My Lana


I want her mouth on my pussy, and that's where I'm going to have it. Right now! I resolutely grab her head in both hands and press her mouth firmly against my source in an almost rough manner. She squeals with joy, and I again have to marvel over how I can still misinterpret all the various signals she has given me. This is what she wants, and this is definitely what she's going to get.

I need the stimulation right away, and start rubbing myself up and down her lips in short, staccato movements. But once again she grasps my passionate demands perfectly, and her tongue darts out to start lapping at my engorged labia with the same rhythm and intensity that I've started off myself. In just a matter of seconds she has taken over the whole action, and I sink back with a deep sigh of contentment as she keeps up the stimulation at exactly the level I want. She buries inward, giving throaty sounds of abandoned passion as she search patiently for the best spots, carefully observing even the slightest signs of response from me to heighten my pleasure as much as possible. I sense it and cherish it, and cannot help small uncontrolled bucks up at the delightfully working mouth as the pleasure starts to creep in on me once again. I grasp at my tits again, but I'm obstructed by my shirt and bra. With impatient, almost annoyed moves I undo some of my buttons and push the cups down to get some access. My nipples are almost unbearably stiff, and as my fingers touch them it is like an electrical spark flashing all the way down into my crotch. I moan hoarsely, and Lana responds with another throaty sound -- almost a gurgle -- and intensifies her wonderful massaging of my belly. I sense more than I feel her preparedness to grasp on to my hips if I should suddenly and abruptly start off on another ecstasy, as I did the last time.

Ooohhhh how fantastic that tongue is! Working with exactly the kind of intensity I want, knowing it all almost better than I do myself. Even though she's doing it perfectly, I just can't help bucking my pubic bone against her as I intensify the stimulation of my aching tits. The passion is just too much to bear. It's simply impossible to stay still.

The explosion comes so suddenly that it takes us both completely by surprise. My hips bounce up violently, and I throw my head back as I scream wildly into the air. Lana's face is bounced backwards and for a moment she loses contact with me as her hands roam desperately all over to try to grasp on to my hips. She finally finds her grip and plants her entire face back into my crotch just in time to have a completely uncontrolled spurt of my liquidized passion flooding her mouth. Her passionate shriek is drowned in my deluge, and she swallows desperately to try to get in control, knowing perfectly well that there's extremely much more to come in a split second. I once again grasp on to her head with both hands and press her against me as I feel my whole crotch explode in a torrent of liquid that would have overwhelmed anybody attempting to keep up with it.

Ooooohhhh, I come and come into her wonderful mouth. She's so skilled, so thirsty, so insatiable... so incredibly insatiable for me. I can feel it in every nerve of my body. It's an almost unreal situation; we met just a few hours ago, and now I feel no inhibitions in letting my bodily fluids gush into her mouth without the slightest attempt s of holding back. Even though she must be nervous herself, she makes me feel so free and unrestricted I can sing out in joy as we trash along in ecstasy all over the couch. It keeps leaking out of me long after my orgasm has subsided, but her gently lapping tongue catches it all so masterfully I hardly feel the wetness at all as I sigh and breathe heavily in my wonderful transition into languid recovery.

We lay like that for quite a while, talking about our discussions, our dreams and fantasies and how we had finally been able to see it through. She tells me she has asked for a whole week off from her work to have some available time in case it would be difficult to find me. But she got hold of me already the first day. And I'm soooo glad. That means we will have several days together before she has to leave. The only problem is that my husband and my kids will be back late tomorrow night, so this is in fact the only night we can stay together at my home like this. And not only will they be back, they'll be requesting a lot of my presence for helping along with organizing everything from their trip and so on.

Part 6

I wake up almost ten minutes before the buzzer on the night stand. It's dark still, and on my side Lana is sleeping like a baby, breathing deep and regularly as she lay on her side with arms and legs sprawled to both sides, and her beautiful black hair fanned out over the pillow. The last thing I remember is how we both fell asleep with her sweet lips still nuzzling tenderly at my sated pussy and her fingers toying around the curls on my pubic bone. During the night we must have twisted and turned many times, finally ending up the way we were right now.

