tagIncest/TabooMy Little Angel

My Little Angel



“Its like so unfair that they are having this quiz tomorrow.”

She threw herself into the car and settled into her seat with a harrumph as I sped away, lifting her backpack over her shoulder she let it drop into the back seat.

“Julie told me that its just because JB heard that we’re doin email circles for answers to tests.”

She leaned back, and turned herself toward me.

I just said, “Lift your top.”

She looked down at herself and began to pull her tight little angora sweater out from her skirt and roll it up above her tits, continuing her story as she did, “And by having a surprise test TOMORROW he thinks he can beat the circle. I don’t think he knows what email is.”

My hand was stroking her bare tummy now and then rising up tracing a line across her perfect full breasts, the nipples just little puffs of rose colored flesh.

“Are you doing email circles?”

“Hell yeah!”

“Don’t swear.”

“Sorry. Anyway it just sucks.” She fell back into the seat, angling herself toward me with her back to the seat, her top up over her breasts. She was fully exposed from her waist to near her shoulders, the fabric stretched taut in a little line across her collar bone. "Hmmm," she was smiling, “This is relaxing.”

“Pull your top a little lower, its up to high.” I was looking at the other drivers passing us.

She pulled her sweater lower over her breasts and over my hands, looking at me and smiling her sly grin. "Better?"

I could smell the strawberry of her lip gloss. I was pressing her nipples and feeling them tighten as my fingers brushed over their tip, forming these tight little nubs.

“Perfect. . . Where did you take your bra off?”

“In the girls bathroom. Just before end of class. It was pretty obvious today dad, I could have got caught.”

I smiled, “Obvious?”

“With this top,” She pulled my hand away and pressed her breast into the sweater, you could see her nipple perfectly formed beneath the fabric. “You can tell I got nothin underneath.”

We continued driving, I was laughing, said nothing.

“You done yet?”

I took my hand away and held the steering wheel again with both hands, eyes on the road.

She pulled her top back down around herself, zipping the side of her skirt open and pulling it lower. I could see her white panties pulling down wrapping around her hip, tugging a little lower as she tucked the tight knit top back in.

My little angel took a conspiratorial tone, “You shouldn’t be doin that you know. I let you cause . . . I don’t know.”

“You like it don’t you?”

“Yeah. Guess so.” She was staring out the window as she said it.

Her skirt was still unzipped and all her moving around had it jostled up now over her thighs. I was staring at her legs. She glanced at me.

I gestured to her lap, “You want me to make you cum?”

"We're almost home."

"I can drive around."

“Not yet,” as she zipped, tugged and smoothed the fabric back over her body.

"I got homework."



Dinner was a quiet affair, it always was. My wife was a stern woman, and had gradually accentuated every characteristic I loathed over twenty five years of marriage.

“You have a nice day dear?"

"Yes, fine. I washed the car, but now I hear its going to rain again. Always the way."

At that moment a yellow slip of paper was set on my leg, I could feel the pressure of her little hand.

My little angel had pressed a post it note on my leg! It was stuck there as I looked down. It was so cute, I could just make out her curly handwriting.

I was trying to read it, though without my wife noticing.

Angel was sitting there eyeing me, smiling a little when I caught her eye. She thought it was funny.

"Is something wrong?" Elaine was not plussed with our antics.

The slip was still stuck to my leg and I could not make out the lettering.

"Oh, I dropped something and . . ."

Angel was laughing.

"You think that’s funny do you?"

"No ma’am."

"Young ladies behave at the table."

“Yes ma’am.”

"She saw me drop it. It WAS kind of funny. It’s sticking to my shoe."

I took the napkin from the table and brought it down, picking the note from my leg and then bending lower as if wiping something.

"I’ll take it to the kitchen."

When I left the room, I quickly took the little yellow note.


Impossible! I felt myself go red, my cock stiffen. She picked the most inopportune. . .

As I sat back down I caught her eye again. She was staring at me, I could see the lightest blush of her cheek. I Nodded.

"Did you get everything," my wife eyeing us, trying to figure out what was going on.

She had no idea.



I went to her room later that evening to find out what she had in mind.

She was sitting at her computer terminal as usual, feet up on the desk wearing her gray sweats, loosely tied around her hips with a red cord, and an old worn T shirt hanging loose around her neck that made for her night clothes. I knew she wore nothing underneath.

