tagMind ControlMy Inheritance from My Dad Ch. 03

My Inheritance from My Dad Ch. 03


After learning some of the things I could do with the orb I got from dad I decided I should cool my jets and think about what I was going to do with my orb. After calling work telling them I would be in on Monday like planned and having my bitch boss asking if I was getting over the loss of my dad, I stayed home with mom as she was having one of her bad days.

At 6pm just after mom had fell asleep Kim was at the door pleading with me to come up stairs with her. I didn't think this would repeat so I pulled my orb out spinning before Kim's eyes telling her that from this moment on she would like to talk to me and wonder what kind of lover I could be, but she would not remember making love with me only having sex with her own mother. I went on to tell her she loved having sex with her mother and loved the feel of her tongue on her mother as much as the feel of her mother's tongue on her.

After I woke Kim up she looked at me and said "I came down here to ask you something but I cant remember what it was, isn't that silly? Oh well how's your mom doing? Better I hope."

I told her that mom was resting and was having one of her bad days and I appreciate her thinking of my mom's heath.

Kim said "Just let her know I'm thinking of her and I got to go, bye, and take of her and yourself ok?"

I said I would and closed the door.

I know it would've been fun going up stairs but too much of a good thing can get boring over time or so I have been told.

I cleaned our little apartment up and cooking a couple meals for mom for if I wasn't there she could pop them in the microwave and still have a good meal to eat. Having no brothers or sisters or even uncles or aunts as far as that goes it just mom and me and I'm going to take good care of her.

The next day after mom was taken care of I went for a walk to clear my head and as I rounded the corner I seen the priest coming towards me. I felt my anger for him rise inside of me, when he called my name and we stopped to talk.

He asked about my mom and as he did two little girls walked by and his eyes were glued on them.

That's it I thought and said "Mom is doing as good as she will ever feel anymore but her husband, my dad passed away, did you know that?"

He turned his eyes back to me saying "No I didn't know your mom was married. Please tell her I'm so sorry for her loss and if there anything I can do for her to call and I will be there for her."

I told him I would let her know and not saying anything about it being my dad that I lost I went on to say "Ya my dad didn't have much but he did give me something I love, would you like to see it?"

The priest said he would, so I pulled out the orb spinning it before his eyes.

He said "Its so colorful it draws your eyes."

That was it so I said "Can you hear my voice?"

He said he could so I went on to say "I am going to ask you a few questions and I want you to answer me truthfully and to the best of your knowledge, do you understand?"

He said he understood so I asked "How do you feel about young children and especially little girls?"

He ever took his eyes off the orb as he answered "I love little children and I really love the way little girls look and feel."

I asked what he meant by how they feel? And he said "You know how soft they feel and how sweet they are when you touch them."

I asked "Where do you touch them?" Fearing his answer.

He said "In the basement, I touch them in the basement."

I said "Are you alone with them when you touch them?"

He said "Yes we are alone and I like to play doctor with them."

I asked just one more question and I feared his answer more than anything but said "Do you have your and her clothes on when you play?"

He answered "Well no not when you play doctor."

That was all I could take so I said "You will go back to the church and phone the head of your church and confess your thoughts and what you have done to these girls as you play doctor with them. You will not leave anything out and you will tell them all you have done from the time you entered the priesthood. You will do this thinking you know what you did is wrong and you need help. The things I have just said to you are your own thoughts and only your thoughts and no one else's, do you understand?"

He said that he did and I snapped my fingers in front of his after I had put the orb away. He blinked his eyes and said "I'm sorry I have to go, there's a call I must make. It was good seeing you and say hi to your mom for me." As he ran towards the church.

I walked away thinking that I hoped the church did something to stop him so I wouldn't have to do anything cause if I started I may not stop in time, if you know what I mean.

I walked to a café to have a salad and cold drink with the days starting to get very warm out and this brown eyed blond waitress come over to serve me and I could see she was up set about something.

She took my order and when she put my coke down in front of me and I said "You look pissed off over something, is there anything I could do to help?"

She looked at me and said "I don't think you could help it's just those black guys over there, everyday they come in here telling what a fine ass I have and how they could make me happy if I went home with them. My boss says they only say that cause they know I think black men are dirty and I don't trust them at all. If you ask me they should locked all the blacks and throw away the key. It would be a safer and better world if you ask me."

After a speech like that I was taken back and wondered what made her feel that way about the three guys who obviously thought she was good looking for her age of about 35 I would say. I noticed she had a wedding ring on and maybe that had something to do with the way she thought about black people or maybe she was raised by racist parents. What ever it was it pissed me off to hear her say lock them up and throw away the key. My best friend growing up was black and I will never forget him.

When she set my salad down in front of me she went on about how blacks this and blacks that and it was pissing me off more and more, after all my best friend died helping out one of his fellow marines at a road side bombing in Iraq. He save the life of that white marine and lost his in doing so.

I had my fill of it and said "I'm sorry they scare you. Carol is it, that's what I see on your name tag. I see you have the same problem my girlfriend had, but I was able to help her with it."

