My Stunning Julia Ch. 02


Mark joined us near the window. He only had one drink in his hands and it was intended for me. I accepted it as he positioned himself immediately behind Julia, not touching her anywhere, but smelling her hair and breathing into her right ear. The tension was visible in her demeanor; she seemed overwhelmed by Mark's nearness as if she anticipated his imminent touch. I could see it in her eyes; she was apprehensive, waiting for him to make an advance, so that she could stop him from invading her space just as she had promised me she would. I was sure Julia wouldn't let anything happen this time, but neither of us expected his next move.

"Your wife is beautiful," said Mark, surprisingly addressing me, "Can I kiss her?"

Julia shook, startled by his question, and looked at me in shock. He was taking the decision out of her hands, as if she had no say in the matter. I felt a shiver through my spine, as well. Caught by surprise, I didn't know what to say. Although the right answer was so easy to utter, I hesitated. This hesitation was enough for Mark. With a swift move, he turned my wife around and kissed her on the lips. Again I was witnessing his tongue invading her mouth and it was as painful as the first time. Julia wasn't resisting at all. When Mark broke the kiss, she was, again, completely under his spell. He took a step backward and she followed him, searching for his touch and lips. The game had instantly changed; my wife was no longer the prey and openly chased Mark. She wanted more, much more... Her promise didn't mean anything to her, not anymore. I panicked and, for the first time, I was about to take a stand...

Mark took another step backward and, before my wife had the opportunity to follow him again, I grabbed her hand. I wasn't holding her tight and she didn't try to break loose, although I was certain that she wanted to. Surprisingly, Mark seemed amused with my reaction. This was all a big game for him. Julia was standing between us, confused and indecisive of what to do next. This impasse seemed to last for hours, until she made her choice.

Julia moved toward me and I felt ecstatic because she was choosing me.

We held each other and she whispered in my ear, "I love you! I love you so much!" Her voice was tender and warm.

As she continued, my reverie was replaced by dread.

"Do this for me, please. Let's pretend this is a dream, this entire weekend... just this time... one crazy dream," she intoned as if enchanted.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Julia wanted this badly enough to pronounce these infamous words. It sounded like a plea but it wasn't, her mind was already made. She turned to Mark and he invited her to go to him. Their eyes were locked on each other and, when their bodies met, she began opening his pants.

When she had completed her task, he sat on the nearest armchair and extended her a cushion on the floor between his legs that just happened to be conveniently lying around. I wondered how many women had provided sexual favors on that same spot. In a few seconds, my dear Julia would be another one of them.

Outside, people could see me, still standing by the window, as I could see them. I felt exposed, as if they could realize what was about to happen inside just by looking at me, so I moved out of their line of sight. My wife knelt before Mark and pushed his pants to the floor; then she did the same with his underwear but this time much slower, smiling straight at him. I felt like one too many in that room, a hindrance to my wife and her lover. Mark's massive cock was inches from her face. Then Julia looked at me and, for a fraction of a second, I thought that there was still hope that I would escape this trap. I was wrong again. She only wanted a last assurance from me that it was safe to advance, one last chance given to me before it was too late. However, I no longer wanted to attempt to stop her because I feared that she would defy my wishes and do it anyway.

For the first time, Mark showed a very small hint of impatience, seconds away from his final victory. He took his cock in his left hand, entangled his right hand's fingers in my wife's hair and gently but firmly pushed her face toward him. Julia offered no resistance but stopped a few inches from her goal. Then she showed me what she wanted my part to be in all that was happening. With a swift gesture of her hand she propelled her hair to the right side of her head, thus opening a clear path of view to me. Julia wanted to be watched by her husband as she committed the ultimate act of adultery. She wanted me to have a clear view as I was cuckolded.

I never thought I would be where I was standing, watching my own wife please another man. I never thought that this kind of lust resided inside of her. What I believed to be set in stone no longer applied. Julia's sweet lips touched Mark's manhood, a shy, faint kiss. On the second touch she used the full extension of her lips and the third was only a prelude for what happened next. She seized his shaft, closed her eyes, opened her mouth and took his huge glans inside her throat. Mark exhaled deeply, releasing all the accumulated tension of the moment. Julia was his, at last. Then, her lips locked and his cock slowly slid out. She repeated it a couple more times, trying to become accustomed to its size.

"Oh, your lips feel so good," murmured an evidently pleased Mark.

One idea kept repeating in my head: there was a cock in my wife's mouth and it wasn't mine. How would I deal with it? How could I ever kiss those lips and touch her tongue again?

For a while I witnessed my wife patiently experimenting with Mark's penis. She had a new toy with which to play. It was as if Mark wasn't there and his cock was an independent entity. People say that size doesn't matter but I was witnessing the exact opposite in my wife's behavior. Julia seemed in love with that big piece of cockmeat, itself. As I watched, her lips and tongue explored every inch of it. After the initial shock, I was reluctantly becoming more and more fascinated by Julia's recreation. It felt like a dream, an erotic nightmare from which I would wake up anytime. In fact, this was truly a dream: my Julia's dream.

Then, her body language dramatically changed. My wife stared at Mark, acknowledging his presence. I knew that look! So far it had been only about her recreation, but from then on it would be about teasing and pleasuring Mark, the ultimate submission to his needs and desires. This was wrong! Wives should only pleasure their husbands in this manner. Julia was mine, not his! This was wrong!

"Sweetie, you're so hot," he said, visibly enthralled by her oral skills.

She took as much of his cock on her mouth as she comfortably could without taking her eyes from him. I imagined his glans sliding along her tongue, corrupting her sweet mouth.

"Oh fuck! You're good!" Mark encouraged her.

I didn't know whether he was referring to her technique or her lewd behavior, maybe both. As they stared at each other, their closeness seemed stronger than ever. A profound jealousy invaded me and was tearing me apart from the inside. I didn't know what was more painful, their physical intimacy or their growing complicity.

Mark's cock was becoming harder than ever. Sometimes my wife's movements became frantic, but most of the time she worked patiently on his meat.

"Do you like sucking on my cock?" asked Mark, fueling her libidinous conduct.

"Yes!" she shamelessly replied before swallowing his penis again.

It reached a moment where Mark felt it was time for something more and he acted quickly on his impulse: he stopped my wife, held her in his arms and gently sat her on top of the club owner's desk; then he opened her legs and occupied the space in the between; his hands were high on her thighs, under her dress. Surprised by his sudden initiative, Julia tried to correspond to his touches. Her hands reached bellow his shirt and caressed his chest as he kissed her on the neck. Then, Mark grabbed his cock with his right hand and I knew what his intention was. He wanted to do my wife right there, on top of that desk. Somehow mesmerized by my wife's blowjob, I panicked at this new development. But Julia was no longer acting like a defenseless victim of Mark's advances. She took control of the action, withdrew from Mark and said with confidence:

"Not yet!" She quickly composed her dress and hair, put on her shoes that had been discarded in their frenzy, and lewdly added, "I hear music. I want to dance."

Then she left the room.

Mark was clearly bewildered with what had just happened. After a moment, he smiled as if he had been challenged. My wife's behavior was making all of this even more interesting for him, I was sure of that. He fixed his clothes and also left the office.

Despite all the pain that I had been experiencing, I was stunned by my horniness. My cock was bursting inside my underwear after watching my own wife blowing another man. I left the room with no illusions, this was only a break, the night wasn't over and Julia still coveted Mark.

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