tagMind ControlMy Immortal Ch. 07

My Immortal Ch. 07


I would have sworn that his eyes blazed with a luminescence that only I could see and I was suddenly overtaken by the full bore of his mental control. He was much more forceful than he had been before and I welcomed his domination, fighting him every delicious inch as I pulled my dress over my head and crawled onto the bed, my body clad only in the pink floss thong and the high-heeled slip-ons. He rolled to the side of the bed, snapping the wheel locks into place and raising the foot flaps.

"Help me onto the bed."


Again, the sweet force of his will slammed into me and I staggered forward, my hands falling on his shoulders and sliding down his strong arms. I exerted a little of my resolve and swung one of my breasts over his face, aiming for his mouth. I wasn't disappointed. His tongue lashed out and wrapped around my nipple, roughly sucking it in. Shivers coursed through me and I swayed above him for a moment, enjoying his ministrations before he forced me into action again, sliding my hands under the shoulders of his suit jacket and pulling it from his body.

I stood up and loosened his tie, slipping it around my neck, then bent to undo his shirt buttons. I spread his shirt open, running my fingers through his thick, silky chest hair and marveled at the muscles that moved beneath my hands. He pushed me back on the bed and I watched as he lifted himself from the chair and swung onto the edge of the bed, his eyes boring through me with intent. The shirt hit the floor and he lay down beside me, his hands sliding over and cupping my breasts.

"Like that?"

"Oh, yes."

"Take my pants off and suck me."

I resisted, of course, and he laughed as I crawled down and straddled his useless legs. His hips thinned here and flared into a nice butt and an even nicer, hard cock. I dropped the pants and underwear on the floor and took him into my mouth. His response made me moan as he whimpered verbally and released himself mentally. He opened himself completely, letting himself believe that someone could love him as he was and I let my tongue caress his hard knob, rubbing it all over my mouth.

"Look at me." I whispered and paused until his eyes were on the cock in my mouth.

I closed my eyes and rubbed the fat head against my lips, letting the pre-cum serve as lipstick. Gil hissed at the sticky sight and reached down, smacking his meat against my half-opened mouth. "Fuck, that feels good." I stuck my tongue out and he beat his rod against it, gasping when I closed my lips around him and gave him a hard suck. "Oh, yeah. Suck me, Carla."

I pushed his hand away and started sucking him again, taking him as deeply as I could and noticing how his hips rose to meet me and how his cock was thickening on my tongue. I closed my eyes again and concentrated on laving his meat, letting my tongue cover every inch and was surprised when I felt a spark of something between us. I focused, sucking a little harder and moving faster above him and I felt it again, but this time, it blossomed and I was suddenly in his mind.

Our eyes connected at the same time and a look of elation mixed with pure lust colored his features. "Can you hear me?"

Gil groaned, throwing his head back. "Yes, Carla, I can hear you."

"Feel me sucking your cock? Feel your meat sliding down my throat?" His deep shiver let me know that he'd heard me and I slowed, taking more of him into my mouth. "I want you to cum in my mouth."


I just smiled and focused again, sucking harder and grabbing his hips to keep him from moving. "Yes."

Gil's body met my rhythm and I looked up to see him grabbing onto the headboard for leverage as he shoved his cock down my throat. I licked as fast as I could, loving the fact that he was fucking my mouth because I was telling him to. He couldn't stop and he couldn't resist. He was mine now and I made sure that he knew it.

"I'm ... "

He didn't have to announce it. His rod hardened suddenly and salty cum flooded my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed again as his second spurt filled my jaws and trickled out of the sides of my mouth. I drank deeply, swallowing until his cock had ceased its jerking on my tongue. He panted, each breath an exhausted whimper and I moved up beside him, smiling down into his face. His eyes fluttered as he reached up for me.

"You're the one."

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