tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Sexy Neighbor

My Sexy Neighbor


My name is Dave, I'm 18 and live at home with my parents and younger brother. Our neighbours are Stuart and Julie who have 2 young kids and since about 14 I've had a crush on Julie. She's about 5'2" with brown hair and a nice figure. She's always been very friendly with all our family and it's easy to talk to her despite our age difference.

She will be about 34 now and I suppose what first attracted me to her was the fact that she's got quite large breasts for a small lady. They are a perfect shape, not overlarge but certainly at least a full handful each.

Although my brother and I are quite a bit older than her kids we often play with them in the drive between our houses and I think Julie appreciates this. She's often commented on how good we are with younger children and I think this has helped me get a job at the local youth centre where I now work shifts.

Julie has always seemed interested hearing how I was getting on at school and then in my new job and always encouraged me, as did Stuart who also said I should be a rugby player as my height had shot up over the last three years. This gave me perfect excuses to go and talk to Julie after school and then when I started working this year, whenever I wasn't working a daytime shift.

I'd often call when Stuart was at work and I think Julie appreciated an older person to talk to instead of no-one or young kids. We often talked in her kitchen and I was never in a rush to leave as Julie always looked nice and sometimes didn't even wear a bra.

Whenever it was warm I would try to think of something that I could tell Julie so that I could go round to find out what she was wearing. Many times I could see the shape of her nipples poking into the thin material of her tops. Being over 6'1" now, I can often get a great look down the front of her tops. She also often bends down to pick things up that the kids have dropped or to tie their shoelaces etc.

This often gets my cock twitching as I get to see more of her tits than she would intend. Julie always seems to walk fast but being small only takes short steps which makes hers tits bounce superbly as she goes. This is even more fantastic when she is braless as you can see her perfect tits as though she were topless.

I'm often in our house alone as my mum works part-time and also goes to slimming class twice a week, my dad works shifts and my brother is either at school or out playing. One day, after months of lustful ogling, I happened to be just about to leave my bedroom and glanced ahead and out of our landing window. From our window you can see Julie and Stuarts landing window and, as they don't have net curtains like we do, you can see straight into their bedroom if their curtains aren't shut.

I had previously mentioned that we had new bedroom doors fitted as the old ones didn't close properly and Julie told me their doors wouldn't shut properly either.

The white flash that caught my eye was Julie with a white towel wrapped round her body and another round her head. She had just come out of the bathroom and walked into her bedroom and although she pushed the bedroom door to close, it slowly drifted open again. I got as close as I could to the net curtains as Julie took her hair towel off and began blow drying her hair.

They have full-length mirror sliding wardrobe doors along the far wall which means that the parts of their bedroom you cant see directly, you can actually see by looking at the mirrors. My heart began to pound as I watched in anticipation of what might happen next, and I wasn't disappointed. Julie put the hairdryer back in the wardrobe and closed the wardrobe door, effectively making sure there were no gaps in my view of her bedroom. She then undid the knot above her bosom and then threw the towel onto the bed, leaving herself stark naked.

My head almost butted the window as I strained to see her naked body. My cock had gone rock hard and I put my hand inside my trousers and underpants. I could mostly see her back and gorgeous bum, and I started saying out loudly to myself "turn round and show me your fanny" until I was shouting it. She kept turning to her right to get things out of the drawers and then to her left to put them on the bed, each time showing me tantalising side views of her magnificent naked tits.

I felt like kicking myself for never having thought to look across like this before – I bet I missed loads of chances to see her naked. She bent towards the bed and picked up a towel in each hand, her tits wobbling beautifully as she bent and then straightened up. I then gripped my cock hard as she turned and walked straight towards me, my eyes conscious of a little hairy patch between her legs but glued to her gorgeous naked breasts.

There must have been a wash basket on the landing as she bent down and then went back into the bedroom, her sexy arse wiggling as she walked. "Turn round and show me your fanny again" I said out loud as I began wanking my cock. She picked something off the bed and although facing the mirrors I could now see past her to her reflection. I could see dark hair between her legs as she bent forward to put her knickers on, her tits making a fantastic shape as they hung forward.

Wanking harder, I then saw her put a bra round her waist and fasten it before sliding it round and pulling on the straps, her tits wobbling as though waving to me before they disappeared into her bra.

I could feel myself coming and became aware that I was about to spunk over the wallpaper and landing carpet so I side-stepped into the bathroom to unload into some tissue. As I got back to the window I saw Julie leaving her bedroom, now fully clothed. I thought about going to see her but then didn't want to risk her thinking she should start closing her landing curtains during the daytime so I decided not to. I went back to my bedroom and had another wank over the fantastic sight I had just seen.

After that, whenever I was alone, I used to spend quite a bit of time sat on my bed glancing across into Julie's house. Quite a few delights rewarded my patience. For example, Julie often put her nightclothes on while the kids were having a bath before bedtime and rarely were the landing curtains closed before the kids actually went to bed. This gave me fantastic views of Julie undressing and putting various nightclothes on, sometimes without knickers, before she went back downstairs for the rest of the evening.

I continued to pop round to have a chat but now I could look at her tits and imagine they were naked, just as I had seen them probably one or two days earlier.

Happily contented with this situation (me watching Julie giving me various displays of her naked body while I wanked furiously behind our net curtain, dreaming that I was actually fucking her) I didn't think it could get better, but it did.

She mentioned that they were going out one night and the kids were going to stay at the grandparents for the night and following day. The grandparents came and went and luckily I was in the house on my own having worked the morning shift. It was late on a Saturday afternoon and the sun was shining through their closed but thin bedroom curtains brightening their room.

