tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy True Self Ch. 02

My True Self Ch. 02


Copyright 2011 by Midnight Death Writer

(Let me know if you want Part Three, and reading part one is probably necessary to having this part make sense...)


I was in somewhat of a daze as I drove to the address I had been left with. I felt more alive than at any time I could remember, but a small angst was in the back of my mind. Who had my ravisher's been? That there were two for sure, probably three, I knew. My pussy tingled and my ass had a slight ache, not unpleasant necessarily, but a new feeling. My nipples...

God, they ached they were so hard! If I had stopped to think about the situation, I should probably have been heading for a police station, or at least the hospital, as technically I had been raped, but that was not my concern. What was my concern was not losing the only complete sexual release I had ever truly experienced. I wanted more.

But who were they? And who was my "Master"? My pussy dripped with anticipation, while my mind tried to sort out all I had felt, smelled, or heard. I'd only seen what had been left in my apartment afterwards.

And who was I becoming? I was part of the high society; wealthy parents, the best schools, an exclusive sorority, a well deserve reputation for being an ice queen, untouchable except by those whom I considered my peers. But the men in my life had been required by me to be respectful, and only touched me with my express permission. I was attractive enough, even beautiful by some accounts, and that was always enhanced by the best clothes, hair stylists, and makeup money could buy.

My employment had been guaranteed at one of my fathers companies, and I had almost always been treated with the utmost respect. Those that did not trod a dangerous road. So why was I so excited by all of this? My heart was in my throat in anticipation.

The club at 1999 South Pierce Street was in a seedy part of town, and had three big Harley's parked in front. The name of the place was "Mike's" which meant nothing. Inside was a bar in a long narrow, dimly lit room, and a few tables for two against the facing wall. At the end was a better lit area with a pool table and a juke box between the end of the bar and the pool table. A tiny dance floor was there also.

The barkeep was an old man of indeterminate age with a large hearing aid. An older woman was the cocktail waitress; pretty once, but past her prime and while buxom, had added some pounds over the years, giving her a slightly more than voluptuous look.

Three biker dudes and one short heavy set biker chick with tattoos and short black hair were playing pool, and drinking beer. Two men in rumpled suits were at the near end of the bar talking, and one well dressed man was sitting by himself three quarters of the way down the bar with a drink in front of him, but not really drinking much.

I sat at the bar midway between the two rumpled suits and the well dressed man, and asked for a bourbon and Coke. It was served quickly, and I sipped it and tried to pretend I belonged there, or was waiting for someone, which I basically was...

Fifteen long minutes went by which I spent trying to figure out why I had come here again. The flashbacks to what had happened earlier helped.

Two of the biker dudes came to the bar and asked for another beer, and then wandered down past the well dressed man and stood facing me, one behind me and the other so he was facing my right side.

"Say sweetie, hows about you come play some pool with us?"

His breath stank and his voice was thin and reedy. He had bad skin, and I could smell his body odor. Certainly this was not my master. As he spoke another well dressed man entered the bar with an athletic looking woman dressed in stylish boot, a short skirt, and a low cut blouse; they stopped to survey the place.

I shook my head to the biker, and he got insistent. The barkeep told him to leave me alone, or leave.

"Fuck off old man, I ain't hurting anyone!"

"I suggest you go back to your game."

It was the well dressed man in the suit. He had walked down and spoken to the bikers.

"You Fuck off too! This ain't any of your business either!"

"OK, if you won't take a suggestion, then I'm telling you to get out of here, now."

The biker, now infuriated, stepped towards the well dressed man in an obvious attack. The other well dressed man who had just entered slammed his foot straight between the second biker's legs actually lifting him off the ground, to fall in a sodden heap to the floor moaning and holding his smashed testicles.

The well dressed man grabbed the biker that was attacking him and rolled backwards, kicking up with his legs and sending the biker flying like a ragdoll into the third biker and the biker chick, who were running forward to join the fight. Both men advanced on the piled up bikers, and one was kicked under the chin snapping his head back and shattering his jaw, the second had started face down, but was trying to rise with his back to the men, and was kicked so hard in the spine that I heard the spine snap, and he collapsed on the floor gasping and in a spasm.

The woman had walked up to the biker with the smashed testicles, and grabbed his head and twisted it savagely, and I heard his neck bones snapping.

The biker chick was at her knees and trying to drag herself up the wall, when the woman came up and took her head and slammed it twice against the wall as hard as she could. The wall was concrete block, and the sound of her head impacting was sickening thuds, and she fell bonelessly to the ground.