Her back was to me and I stealthily stepped right behind her.


She jumped. "Oh, god!" Her eyes were wide as she held onto the desk to keep from falling back in her chair. "I hate when you do that." She stared back at me.

I was looking over her shoulder, the computer screen glowing in front of her, some sort of chat link going on. I wasn't staring at the screen.

"Excuuuuuse me. This is private."

She was holding her hands up now covering the computers glow.

"I wanted to find out about . . ."

"Ohhhhh." She gave me this sideways glance, big smile. "That was sooo funny. You had an *erection* you know?" She clapped her hand to her mouth.

"When do you . . .you know?"

"Mmmm, I don't know. But it has to be later, cause I have so much homework to do. Plus! Now JB is going to make us check our cell phones at the door. Somehow now he found out some people are using their phones for answers, and that test is tomorrow and . . . So. . I'll let you . . . Hey!"

As she spoke I had let my hand slowly reach inside the collar of her T shirt and began to fumble once more for her breasts. The soft small swells, pressing into them curling my fingers and cupping them with my hand, and down to her tummy touching the edge of her sweats. Soft, warm.

She was gripping my arm, but more for show, as she let my hand press further - lower, lower - until my fingers were laying across her abdomen inside her sweats. She left my arm where it was.

"Just wait will ya . . . I could have you arrested." Innocently blinking her eyes at me, my fingers just grazing the soft hairs of her puss.

She liked saying that. I took my hand out of her top and stroked her long black hair falling around her shoulders with my fingers.

She took my hand in hers, crinkling her nose at me, "See ya Later. Ha!"

I whispered, "Love You."

She just said, "Yeah."



But I did not see her later. Not for the rest of the evening. She had closed her door after I walked out. She was just playing games with me, making fun of me. This had been one of the first times I had gotten a little note like that, albeit at a pretty odd moment. But still . . .

I got ready for bed, putting on a light pair of boxers, crawling into bed next to Elaine who had put in one and one-half hours before. I had waited up, waited and waited; it would have been perfect. I turned the lights out, laying quietly moderately depressed and drifted off to sleep.

. . .

I woke to a soft tug from beneath the covers of my bed, and upon opening my eyes saw 2:00 in red digital lettering.

The feeling was unmistakable! Small hands were tugging at my briefs. My little angels hands!! I roused quickly and simply lifted my hip up off the mattress slowly/carefully as I rolled outward to the edge of the bed. As my hip lifted I felt my boxers slide lower in the darkness, lower and lower! She was pulling them down around my ankles, off my feet. I was laying naked.

I reached my hand out into the darkness until I felt a small little figure tucked under the covers at the side of my bed, and slowly softly caressed down her shoulders, pulling her little T shirt up so that I could rub her bare back. She pressed into my hand.

I next lifted the cover lightly and poked my head beneath, and felt lower until I again felt the soft long hairs draping out on the mattress I had stroked that evening.

She wrapped her fingers around my hard cock and held the tip to her mouth, when next I felt the amazing pressure of her closing around my cock, just the head at first as she sucked hard on my cock head, then biting me lightly. I reached lower and swatted her. She thought that biting my cock was funny.

I moved myself quietly, slowly right up to the edge of the bed looking back at Elaine who moved not a muscle.

My Angel began to slide her mouth along my length from the side in a slow motion, licking up one side and the other, and then turning her mouth back onto the tip she pressed me into her mouth closing around my cock again. She was bobbing her head up and down on my cock, gradually increasing her pace and taking me deeper and deeper into her mouth as she kneeled by the side of the bed.

God she was good at blow jobs. I began to reach lower down the side of the bed and finding her bottoms slid my hand into her loose sweats which were just hanging on her hips and in between her legs. She shifted herself toward me on her knees, opening her legs so that I could slide my hand down her abdomen, below her little belly button and finding in the darkness the soft hairs of her pussy.

It was almost as if she had shaved, the hairs of her cunny were so thin and soft, it was like rubbing bare skin. I heard the softest moan from under the covers as she felt me brushing her there. My fingers slipping into the folds of her flesh. Her inner cunny lips swelling so large from inside when she was aroused, and I could feel them hanging down wet between her legs and I began to make an upward stroke on her clit, drawing the wetness from her vagina up through her center and creaming her clit in little circles with her cum as she continued to suck my cock, rising and falling along its whole length.

