My Obedient Streak Pt. 02


"Don't be shy, girl," grinned Slim, "go ahead and get acquainted with your new friend." I blushed. Slim's hand on my bottom squeezed and pulled me towards him. My hand slowly touched the smooth swollen shaft. The skin felt velvety and soft, covering a hard muscular tenseness. My fingertips brushed the underside of Slim's cock, tracing the thick plush central channel there. The cock twitched in delight at my feminine touch, as my long nails softly traced over the man's penis shaft. My fingers reached around the shaft encircling it, and my fingers and thumb formed into an O around the cock. I squeezed slightly feeling the tense resistance against my palm, and began moving my hand slowly up and down a few inches along his cock as my hand performed the age-old service a woman is trained to, masturbating and pleasing a hard male penis.

As I jerked his cock with one hand and my other obediently cupped his naked balls and caressed them, Slim's hand kneaded and molded my soft, warm, yielding bottom cheeks. He pulled me even closer and leaning his other hand came up and grabbed one of my boobs, which he began squeezing roughly. My hand worked its motion up towards the tip of his penis and as his glans slid wetly into my palm and my fingertips caressed its lower surface he captured my big, stiffening nipple in his fingers and pinched and tweaked it roughly. I gasped, but the strong grip and stimulation on my nipple made me tighten my grip on Slim's cock, strengthening the stimulation. He imprisoned by tit tip between his thumb and the pad of his index finger and squeezed, then pulled. My breath came in short gasps as he mandhandled my sensitive nipple. Because my nipples are thick and stick out when they're handled, men always grab at them and pinch and pull them hard. They're very sensitive though, and like to be treated very gently, so Slim's rough breast play was making me squirm and whimper, which only encouraged Slim who then switched breasts giving my other, relaxed nipple the same treatment. The pad of his fingers plucked at my relaxed, spread nipple, which responded in the worst possible way—by tensing and stiffening, giving its tormentor a stubby, fat, nub onto which to latch his pincering fingers, and sending a shooting, tweaking pain down into my breast. Slim grinned at how he was forcing my body to respond to him against my will, and his other hand squeezed my soft yielding bottom possessively, kneading my spanking-warmed butt cheeks freely.

Pushing me back now against the pinball machine, Slim reached down and grabbed one of my thighs in his upturned palm. Pulling my leg up, he raised my leg and rested my bent knee in the crook of his elbow, leave me leaning against the pinball machine, tipped back and standing on one leg. In this position, the halves of my slickened pussy lips spread themselves, revealing my twin, moist fleshy inner lips, the pink soft skin between my outer and inner labia, and a hint of the deeper coral moistness of the inside of my cunt. Slim, and the attentive crowd watching, stared lewdly at my bared genitals. The crowd obviously was enjoying their unfettered view of what every girl is ashamed to show, the defenseless core of her vagina. What I craved to have touched and explored and examined only my master and husband in the privacy of our conjugal bed, preferably under soft candlelight while I suckled obediently on his silky penis, I was being forced to expose to a bunch of horny lowlife strangers in a public, smelly bar.

Slim pushed my legs open even further. "I'm going to get me some of that nice, warm, pussy, girl!" he grunted and stepped into the compass of my soft, white, splayed thighs. His penis swung heavily and he maneuvered it to the stretched out opening of my labia. I watched as if hypnotized, as the arrow-like tip of his penis slowly separated my slick labia and his cock entered me, pushing open my vagina. I could my pussy open and stretch accommodatingly around the hard, intruding organ. I was well-lubricated from all the handling of my genitals, but I could feel my cunt getting stuffed as the long penis sank into my accommodating channel, filled it and buried itself deeply.

