tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy VideoChat Error Ch 18

My VideoChat Error Ch 18


Emma stared at my stiff penis.

It betrayed me.

I wanted to shout out to her to tell her that I was not into sucking cock.

That I was not into being butt fucked.

But when she had approached, my body said otherwise.

My penis was rock hard. Cum was dripping from it. I had been bucking back to meet the thrusts of the cock in my ass. I had been moaning pleasure-fully around the cock in my mouth. I had just cried out a powerful orgasm.

I felt so ashamed, so embarrassed, so humiliated.

My wife stared at my stiff penis.

My wife stared at my white lingerie clad body.

My wife Emma was standing there holding Mike Brown's hand, clad in red lingerie with fresh cum leaking out of her pussy.

I was kneeling on a leather bench at an angle before them, with one man feeding his cock into my mouth and another thrusting into my ass.

I could feel every piece of that lacy white lingerie that was on me - my white stockings, garter belt, bra and elbow length gloves, my brunette wig, all the makeup on my face, my white high heels and the pink leather collar attached to the chain held by my sexy brunette secretary and lover Denise.

Never has my wife seen me like this.

I felt so exposed, so naked, so ashamed.

I barely noticed the rest of the people in the room, even though it was filled with people either engaged in or watching various lewd sexual acts.

I looked back down at my wife's apparently well fucked hole. Her blonde pussy hairs were matted with wet and dried cum. Her pussy lips were swollen and juicy. Fluid was leaking out and all over her inner thighs, even right to the tops of her red stockings.

I could not deny what I was seeing. She had been fucked. She had been fucked more than once.

My wife said not a word, just stared at me.

I was still in shock but pulled the cock from my mouth to speak.

"What the hell?" I queried in disbelief and not in a girly voice.

My wife did not answer. She only stared at my stiff penis.

Mike Brown broke a wide grin. "You two can catch-up later. This is not the time nor the place," he admonished.

"Come Emma, I need to deposit another load in your pussy," he commanded as he turned and led her to the inclined bench before mine.

Obediently Emma got on the inclined bench and spread her legs for him. Below her was a bowl similar to the one below me. Mike mounted her, stuffing his large cock easilly into her opening with a groan. She moaned in response and wrapped her red stockinged legs around his back, welcoming him.

I couldn't believe my eyes.

My wife.

My traditional and prudish wife was letting a large, well endowed black man mount her.

In front of me.

I was in disbelief.

A man to my left cried out loudly in orgasm. Instinctively I glanced over.

Michelle , Mitch from work, was on the bench five feet from me, also in white lingerie moaning away while being spit roasted by two large, well endowed men. On her other side was John Harding, owner of the house and wealthy CEO, in the same situation and moaning even louder.

It struck me. I had been wrong earlier.

I was just like them.

Each of us had a handler holding a chain attached to a pink leather collar on our necks.

Each of us was on a bench being fucked doggy style while clad in lingerie.

Each of us had a wife on an inclined leather bench in front of us being fucked by another man.

Each of us was being cuckolded while others watched.

My stomach was knotted worse than it ever had been.

My cheeks burned in humiliation.

I felt so deeply hurt, angry and ashamed.

My head was spinning.

Emma was being fucked.

And not by me.

The man in front of me pushed his saliva coated cock back in my mouth. Seemingly on autopilot I resumed stroking and sucking on it. The man behind me was still pumping away at my ass.

I felt like I was in another world. I felt like I was not there but just watching this unimaginable scene play out.

Intuitively Denise knew how I felt. I could feel the lace of her elbow length gloves as she caressed my back with her soft, pointy nailed left hand.

"It'll be ok, we will get through this," I felt the heat of her breath as she whispered soothingly in my ear.

I kept staring around the man in front of me as best I could.

I felt sick to my stomach and tormented inside, but still some sick part of me had to see Emma being fucked. She was moaning uncontrollably as Mike Brown was thrusting into her with gusto.

What the hell was happening?

Why was Emma here?

Why was she willingly letting Mike Brown fuck her?

How did they know each other?

Who else has fucked her?

What other lewd sexual acts has MY wife done?

MY wife.

The one who only has sex with me once a month.

Emma was moaning louder than before, her red stocking covered legs, which ended with red heels, were wrapped tightly around her lover and she was digging her red-nailed fingers into his back. Then she exploded into a loud and vocal orgasm.

