat and gave me a program to read while I waited for the other participants to be seated. I watched the conference room fill, amazed at the different types of people that were seating themselves around me. I opened the program and was very surprised to find that Gil's name was at the head of the list of speakers. I felt a surge of pride sweep through me and I suddenly found myself wondering if any of the other women who shared the front row with me had had the same relationship with him as I had.

"No. None."

"That's not fair." I whispered to myself, pretending to peruse the program. "It's not fair that you know what I'm thinking without asking me."

"I always know what you're thinking, Carla. You're as clear as a bell to me but I've never acted on anything unless I knew it was specifically directed at me."

"You always know what I'm thinking? Always?"


"Then you know what I'm thinking now?"

"Yes and it's making my cock hard as a rock."

"I could do something about that."

"Later. Now quit distracting me. I have to go on soon."

I chuckled to myself and gave him a last thought of a kiss when he left the stage and turned to pay attention to the first speaker. There were three speakers before Gil and each approached mind control and mental activity from different points of view and I paid close attention to them, listening to their salient points while anxiously waiting for Gil's arrival. Finally, the host stood and made his final announcement.

"Now, the highlight of our seminar. You've read his books on mind control but he's here today to show you what can be accomplished by concentrating your efforts on yourself. Please give a warm welcome to Dr. Gilbert Meadows!"

I started clapping enthusiastically but stopped when I saw him come onto the stage. Gil Meadows was in a wheelchair. How had I missed that in the limo?

"Because I didn't want you to see that yet." His response was almost child-like and tinged with sadness. "Are you all right with it?"

"Yes." I started clapping again. "But I wish you'd have been honest with me."

"It was my only secret, Carla, and I am sorry if I've hurt you. I'll make everything up to you, I promise."

"You'd better." He threw me a knowing smile and began his lecture. I think I knew I was in love with him when he was speaking to the crowd, but carrying on a conversation with me. I sat back in the chair, my legs tightly crossed, and listened to his words.

"Do you know that you're the most beautiful woman I've ever known? I'm just talking physically, either. Your thoughts are so honest and so open that I was very surprised to find that you weren't already taken. So much the better for me. You want to know why I say that? It's because I want you. I've lain awake at night, listening to your thoughts and hearing that you were as lonely as I was made me want to be the one who comforted you. But I was so afraid that you wouldn't want me because of the wheelchair, that's why I didn't tell you right away. I wanted you to know my mind first and hopefully, my heart next."

I sighed at his soft words. "Can I make love to you?"

His words on stage faltered and I just grinned, knowing that I was the cause. "Really? You'd want to make love to me? Why?"

"Because you're inside my mind, Gil, and I want you inside my body, too."

"My being in a wheelchair doesn't scare you?"

"No," I whispered. "Because I know your cock's hard right now and if we weren't here, I'd be on my knees sucking on your rod." He coughed and took a drink of water, excusing himself to the audience before he continued.

"Stop that."

"Or what? You'll spank me? You'll have to catch me first."

"Oh, I can catch you."

"And what will you do when you catch me?"

My nipples tingled and hardened as if his mouth was on them, roughly sucking until I gasped silently. "I'll make you love me."

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