I began to undulate my hips, fucking into her mouth as she swayed her hips forward and back guiding my fingers as they slid between her legs.

The room stayed perfectly silent, with momentary freezes in everything we were doing any time my wife appeared to shift position, or move. We would lay frozen! My cock halfway in her mouth and my fingers buried inside her cunt, unmoving. We would sit like that for a few seconds before resuming slowly.

Her hips began to grind down hard on my hand and I pressed and rubbed her roughly pulling her open and digging into her with two fingers, cupping her pussy in my hand as I stroked my fingers in and out until I could hear her whimpering beneath the covers and then shivering, her legs trembling on her knees and then straightening out so she was extending from the bed and arching her back grinding into me before falling once more onto the floor. I could feel her body relax, as she continued to pump on my cock and tightening her lips around me, grazing me with her teeth. I could feel the cum rising from inside, I held her head on me and began to move her faster and faster, deeper and deeper on my cock until I was spraying into her.

She held her mouth on my cock as long as she could, drinking me in as fast as I sprayed, but she could never take me all in. I tried to hold her onto myself but could feel her pushing herself away from me, as I continued to spray cum straight out beneath the covers. I knew I was spraying her face and hair. I laughed as I heard this little whispered, “ewww.”

She kept her head under the covers remaining still as I lay there spent, and then these little fingers laying on my cock again stroking me, feeling the softness, and I could tell she was scooping the cum off of herself and wiping it on the sheets.

Then, rising up from under the covers I could see a pair of dark eyes staring at me.

"I told you," she whispered.

And she kissed me soft full on the mouth teasing me a little with her tongue. I cupped my hand around her neck and returned the kiss, her mouth opening to me letting me trace a line on her teeth, softly tonguing one another.

"Night daddy."



Next morning we were looking at each other with wicked grins.

Her lips looked so red this morning and just looking at her I could feel what those lips had felt like wrapped around my cock. I could still smell her on my fingers.

"Do you need a ride to school today sweet?" I asked.

“That would be great daddy, yeah thanks,” she chirrupped.

In the car I wanted to stroke my little girl, but she was busy.

“Not now.” She shook me away, holding a sheaf of papers in her lap. “I got to study.”

I respected that. We drove for awhile and then she put her papers away.

“Daddy, the father daughter dance is like next week. Next Thursday. Should we go?”

“Yeah. Why shouldn't we? That would be great.”

“I don't know. . . Can you control yourself?”

She had a coy little smile. “Can you keep your hands off me?” eyes twinkling.

“I'll do my best . . . It’s hard though.”

She loved how I lusted after her, how I looked at her. She shook her dark hair out of her eyes, blinking at me, a light crimson glow. God her lips were red today.

“Well anyway. It's NEXT Thursday and I think I need a new outfit. Something that would be . . . A NICE new outfit. Huh, can I?”

“Sure Angel, I want you to look good. I can rent a tux.”

“Sexy too. I want to look sexy.” She lay her head on my shoulder.

“You already do. You always do.”

She brushed her hair back again. “I feel sooo good today!”

“So do I.”

“Bet I know why.” I caught her sideways glance.

“You probably do.”

“Anyway, so I need some money. Like at least $200.”

I was looking at her in her little dress and white shirt leaning forward and holding out her hands like she was going to get it right there.

“$200! That's an awful lot for one dress you'll grow out of in six months.”

“I'm not that young anymore, I’m 18! I graduate this year. Besides, it's for US,” and she leaned toward me and kissed my cheek. I turned my head to find her mouth. She kissed me lightly and we briefly touched tongues.

“Daddy!” Her eyes were big. “Someone might see us. We are almost to the school.”

“Are you wearing panties today?”

“I might be.” She was rubbing her knees together.

“Let me see.”

She bit her lower lip and settled back, scrunching lower beneath the window as she slid her hips to the edge of the seat causing her skirt to ride higher. We were no more than three blocks from the school.

Then, she grasped the hem of her skirt and lifted it higher, higher. . .

. . . and up over her tummy, looking at me.