I threw my head back and my hair whipped back and forth as Slim's cock began slowly moving in and out the entire length of his penis, making me feel every inch of the motion as he fucked me slowly at first, his body heavy against my thighs. I moaned as he humped me. At first, Slim moved deliberately slowly, inching into me the long length of his cock burying itself, then, at the bottom of his stroke, thrusting hard into me, bottoming out and bumping my cervix which ached dully, and causing my hips to shudder. His hands reached under my and grabbed the lower curves of my ass, using my full bottom as a handle to bang his cock into my wide open genitals. Slowly building up, the speed and force of Slim's thrusts increased until he was slamming his pubic bone against my bare puffy pussy lips which stretched wide over his member. His ass started thursting back an forth quiclky pounding me hard and fiercely. His cock pistoned in and out, his hands held my bottom hard and slammed me into him. My heavy breasts shook and bounced heavily, to his and the gathered men's delight, as they watched my soft naked globes cavort fluidly around my chest like a pair of unruly puppies, bouncing against one another then distending up and down, my nipples tensing and hardening and my big aureolas deepening in color and shrinking in diameter. The men catcalled,

"Yeah, Stacey baby! ... That's how bad girls get fucked silly.... Look at how wet her cunt hole is... Her pussy is all red and swollen ... That's the way to move those tits girl... Give it to that slut good, stuff her full of cock..."

Slim fucked me hard and fast for what seemed forever, the leg I was standing on was shaking, and I was whimpering and moaning in time to my violation. suddenly Slim drew his cock out of me and let my suspended leg down onto the floor. Grabbin my shoulder, he swung me around so the long expanse of my slim back was towards him. He pushed the back of my head forward until my torso lay flat on the pinball machine, my breasts mashed against the glass top and my bottom sticking out and up towards Slim. He grabbed his cock and brought it to the rear of my vagina, and, from this new angle, I felt him skewered me slowly, sinking into me and getting comfortable before resuming vigorously fucking me from behind, his hips slamming into my shaking, soft, rounded bottom. He stood to one side just a bit, giving the other men a view of his cock repeatedly violating my defenseless cunt, watching the skin of my labia and the opening of my vaginal tunnel cling humidly to the pistoning cock.

He fucked me long and hard and my ass bounced up and down obscenely as he rode me hard and my cries rang out. The tip of his cock kept pushing even deeper into me, banging my cervix painfully. I prayed he'd be content with fucking my cunt and not violate my asshole with that long cock!

After what seemed to me an eternity fucking me, Slim started to grunt more. Ed chimed in, "Stacey, are you ready for your drink? Show this gentleman what a fine cocksucker you are!"

Slim pulled out, and I turned. I sank to my knees in front of him. His cock twitched tall and angry and slick with both our juices, dangling in front of my face. "Open wide!" commanded Slim, and I obeyed, opening my mouth and letting my tongue round and fatten and stick out a bit. He grabbed my hair and brought his cock forward sinking it into my servile mouth, sliding the slick shaft over my tongue and deep into the back of my mouth. I tilted my head so that his cock would be mostly on one side of the back of my throat, which made the desire to gag not so bad, though Slim's cock was long and was going very deep into my throat.

The hard flesh in my mouth tasted salty, slick and wet. I sucked at the tip and felt his moisture bathing my lapping tongue. My tongue made small circles back and forth over his glans and I could feel it swell and pulse under my ministrations.

Slim pushed the waist of his jeans down, lowering his pants to his upper thighs. His pendulous scrotum hung right before me as his long penis twitched in my softly suckling mouth. I reached out and ran my palm up his broad, dark haired thigh and looked up at him obediently, as my hand cupped his swollen ballsack from below. It felt warm, slightly moist, and his big testicles were round and fat and firm with pent up fluids I knew would end up being ejaculated into my obedient mouth. My other hand came up and I circled the base of his shaft with my grip and ran it slowly up and down his hard cock.

Taking the tip of his penis out of my mouth, I swirled my tongue over the broadened, swollen, tip of his penis, feeling the smooth plumpness of the upper side of his glans, the helmet against the tip of my tongue, then swiping around to the ridgy bottom, swabbing the moisture from the hole at the tip as it beaded stickily. His pre-cum stuck to my tongue like honey. I bent my head and lay it against his thigh, as my tongue washed up and down one side then other of the thickened shaft.

Ed narrated, deepening my humiliation, as I continued licking Slim's penis. "As you can see gentlemen, Stacey can be persuaded to be a good little cocksucker, she just needs some firm direction and encouragement." Slim pulled back slightly as I licked his shaft, gripped his cock and pointed it into my mouth. I opened wide and his penis sank slowly deep into my mouth, stretching my jaws open and pushing against the rear of my throat. I gagged slightly, but Slim continued pushing remorselessly until my nose and lips were buried in his pubic hair. "Hold it there, deep in your throat, little Stacey," he ordered, his hands pushing the back of my head forward so I couldn't help but obey. Little periodic spasms of gagging wracked me and my saliva pooled by my stretched lower lip and trickled out on my chin.

