tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Long Affair Pt. 05

My Long Affair Pt. 05


These are chapters ten and eleven of "My Long Affair":

Chapter X

When I awoke on Sunday morning, I had been dreaming about my recent trip to Washington with David and about all the hot sex we had had there. It was my week to come up with a plan and I had several things in mind. I had to call my parents, who lived just outside of town, and see if they had any plans to go away on one of their Garden Club trips soon. Unfortunately, they were not going away in the coming week, but would be away a few days the week after. Then I went online and started fantasizing about several very nasty and dirty sexual scenarios. I had some contacts to update and a couple purchases to make, as well.

As usual, David called later in the morning while his wife was at church, but he had some bad news. "I'm not going to be able to see you this week, it's my schedule, I just have far too much work to get done," he said. "But on Saturday my wife is going to an international conference in Tokyo for ten days, and we can spend the whole time together."

"Oh, that sounds good," I said excitedly, "can you come stay with me?"

"Absolutely, and I'm going to make love to you every morning and night."

In fact, the timing was perfect, since I had to postpone my big plans until next week when my parents would be away and I was due to get my period any minute. David and I didn't talk long, but he said he would check in with me later in the week. In a slip, as I said goodbye, I told David I loved him. I'm not sure he even heard it. But I did love him, I loved every minute we were together. I felt like a special and incredible woman with David. It was bad, but I decided to apply for medical school right here in our city as well, just to leave the option open. I wouldn't tell David. I didn't know if he loved me, but I knew I made him very happy.

Saturday morning, David arrived at my apartment. We hugged tightly and kissed like long separated lovers; he smelled great - like sex. There was no kink this time; we were both ravenous for each other and quickly ripped off our clothes, but David said he had a small surprise for me.

"My wife gave me a goodbye fuck last night before leaving for Tokyo; her dried pussy juices are still all over my cock and balls."

Mmmmm, he knew how much I longed to get into a threesome with wife and how much I wanted to lick her hot pussy while David fucked me. I jumped at his cock and licked his cock and balls, trailing my tongue up and down his shaft and squeezing his balls in my mouth until his cock was all drippy. But, I wanted him on top of me, fucking me hard, so I laid down and pulled him on to me. His cock slid easily into my wet pussy and he fucked me soft and hard until we both came and collapsed in a sweaty heap.

Afterwards, I showed David my first little surprise. I had signed up with a meeting website for swingers and single bi-women and had located and been in e-mail contact with a hot couple in our area. David and I both wanted to have more group experiences, and I even found an "on-premises" club near us we both wanted to try. David was excited but a little nervous about meeting people from our area. Of course, I shared that concern, but it went both ways - the people we would meet would expect our discretion as well. David agreed to give it all a try, which was good because I had already made plans to meet the couple for drinks that evening. I showed David their pictures on the website, and he could not believe how hot they were. However, they were only interested in "same room sex" and not swapping.

Although David and I had tried swapping, I also know that he is very visually oriented, so this was just a little treat. I had a lot of other plans in the back of my mind. That evening, me dressed in my nice summer dress again with nothing underneath except my wet, bald pussy, we met "Kelly" and "Jim" at a little bar out in the suburbs. Jim was tall, athletic, and very handsome. I knew from his pictures that he was also hung like a horse. Kelly was a gorgeous woman with wavy black hair, blue eyes, D-cup breasts, and a shaved pussy. They were simply gorgeous, and I was almost drooling at the thought of seeing them fuck. They had never done anything like this before and, although nervous, were completely open about their past sexual experiences; they'd had a lot of outdoor sex - it was big with them, probably because they liked the idea of being caught in the act or maybe they just liked being outside.

I mentioned that since I met David I had pretty much stopped wearing underwear, and Jim asked me to prove it. I hiked up my skirt a bit and showed them my very hot naked pussy. David suggested we play a little pool and Kelly asked if we'd be up to a wager.

"Like what?" I asked.

"Hmmm, let's see," she said. "We'll play teams. Whichever team wins gets to watch the losers do it, any way and any place the winners choose."

"You're on," I said quickly.

We all went over to the pool table. Needless to say, there was a lot of bending over by both me and Kelly, which drew a small group of on-lookers. She had on a cute little g-string, and didn't mind showing it off. Jim was clearly developing a hard on by watching my pussy peek out from time to time. I almost blew our game by getting up behind David on one of his shots and grabbing his balls from below; the cue ball almost went off the table! But, in the end, David and I won.

"Don't worry too much," I told them, "David and I probably wont be able to control ourselves while we watch you two."

Jim and Kelly were pretty excited to have lost and I think they might have even thrown the game. David and I conferred for a moment and came up with an idea.

