tagMind ControlMy Little Harem Ch. 04

My Little Harem Ch. 04


*Note This is part 4 of a series, and it would probably make better sense to you if you read from the beginning. I also want to encourage you to comment, and to please Vote.

To those who have been waiting for this chapter, I could offer many excuses, but I think I will skip that and go straight to the apologies. Thank you for your patience

**Note to editors - Although children are present in this chapter, no person under the age of 18 participates in any sexual acts.

* * * * *

We didn't know where we were going except out of town. As we drove, I considered deleting Albert's programming and starting over. But I wanted to study his old programming. So, on inspiration I created a "Folder" marked "Do Not Read" and put the old programming in it.. I wasn't sure it would work, but I hoped it would give me some time.

I then basically copied and pasted Frank's laws and commands files into Albert. Implanted several copies of the "Ownership Tag" and gave him a fourth "Primary Law"

4) Never open the folder marked "Do Not Read" or access anything that is within.

It was late, we needed some caffeine, so we pulled into an all night gas station on the outskirts of town. When we pulled in, we saw a bus with some less than energetic kids all dressed in what seemed to be martial arts gi's trailing back from the store.

I also saw a young woman in a gi of her own wrapped in a black belt guiding these youngsters back to the store. She was about Colleens height, but of a slighter build. She had wavy sandy blond hair flowing down over her shoulders, hazel eyes, and a pleasant smile. Her gi kept me from guessing her breast size, but that didn't matter very much right at that moment.

I told Amber to go to Meghan, and Colleen to come with me and stepped out of the car. The little boys in the group immediately woke up when they saw my nearly topless love goddess, which provoked the exact response I was looking for. The young woman came storming over to us.

"How dare you!? Can't you see there are children here?"

Aloud I said "Oh, I'm going to enjoy this one."

"Mister I'll have you know that I am a fifth degree black belt."

"Oh I know, that's why I am taking you."

Tensing she said "I'd like to see you tr..."

Grinning, I gave her her programming. Her name was Celeste. A fitting name because she was angelic. Noticing her ring I asked "Are you married?"

"Yes Master."

"Where is he?"

"Driving the bus."

"Great! Let's go dump him."

"Yes Master."

"Come on Girls."

They all followed. I realized that before the fun got started, I needed to give the soon to be ex and the store clerk the simple command

Don't call the police.

When we arrived at the bus the door was open and her soon to be ex husband was sitting in the driver's seat. I quickly gave her the mental command to tell him I was her lover.

She began

"Jimmy, I'm leaving you. My lover is here, and I am leaving with him."

"Where is he? I'll kill him!" Jimmy also wore a black belt.

"You'll have to go through me first." Celeste

"And me." Meghan

"And me." Colleen

"And me." Kristen

Amber didn't say anything, but took what seemed to be a fighting stance. This puzzled me, but it would have to wait.

As Jimmy got a look at the bevy of beautiful women arrayed between me and him he asked, "What the hell Celeste? Are you joining a harem?"

"Yes Jimmy, indeed she is. And a welcome addition she'll make too."

Jimmy was instantly enraged, and quick too, but so were the girls. In a heartbeat Jimmy was out of the bus (his idea), flat on his back (not his idea), and barely conscious (definitely not his idea).

"Colleen see if he is going to be able to drive those kids home."

As she examined him, I made sure he could see me making out with his wife. She had a nice firm pair of C-Cups and a tight young body under her gi. And it remained under that gi while those kids were in eyesight.

As I nibbled at her neck, I ran my hands down her back, and under her waistband, onto her nice firm young ass, I found she only wore a G-string. She raised her left leg, and hooked it around my right side. I took advantage of this and moving the G-string aside, I slid two fingers into her waiting pussy. She cooed in my ear, and began kissing and sucking on my neck.

I wanted desperately to fuck her right there, but the kids were watching, so, reluctantly I decided to stop. I kissed her deeply, and then looked deep into her eyes.

I realized I could "scan" her. So, I did, and I found that She was 18, Jimmy was 20. They had been studying martial arts since they were very young, and they had married on her birthday, a month ago.

It then dawned on me that this was how I knew Frank's name. I knew I had recognized him from the mugging, but I never knew his name until he walked into Colleen's apartment.

I went for a deeper scan to try and find what I wanted from her, besides her young body. And I found her memories. I wasn't exactly looking for that, and I didn't want to mess anything up in there, so I looked around some more. I soon found what I was looking for, her Karate skills. They were closely tied to memories, so I would have to be careful, especially in what I was wanting to do.