Carol looked at me and said "I don't think they scare me and what problem are you talking about?"

I pointed to her finger nails which were chewed down almost to the quick saying "That problem. I am sure it has to hurt when they are that short plus they take away from your nice long fingers."

I went on to say "If you have sometime after work I can maybe help with the biting your nails. You know I was able to get my girlfriend to stop her nail biting and I think I can help you too."

Carol said "I cant paid much, see my husband and me are saving to buy a house so I don't have money to throw away."

I said "I wont charge a penny, I just want to help that's all."

Carol said "Sounds like a deal. Ok I will be out back by the green Chevy in 20 minutes, is that ok?"

I said that sounded fine to me and that I would be waiting.

So when Carol came out and said "So what do we do now?"

I pulled my orb out spinning in front of her face and she said "What, this is it, its petty but." when she went blank.

I said "Anything I say to you will be your own thoughts and no one else's. Do you understand?"

Carol said she did and I went on saying "You will began to wonder what its like to have a black man as a lover behind your husbands back. You will still love your husband the same way you do now but after you make love with a black man you will want more and with multiple black lovers at the same time. Do you understand what I am telling you?"

Carol said she understood and I carried on saying "From now on you will want to have sex with the black men from the diner you served today but when you are with your husband you will say all the same things you told me today. Do you understand this as well?"

Carol said "The same way, love black."

I was hoping she wasn't getting it mixed up but went on to say "Carol when you have sex with your husband you will use a condom with no other birth control but with your black lovers you will use no condoms or any other birth control. Do you understand?"

I didn't know how much she had pissed me off in till I had her under my control, but when I remembered back to my dead friend I knew I was out to destroy her marriage if I could.

Maybe it was dealing with that priest and what he said and then her racist attitude but it set me off. Well fuck it I'm going to finish with her and send her on her way. So I went on saying" You will ever clean up after being with your black lovers but you will want your husband to fuck you when you get home. Do you understand this as well?"

Carol seem to take it all in so I thought fuck it and said "Carol from now on you will wear your skirt three inches shorter and before you start work you will remove your panties and never wear pantyhose. You will in time want your black lovers to finger you when you serve them. Do you understand what you are thinking?"

She said she did and I said "Carol you will become pregnant and when you do you will want to keep the baby and you will not tell your husband in till you begin to show a baby bump and even then you will say its his baby. Do you understand everything you were told as your own thoughts?"

Carol said "My own thoughts keep baby my husbands no panties black lovers."

I said "All these things are your own thoughts and will get stronger and in two days time you will want to have a black lover making love to you. When I wake you up you will think black men are not scary anymore but by the time you get home you will be scared of them again. These are your thoughts and no one else's, do you understand?"

Carol said "Not scared but scared, I understand."

Before I finished with her I said "From now on every time you start to bite your nails you will stop thinking it's a disgusting habit and feel sick to your stomach."

Well we will see how this works. I get very upset with people who bunch everyone together and don't give anyone a chance before passing judgment on them. I snapped my fingers in front of Carol's face and she stared at me for a second and then said "What just happened? Oh you, did it work?"

I said "Look over there at the black guys standing at the corner, how do you feel?"

Carol looked and said "Oh I feel fine and you know I'm not scared of them, to me they are just people not black or white just people."

I said "I may have to do this again so here's my number and call me if you get upset when your at work serving people of color, ok?"

Carol said "Thank you for helping me and I will call if I need your help again. Thank you so much, it feels great not to be afraid. Thanks again but I got to get home to make supper for my husband, I bet Bob will be happy about this too, can I give you a lift anywhere?"

I said "Ya a ride home would be great if you don't mind?"

Carol said "Its the least I can do. Get in and lets get going."

Once Carol got behind the wheel I said " Carol look at this." She turned and I had my orb spinning in front of her face. She only got out "Look at the." And she was under again.

I said "Carol you will feel the need to bend over and give me a great blow job and when you do you will swallow everything I shoot in your mouth. Once you swallow all I give you, you will unbutton your top and remove it with your bra and see nothing wrong with driving topless. Do you understand?"

Once she said she did I went on to say "When you stop to let me out you will put your top back on without your bra which you will find exciting but not know why you feel that way." I asked if she understood what was said and she said she did.

I put my orb away and snapped my fingers and she didn't say a word just bend over unzipping my pants pulling down my jockeys and got to work on me. I do have to say she was dam good at giving head but after the night before it still took some time to get me to shoot down her throat with her having no problem taking every drop.

Once I was done coming she tucked me back in my pants and zipped me up before she sat up and began unbuttoning her top. When she took her bra off I was kind of shocked to see just how flat she was up top. All she has is a very nice set of nipples and very little else. But I found I liked the way her tiny tits sat on her chest, so did the guys who stopped next to us at a red light.

I bet Bob will be surprised when Carol not only gets pregnant but gives birth to a black baby. I almost wish I could be there for the birth.

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