The sun was shining in the window illuminating the most perfect bare little pussy. Short hairs at the very bottom rising up from between her white legs, the little pout rising from her abdomen her little pussy mound. She had her skirt lifted above her navel. That place I had ravished. I could feel my breath catch in my throat as I stared between her legs.

There was a little scratch at the top. She touched it, “You did that to me.”

“You shouldn't be . . . going to school without . . . panties young lady.” I attempted to chastise, but could barely get the words out.

“I know.” She dropped her skirt back down.

“But I'm kind of sore down there.”



“Do you need a ride today kitten?”


“Why not.”

“Cause today I took one of my personal days. I can just relax the whole day. I don’t even know why I got out of bed.” She was swaying in front of me standing on one foot then the other.

The school allowed two personal days per year which could be chosen anytime by the student.

“Thought maybe YOU were going to stay home today.” She was looking up at me.

“You never told me about that. I could have. . .”

“Yes I did! You signed the paper. I gave it to you, uhhhgh, the blue one.”

I had. I had forgotten it was today. My dream was to get the day off. To spend an entire day at home with my Angel.

“I wanted to get my dress today. Can I have $200.” She was holding her hand out to me again. Jumping on her feet. Hopping up and down, this little bird, flitting on one side of me and then the other.

“Pleeaase! Today is sooooo perfect.”

I heard myself say, “I wanted to go shopping with you.” Was I pouting?

“Well, you snoozed you losed. It’s in three days! I got to . . .Daddeeee. I got to.”

I reached into my wallet.

She ran up to me, kissed my cheek.

I handed her two crisp one hundred dollar bills, and then pulled out a fifty and handed it to her.

“There. There’s Two Hundred FIFTY dollars.”

“Oh daddy! I know you’ll like it!”

And she hugged me again, looking over my shoulder, “Where’s mom?”

“Upstairs. . .”

She leaned in and pressed her whole body to me, kissing me softly melting into my frame, lifting herself up on tippy toes. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pressed my mouth into her, yielding open lips.

She stepped back, cheeks mottled, “Whew! Thanks.” She was clutching the money. “It’ll be worth it. Promise. Bye daddy,” and she ran up the stairs two steps at a time.

I said, “Have fun today.”



About two in the afternoon my secretary called in to me. “Your daughter is here.”


“Your daughter to see you.”

“Send her in.”

My little angel glided in through the office, silent at the open door. She had on a flowery little skirt with pleats and a white half top. She always looked so small in these kinds of settings. She stood at the doorway, a timid quiet “Hi.” So different than at home.

I looked at her.

“Am I bothering you?”

“No. No. I wasn’t . . .expecting. . . “

She stepped in and closed the door.

“Surprise! . . . I was wondering if . . . you can say no.”


“Wouldn’t it be great if you could go shopping WITH me?”

Her eyes were wide, a big grin on her face. “Pleeaase!!”

“I’m at work, I can’t just. . .”

She was standing right at the edge of my desk drawing her finger along the smooth wood, picking up my stapler and setting it back down, frowning.

“But wouldn’t it be so much fun! Come on.”

“AND look at this. . .”

And without any pretense or warning she lifted her skirt straight up as I sat at my desk, standing directly before me, showing me a pair of utterly transparent panties dipping low beneath her belly button. Just a little pink flower was stitched in above her pussy mound.

She was still holding her skirt up, biting her lip and swinging herself back and forth, “See!”

“And I have a matching bra. Come with me.”

I pushed the button on my phone. “Uh, I have to go out this afternoon for a little while. I need to bring my daughter to the doctor. She’s not feeling well.”

My little angel dropped her dress and ran around to my chair, laughing.

“Ok, I’ll cancel 3:00 then.”


As I finished on the phone, this soft little bird was flitting all around me. “I wanted a man’s opinion and . . .” she was saying in the background. She was taking my hand which was still gripping the phone.

“Shhh, now act sick as we walk out of here.”



I let her pick her favorite shop at her favorite mall, and she was going through and selecting armfuls of dresses. I was at her beck and call.

“Oh, I like them all! I need to try them on.”

I sat down watching her. She was so excited.

She passed between the changing room to where I was sitting, twirling and spinning each new selection, showing me her various choices. Me nodding my head, agreeing or pointing some little thing out. She had a definite preference for open back dresses, and also for loose skirts (she always liked those and so did I), and also for the thinnest and lightest materials.

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