tagBDSMMy Weekend in Portland Ch. 04

My Weekend in Portland Ch. 04


Finally I pulled out of Ruth's pussy, admiring the way her inner lips and dark pubic hair clung wetly to my half-erect dick as it slid out of her. I helped her stand and turn around into my arms. She was still wearing her tennis shoes.

We stood there for awhile, our sweaty bodies pressed against each other, while I held Ruth and caressed her shoulders and back. She laid her head against my shoulder and sighed, her thick hair tickling my neck.

"That was wonderful," she said dreamily. "That was like nothing I've ever felt before."

"Most women don't climax in that position," I murmured.

"Really? It felt so intense having to hold myself in place while I was cumming, when I just wanted to fall on the floor in a heap!" Ruth said. "I don't care. I'm still floating."

"Do you want me to go get cleaned up?" she asked after several minutes, looking up a little anxiously.

"You're not dirty," I replied. "Besides, we have a lot to do."

"We do?" puzzled.

"Oh yes, we're going to be very busy. First I want you to go upstairs and use one of those enemas you bought," I said, squeezing her butt-cheeks with both hands. Blushing, Ruth ducked out of my arms, avoided my eyes and grabbed one of the bags off the kitchen counter. "Yes, Mr. K-----," she said, and hurried upstairs.

Watching her walk toward the stairs, I admired the sight of her inner thighs glistening with a mixture of sperm and pussy juice dripping out of her gorgeous slit.

I dug into one of the bags she left on the kitchen counter, coming out with a bottle of my favorite beer. I put the rest of the six-pack in the refrigerator and put away the other food Ruth bought. Leaning against the kitchen counter and sipping my beer, I relaxed, feeling the cooling effect of sweat and pussy juice drying on my skin. For awhile, I held the cold glass of the beer bottle against a nipple, and wondered if Ruth would enjoy that cold, shivery sensation.

Then I heard a sound from upstairs and realized the shower was running.

"Dammit," I mused. I love the way a woman smells after sex -- a fertile aroma of sweat and warm skin, pussy musk and cum. And Ruth was washing that away. I hadn't exactly told her NOT to shower, but I was a little peeved that she did it without asking.

I gathered her sister's spilled clothes into the laundry basket, then collected our scattered clothing and headed upstairs.

I dumped our clothes on a chair in the master bedroom and let myself into the warm, steamy bathroom. Pulling open the shower curtain, I stepped into the tub behind Ruth, wrapping my arms around her. She was working up a thick lather in her hair, but she turned her soap-covered face toward me with a smile. I kissed her lips lightly.

I slid my hands from her wide hips up her slender waist and cupped her big breasts, slick with soapy water. Lifting them, I felt their fullness and weight in my hands and rubbed my thumbs over her thick nipples, drawing a quiet "Mmmmm" of pleasure. I rubbed against her back and my half-erect penis fit nicely into the top of her ass-crack. I let my hands wander over her beautifully smooth skin, stopping for awhile to run my fingers through the thick, wet tangle above her pussy.

Stepping slightly to one side, I started gently rubbing one soapy hand over her pussy while the other slid up and down her rear split. Resting her head against my chest, Ruth sighed deeply and spread her legs a bit, opening herself to my hands. I reflected that the sexually repressed woman described in Ruth's journal would never have allowed herself to be possessed and fondled in this intimate way. But becoming my "slave" somehow freed her from the need to guard her body from any touch, any pleasure.

I rubbed her pussy carefully, wanting to stimulate and arouse for awhile, without bringing Ruth to orgasm. I also made sure not to risk getting any soap inside her. I know how sensitive those tissues can be, and I hate the taste of soap. My other hand slid up and down the deep cleft between her buttocks, washing and probing. With each pass I rubbed the tip of my middle finger gently against the tight ring of her asshole, and it reflexively tightened each time. Not all of Ruth's inhibitions had been shed with her conservative clothing.

So I concentrated on her pussy, gradually bringing her closer and closer to an explosion. I avoided direct contact with her clit, rubbing instead the whole area of her pussy with the palm of my hand.

Then I withdrew my hand altogether, and slid it down to stroke the inside of her wet thighs. Ruth sighed deeply in disappointment, and a tiny frown creased her forehead as she felt the heat between her legs begin to fade. Her right arm laid on my left shoulder while her left hand gripped a soap dish set into the tiled wall. Lifting her right breast, I leaned over and took her nipple in my mouth, sucking lightly then tonguing her rapidly back and forth. Already half-erect, her nipple quickly began to stiffen and lengthen. I nipped it lightly with my teeth and she gasped. I could hear her quick, shallow breathing over the hissing of the shower.