She is so beautiful. So incredibly sweet and beautiful. Her face a classical portrait of innocent faithfulness. I feel the warmth in my chest and the moistness in my eyelids just thinking about all the good she did me last night... and all the good she's promised to do me all the time we'll be able to spend together.

I slide out of my bed as quietly as I can, and she makes no sign of noticing my moves. I realize she must still be tired from her transatlantic flight, and I decide to try to sneak through my morning routines and get to my job without waking her at all. I do, and before I leave I prepare a plate, a glass and a knife on the table for her, make a fresh pot of hot water and a tea bag, boil an egg and put it under an isolation hood for her and then finish it all with a note to be waiting for her at the warm water can on the table.

Dearest dearest Lana.

I want to thank you sooo much for everything you've given me!

Please don't be upset that I left you sleeping. You slept so well.

Completely like an angel... as you are!

When you're up and had your breakfast please give me a call.

I'll be awaiting you in my office. You know where I am! ;-)

I love you more than anything!!


I leave my number and even an instruction which tram to take to get there.

Before I leave I peek into the bedroom again, seeing her naked butt as she still sleeps in the same position as before. I can't help it but have to tiptoe in as a shadow and give her a soft little peck on her cheek. I can sense the peculiar smell of me and her on her face and see some dried stains that clearly tells me how wild our love session had been last night.

She didn't wake up even now, and I quietly slide out again, grabbing my handbag and locking myself out. My wonderful girl deserved as much beauty sleep as she can possibly get. If anybody on this world should deserve that, it would have to be her!


I work for about two hours, until 10:30 before the call come. My heart sings as I hear her drowsy voice at the other end. I expected she'd sleep so about till lunchtime, so I've made sure to do as much as possible till then, and organized to clear my entire afternoon for 'interviews,' as I have told the department secretary.

Her drowsiness seemes to disappear in a heartbeat as she sets about reading my note once again, properly. I can hear her crunching on her müsli slowing down and then stopping all together. Then the sound of one hard gulp.

"Tantala.. do you mean... can I... can I really come over to your office? Like... now?"

I have to smile to myself at her surprise. "Yes indeed my dear, wonderful girl, you can! In fact I'm waiting quite impatiently for you, so please hurry!"

"Yes... oh yes! I'll be there as soon as I can." Her voice got so eager that I was afraid she'd drop her phone.

"Great. But finish your breakfast first, will you? And prepare yourself properly! I want it to be a really beautiful girl that comes to see me for my interview session, right?"

"Will do," she confirms in an almost military response. But I can sense her good-natured twinkle all the way through the wire, and feel quite comfortable that I haven't gone too far in my demanding instructions to her.

We hang up and I grab a quick lunch and take some good time off in the lady's room to freshen up on my make-up and perfume my body to be as delightful as I possibly can for her when she arrives. I can feel my hands start to tremble lightly again. It's almost like I should be preparing for a really great meeting, but I try to calm myself down again by telling myself over and over again that it's just Lana coming to see me. Just my wonderful beautiful and extremely lovable Lana...

I realize my nervousness is more about how we should be able to be together -- 'properly' -- in my office than anything else. I've already more or less given up on the possibility of doing anything more intimate in there, with glass walls out to the heavily trafficked hallway outside. But then, all of a sudden my cover of an 'interview' gives me an idea. Of course, we have the designated interview offices on the eleventh floor! She doesn't actually have to know, does she? If I just bring up my laptop, put it in the docking station there, bring up some pictures and other things from my locker room... I can make it my second office for the day, just for her. Yessss, that's it. That office is perfect. There's three of them up there, and all three are designed to be elegant and impressive for any potential employees being interviewed.

I jump into the elevator to get up for an inspection. Looking at the board at the empty front desk, there's no interviews scheduled for today or tomorrow. I look into the offices, and two of them are tidy and clean and just perfect for the purpose. The huge desk is shiny dark and the comfortable black recliner behind even smells of fresh leather. Behind it there's an impressive view to the city and the busy harbor and even quite a glimpse of Øresund further out.

