My Russian Valentine


"Where will I meet you?" I asked my bikini girl.

She told me the name of her hotel, a room number and gave me a time.

"Do not be late," she said seriously, and then ran off, giggling.

The older woman smiled at me. She came over and kissed my mouth. I returned the salty kiss before, with some words in Russian, the woman smiled again and turned to leave.

I watched them both walk away and wondered at how I could get so lucky.

I didn't know it then but there were more surprises in store from my pink princess.

Three -- The second Sister-in-Law

Feeling more conspicuous than a bulldog's bollocks I tried to appear casual as I strolled into the hotel foyer. The old Russian couple must have some money because their hotel was a good three stars or more above my accommodation.

As I wandered past the reception desk I expected to be ordered to halt at any second. My spine tingled like I was on a battlefield rumoured to be under the watch of snipers, and I expected one or maybe both of the pink bikini girl's brothers to appear, all grim-faced as they took me off to some dungeon to torture me before dumping my carcass over the side of some fishing boat in the Andaman Sea.

Nothing happened of course and I soon found my way to the girl's room.

I hesitated outside her door, my fist raised to knock. What if I'd misheard or she'd given me the wrong room number, what with her English being so stilted would be an easy mistake to make.

She answered my tentative knock, however when I stepped into the plush room I experienced a sudden flash of shock.

The sister-in-law was there, the dour-faced one, the one who'd shagged bikini girl's other brother.

The woman looked at me from where she sat in one of two comfortable armchairs. She held a heavy tumbler that seemed to be filled with ice and some clear liquid -- most likely vodka, I assumed.

The bikini girl, dressed in a short denim skirt and sleeveless vest in a blue that matched her pale eyes, welcomed me with a smile and kiss on the cheek.

"Do not worry about her," she said, jutting her chin towards her truculent sister-in-law. "She came to drink. My brother's are forgetting their fight and are drinking in her room. So she come to here."

"Where's the other lady?" I asked.

"She will not stay here when this one is here also." The girl indicated the other woman with her hand.

"Understandable," I responded, nodding.

"She is probably in her room with the television. Drink?" the girl asked.

Apparently introductions weren't high on her list of social niceties so I didn't find out the other woman's name. It also occurred to me at that moment that I didn't know the girl's name either, and that she didn't know who I was.

Does it matter? I thought as I nodded my head. "What have you got?" I said in response to her question.

The girl opened a small fridge packed with beer and mixers. "We have whisky, vodka, rum ... beers."

I opted for a Tiger. The girl topped up her sister-in-law's glass with vodka and opened a can of lemonade as a mixer. She placed the can on a small table next to the hitherto silent woman.

The moany-faced cow offered a curt thanks -- or at least I assumed it was a thank-you, she might have been telling the girl to go and fuck herself. I wouldn't know, I don't speak a word of Russian.

"I have something to ask you," the girl said as she invited me to sit in the other armchair. She draped herself elegantly on the sofa that matched the chairs, and I saw a flash of smooth inner thigh as the girl arranged her legs under her bottom.

"What?" I asked, suddenly suspicious.

"I want you to make a fuck with her. Like before, on the beach. But this time you must make it in her bottom. It is a punishment for what she do to Anatassia. For what she do with my brother against my other brother."

I glanced at the oblivious sister-in-law. She glowered at me and swirled vodka and lemonade and ice in her tumbler before taking a deep swallow.

"I take it she can't understand what you're saying?"

"No," the girl replied with a grin. "She think you come here to take me on date. But I know her. She will drink very quickly. When she drink she get all hot between legs. You stay here with me and we drink too, but not as much as she. When she hot between legs we make the move. She will accept it if you want to make fuck with her. I will tell her you think she sexy and that you make the big cock. Then, when she undress and hot you make the fuck in her bottom."

"Jesus Christ," I blasphemed. "What if someone comes to the door? One of your brothers, or maybe both of them! What happens if they catch me with my dick up her arsehole?"

The woman in the chair opposite me spoke. The girl fired a response back quickly.

"She want to know what we talk about. She ask what time we go out."

"What did you tell her?"

"I say we go later. First we have drink, then go."

