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My Night In Alone


This is my first posted story, I wrote it for my wife about a year ago. Hope you enjoy!

You've gone out for the evening with your girlie friends. I go and run the bath and take a quick dip. I don’t spend too long in the bath as I've got plans seeing as you're out enjoying yourself. I intend to lay on the bed for a few hours enjoying myself.

I go through to the bedroom and get dried off and sit on the bed teasing my prick into semi erection. I fancy watching a video, and as the DVDs are all pretty crap, I lean over and unlock the bedside drawer to select one of the videos. As I start to look at the videos I notice that there is a small digital tape in the drawer which seems strange as the one I had used before went up in flames on the bonfire. Where did this one come from? Obviously my mind starts to race, surely you couldn't have left me a tape!

I run down the stairs and grab the digital camera. I rush back to the bedroom and with trembling hands plug the camera into the front of the telly. I put the tape into the camera and press play. After a few seconds an image appears on the screen. You are laying on the bed with a towel underneath you. As the camera films you slowly part your thighs to show your pussy to the camera. I can see how excited you are, your lips are already swollen and glistening with moisture. I wonder if you've already warmed yourself up or are just anticipating the show you're about to put on.

You reach down with your right hand and spread your pussy lips wide showing your wet hole. Your left hand reaches out of frame and comes back into view with the two ended dildo. You pull your legs up exposing your pussy and bum to the camera. I realise that you have a pillow or two under the towel which lift your bum clear off the bed giving the camera an excellent view of all your bits. You remove you hand from massaging your pussy for a second and twist the bottom of the vibrator, I can hear it buzzing on the tape.

You start to run the tip of the vibrator over your pussy lips whilst your other hand gently rubs your clitoris. Your lips part further as you thrust your hips out and you start to push the bigger 'finger' of the vibrator into your pussy. I watch as you push it in deeply, the thinner finger running up over your pubic bone and rubbing against your clit. You start to slowly fuck yourself with the toy, pulling it all the way out and then plunging it back in. You reach down with you free hand and start to play with your anus, rubbing the juices running out of your pussy around the ring. You pull the vibrator out of your pussy and turn it through 180 degrees until the small finger is pressed against your anus. You start to pull the big finger into your pussy and work the thin one lowly into your arse. I can see your legs twitching as you relax your muscles to accept it. You don't take long to take it, after all you've had bigger in your bum before, but the feeling of doing it to yourself is still a surprise. You thrust the vibrator in deep and I can see you rocking your hips as you try to force it as deep as you can. You start to fuck yourself hard with it and I can see your pussy and arse bulge out as you push hard with the gathering orgasm. You start to furiously rub you clit and as you orgasm I can see the juice pouring out around the dildo buried deep in your holes.

I'm realise that I've been playing with my cock whilst watching you, it's rock hard and my head feels like it's going to explode with the sexual turn your video is giving me. I wonder if that's you finished and wait for you to lean forward and turn the camera off. But you don't.

You straighten your legs as your orgasm passes, relaxing and pulling the vibrator out of your holes. You lay there for a few seconds letting the ripples f your orgasm die away and then I watch as your hand starts to rub your lips again. You pull your legs up and apart exposing your swollen, wet, smooth pussy again. Your hand moves out of shot again with the double vibrator and returns with the foreskin vibrator. You hold your pussy ilps apart and press the big vibrator deep into you pussy. Your hand moves out of shot again and comes back with the big rubbery strap on dildo. I can see it glistening from the KY you've smeared over it.

My eyes are on stalks at this point. I stop wanking myself as I watch enrapt as you place the head of the big dildo against your arse. I can't believe your going to try this. I know how big this one feels. You push it against your arse, I can see the head starting to push your anus muscles apart as it slides in a half inch. You pause and pull it out again and I can see you fucking your pussy with the other dildo to help your bum relax enough to take this big one. You place the head of it against your anus again and I watch as you manage to take an inch of it before pulling it back out again. You pause for a second and again try to push it into you. This time you take two inches and I can hear your pant heavily as you leave it in your anus as your muscles adjust to the girth of it. You continue to use the other one on your pussy and after 30 seconds or so your start to press the big one into your anus. I watch as slowly inch after inch of it slips into your arse. Your legs, in the air now, are twitching and I can hear you grunting with effort on the tape. You push it in until there are about two inches left, it seems you've reached bottom (so to speak). You grunt and I can see you relax as it's in as deep as your can take it. You continue to fuck your pussy with the other dildo and slowly, almost imperceptibly you start to move the two in time with each other. As you ass muscles relax you can move the big dildo move freely and you start to fuck yourself hard with both the dildos.

I can see how hard you're plunging them both in, and can hear your moaning and panting as you approach another orgasm. I watch as your whole body shakes and your legs twitch uncontrollably as your force them both deep into you up to the hilt and your orgasm hits.

I grab my cock and stroke it furiously, watching you as your orgasm subsides. Then, as you pull the dildos out of your holes, twitching as the big one is pulled from your arse, I come, I come hard at the sight of your gaping holes with your juices and come dripping from them.

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