MY wife.

The one who has never orgasmed like that with me.

"Uhhhhhnnn! I'm cumming!" Mike grunted out as I could see him clench his ass cheeks while his whole body stiffened. She must have pushed him over the edge and he was now filling my wife with his seed.

MY wife.

The one who always said that I was the only man for her, just took a load from a well endowed black man.

My own penis was as stiff as it had ever been.

Just then the man behind me tightened his grip on my hips and groaned out a powerful orgasm. I tried to squelch my own moans unsuccessfully. The man in front of me was breathing faster.

Anal juices were leaking from my ass when the man withdrew.

Another man with a very large cock mounted my wife. It was Dave, her boss. I heard her gasp as he entered her.

"Nowhere near as tight as you are in the office," I overheard Dave say out loud. "It reminds me of that afternoon when we had that gang bang," he added loudly with a chuckle. "Lots of large cocks must have loosened you up like on that day."

Emma muffled some sort of response as she spread her legs for him.

My heart sank into my stomach. Gang Bang. Emma. Large cocks. I could hardly fathom it. I did not want to. My cheeks continued to burn in humiliation.

"Time for your breeding, and we finally have your husband here to witness it," Dave declared with another chuckle as he began stuffing his cock into her apparently well used pussy.

My fully erect penis throbbed.

Breeding? He has been fucking her regularly without a condom? Is she trying to get pregnant with his seed? They finally have me here to witness it? My mind was still spinning. So much to take in. Too much. Images of them fucking in her office sprang into my mind.

I felt even worse.

Shortly she was moaning and had wrapped her legs around his back and ass.

"Feels good when I breed you, doesn't it?" Dave stated loudly. "You always love my big, manly cock," he boasted.

Emma moaned loudly as if in affirmation.

Just then I felt someone's breath in my ear. I tilted my head and rotated my eyes. I was Rachael my former secretary.

"I'm going to fuck your ass. I'm going to fuck your ass real good. I'm going to make you squirm and squeal in delight. I'm going to make you feel like the woman you are. Denise, hand me the strap-on. No, not that one, the larger one," Rachael stated.

I gasped involuntarily around the cock in my mouth. Rachael was going to fuck my ass. My former secretary was going to shove a cock in my ass.

My heart leaped into my throat.

Rachael was going to fuck my ass. The secretary Emma forced me to fire because she knew Rachael was coming on to me and wanted to have an affair with me. Emma was as deeply hurt by it as if we had had an affair. Rachael had wanted me to fuck her and now she was going to fuck me.

My penis felt so stiff.

The cock in my mouth throbbed and then exploded with cum. Instinctively I slurped and swallowed then sucked lightly till it withdrew.

The cock that just came out of my ass was at my lips. I cleaned the sticky, musky, still erect member with my lips and tongue.

"Such a good girl. You are doing such a good job cleaning that cock off. One would think that you liked the taste of cum," Rachael whispered in my ear.

My ears burned in shame and humiliation.

When I was finished the man thanked me for such good service.

"You see? You're a natural at this Shauna," Rachael chirped at me. "Now, on your back," she commanded. " I want to see the look on your face when I fuck you. I want you to see how hard I can make your little penis when I fuck your ass," she continued tauntingly.

"You should have fucked me but instead you fired me. You know the old saying, 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'. I want to see you suffer," she added.

"Look at your little penis, it's already hard at just the thought of me fucking you!" she squealed in delight.

I felt so humiliated.

Even after all that had happened, all that I had done tonight and even before, I felt worse than humiliated. I remembered the wretched look on her face the day I fired her. I remembered her tears and how awful it had made me feel. Here she was expecting me to finally succumb to her charms and instead I fired her. She was not expecting that. How humiliated she seemed as she cleaned out her desk in front of the other office staff that Monday morning. They looked at her as if they knew why she was being let go. She took it so hard.

Now she was going to return the favour.


My legs and arms were so stiff from having been in the doggy position for a long time. I should have switched positions before or something. More anal juices leaked out of my ass and onto my balls. I could feel how sticky my balls and inner thighs were as I tried to stand. Denise right away steadied me. I could see a softness in her eyes. They seemed apologetic. She really felt bad for me. That buoyed my spirits a bit.

