My Russian Valentine


The girl gasped and clutched my shoulders when I found her tight core. "Kiss me more," she sighed, eyes closed, her face twisted with pleasure.

She mewled and wriggled against my hand while I played with her, one of her fists curling around the length of me as the kiss rolled on and on.

We worked at each other, my fingers busy on her clit while she fisted my cock.

With one hand between the girl's legs I stroked her skin with the other. My fingers massaged the spongy softness of her buttocks before my palm glided over the skin of her back, feeling the muscle and bone of her shoulders before slipping down to cup each breast. I sucked at her teats again, my hand tracing patterns across her smooth thighs before my mouth joined to hers and our tongues slid and writhed together.

It happened before I could warn her. The girl's fingers held me tight while her hand jerked at me. I felt the surge begin, inexorable and irreversible. I had time to grunt and then the first squirt spurted out of me. The girl gave a sharp cry and kept on yanking at me. She babbled something, her face delighted as she watched the stuff flick from the eye of my cock and spray down onto my clothes, the sand, and her arm.

"Fuck ..." I groaned. "Jesus ..."

The girl laughed and as calm as you like slid down onto her elbows and knees and lifted my cock to her mouth.

She sucked at me, her fingers working at the root of my dick. To my delight I was able to stay hard.

"You come," the girl said, which I thought a little unnecessary since I'd sprayed jizm all over the place. "It was much. You make much of it." She slowly stroked my cock. "And you like me much also. You keep hard for me. You like me, eh?"

"I like you a lot," I growled, encircling her narrow waist with one arm. I pulled her to me and kissed her mouth again. I was hungry for this girl in every way. I wanted to be inside her, her mouth and her tight pussy.

She lay back, heedless to the sand and spunk all over my clothes. She opened her legs and splayed her labia with her fingers. "I am here," she said, pale-blue eyes shining.

I went to her and licked her again. The girl hissed and clawed at my scalp and shoulders.

"Make a fuck with me," she groaned. "Put him inside me."

I knelt between her legs and eased forward. I held myself over her body on straight arms while she reached down between us and took hold of me. She wriggled her arse a little and then brought the head of my cock to her opening.

We both moaned on that first long, easy slide.

"You're beautiful," I sighed, looking into the girl's face as she stared up at me.

"You fill me," she replied on a whispering breath.

We began to move, slowly at first, both of us feeling the other, testing each other as we made love under the high noonday sun.

As I slid in and out I studied the girl, watching her face and seeing her expression change as her pleasure heightened. I looked at her tanned shoulders and little tits barely moving as we loved each other. I saw her bikini top still strapped around the rack of her ribs and looked down to her flat stomach, the muscles tensed with effort of fucking. Her pussy stretched around my girth, her insides clenching like a tiny fist while her body oiled and lubricated the piston of my penis moving inside her.

"You're so hot," I moaned. "You're so lovely."

"Move faster," the girl mumbled, her eyes glazing. She rubbed at herself with quick fingers as I began to fuck into her harder and faster and deeper.

The girl began to grunt, her hips jerking as she thrust up to meet my increasingly urgent downstrokes. She muttered in Russian, her fingers digging into my shoulders as she held me with her legs at my waist. I was glad I'd already dumped one load, because there was no way I could have kept up that tempo without squirting the girl full of spunk. The look on her face, her lithe, athletic body, the clamping of her cunt and the noises she made would have made me come if I hadn't already unloaded in her fist.

I could see the cords in the girl's neck standing out like knife edges as she worked towards her climax. Her teeth were bared in a silent snarl, her eyes tightly closed as she hissed and jerked and fucked up towards me.

The girl gasped several times, drawing in huge breaths until she gave out a cry of release and her body began to convulse. She squealed and brought her knees almost up to her tits as she rubbed her clit furiously, coming like a steam train, all panting and wheezing.

Something flickered in the corner of my eye as the girl writhed and juddered beneath me. When I instinctively turned my head I saw the older woman standing at the rocky entrance to the tiny clearing, her hand resting on one pillar of stone while her mouth hung open.

"Piz da," I thought the girl said when she too spotted her sister-in-law.

