tagMind ControlMy Inheritance from My Dad Ch. 04

My Inheritance from My Dad Ch. 04


After my dealings with the priest and Carol I cooled my jets thinking If am going to have this gift from my dad I couldn't let my anger get the best of me. It was Sunday which meant I had to take mom to church. I was hoping to see but hoping I wouldn't see the priest from the other day.

When the priest came out, I wasn't shocked to see a new priest and the sermon he give was about not harming other people and having respect for our children. I felt he was talking to me the whole time as his eyes locked on mine more than once. After the service he stood by the doors, asking everyone theirs names and shaking hands. When he took mine it was like a lightning bolt went through me and Carol's face appeared in my mind.

The priest said "Something just happened didn't it? Follow your heart my son it will guide you." I was to shaken to say anything and only nodded my head thinking that I had to get mom home and settled as fast as I could. I knew I needed to find Carol and undo some of what I did to her.

It took forever for the bus to show up and my head was spinning with thoughts of what I did to Carol and hoping it wasn't too late. Once mom was finally settled at home I ran towards the café hoping she was working. When I got there coming up the alley I saw her car parked there and my heart felt relief.

I went inside seeing Carol standing next to a table and her skirt was so short that if she bent to far forward I would see her ass, as it was I could see she was wearing stay up hosiery. She turned and saw me at the counter giving me a huge smile holding up her fingers to me.

She came over saying "Thank you so much, I haven't bitten my nails not once after you did your thing you did. How about a piece of pie on the house?"

I said "A piece of apple would be nice with coffee. Carol what time do you get off cause I think I need to make sure you don't relapse and start chewing your nails again?"

She poured my coffee as she said "Am off in a hour and we could meet out back again like last time if you want?" I said that would be great taking a bite of my pie.

I was next to her car when she walked out and she walked up to me giving me a huge saying "My husband would like to meet as well to thank you for these." Holding up her fingers in front of me like in the café."

I said "Maybe someday. but can we sit in your car so I can redo my work?" She said "Sure, but lets open the windows it getting hot out here."

Once we were seated I took out my orb spinning it in front of her eyes and all she said was "How wonderful." and she was under my control.

I said "Carol what I am about to tell you are your own thoughts and only your thoughts, do you understand?" She said she did.

So I went on saying "Carol from now on you will want to not only wear panties under your skirt but you will wear your skirt 2 inches longer as well, do you understand?" All she said was "Panties skirt."

I went on saying "Carol you will not feel the need to go to with black men anymore than other women feel the need to do so. You will wonder what it would be like to have sex with other men including black men but you will not feel a need to have sex with them. Do you understand what I am saying to you?"

She said "Wonder black men."

I was hoping I was doing this the right way so I went on saying "You will see men or women of any color or race as just people no different from yourself but still think the old way around your husband. Do you understand this as well?"

Carol said "No different."

I was happy with the way this was going plus I wanted one of those blow jobs from her again, so I said "Carol when you wake up you will want and feel the need to give me the best blow job you can and when you make me cum you will swallow all my cum. And Carol you will never chew or bite your finger nails ever again do you understand?"

She said "Swallow chew no."

I put my orb away waking Carol up with her smiling at me saying I hope you don't mind as she unzipped my pants and pulling my cock out going down on me. As I sat back loving the feeling of her giving me one hell of a blow job I sensed there was movement beside the car.

It popped into my head that I liked the idea of being watched and put my hand on Carol's head pushing her mouth all the way down on me. I held off as long as I could but the way she moves her tongue on me and the thought of someone watching sent me over the edge, coming down her throat.

That's when I saw Jim a guy I work with. He was standing where he would see Carol's head and, my face. After Carol had swallowed every drop she sat up licking her lips saying "I love your cum." I zipped up my pants not seeing Jim anymore.

I got out of the car saying "Remember if you need me, you have my number. See you later, take care Carol." As I turned walking towards where I had seen Jim.

As I rounded the corner of the building there was Jim smiling at me and saying "That's one hell of a trick you have going isn't it?"

I looked at him saying nothing but he went on saying "That thing you have that you spun in front of her, what is it? Cause see, I was a good 30 feet away and when you spun it I felt lite headed, for a second in till I turned my head away from you."

I said "So Jim what are you doing here?"

"Well bud, see I know Carol and Bob and have seen a huge change in her and was going to talk, to her when I saw you and her getting in her car, then you did the thing with what ever it was, and her with a blank look on her face like she was being hypnotized by you. And bud, when she went down on you. well I knew something wasn't right cause Bob says she hates to give head, and never swallows, and there you are not only being sucked off by her, but her swallowing your fucking load. So I ask myself if maybe you could help me with Erica, my wife. See I love her but she has become a bit of a cold fish in bed and there's things I would like for her to do, but won't even talk to me about."

I looked at him and said "What things, and why should I help you after all, you are the one who fucked me out of that promotion a couple months back remember?"

He said "Ya I did kind of fucked you over and am sorry about that, but how about I give you a grand to help me out with the wife and if you want I will put a good word in with the boss too."

I said "Forget about the boss and tell me what you want me to do to your wife and I may help you out but I want more than a grand." Thinking how the money could help out mom more than myself.

He said "I was thinking maybe you could make it so I could control her mind and get her to do things I always wanted her to do, like maybe deep throat me in a park with people near by or some other things as well if you know what I mean?"

I said "Well I think I could do that, but if I do what you want me to do it will be 2 grand in cash, and I may want even more if I think you're going too far. And if you want me to keep my mouth shut about what you want from me."

He said "It's a deal, you're back at work tomorrow aren't you and I will get the money from the bank after work, and maybe you can come to my place tomorrow night, and work your magic on the wife. Fuck am getting hard just thinking about what I can get my wife to do for me. It will be worth every penny to have the wife I always wanted." He give me his address and said "I'll see you in the morning and how about I give you a grand at lunch, and the rest after you do, your thing with Erica?"

I said it sounded fine and as he turned I pulled my orb out saying "Hey Jim." spinning the orb in front of his face.

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