The girl spoke in Russian and the woman nodded. The sister-in-law drained the tumbler of liquid and abruptly ordered held the tumbler up for the girl to take from her.

"I ask if she want another drink. It not be too much time before she will be ... how you say ... not drunk but ...?"

"Tipsy?" I offered.

"Da! Exactly. She will be tipsy." The girl practiced the word silently as she handed the woman a generous measure of vodka. The sister-in-law accepted the glass with what seemed to be her habitual, unpleasant demeanour. "Then, when she is tipsy I tell her you like her."

"But what about you?" I asked, forgetting to refuse complicity in her mad scheme outright. "Won't she be put off with you here?"

The girl shrugged and pulled a face. "I don't think so," she said casually. "When you are making the fuck to her bottom I will take the photographs. Just like before."

"I don't fucking believe I'm getting involved in this," I muttered to myself. I drained off the can of beer and the girl asked if I wanted another.

She got up from the seat to get it for me. When she came back she leaned in low and kissed my mouth. Instinctively I ran my hands up her legs, feeling the smooth skin of her thighs. My hand found the heat of her vulva completely bare.

"That is good," the girl purred. "I feel hot between legs. My pussy very warm."

The girl kissed me again, her tongue slipping between my lips. She squirmed against my hand for a moment before pulling away from me.

Her sister-in-law was staring at us with her jaw slack. There followed an exchange in Russian. The woman spoke first and the girl replied. This seemed to lead to some questions being asked. There was a lot of conversation undoubtedly about me judging by the way the sister-in-law kept glancing and gesturing at me.

"I tell her I meet you on beach and that I like to make a fuck with you. She ask who you are. I tell her you are from England. I say you like me very much, that you think I am sexy."

"Which is true," I interrupted. "I do you like you very much; I do think you're sexy."

The girl laughed and spoke to the other woman again. "I tell her you think she sexy also. I tell her if she want to stay and make fuck with you then I don't mind. We share the big cock."

I looked at the sister-in-law. The woman seemed to be thinking, seriously thinking, and I realised then that she might just be going to go for it. Holy shit, the girl was right about her. A couple of drinks and her knickers fell off -- if she wore any; I wondered if the woman was as bare-arsed as the girl.

The woman spoke to the girl, which made my bikini princess laugh.

"She say she want you to kiss her on the pussy."

And just like that, we were off.

The sister-in-law stood up and lifted the hem of her muslin skirt. She had great legs, very slender and shapely with long, lean thighs and sculpted calves, all smooth and tanned. As she lifted the dress higher I saw her pudenda plumply packed into the tiny cup of a thong, the strings of which rode high on her hips and matched the pale outline of her skin where her bikini had protected her from the sun's rays. The woman hooked the thong to one side with a forefinger, and I sighed with pleasure when I saw the meaty flaps dangling between her legs. She bent her knees and splayed her labia with her fingers to expose her pink core.

The size of her clit! Fuck me, but it was huge; and the woman groaned as she slid the tip of her finger over the fleshy protuberance.

"I'm going to suck your clit for hours," I groaned.

The woman actually cracked a smile, perhaps reading the tone of my voice. OK, she was no looker, but if the rest of her body was this good then I didn't give a fuck if she were a plain Jane. It wasn't as if she couldn't be prettier, she could be but she just never seemed to smile and her mouth had a perpetual downward curve.

I heard the girl mutter in Russian behind me.

The woman laughed and fingered her clit, the thing almost flopping from side-to-side like a tiny penis. It seemed that when she got her clitoris out to play she started to enjoy herself. She muttered at me again.

"She say you must kiss her on the pussy," the girl repeated. She spoke to the woman who laughed again and replied.

"What did you say?" I asked, motioning to the woman to sit down. She did, bunching her dress around her hips before hooking her legs over the chair arms and holding herself open.

"I say I never know she built like that." The girl pointed to the woman's outsized clit. "I say if I know I would kiss her on the pussy also. She say we do that together sometime."

I nodded distractedly, most of my attention taken up by the sight of the woman so lewdly sprawled on the chair. I could see how the brother married to the pretty blonde, Anatassia, could be tempted by the sour-faced bitch.

"Maybe you should do it tonight," I replied as I dropped to my knees in between the woman's spread thighs.