The older woman stepped towards us as I rolled off the girl. I saw the girl's pussy gape lewdly, and regardless of the other woman's sudden appearance I experienced a renewed burst of desire for my lovely young lover.

The woman began to shout and gesticulate wildly. She pointed at the girl and then pointed at me, indicating the scene around her with what I took to be anger.

The girl yelled back, pulling her bikini bra over her tits while she looked around for her discarded briefs.

The argument continued for half a minute or more, with flailing arms and much to-and-fro in angry Russian.

"She call me names," The girl explained while the older woman glared at her. "She tell me I do bad things. That it wrong to do this with you here."

"Are you leaving?" I asked as a sharp stab of disappointment pierced my chest.

"I must," the girl replied. She tossed her head towards her glowering sister-in-law. "She will go back to hotel and make much noise. My mother and father do not need more trouble."

"Will I see you again?" I asked, surprised at the desperation in my voice.

The girl shrugged and picked up her sunglasses from where they'd fallen in the sand during the early stages of our coupling.

"Shit," I spat vehemently when I watched her backside jiggling in her bikini briefs as she walked through the gap in the rocks.

The older woman lingered for a couple of seconds, staring at me through the lenses of her shades. Then she too walked between the rocks and back towards the beach.

Two -- The Sister-in-Law

As it went I saw my pink bikini princess that evening. It wasn't as though I went out hoping to catch a glimpse of her -- not much it wasn't, and I hoped I could at least see the girl, maybe even snatch a brief conversation if the god's were smiling at me. What happened was somewhere between the two.

I saw them coming down the path towards me in single file, one behind the other with the old man leading. They passed me by, the elders first, unsmiling, followed by the brothers grim -- lugubrious, almost Churchillian, and I wondered at how the dour mother and father, after producing such cheerless sons could go on the raise such a svelte and beautiful daughter. The older woman on the beach came next; she even managed to smile which caught me by surprise. As she passed I wondered at how whichever of the two squat-bodied men the blonde was married to, attracted a gorgeous woman like her. In penultimate place was the adulterous sister-in-law, still sour-faced but I noticed that she had a tidy figure as she went by in her floaty summer dress. The bikini girl came last, and when she saw me she grinned and winked.

Pausing, she glanced at her clan snaking their way through the tourist crowd. She touched my arm. "Same tomorrow. The big stone on the beach. Same time."

And then she was gone, moving off before anyone turned and found her talking to me.

I felt an arterial burst of excitement at the prospect of what the next day would bring. I was going to see her again! Looking after her as she disappeared into the crowd I saw her heart-shaped derrière packed invitingly into a pair of faded denim cut-offs.

Somehow I resisted the urge to follow her, to grab her hand and swing her around and kiss her mouth. I wanted to put my hands all over her lithe body, to feel her tight tits and watch her face as she rode my cock. In my head I saw her on all fours, her rump upthrust in invitation, her pussy all swollen and wet with desire as she stared back at me over one shoulder and told me in her heavy accent to fuck her from behind.

What a sight that would be. That peach of an arse aimed at me while I held her narrow waist and fucked into her slippery cunt.

I drank several beers in a bar overlooking the street but I didn't see her again that night. Later on, back in my room I jerked my cock and fantasised about the beautiful girl in the pink bikini as we fucked in a variety of positions. I wanted to hear her voice as she urged me on in her own language. I imagined the squelching sounds of our coupling as her pussy siped juice over my cock.

"Fuck," I grunted as my release spurted out of me. "I'm going to ride your Russian arse off."

It didn't quite go the way I imagined the next day.

I saw her walking along the beach, the bright flash of her signature pink. I noticed straight away that someone was with her, and I was surprised to see her usual companion by the girl's side when they approached, smiling.

"We have been speaking together," she informed me with a nod towards the older woman. I glanced at the sister-in-law and saw her smiling nervously at me. She seemed skittish, like she didn't really want to be there but also didn't want to leave. "I have something to ask you," the girl added. "We must go to our place to talk."

The older woman smiled shyly as the pink princess set off behind the rocks. She twisted the strap of the small camera she carried uncertainly before following behind me in the girl's wake.

"We are going to make my brother crazy," the girl said as we all stood in the area behind the rocks. "You must make a fuck with her," she pointed at her sister-in-law, "and I will make the photograph."