I concentrated for a long time on Ruth's breast and nipple, licking, sucking and sometimes taking delicate nips with my teeth. I watched her face from the corner of my eye and listened to her breathing, carefully noting what gave her the most pleasure. Her groans and sighs and her fingers digging into my shoulder told me about the waves of pleasure radiating from her rock-hard nipple and her sensitive, puckered areola. Then I repeated my slow assault on her other breast.

Now she was moaning continuously -- a long, low croon of helpless excitement, and her right hand gripped a handful of hair at the back of my head. Abandoning her stiffly protruding nipples to the streaming water, I straightened and moved my hands back down, down to her pussy and her ass. Again I flattened my hand and lightly rubbed the whole area between her legs, massaging her slick labia, which caressed her hooded clitoris in turn. I pressed three fingers against the opening of her vagina, feeling her warmth but careful not to let them penetrate. My other hand slid up and down the crack of her ass, traveling slowly, occasionally teasing her soapy asshole with a fingertip.

I was careful to move as slowly as possible, letting Ruth's arousal build. But no matter how lightly I rubbed her pussy her excitement grew steadily until I knew she was nearing her climax. Her moans of pleasure were regular and growing louder, and she began occasionally thrusting her hips forward, seeking more pressure against her expectant clit. Her head lolled, sometimes forward, sometimes back and her knees sagged as more of her weight fell onto the arm draped across my shoulders. A more sexually confident woman might have been urging me on, begging for release, but no words came from Ruth's mouth. All I heard were gasps and moans.

Finally I began the end game, increasing the pressure of my palm against her pussy and speeding its slight up and down movement. She tensed, knowing the explosion was coming, and her hip thrusts became as regular as a metronome.

"Uh-uh-Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh-UH-UH-UH-UH-UHUHUHUHUHUHUHUH!" She threw her head back and crested with a deep, prolonged moan of ecstasy, digging her fingers into my shoulder so hard I knew I'd have bruises. Her knees buckled slightly, then she caught herself and stood on quivering legs, her orgasm continuing. "Fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Fuck! FUCK!" she muttered breathlessly, her hips jerking convulsively as she struggled to stay on her feet. "Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmyGOD!" Her face was lifted towards mine, her eyes closed, her mouth slightly open, twisted with pleasure.

Seconds later, before Ruth's climax could fade, I executed the second part of my plan. I continued to rub her pussy, but stealthily found the center of the tiny 'O' between her ass cheeks. Without warning, I shoved my soapy middle finger inside her until it would go no further, forcing my way quickly past her tight barrier into her inner chamber.

When she felt the deep penetration, Ruth's eyes and mouth flew open with surprise and her muscular buttocks clamped down on my hand. "NO!" was all she had time to gasp before a fresh orgasm seized her whole body, more powerful than the one before. Her hips jerked involuntarily, aiding the penetration of my finger, while a long howl escaped her wide open mouth. "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Her whole body convulsed as Ruth simultaneously tried to thrust her pussy against my pressing hand while pulling away from the obscene penetration of her rear hole. Then I suddenly pushed two fingers into her pussy channel.

Her knees buckled and Ruth collapsed, pulling me down as I struggled to keep my fingers inside her, in front and behind. We fell into a tangle in the tub, warm water beating down unnoticed, as I began thrusting into her, spearing her pussy and asshole at the same moment, again and again, careful to keep rubbing her hidden little nub with my palm. Her neck was arched backward, her mouth open wide to emit a continuous, "AH! AH! AH! AH! AH!, and her breasts quivered from the shock waves slamming through her body, nipples pointing. My fingers in her pussy and the finger in her asshole were being squeezed rhythmically by her inner muscles.

"AhhhuuuAAAAA" she cried. "MygodmygodOhmygod!"

We laid like that for a long time, in the bottom of the tub, until Ruth's moans trailed off and her muscles stopping gripping my fingers. Her body stopped convulsing and she lay slack, with only an occasional twitch to show she was alive. Finally, slowly, I withdrew my fingers from her vagina, then gently slid my finger from the warmth of her ass, getting one last departing squeeze. I reached up with one foot and shoved the shower handle down, turning off the water.

I could hear Ruth sigh in the dripping quiet that followed.

Eyes closed, she whispered, "Now I know how it feels to die from pleasure."

(End of Chapter 4 of 15)

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