Whenever I'd seen Stuart wandering around naked I made a point of looking away as soon as I established that Julie wasn't around. And this particular time I saw Stuart, obviously starting to get ready for the night out with his lovely wife. I was about to look away when I saw Julie who was approaching the top of the stairs, and then went into the bedroom.

I'd seen Julie wave the kids off earlier that afternoon and she was wearing a short blue denim skirt and tight red top, and was clearly braless. It looked like her and Stuart were talking and then Julie slapped Stuart's naked bum and turned to dash out of the bedroom, Stuart turned round and chased Julie, catching her in the doorway and seemed to be tickling her waist. Julie bent forward and as she did they seemed to take a few steps back into the bedroom. They were both laughing and I could see Julie mouth "stop it, stop it". But instead of stopping, Stuart grabbed Julie's braless tits through her top.

I loosened the top of my jeans and grabbed hold of my cock which leapt to an erection as Stuart was now putting his hands under Julie's top and groping her tits. Oh, how I wish that was me doing that to her, I thought. Julie was still laughing and mouthing "stop it". But Stuart turned her and pushed her onto the bed. I could see his erection, which didn't look as big as mine but then I am bigger than Stuart now.

I could see in the mirrors that Stuart had dived on top of Julie and their hands were moving furiously. Stuart probably fighting to get to her tits and Julie trying to stop him. Stuart got off the side of the bed and pulled Julie's legs around so that she was laying lengthwise on the bed. I saw Julie try to sit up, her top now above her tits which had obviously received a good fondling.

Stuart dived back onto the bed pushing Julie back down again. But the position they were now in gave me a great view of what was going on. Their feet were nearest the mirror so I got a great view of their lower regions and although I couldn't see Julie's tits or their faces it looked obvious that Stuart was feeling her left tit while they were kissing. Julie's legs were not moving about as much now and I got a great view of her fit legs right up to her white knickers. Julie's hands had stopped waving around as well and were now still on the back of Stuart's head and neck. Stuart's right hand started feeling up and down Julie's left leg and my cock seemed to swell up even more when I saw him take a hold of Julie's knickers under her short skirt.

Although I'd seen the cute triangle of hair above Julie's cunt before, I'd never actually seen her cunt lips. It looked as though not only was I going to get to see her cunt lips for the first time, and from a horizontal view, but I was going to see her getting fucked as well.

Her knickers slid down to her knees in one swift movement, and after a slight pause Julie lifted her left leg so that Stuart could slip her knickers off, leaving them wrapped around her right knee area. As Stuart was lying to Julie's right I got an unobstructed view of Julie's fantastic cunt, the darkness of her pussy lips contrasting against the silky white smoothness of her inner thighs and the little dark bush of hair above them.

My face was pressed up against the window, making sure none of the pattern on our net curtain obscured my view and I slowed down my wanking action as I felt the sperm build up in side my knob. Stuart's right hand moved between Julie's legs and he inserted at least one finger into her cunt. Julie opened her legs wider as though she was allowing me to see exactly what was happening. Then Stuart started to get on top of her, moving his legs between hers. As Stuart hovered over her I could see his hairy arse and balls, with his prick pointing towards Julie's cunt, and I could see Julie's lovely cunt waiting underneath him, her legs wide apart and slightly bent at the knees. Stuart's arse moved down to Julie as he penetrated her. He seemed to move his legs wider which in turn made Julie lift her legs off the bed, and also gave me a fantastic view of his cock going in and out of her.

I started to come and gripped the end of my foreskin in an effort to stop my sperm going all over the place, I certainly wasn't going to grab a tissue and miss any of this. Julie lifted her legs higher up and they were swaying to the rhythm of Stuart thrusting in and out of her. "Oh god I wish it was me doing that, Julie you're fantastic love" I said out loud. Stuart was gradually increasing the speed with which he was fucking my darling little Julie and his bum was moving faster and faster as he rammed his cock into my favourite woman's cunt.

All I could see of Julie as she lay under her husband was her legs and her gorgeous cunt apart from her forearms and hands on Stuart's back. I could see Stuart's hairy back and hairy legs and balls, and also glimpses of his cock as it rammed in and out of my dream woman. Then Stuart suddenly raised his head and clenched his buttocks and paused for a second before thrusting 5 or 6 slow but really hard thrusts into Julie's cunt. Julie's legs had dropped back onto the bed and I concluded that Stuart had finally fucked her.

My sperm started trickling out of my foreskin through my fingers, and I wondered what it must be like for Julie with her cunt full of sperm. They seemed to lie still for a while, Stuart's head out of view again but Julie's hands slowing stroking Stuart's hairy back. Then Stuart got up and walked to the bathroom his cock about half the size it had been a few minutes earlier.

Julie's legs were still apart and I imagined I was lying there, my wet cock in my hand having just taken it out of Julie's sopping cunt. She then jumped up, pulling her top off but letting her skirt drop to it's normal position and kicked off her knickers. Her breasts looked as magnificent as ever. Julie went to the bathroom just as Stuart returned to the bedroom. I went to my bathroom and cleaned myself up thinking of the delightful show I had just witnessed.

Going back to the window, the show wasn't completely over as Julie later returned and slowly dressed in black bra, stockings and suspenders before pulling on a tiny pair of black panties and then a black dress. I got another erection watching her naked body and had another good wank, coming again when she was still in her stockings and suspenders and tiny black panties, her naked jugs swinging freely as she put her sexy underwear on. Needless to say I still satisfy myself in this way with the continued showings I get from Julie and having seen her getting laid, my imagination runs riot when I'm talking to her.

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