I jump out, get down to the wardrobe and get a few personal things from my locker room, put them in a big bag and bring them upstairs. On the way I pass by my office and reconnect my phone to the interview office and leave a message about the interview on my door. Well up again I put everything on my desk, along with my laptop, hook everything up and check that it works with the two huge flat screens on the desk. Finally I step back and look at it as I rub my palms against my skirt-clad hips to calm down and relax. It looks perfect. Of course I will tell her -- eventually -- that it's not really my office, I know I could never lie to her, but for a beginning this is perfect. Let's just wait till she asks. I simile to myself. She's bound to find out anyway, since she'll understand that I'm a way top social person to be able to stay on a floor all by myself. Should I tell her that I'm so important that I need a separate floor for my deep and intelligent thoughts? Tell her that I in fact AM the CEO of the company? Now I even laugh at myself. She will of course never believe me, and it won't even be important to her. So why bother about that? Noooooo, I'll just wait with telling her that it's not my office, that's all. The important thing is actually what we're doing her, not who's office it is... Isn't it?

Part 7

The message pings in about 20 minutes later, and my heart jumps of joy. "A visitor in the reception for Miss Ray." I take the elevator down and try to be as professional as I can in front of the front desk ladies, without being straight out distanced. Lana gets her card on her shirt and signs in with a slightly shaky hand. Once in the elevator, with its melancholically played 'Misty' piano tune, I hug her hard and passionately before I kiss her on both cheeks and tell her how much I've looked forward to see her again. She's a little startled about my transition from a cold professional to an overheated female predator, but she smiles her angelic smile up at me and my heart melt into a pound of hot, passionate love. I see my regular floor number pass by on the door display until we arrive at floor eleven. The door pings open, and I take my girl by the hand and bows in front of the sliding door as I gallantly guide her out into the conference room hallway.

"Is this where you're working?" she asks with awe as she looks around with wide eyes.

"Ummmmmmmmyes... yes," I stutter, not expecting to have to lie to her the first thing I do as I welcome her to my company.

"This way, please." I guide her with a light touch at her spine and we walk the hallway down to the offices. I swing the door to my selected 'home-office' open and she gasps as she sees the elegant interior and the magnificent view from the windows. The sun just broke properly through, and its warm light form long strips onto the soft carpet behind the desk.

"Nice, isn't it?" I ask as we both stand there in the open door, taking in the impressions. She nods and we both stay there for a moment, without moving. I realize it's supposed to be my office, and I stiffly walk around the huge desk and take my seat in the recliner. I even tap my keyboard key to get my screens up before I look up at her still standing in the door.

"Please come in and sit down," I say, pointing to the interview chair on her side of the desk. She's just as stiff as me as she moves over to sit down, and the modest way she keeps her knees together is almost a little bit ridiculous considering the way we made heated love yesterday night. She seems to realize that too, and she smiles again and tries her best to let her shoulders down. Why is it so darn difficult to be unrestrained about love?

We look at each other again, not knowing what to do next. I cannot ask and she cannot do. Should we just... Would she want to simply... Is it okay to do anything in here?

"We can do anything in here," I say, trying to smile warmly and relaxed. I remember the door-opening control panel on the desk, and press the red button, locking the door. "It's safe now, and we're alone. How... did you sleep?"

"Uh... good." She seems to be torn out of her own thoughts.

"Was the breakfast okay? Did you like the tea I normally use?"

"Yes... yes, it was good... it was perfect." She seems to get grip and relax more. Her smile is warm again, like my Lana. Warm and beautiful and the best and most lovable person ever. My Lana.

We're silent for a moment again... looking at each other. Then we both, simultaneously, burst out laughing. A very relieving laughter, that gradually transfers in to a girlish giggle as we feel the intolerable tension slowly giving way to the same relaxed atmosphere of confidence we found together last night.