"What?" I gasped, flabbergasted by the notion. "You want to take pictures of me with ... with ..." I flapped a hand at the older woman, "... her?" I finished.

"Yes," the girl replied, as though this was an everyday, run-of-the mill suggestion. "She show my brother when they go home. She tell him never to make a fuck with any woman again or she will make a fuck with some guy."

"That's fucking insane!" I blurted, but I was already growing stiff at the prospect of banging the voluptuous Russian. I looked across at the blonde. "She doesn't seem to be too keen anyway," I added, a little disappointed despite my shock the older woman might get cold feet.

The girl shook her head. "She is nerves. She shakes but she is really happy for you to make a fuck with her. She say she look at us yesterday and she get all hot." The girl muttered something in Russian to her friend. "She tell me she go to her hotel room and make with her fingers ..." My bikini princess mimicked a brisk rubbing motion between her legs. "She say she think about what she see. She tell me she like to watch you and me making our fucking. She say she want to come to us and do it also."

I swallowed heavily as I took all that in. I could just see the woman on her bed, fucking herself with stiff fingers as she mauled her big tits, her face all twisted when she came.

Before I even realised what I was doing I'd pulled my shorts down to mid thigh and exposed the tumescent length of my cock. I took hold of myself in one hand and beckoned to the blonde with the other.

"Come here," I said, indicating with a sweep of my arm that she should come nearer. "Come on. Come and touch this."

The girl spoke in Russian and held out her hand. The woman glanced at the girl, then at me, and then at the camera. She seemed to hesitate, but then shrugged and gave the camera to the girl.

The woman walked slowly towards me, speaking in Russian as she came.

"She say she is very worry about this. It make her heart go boom-boom-boom."

"Me too," I said, and the girl laughed. She spoke to the woman who laughed as well.

"She tell me you have nice cock. Big, to make her feel good."

"Tell her to take off her bikini," I said quietly, my eyes fixed on the woman's face.

The girl spoke and the woman paused. She looked at me for a few long moments and then reached for the string at the nape of her neck. She pulled the cord and her bikini top fell away to expose her heavy, round breasts. She then, with a quick movement, slid her bikini briefs down her legs. As she stepped out of the bottoms she spoke to the girl.

"You must also remove the clothes," the girl said.

When I stood naked in front of both women the girl gave the woman some instructions in their own language. The woman glanced at her but then, after fixing her attention on me, walked closer to where I stood. She touched my cock and the girl took the first picture. Next, we kissed as the bikini princess moved around and took shot after shot.

The blonde, of her own volition dropped to her knees and reached for my dick. She then posed for a series of photos that featured her holding my hard-on in one hand, her pink, glistening tongue just touching the tip of my penis, and finally a couple of images of her with her lips wrapped around my knob-end.

Everything was staged at first. Me with one of her nipples in my mouth, both hands cupping the heavy jugs before the woman lay down and the girl told me to lick her pussy.

"She is beautiful between her legs, eh?" the girl said. "Nice hair. Short and neat."

"Fucking gorgeous," I sighed, eyeing the woman's geometrically perfect strip of razored pubic hair.

For the first of the penetration shots I lay on my back as the blonde straddled me. She positioned herself so her back was to me, her legs wide while the girl took pictures of her cunt accommodating my length.

The woman muttered something to the girl before she lifted herself off my cock and repositioned herself facing me. She leaned low over me, her big breasts dangling and swaying.

"She say you not to do the stuff inside her. She ask that you make a little fuck. She hot and want to feel good, but you not to do that stuff inside her. We want the best picture of you putting that stuff on her face. She want to make my brother feel so bad when he see that photograph."

"Come here then," I growled and reached for a fistful of blonde hair. The woman gasped as my grabbing fingers caused the clasp to fall out of her hair, the blonde tresses coming loose to cascade over her shoulders. I fucked up into her as we kissed, forcing my cock up with short, urgent jabs. The woman groaned and pulled away from me, arching her back to thrust her tits at the blue sky above.