All this would have to wait as Colleen announced that Jimmy would be ok to drive in a few minutes. So we got what we came for, (caffeine, that is. Celeste was a bonus) and got in the cars. As everyone was piling back in the cars, I strode over to Jimmy, looked him in the eyes and said "I hope you enjoyed her half as much as I'm about to." And walked away.

Amber rode with Meghan. Albert was still unconscious in Colleens front seat, and Celeste and I climbed in the back seat. As we were leaving Jimmy was treated to Celeste's bare back (above the waist), as his wife stripped in the back seat with me, getting ready to have her brains fucked out.


Celeste was well named. As she removed her gi, she revealed one heavenly body. She had tight young everything. Toned abs, firm tits, tight ass, and her pubic hair trimmed to a little arrow pointing to her treasure box, which was also tight warm and ready for my rod.

It didn't wait long. But, I wanted to taste her first. After a little bit of positioning trouble, I informed Colleen that she was soon going to get a larger vehicle. And dove into Celeste's sweet honey pot.

She tasted as good as she looked. I kissed her nether-lips and began to suck. She began to moan and to writhe. I held her tight, and began to tongue fuck her. She bucked against me and increased her volume ten-fold. Then I gave her a treat that could have killed us all.

I inserted two finger into her pussy, and wrapped my lips around her clit. I then simultaneously massaged her G-spot and hummed on her clit. She locked her legs around me so hard I thought I might suffocate, and screamed loud enough to wake Albert (who hadn't been drugged in a while) and give Colleen enough of a scare to cause her to swerve into the other lane. It was a good thing there was no traffic.

Meanwhile, Celeste came so hard I thought she would drown me, so I drank as much of her sweet nectar as I could. With my head still buried within her Heavenly thighs, I heard a male voice say "What the hell?" And I gave Albert the command to sleep.

He did.

Then I climbed up on top of Celeste, and kissed her deeply. She seemed to like the taste of herself, as she tried to lick my face clean. I then buried my pole in her cum soaked snatch. I pumped hard and fast, and she kept pace raising her pussy to meet me. She began to shout

"Fuck me Master! Fuck me hard Master! Oh Please Master! I want to have your babies Master!" And with that I exploded deep within her womb, quite possibly granting her wish. She came so hard, she passed out.

As I lay there, still inside Celeste's sweet love tunnel, Colleen looked at me in the rear view mirror, and said in her sweet voice, "Master, I want to have your babies too." I nearly came again. And told her that next time, Frank was driving and she was riding in the back. She was pleased with that.

After extracting myself from my newest fuck toy, I turned my attention to other issues. I saw a sign indicating a rest stop up ahead and had Colleen pull into it. Meanwhile I woke Celeste, although I hated to, and had her get dressed. Then I looked around a bit in Albert's head.

On a second look, Albert's command list didn't seem to be very complicated, just long. His former owner wanted to make double sure that he was not a threat, and that he would keep all secrets he happened to be exposed to. As an example, that was not actually a warehouse that I was mugged behind. It was in fact, an experimental medicine lab, that has since been moved.

I also found that he had a fairly high level of skill in a form of kung fu. After coming to a stop, I gathered everybody together around Colleen's car. I had Colleen, Celeste and Amber to sit in Colleen's car with Albert. I then had all three of them go to sleep. With them all comfortably sleeping, I scanned Amber, and found her Tae-Kwon-Do skills intact. This explained the fighting stance at the gas station.

As I scanned her, I could "see" a shadow of her memories. I decided to leave them alone for the moment. I had a little experimenting I wanted to try. And if my experiment damaged her further, it would be easier to fix her once than twice. At least I hoped.

I looked into Albert, and copied his Kung-Fu skill into Amber, then did the same with Celeste's Karate. Then I woke Amber up.

"Do you feel any different?"

"No Master."

"Do you know Karate?"

"I do not know the answer Master."

"Do you know Kung-Fu?"

"I do not know the answer Master."

"Do you know Tae-Kwon-Do?"

"I do not know the answer Master."

Realizing that she would probably not know the names of her skill sets, I decided to install them in someone that would. Colleen was next. Before I started, thinking in computer terms, I thought I would try a "system back-up"

Similar to what I had done with Albert, I created a new "folder" entitled "Do Not Read" Then installed the fourth Primary Law

4)Never open the folder marked "Do Not Read" or access anything that is within.