"I look at her... intently. Searching for a clue in the depths of her beautiful eyes. We've talked about this so many times... fantasized about it... and now we're here. Can I just ask her? Tell her? Is she ready? Are we ready?

Suddenly I feel the familiar wetness in my panties, the unmistakable sign that I'm ready indeed. It is like all the orgasms from last night are weeks away, and as I start to realize that even our ultimate dreams are about to become sheer and unadulterated reality, I cannot help gasping as the passion grips me right out of my slightly chilled state of previous nervousness.

I can see that she can see it in my eyes, and her gaze flairs up as well, from slightly awkward discomfort to raging heat, a silent roar of resurrected passion.

Without a word I get up from the chair and grip the waistband of my panties under my skirt. I pull them down and off my stockinged legs in a swift movement, and purposely leave them on the floor next to my chair. Then I sit back down again and look at her.

"Lana, you know, I cannot sit very long like this... the back of my skirt will be stained. Will you... I'd like you to come over to me and... do something about it..."

I manage to stop the 'please' that so naturally follows the end of my request. I don't want to ask, I want to tell. Because I know that that's what she wants.

She rises slowly, almost too slowly. As she comes around the desk, I realize I have to push myself out to the edge of my recliner. The wetness is already out of control, and I either have to do that, or find some tissues to wipe myself down there. How's it possible to be so desperately horny in no time at all?

When she kneels down in front of me I feel like I've destroyed everything. My black straps and garter belt were supposed to be a nice surprise to add to our common enjoyment. But now she can see almost everything at once because I have to push myself forward in order not to wet down the whole chair! The back of my skirt is now under my butt, wrinkled but safe, but the classy, very distinctly female undergarment is now just hidden by my closed legs. I realize I'm pressing them tightly together, afraid that once I open up, the dam is going to burst and I'll spill myself all over the place.

But of course I have to open up... sooner or later... and the sooner the better...

My new-gained confidence is shattered by this extremely annoying problem. Why on earth didn't I keep my panties on? I could have done this exactly as slowly and erotically as I had planned for. How should I do it now? I'm getting almost desperate as I feel the first sign of wetness seeping out of me, and I put a hand down in between my thighs in an instinctive move to try to plug the leak. But it's to no avail, of course, even when I try to squeeze my knees even tighter together.

"Lana," I breath, "Uh..." I cannot help it. There's no other way! I abruptly open my thighs to her with my hand still frantically clutched over the seeping wetness of my pussy. "Please..."

Here face is a mask of intense sexual arousal, and her mouth drops open as if on pure instinct. She flashes as split second glimpse up at me at my strained plead, before she swiftly moves forward to place her lips on the back of my hand.

For a moment I'm afraid to take it away, but I realize, of course, that she's the only one who can help me out of this silly situation. As I put the other hand to the back of her head, I slowly slide my protective hand upwards to clear the path for her, feeling her wet lips trailing down along my fingers as I do. Then, as it's finally out of the way, the wetness bursts through, and I almost jerk the beautiful face in against me, all up to its ears - and beyond, in a clumsy attempt to keep it in control. She growls out of sheer joy as she opens up wide to take in all of my drenched vulva into her wonderful mouth, and I hear her swallow heavily as it fills with my uncontrolled passion. She does it exactly the way I need it, so completely perfectly in order for me to relax and get the feeling of being in control again. I feel deeply ashamed and overwhelmed at the same time, but as I come back to my senses once again, I know that she really don't mind drinking me, not even this way -- quite the contrary, in fact -- and if nothing else, this definitely is a token of my incredible passion to be served by her! And she knows it.

Her jaw moves up and down in a rhythmic motion as she feeds on me to get on top of my very liquidized passionate tribute. Then her wonderful tongue scoops out and traces all the contours of my vulva with languid sweeps, and soon she has brought everything back to normal and I suddenly discover that I'm still holding on to the back of her head in a vice-like grip. I let go, of course, again a little ashamed of my instinctive selfishness, but she compensate by letting her hands slide in under my upper thighs to grip my hips right under the belt of my skirt to be able to keep herself pressed to me with the same delightful nearness as before.

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