tagRomanceMy Perfect Saturday

My Perfect Saturday


I wake up slowly. I roll over and gently start kissing you on the lips and face until you wake up smiling. You gently kiss me back. I roll over and you wrap me in your arms, hugging me from behind. You gently nibble my ear and kiss my neck. I can feel your cock getting hard as it presses into my back. You start grinding your cock into my back, and I can feel you getting harder and harder, and wetter and wetter. I'm getting so turned on by this that I can feel myself start getting wet too. I feel like I'm dripping girl jizz everywhere, like its running down my leg. All I want is for you to stick your cock inside me, but you choose to tease me more.

You take your arms away from me, and slowly start to kiss down my back. Licking and kissing and nibbling. You work your way down past my butt, down my legs and all the way down to my toes. You roll me onto my back, and start licking and sucking my toes. Somehow I keep getting wetter and wetter.

You work your way up from my toes, slowly kissing and licking my legs, all the way up to my thighs. You gently lick over the outer lips of my vadge and work your way up to my belly and start kissing it. You continue your way up and gently kiss my left titty. You take it in your mouth and start sucking it until the nipple becomes very pointy and hard inside your mouth. Then you move over to the right titty and grab it roughly and shove it in your mouth, sucking and biting hard until it that nipple too becomes hard and pointy inside your mouth. Then you slide up and kiss me slowly on the lips, while gently rubbing your extremely hard and wet cock over my vadge.

All I want is for you to jam it inside me and fuck me senseless, but you apparently haven't finished teasing me yet. You kiss me harder and more passionately, and rub your cock over my vadge hole, so you can feel how wet I am, and my girl jizz covers the tip of your cock and mixes with your boy wet.

You shuffle your way back down the bed and spread my legs really wide. You gently start licking and nibbling the outside of the vadge lips. You find the clit and start flicking your tongue over it. You're amazed at how much wetness there is. You've never seen me like this before. You start to lick my vadge lips and using a finger, you rub up and down the lips. I'm going crazy because I just want a part of you inside of me.

You keep licking and sucking the clit, then you stop and come up to kiss me. Your face is covered in my jizz and it looks so hot and sexy. All I want to do is lick it off your face, which you let me do. You can't stop smiling as I'm licking your face, and I can feel your cock growing even harder as its pressed against me.

You again shuffle back down the bed and bury your face in my hairless vadge. You start licking the clit again, and slowly insert one finger and immediately find my g spot. You can sense that I'm about to come, but you wont let me. You take your finger out and keep licking the clit. When you think I have calmed down a bit, you slowly insert two fingers into my vadge and wiggle them about. Then a third finger slips in, and then a fourth. Every time you slip a finger in, you sense that I'm about to come and stop what you're doing to try to drag it out more. You twist your hand and your thumb slips inside me too. You almost have your whole hand in, when I push down on you and it slips all the way inside me, right up to your wrist. You can sense that I'm about to come massively as I keep pushing myself down onto your hand, wanting it further and deeper inside of me. You are licking my clit like crazy now and you can feel my vadge start to clench and contract around your hand so hard that you think your hand is going to break. My mind goes completely blank and my whole body starts to tingle and buzz and shake. I can hear myself screaming out your name, but can't feel myself doing it. I feel like I have lost all control of my body and mind and nothing else matters except this gigantic orgasm I am having with your entire hand inside me.

When you feel my vadge relax, you slowly remove your hand. There is a pool of water in your hand. I feel completely exhausted, but you slowly start to lick my clit again. You work your way up, kissing and licking my stomach, titties, neck, lips, cheeks, eyes. Then you straddle yourself over my face, and your cock rubs over my face.

I reach my hand up and grab it. I start licking all up and down the shaft. I put your head in my mouth and suck it. I suck it hard and deep. I can taste your wetness. I can taste my wetness on you. I can hear you start to groan, and can feel your legs starting to shake. You thrust your cock deeper and deeper into my throat watching me gag and my body writhe and shake at how deep it feels. We both feel a pop as it jams down my throat and you smile your cheeky smile.

You're scared you're going to come, so you get off me and lie behind me. You wrap your arms around me again and start rubbing your wet cock on my back again. You gently slip it into my vadge and start grinding hard and deep inside me. You have one hand on my clit and the other squeezing my titty hard.

You can feel my body start to tense up and know that I'm going to come on your cock. You can feel my vadge start to pulsate on your cock and it takes all your control not to come too.

I feel completely hammered and my brain has turned to mush. As soon as I have finished coming, you pull your extremely hard, wet cock out of me and jam it really hard into my ass. It's so quick and so hard and so deep, I have no idea what is going on. Somehow I manage to push myself back harder on your cock and it goes deeper. We both feel the pop and you grab me harder and pull me even closer. I start sliding up and down your cock. You can feel my ass tight, hot and wet around your cock and you feel like you are going to explode. You reach around and put a finger on my clit and one inside my vadge. I can't get you deep enough inside me and keep slamming myself harder and harder back onto your cock.

I start to shake and tense up as I'm about to come. I come hard with your cock up my ass. You feel my ass start clenching around your cock and you start to feel yourself explode. Your whole body starts to shake and you dump a massive load of come up my ass. You leave your cock inside me until it becomes soft and falls out by itself.

We lay in each other's arms until we recover. We get up to have a shower. You wash my body all over. Gently rubbing and lathering soap all over it, paying special attention to my giant titties and rubbing my clit and vadge to make sure they are especially clean. I grab the soap and begin washing you, paying special attention to your cock. Once I'm sure it is clean, I kneel down and begin to suck it hard, just to make sure it still works. Your cock stands hard and you pull me up. You push me face first against the wall and reach between my legs and jam a finger into my vadge, finding the spot immediately that will make me come.

Legs still shaking, we get out of the shower and dry each other off. We are so exhausted, we decide to go back to bed for a nap. After a short nap, I wake up slowly. I roll over and gently start kissing you on the lips and face until you wake up smiling…

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