I caught a glimpse of the bowl embedded in the bench. The bowl my ass had been leaking into. There was a lot of whitish fluid in it.

A lot more than I wanted there to be.

I knew I was expected to drink it later for the amusement of the guests. I shuddered at the thought. It was going to be gross to drink all of that raunchy fluid. I stretched and then laid back on the bench. Denise helped scooch my ass over the bowl and into position and then I spread my legs. Denise slid a thin leather pillow below my ass to angle my rosebud upwards.

Rachael had an evil grin on her face as she stood there with her hands on her hips. Her long red hair in stark contrast to the lacy blue lingerie covering her pearly white skin. The large flesh coloured cock jutting out from her groin was also in stark contrast to her shapely, feminine body complete with large breasts and a decent looking, if not evil, face.

She stroked that rather large fake cock, covering it with lots of lube. Her eyes twinkled naughtily as she did so. She then wiped her hands off on a towel.

"This is the cock I am going to fuck you with. I am going to stretch your ass to its limit. I am going to bury this all the way in. I am going to love every minute of seeing you take this bad boy," she stated. Rachael looked down at my already stiff member "And I can see, you will too," she teased.

Rachael then placed the head of her cock at the entrance to my ass. She rubbed it over my balls and up one side of my penis and down the other. In doing so she spread more ass juices all over my penis and balls. Her massive cock put my much smaller penis to shame. Her eyes twinkled with immense joy. She laughed loudly while she did this several times.

"Such a small penis," Rachael declared with a laugh, of my fully erect, just under 6", and not really that thick member.

I was feeling so humiliated.

Just then I heard Emma moaning loudly and seemed to be nearing an orgasm.

"I see your wife is having a good time too," Rachael taunted me.

I felt even more humiliated.

Then, she put the head of her beastly cock back at the entrance to my ass.

"Your ass is mine, I am going to make you my bitch," she declared lustily as she pushed the head of the oversized dildo into my ass.

I gasped.

She grinned.

She grabbed each of my white stocking covered legs with her hands. My legs felt silky smooth as she slid her hands to my ankles. She gripped each ankle firmly and pushed my legs towards me and up.

"These look good on you," she complimented me on my high heels snarkily as she kept working her thick, long cock into my ass.

I felt so stretched. This was bigger than any cock I had ever taken before. Every fibre of my being seemed to be alive. My ass stretched to take this monster cock and I felt every inch of it as it entered me.

I kept gasping as she worked it deeper in with each thrust.

She laughed haughtily and grinned evilly.

Every thrust in or out rubbed against my prostate. She was good at this.

I tried to hold it in but I moaned uncontrollably in response.

When she bottomed out, she stopped and tried to press it in deeper. She had left over cock. My ass could not take anymore. I felt so stretched, so full.

So humiliated.

My stomach was in knots.

My penis was as stiff as it had ever been.

"You need to be trained to take it even deeper. This might be your first lesson Shauna. Now I am going to fuck you till you cum," Rachael declared with joy.

She began pulling back and then thrusting in all the way. The entrance to my ass felt so stretched but also so good.

Soon I was reluctantly moaning constantly as she rubbed past my prostrate just right.

Her breathing picked up as she increased the pace of her thrusts. From the workout? Or was she truly turned on by this?

I found it hard to focus on her as my ass felt more and more alive as she kept fucking me faster.

I heard her moan. She was enjoying this. Maybe the strapon was even rubbing her clit as she thrust it into me?

I could see that her large breasts looked like they wanted to burst out of her lacy blue bra. They wanted to bounce more than it allowed. Her wavy red hair swayed forward and back with each thrust.

She grinned less the more she got into it but moaned even more.

I heard Emma almost scream out in orgasm. Others had screamed over the course of the night and had just become part of the background noise. But not Emma. It was her. I knew it. I could not ignore it.

But she never orgasmed like that with me. That made me feel so ashamed. So embarassed. So-

Rachael thrust even harder and grunted as she did so.

That felt good. It did feel good. Even though I really did not want it to. My own orgasm was welling up. I tried to fight it. I could not give her that satisfaction. No, I could not. But It did feel good to be fucked by her. I had an awful sickly feeling in my stomach but a wonderful feeling in my ass and lower abdomen.

Just then I noticed a very large, slick cock by my face. I was expected to clean it?

"Go on, clean my cock off. Taste what your wife's been getting."