David said: "Tell us some place we can all go, someplace outside." Jim smiled and Kelly's eyes widened mischievously; they asked us to follow them in our car. We had passed a state park on the way to meet them, and they led us back there.

The park was supposedly closed at dusk, and it was quite dark now so we parked on the street. "We've been here a few times," Kelly said, "follow us." She led us down a path through the woods several minutes until we came to a clearing, we marched on through the moonlight. It was a cool summer evening and the stars were bright. It was warm and lovely. Up ahead, Jim and Kelly had stopped to kiss. I imitated them with David and felt his throbbing cock press against me. We walked through taller grasses, which was very interesting, as the cool blades of grass were high enough to brushed my naked pussy. Now I was getting really horny and my juices were dripping down my inner thighs.

We walked about 20 minutes in all and couldn't see any lights from where we stopped, in a dense hollow in the woods. There were signs of past campfires here, visible in the moonlight, and Jim started a very small campfire so we would have a little light. Kelly sat on his lap and they kissed passionately. Jim had his hands under Kelly's shirt and rubbed her hefty breasts, then moved his hand down under her skirt and rubbed her pussy. They both looked so yummy, and I wished I could go join in and kiss Kelly too. I sat in David's lap and whispered in his ear how much I wanted to lick her. He laughed, and kissed me; his hard cock was nestled nicely against my wet pussy, and I'm sure his pants were getting soaked.

We watched as Kelly stood and removed her shirt, bra, and skirt, then undressed Jim, exposing a massive and very hard cock that must have been 10 inches long and very fat. Kelly stretched out on the grass near the fire. Jim climbed on top of her, then moved down and kissed her nipples, her tummy, and licked her between her legs until she was panting and saying over and over "that's it, yes, oh yes! Fuck me with your tongue, darling!" Ohh, how I wanted to join in, especially as David's hand found its way to my pussy and rubbed me and slipped in and out making me moan.

Kelly climbed on top of Jim, and slowly lowered her wet pussy onto his massive cock. It took several minutes, but she took all of it and began bouncing up and down, her long black hair flying, like a Greek goddess in the moon and firelight. When she came, Kelly grunted like a wild animal and growled and shrieked. By now my pussy was positively drooling and my dress was up to my shoulders so David could play with my nipples. Kelly climbed off of Jim, and with her freshly fucked and dripping pussy facing us, began to devour his huge cock.

Finally, she got on all fours, her breasts swaying below her, and Jim entered her from behind, pounding his beautiful massive cock into her again and again, while Kelly repeatedly shouted "fuck me, fuck me harder, harder." David lifted off my dress and I imitated Kelly, getting on all fours; soon David was behind me, fucking me while I moaned and growled like an animal too. With a series of huge grunts and moans, Jim got ready to cum, pulled out, and shot his cum all over Kelly's ass and back, before collapsing on top of her. David kept at me until I had cum twice, before finally shooting his cum all over my breasts and tummy.

Jim and Kelly both loved showing off and we loved seeing them, but I had to admit I frustrated that I didn't get to fuck Kelly. She didn't mind that I wanted to, but she wasn't really into it either. They were pure exhibitionists, beautiful people who wanted to be seen, and we were the lucky ones to watch. After the fire was put out, Kelly and I walked naked, hand in hand, through the woods and fields back to our cars with Jim in front and David behind. I kissed Kelly goodbye and the boys shook hands. But we never saw Jim and Kelly again.

Chapter XI

There was nothing better than going to sleep, naked, in David's arms, and then waking up, naked, in his arms. We made love every morning before getting out of bed. On Tuesday, David said he had a little surprise for me that evening. He gave me a card key for a hotel room downtown and asked me to be there at seven p.m. sharp: no earlier or later. I did as he asked. Planning for a sexy rendezvous, I wore a very short miniskirt and tight top, looking very much like a hooker.

I arrived at the room at seven and let myself in. There was an open bottle of wine on the table, a digital voice recorder, a letter, a small package, but no David. The letter read: "Don't move anything, stand still, and read on. Please enjoy two or more glasses of wine while watching a pay-per-view porno on TV; at seven-thirty, listen to the first recording on the digital voice recorder. Follow all my directions and you will get a very nice reward."

So, I poured a glass of wine, laid down on the bed, and put on a steamy little flick that involved two drop dead gorgeous women in a sixty-nine. Needless to say, this made me very hot and wet and I had to touch myself a bit, even though I had not been told to do so. By seven-thirty, I was very horny and the wine had a nice effect on my mood. I played the first recording, and David's voice said: "Darling, you are so good and so much fun and such a naughty little slut at times, aren't you? If you do everything as I direct, you will get a very nice reward at the end of the evening and will be very happy. The first thing I want you to do is undress. Please do so, and then play recording two."