One of Slim's hands grabbed a sheaf of my hair, and the other pressed the back of my head so I couldn't move it, and he pulled out of my mouth almost all the way, until his glans just came out of my mouth, my puckered lips kissing it as if it were a lover I was making out with. Then he pushed forward again, sinking in, forcing my mouth open. Back and forth his cock sawed in and out of my mouth, and my hand at the base of his shaft pumped his cock, copious amounts of his sticky clear fluid bathing my tongue and chin as he face fucked me. I felt the soft plum head swell and pulse and Slim's began grunting harder. I knew he was close to cumming! I blushed at the humiliation of being made to drink another man's sperm, but I knew that if I didn't perform to Ed's satisfaction, giving everyone the show Ed wanted me to, he might make me repeat my performance. I wanted this humiliation to end, I wanted to go home and bathe and wash and pat dry my abused body, and then get my reward for being a good girl and pleasing Ed. I imagined how our evening might go, as Ed finally got his pleasure from me. I imagined lying on my stoach with a pillow under my middle, my hands tied to the headboard of our marriage bed In one of Ed's favorite activities, a vibrator would be deep in my pussy as Ed's penis methodically and slowly rode my asshole, my bottom warming and gentling my husband's body and wave after wave of orgasms wracked through me making me whimper and coo in delight.

If I was going to my reward though, now I had to attend to giving the assembled men the explosive finale the looming, intent crowd was demanding.

I pulled my head back until my open mouth was just in front of the long twitching penis. My tongue darted out, flicking the sensitive underside of the pulsing glans. Flick, flick, with widened lips, then forming and O and plunging, sucking hard, down onto just the swollen tip. Again flicking, while my hand pumped the shaft quickly, my palm covering and stimulating Slim's sensitized cockhead. I concentrated, reading the urgency of the pusling and twitching of the male member before me to give him the stimulation he needed. Harder! My hand flew up and down the shaft, feeling the deep, volcanic, emanations building, sticky penis fluid covering my hand and lips and cheeks.

A violent spasm shot through the penis I held in my hands. I squeezed hard on the twitching cock, and pushed the circle of my fingers back along the shaft, building up the pressure behind Slim's ejaculation, trapping it for moment, before opening my mouth wide and submissively in front of his madly jerking member, and releasing my grip, then loosely making short, quick, masturbating motions at the base of his cock.

With an intense spasm, Slim's penis jetted out a heavy splat of creamy white sperm, bathing my waiting, outthrust tongue and lower lip. His hand came down and grabbed his cock and aimed it deep into my mouth, into which he fed another long spurt of hot white sperm.

Now I brought my tongue to his glans and swirled it, coaxing out another two smaller gobs which landed on my upper lip and by my nose.

My mouth was filled with the thick, slightly sour gruel of Slim's emission. Resisting the temptation to spit out this stranger's jism, I forced myself to swallow repeatedly. Slim rubbed his now quiescent penis against my face. "Clean my cock nicely, Stacey!" he ordered. Finishing swallowing, I reached out and too his cock again, and began swabbing it down with my tongue. I took the head into my mouth and washed it with my saliva, gently sucking off any residue of his sperm.

Ed now came forward and pulled me up from my knees. "Guys!" he intoned, "That's enough I think for Stacey for tonight; I have more domestic duties she's going to have to attend to when we get home." "But one last treat, as you've been so good an audience. Stacey's going to go into the bathroom and get dressed, but if you'll crowd around the bathroom entrance, she's going to have to get through you and you can cop a good feel on the way!

And so they did, and my rush to the bathroom, carrying the remnants of my clothes in my hands, turned into a gauntlet of pawing, groping, smacking hands as I struggled to get past the men. Not an inch of my body remained ungroped as fingers and palm stroked my captive breasts or dipped between my buttocks. After more than 5 minutes I finally made it into the bathroom and weeping softly began cleaning myself up as best I could and getting dressed.

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