I yanked the thong to one side and dabbed my tongue against the woman's clit, licking it quickly to bring a gasp and a long, low groan from her. Then I went at her, sucking the thing between my lips, teasing it between my teeth while I probed a finger into the woman's opening. She grunted and squirmed, forcing her body onto my face when she grabbed my head with both of her hands and crammed my mouth and nose against her hot, slippery flesh.

She began to babble, and when I looked up to see her face all creased and twisted with pleasure I saw the bikini girl was now also naked. The girl's fingers were busy between her smooth thighs as she stood to one side of the chair and looked down at us. With her free hand she stroked the woman's dark, straight hair.

The woman opened her eyes and smirked up into the girl's face. She muttered something and reached a hand towards my bikini princess. Her fingers caressed the girl's cheek and then the pair of them kissed.

When the kiss broke the woman looked at me and muttered. Her fingertip slid over her clit and I realised she'd told me to carry on sucking at her.

When I returned to the task the woman chuckled and stroked my hair. I heard her crooning at me in her own language, and I took her tone to mean I was doing a good enough job on her clit.

"I want to kiss her there," the girl said as she lay a hand on my shoulder.

"Be my guest," I replied and stood up.

While the girl knelt and flicked her tongue over that outsized nub of flesh I stripped out of my clothes. The woman smiled when she saw my hard-on. She muttered a phrase and reached out her hand. I took this to mean she wanted to touch me so I went to her. I think her next comment was something about how stiff I was because the grin almost split her face when her fingers curled around my girth. She motioned to me to come closer, pulling my dick towards her as she leaned over and sucked the tip of my cock.

We carried on like that for a minute or two, with the girl slurping away while the woman sucked my cock and cranked at me with her fist. I thought I was going to embarrass myself and come early, but the woman moaned and mumbled around her mouthful of hard dick and began to jerk her hips.

My cock plopped from between her lips as the woman's climax ripped through her. She started squealing and groaning. Her legs came up off the chair arms as she tried to get her thighs wider apart so the girl could get at her.

The two women were muttering to each other back-and-forth, urging each other on I assumed. The girl's face was stern with concentration as she held the thick, meaty labia apart with one hand and fucked three stiff fingers into her sister-in-law's cunt with the other. She rolled her thumb around and around the woman's big clit while her sister-in-law writhed in the chair like she was being electrocuted.

When she finally calmed, the sister-in-law pushed the breathless bikini girl away from her body. She rose to her feet unsteadily and grabbed the tumbler from the table. Several quick swallows later and she'd drained the glass. Holding the tumbler out with a haughty expression she barked an order at the girl still sprawled at her feet. The girl stood up and took the glass from her sister-in-law's hand. While my bikini princess refreshed the woman's drink I stood and watched her, my hand working slowly along my dick as I wondered which of the two women I wanted to fuck the most.

My bikini princess had the appeal of her relative youth -- firm and heart-shatteringly pretty, plump and round where it counted. I knew from my experiences on the beach that she was tight inside and could milk my cock with her pussy, but her sister-in-law had proved to be the dark horse and I wanted to enjoy what she had to offer.

The women smirked at me while she waited for her drink. She glanced down at my erection and nodded. She winked and turned her back to me. First she lifted her dress up and then over her head. She dropped the dress to the floor and looked back over one shoulder to see my reaction. What she saw made her smile -- I was boggling at the best arse I'd ever seen. The woman muttered at me and slid the thong down her long, dancer's legs. I gasped out loud and groaned, my hand working my cock.

Her long dark hair hung between her shoulder blades as I studied the curve of her long back, her narrow waist, the sweep of her hips and the tanned skin. I saw again, albeit from behind this time, the tanline of her bikini briefs high on her hips, and even though I was looking at her naked, I wished I'd seen her on the beach in her bikini.

The girl handed the woman the glass. The sister-in-law sipped at it and sighed in appreciation before she placed the glass down and took hold of the girl's face between her palms. She stared into my bikini princess's face for a few seconds and then muttered something in a low voice. The women kissed in a slow, lingering glide of tongues.

When they broke apart the woman turned to me. She spoke, posing and smiling.