She gave a sharp cry of fright when a tourist dangling from a harness beneath a parasailing canopy floated past above us, the rope attached to a droning speedboat out on the water. But I pulled her face back down and kissed her again, my hands reaching for her buttocks. I held her arse cheeks with both hands, parting the fleshy globes and jerking hard up into her as I forced her pussy down onto my cock. The woman gasped and forgot all about the airborne voyeur.

When I looked at the girl I saw her with a hand wedged inside her bikini briefs, her fingers mushing into her vulva.

The girl saw me looking and rolled her eyes. "That is so good," she sighed. I never watch people making a fuck before. It makes me very hot." She took a picture. "I want to do that again also. I want to make a fuck with you."

"Anytime, you gorgeous bitch," I snarled. "You're so fucking hot ..."

The woman riding my dick muttered in Russian. She leaned over me, her hands in the sand as she supported her weight on straight arms and pumped her hips up and down. I reached for her swinging tits, kneading and massaging their spongy firmness with both hands.

"I meet you tonight," the girl said, eyes wide as she fingered her pussy and watched her sister-in-law ride my cock. "We do this together. We make a long fuck all night."

I heaved the blonde woman off my body and rolled her onto her back. She gasped and moaned when I began to lick her cunt, my tongue swirling around her clit.

The woman came, grunting and sighing, her hands clawing at the sand before I entered her again, lifting her long legs by hooking my arms under her knees.

"This is what I'm going to do to you tonight," I grunted to the girl. "I'm going to batter your tight little cunt."

My body slap-slapped against the woman's upturned pubis as I fired into her. She moaned and sighed and clawed at my back, her hips jerking against the sand as she tried urgently to take more of my length into her body. She climaxed again, her fingers busy on her clit, and I knew my own surge was imminent.

"You want me to spunk on her face?" I asked the girl.

"What?" my bikini princess replied, her own eyes glazing as she sailed close to her own orgasm. "What you say?"

"I'm going to make the stuff," I responded. "You wanted me to do it on her face."

"Yes!" the girl cried, grabbing the camera from where it nestled inside one cup of the older woman's bikini top. "Not to do inside her. Make it on her face. Make a lot of that stuff."

The girl spoke to the woman sighing and grunting beneath me.

I heard the woman's incomprehensible reply as I eased out of her and began to crank at my cock with my hand.

"Come here, darling," I growled, pushing my knob-end towards the woman's pretty face. "Get ready. Make sure the camera's ready," I hissed.

The girl cried out in delights as the gloop pumped out of me. She took picture after picture as semen rained down onto her sister-in-law's cheeks, forehead and extended tongue. The blonde herself muttered in Russian while shimmering ropes of spunk clung in her hair and garlanded her throat, even more jizm sliding over the curvy upper slopes of the blonde's tits to slither in a viscous ooze across her skin.

The woman rolled the stuff around on her tongue and laughed as the gloop slid out of her mouth and over her chin.

The bikini princess took several lewd pictures of the woman's face as long strands of saliva and spunk hung trembling from her jaw, the febrile suspension breaking so the stiff spattered down onto the sand by the woman's knees.

I pulled my cock and stared when the girl knelt and leaned in to her sister-in-law and kissed the woman's creamy mouth. I was ready for more and wanted to take my bikini girl as she knelt on all fours, but as it happened the older woman was just getting revved up and presented her upturned arse to me instead.

"She say that make her so hot," the girl informed me after the woman jabbered at her quickly. "She ask you make a fuck. Hard and very quick. Make her feel good with that cock."

I slammed into the woman, her hips jiggling under the rapid onslaught. As I fucked into the woman's squelching cunt, the girl pressed her tight body against mine and we kissed. I held the girl close and licked her tongue while her sister-in-law moaned and groaned and smeared spunk over her own tits with the palm of one hand.

"We make a good fuck tonight," the girl murmured into my mouth as my arm encircled her tight, narrow waist. I felt her writhe like a snake in my arms as she wriggled and squirmed. I massaged the taut globe of one buttock, my cock like a piston, pounding into the other woman as I got closer to my second climax.

Finally I grunted and leaned low over the woman's back, cursing and panting as I felt the hot stuff ooze out of me.

They left me there struggling to breathe after the blonde quickly pulled on her bikini ad rearranged her messed up hair. When I left the sanctuary of the rock enclave, I saw the woman in the sea washing my semen from her chest and face.

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