"OK, get the bodies, alive or dead into the van out back. Leave their bike keys, and I'll have men follow you out for disposal. It's foggy on the mountain road most of the time this time of year, no one will suspect a trio of drunks riding their motorcycles off the edge out there."

"YOU! Sit down and don't move."

It was the bartender speaking to me, and while he wasn't the voice of my master; none of these men were, I flinched and obeyed. Three men came down the back stairs from behind the pool table, and they and the two rumpled suits helped the two well dressed men carry the bodies out the back door. I heard doors slam out back after they were done, and the three new men came back in and closed the back door. They walked past the bar without comment, scooping up the keys to the motorcycles, and bringing the bikers helmets, and donning their jackets, left out the front door. I heard the bikes fire up and leave.

This left me with the old barkeep and the woman. The waitress was watching unconcernedly from her perch at the far end of the bar. The woman in the boots and short skirt was looking at the barkeep expectantly, and he had a hand to one ear, and I realized then that the "hearing aid" was no such thing.

"Take her upstairs and to him" he said, obviously relaying a message.

The woman took my arm and guided me to the stairs at the back after lifting my car keys from my purse and tossing them to the barkeep. My purse was left on the bar. Once up the stairs, we entered a shabby foyer room, but did not go into the equally shabby office. Instead she blindfolded me and guided me through a maze of turns, and into what felt like a small room, stepping inside beside me.

I was stunned by the turn of events, and not a little turned on. The bikers had been killed or maimed, and clearly these people thought nothing of it. They were covering up the crime casually, and as if it was routine. Who could wield such power so casually?

The floor dropped under our feet and I, after a moment of vertigo, realized we were in an elevator and were going down. When it stopped a short time later, we stepped out of the small room and into another room. I sensed it was not well lit as I could detect no light through the blindfold. My wrists were tied roughly in front of me, and pulled sharply upwards and onto a hook between my bound hands; the hook pulled me up so I was tippy toe, even in the stiletto heels.

"Is she wet?"

A hand with longer fingernails slid between my thighs, and the edge of the index finger brushed past my pussy lips and into the wetness beyond.

"Yes, very."

"Good she's ready."

My body's reaction was staggering, as THIS was the voice of my master. I briefly wondered if I knew the voice, but then things started happening and my mind became a sexual blur.

The front of the dress was ripped open, and strong hands cupped the bare cheeks of my ass under the dress, and lifted me against a hard and sizable cock. I opened my legs and wrapped them around his waist, and after a couple of tries, I was impaled on his cock, as he started sucking and chewing on my tits.

He used his hands on my hips to ram me down onto his cock, and I helped as I could with the support the hook gave me. My voice gave me away as I was moaning in pleasure of being taken roughly, and by such a commanding force of personality and physique.

He didn't even try to make sure I was going to climax, he simply fucked me hard until he erupted deep inside me, but I was so excited that I came twice. The second time even harder, as I was anticipating his dumping his load into me. The hook was lowered, and my arms, still bound, set around his neck. He carried me a few steps and laid me on a hard surface. I was laid back and he pulled out, and the stilettos were removed and tossed aside with a clatter, and my feet were tied together and pulled up and suspended, I assumed by another hook. I was lifted slightly and a large pillow was placed under my ass, which mystified me.

"Don't try to work my Cum out of your pussy, I'm trying to get you pregnant. Meanwhile, you have a job to do while that load settles into your womb. You have something to learn about easting pussy; that we know from before. So pay attention to your instructress; in my absence, she is your mistress. Obey her."

My nipples throbbed as he said this to me. My body was in command of me right now, my brain its servant, and my body was his servant.

A pillow was placed under my head, and I sensed legs straddling my face, and a wet pussy was pressed to my lips. For quite awhile and through two climaxes of the mistress, I tongued and licked kissed and nibbled at her pussy as she instructed me. I discovered I loved the taste of this woman, and doing it.

When she was satisfied, she dismounted and kissed me deep and began to instruct me in that art also. She also suckled my breasts and fingered my clit, bringing me release. After I was told I was done for now, strong arms carried me in the shredded dress, which was all I had on, and, placed me on a softer surface, which I thought was a mattress, then a cover was placed over me, I was still bound hand and foot, and I was told to sleep. I was pretty sure it had been the woman, as bare full breasts had pressed into me while I was carried.

The blindfold was removed, but the room was dark. I sensed she moved away, and her silhouette was visible as a door opened, allowing a dim light beyond to enter, until it was closed and a lock was used. What I saw in that brief instant was an otherwise small and empty room, except for the padded cubby I had been laid in. I had also seen that she was naked but for her boots, and had long and darker hair.

After all the sexual activity, both at my apartment and here, exhaustion settled in and I slept.

(To Be Continued?)

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