"She ask if you like her," the girl said, her voice hoarse. "She say men like her a lot. Russian men. She ask if English men like her."

I glanced at the girl and saw her eyes glazed with lust. Her hand moved between her legs as she rubbed herself slowly.

"I like her very much," I murmured, my eyes back on the older woman. I looked her up and down, slowly, deliberately letting her see my eyes drinking in the sight of her body.

"I want to watch you make a fuck with her," the girl moaned. "You make the fuck with her and you make the fuck with me. You can do this?"

"Both of you?" I asked in awe.

"Please," the girl whispered. "I so hot. I want to see you make the fuck with her. You make it with her bottom also. I still want to take photographs for Anatassia. I want to make trouble for this one. I show my brother his wife is bad ..." The girl looked over at the other woman who stood waiting for an explanation as to what the protracted conversation was about. "... But I want to have her for myself also."

"She's got something about her," I replied.

"What you say?"

"I said she's hot. Very sexy. She doesn't smile much usually, but her body ... Wow."

The girl pouted. "You not like me any more?"

"I fancy the fucking arse off you," I replied, smiling at her. "You're very pretty and very sexy. I like you more than I like her."

The woman spoke to the girl.

"She say you must make a fuck now." The girl tilted her head. "You like me more than you like her? Yes? We make a fuck tonight? Later? Together?"

I went to the girl and held her shoulders. "I want to do it with you all night," I replied before I kissed her forehead. "I want to do it with you every night until you go home."

"You go make a fuck with her," the girl smiled. "I help you. We both have fun. I take the photographs and then we are alone and we have more fun."

The older woman gave me a quizzical look as I approached her. There was nothing I could say, I just wanted to get at her now. I was horny as hell from what I'd already seen and done, all fired up by the prospect of fucking this hot-bodied Russian as well as the promise of more delight with my beautiful bikini princess.

I grabbed the woman's hips and pulled her to me for a kiss. There was no finesse or tenderness in that kiss; it was more a demonstration of my gnawing hunger to fuck. While our tongues fought a slippery battle I rubbed my palms over the woman's small breasts. She reached for my dick, moaning into my mouth when she felt the size and stiffness in her fist.

The girl came to us and joined in. The three of us kissed, tongues sliding around and over each other. First it was me and the woman, then her and the girl before we managed a short interval of just licking each other indiscriminately.

The girl went to her knees and sucked at my cock. The woman joined her a few seconds later. They passed me back-and-forth, both slurping and sucking and smacking their lips wetly off the end of my dick.

The woman stood up and indicated with a nod of her head that we should move to the bed. She led the way, her metronomic hip-sway holding my eyes on her arse. She lay on the bed and spread her legs. I watched her rub her clit while the girl still sucked my cock.

"She wants me on the bed," I said.

The girl released me and looked across the room. "We go," she replied.

I clambered up onto the bed between the woman's legs. She bent her knees and lifted her feet, still wearing her wedge-heeled shoes as she offered her cunt to me.

We both groaned when I slid inside her body, her spongy softness parting for me as I moved deeper. The woman stared up at me, anticipation gleaming in her eyes. She grinned and moaned, her hips rising to meet me as her eyes closed and her head lolled back. I heard her mutter something to me as she began to rock her hips, her arms reaching up to pull me down on top of her. She kissed my mouth hungrily, as though she wanted to devour me. I lifted myself off her, holding my body above hers on straight arms. The harder I pounded into her, the crazier the woman went for my cock. She babbled in rapid Russian, her voice low and sultry one moment, high-pitched and urgent the next.

The girl lay alongside her sister-in-law and massaged the woman's breasts. Occasionally, while I fucked into the woman, the girl would lean across, resting on one elbow to mutter what I assumed to be obscenities into the other woman's ear.

The girl grinned up at me, eyes shining. She lay on her side with her legs open and split her sticky labia with a finger.

"You make a fuck with her good. She like it very much. She like men very much. I want to make a fuck also. My pussy so hot."

"I'll fuck you later," I groaned. "I want you all night. This woman is just a fuck, but you're special. I like you very, very much. When I do this to you we'll make love. It won't all be crazy fucking."

"You not speak now," the girl replied, two fingers inside her body. "Later you speak with me. When we alone."

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