What did he mean, been getting? What did-

I turned my head to the side. I saw a large, pot-bellied man standing next to me. It was Dave, Emma's boss. He stuck his member towards me. It was still fairly large, even if not fully erect anymore.

Reluctantly I took his semi flaccid, sticky cock in my hand and opened my mouth. I could taste cum mixed with some pussy juice.

I moaned onto his cock as Rachael kept thrusting her monster cock in and out of my ass.

"Yeah, clean me good. Taste what I have been regularly giving your wife. A woman with tits like hers needs to be bred by a real man, not by a wimp like you."

Bred? Regularly? Emma's really been fucking her boss behind my back? I felt so much shame at that moment.

I licked his cock all over and then took it in my mouth again. It was not as easy being on my back, but I did get him in my mouth and wrapped my lips around his manhood. He began to stiffen under my ministrations. His cock grew and grew. I'd swear it was even bigger than Mike Browns. And thick.

He shoved it forward a bit. I knew what he wanted and instinctively began to suck on his big cock.

"You are really big," commented Rachael in between groans and thrusts.

He smiled in response.

Ahh, that feels so good Shauna. Suck that cock that's been breeding your little whore of a wife.

What did he mean by little whore of a wife?

My stomach churned at the thought of him taking my wife at the office. She had been wearing sexy lingerie a lot lately. She had said she liked how it made her feel. She must have been wearing it for him. To turn him on while he fucked her. While he 'bred' her.

Images of my sexy wife being fucked by the large cock in my mouth flooded my brain.

My red nailed hand was bent backwards and was wrapped around his thick cock. I stroked it as I sucked on the bulbous head.

I was feeling sick to my stomach. I was sucking on the cock that had been satisfying my wife. Satisfying her while she would only let me fuck her once a month.

I felt so sick to my stomach. So ashamed, so humiliated.

You have been trained to suck cock well Shauna. Your mouth and tongue feel so good on my cock.

Trained? That was something Naughty had said. Was he trying to hint that he was Naughty?

Was Dave in fact Naughty?

Just then Rachael kicked it up another notch and really began to pound my ass.

"This is so fucking hot"!" She exclaimed. "What a rush it is to fuck my former boss' ass! " She added half moaning, half panting. I could tell she was nearing an orgasm.

Emma's boss, Dave, was breathing heavy now. I could see that his eyes were focussed on Rachael and her heaving, lace covered tits.

"It's so hot seeing a woman like you fucking Shauna's ass," he moaned out, breathing even faster.

"Yeah, it is also hot seeing Shauna work on such a nice cock like yours," Rachael said in between her grunts.

I was being double teamed. A cock in my mouth, and one in my ass. Both very large. It was intense and it continued for awhile. Rachael pounding my ass silly while I sucked on Dave's large cock.

My own stiff penis betrayed me.

After awhile he was finally geting close. My wife's boss was going to blow his load right into my mouth.

"Uhhhnnn!" He groaned as his cock convulsed and shot his load of cum into my mouth.

That pushed Rachael over the edge. She then moaned out loud as she kept thrusting into my ass through her orgasm.

I could not help myself and found myself orgasming. White fluid leaked out of my erect member and dripped onto my stomach as my orgasm spread from my well massaged prostrate.

I had closed my eyes when I began as it was so intense a feeling.

"What a sissy," laughed Dave as he had pulled his shrinking member from my mouth but still stood nearby, witnessing my humiiliations.

As my orgasm was receding Rachael stopped thrusting.

I felt overwhelmed with a deep sense of guilt, shame and embarassment.

"You have become a good lay Shauna, you have taken to your training well," Rachael declared complimentarily as she pulled her large strapon from my ass.

Training? Was she perhaps Naughty?

"We should do this again sometime," she added with a naughty grin while taking off the strapon. "You so need to be hurt for what you did to me," she said less happily.

Naughty had talked about hurt. Was she in fact Naughty?

I could see that she was covered in sweat. She had worked hard to give me a good fucking. She handed the strapon assembly to Denise and walked back to her own charge.

I watched her tight ass sway as she walked away. My head was spinning again.

Then I heard Emma moaning louldly in pleasure again. I felt stiff again but turned to see a large muscular man fucking Emma with gusto. As before, her legs were wrapped around his ass and her nails were dug into his back. She seemed to be in heaven.

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