Then I copied everything I could "see" into that folder, hoping that I wasn't messing things up. After all I couldn't even compress the data, and I had no idea how much space was involved. So, I briefly woke her up and gave her a few little tests. She seemed fine, so I put her back under.

Then came the part I was scared of. I had to test the "back-up system." I went back in and tried to isolate her basic knowledge. I found a very small "subsection" of her thought process. Looking closer at that I found that it was her autonomic system. Telling her to breathe, etc.

That was what I wanted to find. I then went into her "Do Not Read" folder, and created a sub-folder. I cut everything but her autonomic system and her programming and pasted it into that folder, and woke her up again. I tested her, and she didn't respond to anything, but she was still breathing.

This indicated that she seemed to be adhering to her fourth law. I then went for the "system restore." It worked. She was back to normal. Next, I put her back under and installed the skill sets from the other three, and woke her up. She seemed to be OK and she new she had the new skill sets, although I wasn't sure she understood that they were new.

Next was Celeste. After the system backup process, I instilled the other skill sets and woke her up. Then I had her to spar with Colleen a bit, using only Karate. They seemed to be equally skilled. The same with the other two skill sets.

Just in case, I decided to leave the girls with the edge over Albert, and left the other two skill sets out for him. With Frank , I did the same procedure, without deleting anything, but I left him awake. All seemed to go well, but he couldn't access the martial arts skills. So I put him to sleep and woke him back up. That worked.

So, with the rest of them I put them to sleep to do the procedure. With all the others finished I turned back to Albert. I decided to try and read his memories. Honestly I didn't really care if I messed Albert up. I just wanted information from him, and thought I might use him for whatever manual labor may be needed.

As I was looking around, I found his sex drive, and removed it. I found his memories, and started looking through them trying to find his latest ones. I wanted to see what he had done to Amber. It was a little confusing at first. They weren't exactly time stamped.

I saw a few of his memories before I found the right ones. I liked Albert a lot less when I was finished. I eventually found the memories I was looking for, and understood what he had done to Amber.

Before I backed out of his mind, I gave him instructions that he was not to speak or act, unless it was necessary to fulfill his Primary Laws or Standing Orders.

"Albert you will obey and protect the girls."

No response.

"You will acknowledge orders given to you."

"Yes sir."

"Do you understand your orders regarding the girls?"

"Yes sir."

"Good. Now go and stand by Meghan, until otherwise instructed."

"Yes sir."

Mentally to Frank

make one attempt to slap Meghan in the face.

He did, and Albert silently blocked his attack. But, with no further attempts to attack, Albert just stood silently by.

Mentally to Meghan

Tell him to go sit in your car.

She did, and he obeyed.

I was happy with the results, so far. Now on to repairing Amber. I found the disconnect in her and removed it, as well as her orders regarding Meghan. Bringing her back to full functionality.


"Yes Master?"

"Are you, you again?

"Yes Master. And Thank You."

"How do you feel?"

"Tired Master. But otherwise OK, I think."

"Good point. Celeste, you ride with Amber. Frank, Albert, with me and Colleen. Frank you drive. And (to the guys) if either of you looks into that back seat without permission, or a direct order, you will be severely punished. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir!"

As we climbed into the car, Colleen climbed in on her back and showed me her glistening bare pussy. "When had she shaved it?" I thought briefly, but I really didn't care. I knew what I was going to do with it now.

She felt soo good, as I entered her. She was warm, wet, and surprisingly tight. I began to pump into her, and she began grinding back. "Ah! Ah! Ah!" Then in her sweet voice she began pleading." Oh Master Please! I Promise I'll be a good mother! Please give me babies Master! Please!" That did it, I exploded deep within my beautiful sex goddess, And she screamed and nearly passed out with her own orgasm.

I began to wonder what those mammoth tits would look like engorged with milk. That got me back to full upright position, and I filled her womb once more before we reached our next stop.

The next city was about half an hour down the road. We stopped at the first nice looking Hotel we saw. I went in and "Acquired" two very nice, very large adjacent suites. And everybody headed for bed. Some actually slept.

Well, the guys slept on couches, and I decided to let Amber recover a bit, so she and Kristen cuddled on a bed, and eventually slept. But, the rest of us didn't get much sleep. Among the many things that we needed at the moment, the one that I could alleviate immediately, and have some fun with, was a bath.

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Beware cuckold

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