So, I slipped off my shoes and miniskirt and shirt, then played recording two: "See? That was easy. Now open the box and take out envelope one. Use what you find inside all over your body, every inch, then play recording three."

I opened the package and took out the envelope. Inside was a bottle of massage oil. I poured some in my palm and rubbed the oil on my feet, legs, thighs, pussy, tummy, arms, ass, breasts, and back. It felt very sexy and dirty and my pussy was really hot now and my nipples achingly hard. I played the next message: "Great, now, inside envelope two in the box you will find a vibrating latex anal plug. Please insert it into your hot ass and then play the next recording."

Wow! I jumped at the box and pulled out the second envelope. Inside was a medium sized remote-controlled vibrating anal plug. I licked it a couple times on the tip, swirled it around in my pussy juices and massage oil to lubricate it, and then began to push it against my ass. It was pretty big, but after a few minutes and a mini orgasm, I got it safely nestled all the way in my ass. It filled me up nicely. I played the next recording: "Good girl, you're doing great and I hope you are enjoying yourself [I was]. Now get out envelope three and attached the item enclosed."

I opened the envelope, and inside was a set of nipple clamps connected by a chain. I attached a clamp tightly to each nipple, which sent shock waves down to my hot pussy. The heavy dangling chain swayed and yanked on my nipples, driving me crazy and making my pussy drip onto the carpet. I played the next recording: "Very good, just a couple more things and then you get your reward. First, open the last envelope, which contains a pair of handcuffs, then open the window curtains all the way, then sit in the chair facing the window, and hand cuff your hands together behind the chair. Then, and only then will you get your reward."

I was shaking as I opened the envelope and took out the cuffs, and walked to the window. There was a plain wooden chair a couple feet from the window. I pulled open the curtains all the way and looked out. About twenty feet away, through the glass of another guest room facing mine, stood David and four other men. They were not looking my way, but then David turned and winked at me and pointed in my direction. The other men turned, and now they were all watching me. I sat on the chair, which was short, and lewdly spread my legs out in front of me, showing off my hot wet cunt. I cuffed my hands behind my back, while making direct eye contact with each of the men in turn. Suddenly the vibrating anal plug came to life and started vibrating and twisting in my ass. I moaned aloud. David gave me a thumbs up sign and pulled out his cellphone. He made a quick call, and seconds later the door to my room opened behind me.

Someone came in and I heard someone undressing. Suddenly a tall, thin, naked and terribly sexy woman was standing in front of me.

"Hi, cutie," she said, "I'm your reward." She stepped behind me and held my head. She tilted it back and straddled my face. Her pussy was wet and smelled great. I knew just what to do, and began licking her clit and tongue-fucking her hot dripping cunt. She didn't press down hard on my face, but gyrated and spread her juices all over it. I lapped and sucked on her clit until she came twice. Then she climbed off my face, and I saw David and the men across the way clapping.

Now the woman got down between my open thighs and began licking my clit. Staring into the eyes of David and the other men, I succumbed to my desires and rubbed my pussy on her tongue, moaning loudly and begging her to make me cum. I did, a gut wrenching orgasm that caused me to groan loudly. She kept licking me, and I came again and again, seven times in all, until I was totally spent. Then and only then did the vibrating in my ass stop. The woman gently removed my nipple clamps, which was agonizingly painful and sexy, and kissed my nipples. Then she stood, closed the curtains, and kissed me.

"Thanks, cutie." She went behind me and I could hear her dressing, she went to the bathroom, and then left, leaving me on the chair in a post-orgasmic haze.

Some minutes later the door opened again and someone walked up to me. It was David, standing in front of me now.

"Did you like your reward?" he asked.

"Mmmmmmmmm, yes, I sure did. It was delicious, but I still prefer the taste of your cum to anyone else's."

"Good," David said, "because my old college buddies and I got pretty worked up watching you ladies. I've got a huge wad of cum stored up for you; do you want it?"

"Yes, please," I replied. David dropped his pants and pulled out his hard cock. He stepped up and slipped it in my mouth. I sucked and licked him and he fucked my mouth harder and deeper until, with a groan, he filled my mouth with cum. I swirled it in my mouth and swallowed it all, then David bent and kissed me passionately. He unlocked my cuffs and helped me remove the anal plug. He led me to a hot shower and washed me. We returned to the bed where he gentle made love to me. And then we dressed, and we returned to my home together to sleep, naked in each others arms.

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