tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy True Self Ch. 01

My True Self Ch. 01


Copyright 2008 by Midnight Death Writer

(Let me know if you want part two)


I couldn't see with blindfold over my eyes.

Other than the blindfold, I was naked. I was also tied spread eagle over a hard surface. I assumed a table. It was hot and sweltering, and the weather was in the mid or high nineties. I was scared, as I had been taken from my bedroom, the sick smell of chloroform putting me out as I came out of my slumber to discover a dark shape over me, until I woke here. I sensed someone was in the room.

"You're awake"

The voice was deep and assured. "I'm going to teach you something about yourself. You are not the ice queen you pretend to be. I know better because all women with few exceptions are hotter blooded than they think." "Already I can see your nipples exposing your true feelings about what is happening, and about to happen"

It was true; my nipples were so hard they practically hurt. I could feel my pussy beginning to moisten as well. Fuck! This wasn't me, I was always in command of myself; I was always in command of the men in my life! Something wet and warm circled my right nipple then a pair of lips sucked at the tip. I shuddered.

I sensed the person moving upward, and felt breath at my ear, then lips gently nibbling at the lobe, a sensitive spot for me. I sucked in my breath suddenly.

He chuckled.

His lips raped mine and before he was done, I was actively participating; me, the woman that rarely allowed a man's tongue to pass my lips. I moaned.

I moaned? What was happening to me? A second pair of lips fastened onto my left nipple as the first pair of lips ravaged my mouth. Another moan emanated from me. There were two of them? I was about to be raped by two men? Maybe there were even more? I did not know.

One foot was freed, and lifted high, and I felt a tongue tip lick at my already very wet pussy, and then yet a third pair of lips kissing me down there! I'd never allowed a man to touch his lips down there! I was wetter than I could remember being, and the tongue was jammed deep inside me. I tried to cry out, but all that came was another moan as the first pair of lips had not relinquished mine.

The lips left mine and soon someone straddled my leg that was still restrained, and a large cock was jammed into my wet and willing pussy.

My body and yes my soul, responded and I tried to co-operate with my rapist, if rape it can be called, as I now wanted it badly, and I was aching for that penetration. As I was fucked by the cocksman, I moaned and groaned in pleasure, until another pair of lips recaptured mine and I could feel a tongue post touching my tongue as we French kissed. Whoever was kissing me had a tongue piercing!

The cock was removed from my pussy, and the man straddled my chest and pulled my mouth to his cock, a pillow was jammed under my head to make it easier, and then the lips, tongue and that piercing post was again at my pussy lips. I sucked that cock hungrily, wanting it for once. I'd never done more than a half hearted attempt at sucking a cock, and that rarely.

Something as large as the man's cock probed my pussy, but it was not attached to a body, and was harder. Then the vibrations started. My legs were spread wide, suddenly both feet were free, and lifted further back, and another probing was felt at my anus!

My virgin rosebud! It was about to be penetrated! Whoever was doing it teased my rosebud, and whatever was being used felt slick and smooth, then was gently edged inside. I'd read once that "pushing" like you were emptying your bowels helped prevent pain on an anal entrance, and I tried, as I was scared of being torn.

The object slipped inside, and it felt incredible! I immediately started to orgasm, another thing I rarely had felt. Only this orgasm started strong, and only got stronger and I began to scream in ecstasy. My legs were spread wide and pulled far back and I felt hands gripping my ankles holding them down close to my shoulders.

I had never come so hard as I did then; it lasted long, and left me breathless and disoriented. As I finally came down, I could feel a tongue tip gently touching and stroking around both my pussy, still filled with the vibrator, and my rosebud, also still filed with whatever was in there. The man climbed off me and suddenly ravaged my lips. Probing with his tongue, lightly chewing on my lips, and generally leaving me moaning for more.

I was moved to the edge of the surface I was on and with my legs again high, the object in my ass was slid out, and a warm, slick, slightly softer, more resilient, object replaced it, and slid home. It had to be the man's cock as now I felt his loins resting against my buttocks.

"Beg for it bitch."

"Please, Fuck me!" I almost whispered.

"You can do better you fuck slut."

"I found my voice: "Fuck me please master, fuck my ass! Yes! Fuck me!

I was overwhelmed as he began to fuck my semi virgin ass. I felt a gentile finger working my clit, and suddenly a wet pussy was planted on my mouth! I didn't hesitate! I devoured that pussy as best I was able, as the sensations continued; orally, vaginally, anally even my nipples were not ignored!

My screams of passion were muffled by the pussy I was eating, and loving every second of it. When my body again exploded into orgasm, I vaguely felt and heard my master emptying himself deep into me, although the sensations of his cock was intense and vivid. Then I blacked out.

I awoke some time later, blindfold gone, lying on my own oak kitchen table, two glass dildos in my nether regions one emitting a low hum, and another, coated with juices, standing on its suction cup pedestal, near my face with a hand printed card saying "Suck it Clean".

I did so, lovingly.

When I realized they were gone, I felt a feeling of disappointment. I gently extracted the two glass dildos from me, all similar, and very realistic looking, and got off the table. I was wobbly, but felt sexually fulfilled for the first time in my life. I staggered into the living room, still naked, and saw myself in the mirror; was that sexy, slutty looking bitch me? I had a shit eating grin on my face that said I was well fucked and wanted more.

Then I read the message printed on the mirror in red lipstick.

"Don't call the police or you will never be fulfilled again."

I had no intention of doing so!

I wobbled into my bedroom, and into the bathroom with its luxury shower I had put in.

Another message:

"When you are ready, come to me."

My pussy, my well fucked pussy, got wetter.

I showered, and cleaned myself, and pleasured myself a little, getting a little orgasm, but wanted more.

When I came out into my bedroom I noticed for the first time, an outfit had been laid out on the bed, one that I didn't own. A pair of "fuck me" stiletto heeled pumps were at the foot of the bed also. The outfit had a hand printed note on it. "Dress in this and nothing else, and go to the club at 1999 South Pierce street. Do it now." I was dripping in excitement now. Trembling I slipped the silky backless dress over my head. It fit perfectly, and left little to the imagination, but covered everything, sort of. I slipped the stilettos on and then realized I needed panties at least. I opened the drawer I kept them in, and it was empty!

Neatly printed on the bottom of the drawer was the following:

"No more panties for you, ever again."

I was so wet I was leaking down my leg. I went to the bathroom and wiped with some TP, and saw the note again on the mirror.

"When you are ready, come to me."

Nipples aching with desire, and pussy barely under control, I went to the garage and drove off to submit to my master.

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