tagBDSMMy Weekend in Portland Ch. 14

My Weekend in Portland Ch. 14


"It's a strap-on dildo," I said. "I bought it this afternoon."

I took the device out of its bag and handed it to Ruth. I'd had to go to three "adult" stores before I found what I wanted. Most of the strap-ons I saw were either flimsy vinyl contraptions, or they sported dildos so huge they would severely damage any normal woman. This one came with a sturdy, comfortable harness and a pink dildo of human proportions. LARGE human proportions, but not life-threatening. It was even shaped like a penis, with a fat glans and the suggestion of veins molded into it.

"How does it work?" Denise asked, fascinated.

I had her kneel on the bed and began fitting the strap-on around her hips. The base of the dildo was attached to a triangular pad that fitted over Denise's mons, covering her pussy. One thin, soft strap led from the bottom of the triangle between her legs and up through her ass-crack. I led the other, wider straps over her hips where all three connected to a second, smaller triangle just above her butt-crack. I adjusted the straps until the pink rubber dildo was held firmly in place, jutting out from her groin.

Denise pulled the tip of the dildo up to her belly, reaching nearly to her navel. She let go and it fell back, bobbing heavily in front of her. She giggled.

"Isn't this kind of big?" she laughed.

"Would you believe it's the smallest I could find?"

"Hmmm. Wearing this makes me want to go for a beer in a topless bar!" she joked.

Ruth, too, was studying the pink phallus hanging from Denise's crotch.

"Does that work like I think it works?" she asked. "She can actually use that like ... you use yours?"

"Yep, that's the idea," I said, "but I've never actually seen anybody use one ... outside of an X-rated movie. It looks real, but it might not work." "Let's try," Denise said eagerly. "If it's no good we can always do something else."

"Okaaaay," Ruth said cautiously. She moved to the middle of the bed and laid on her back, propping herself up on her elbows to watch. Denise knelt awkwardly between her legs, then leaned forward, guiding the fake phallus with one hand while supporting her weight with the other. Ruth reached between her legs to help guide the dildo and Denise suspended herself on both arms, eager to push.

"Ready," Ruth said breathlessly, and Denise began pushing, but with little effect. They changed position slightly and tried again.

"Stop," Ruth gasped after half a minute. "It won't go in. I don't think I'm wet enough." She blushed.

Amazing, I thought. A woman she barely knows is trying to push a rubber penis into her pussy, and Ruth is embarrassed because she isn't wet enough. Her attitude truly HAD changed.

"I think I can help," I said, nudging my way between Ruth's legs. Denise scooted aside and I leaned forward, sliding my hands under Ruth's buttocks. I lifted her hips and eagerly descended on her pussy, hungry for the taste and smell of her sex. I nuzzled through her pubes to kiss her thick outer lips, then darted my tongue between them. I found her opening, then slowly traced my way up her channel toward her little bud. Ruth was up on her elbows, watching me closely, panting quickly.

I avoided touching her clit on the first pass, circling it instead and sliding my tongue back down her slit. There I thrust into her hole as deeply as I could. Ruth rewarded me with a quick gasp and tilted her hips up. I began to slowly tongue-fuck her pussy, caressing the sensitive tissues around her opening, then thrusting deep inside. The sensations became too much and she fell back moaning, her hips thrusting. I extended my arms along her sides and took hold of her breasts, gently rolling her hardening nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. She gave a long sigh.

I tongue-fucked Ruth for several minutes, pausing occasionally to suck gently on her labia, and her arousal built steadily. Finally I slid my tongue to the top of her slit where gave her clitoris three long, slow licks. The effect on Ruth was electrifying, at least judging by her deep, hoarse groans. Then I sat up. Her legs were spread limply, as wide as they could go, her pussy shining wet and open.

"I think she's ready," I said to Denise, picking a pube off my tongue.

Denise moved eagerly between our lover's legs and fitted the head of the dildo into her opening. She leaned forward and the fat head suddenly popped inside, prompting a sharp, "Oh!" from Ruth. The shaft gradually disappeared until it was fully inside Ruth's pussy and the pad covering Denise's pussy was pressed firmly against the larger woman's crotch. Ruth's eyes were open now, staring up at Denise's face inches above her.

"God, baby, that's so BIG," she panted.

Denise paid no attention, but began slowly withdrawing the dildo until it was halfway out. Then she slowly thrust forward again, her face a study in concentration. She was fucking Ruth, slowly penetrating her with the long, thick dildo, then slowly withdrawing halfway and repeating the process. The dildo slid easily on a generous coating of pussy juice. Ruth put her hands under her knees and pulled her widespread legs up to her chest, tilting her pussy to meet the invading phallus.

"UUUUUuuuuuuuuunnnnnnNNNHHHHH," Ruth groaned at the next penetration, and Denise stopped momentarily.

"Does this feel okay?" she asked, and Ruth quickly nodded her head, 'Yes,' while she stared longingly at Denise's tits, bobbing just out of reach above her.

Denise began to speed her thrusts and I put my mouth against her ear.

"Shift your weight forward to rub her clit more," I whispered, and she did, prompting another long moan from Ruth, "UuuuuuuuuuuunnnnNNNNNNHHHHHHH!"

Denise was concentrating intently, looking down to where her hips met Ruth's, connected by the gleaming pink shaft. Her pleasure rising in steady waves, Ruth began encouraging her lover in a low, urgent whisper.

"Yes ... sweetheart! Fuck me with that thing! Oh ... oh ... oh ... yessss, babyyyyyy! ... That feels so gooood! ... So deeeeep! ... So haaaard! Yes! Yes! YeeesssssSSS!!! Harder! HARDER!

Denise had mastered the dildo strapped to her crotch and was fucking with ease now, ending each thrust with a small grunt. I watched her muscular buttocks flex each time she pushed her artificial dick into Ruth's waiting pussy. Sweat glistened on her back and made short wisps of black hair cling to her neck. She was breathing deep and steady, like a runner pacing herself in a race.

After several minutes of this treatment, Ruth gradually fell silent. Her eyes screwed shut and her breathing changed to quick, shallow pants. She strained to hold her legs up and open, with her forearms hooked under her knees. Then she gave a long, high-pitched whimper and exploded, crying out wildly and thrusting herself up at Denise.


Her head slammed back onto the bed, her back arched and her hips began thrusting urgently upward to meet Denise's descending shaft.


I thought Ruth's orgasm would never end. She moaned and cursed and bucked and shuddered until Denise had to fall forward, hugging Ruth tightly to stay on top. Ruth's hands were all over Denise, now gripping her ass-cheeks, now raking her back. Denise gave up thrusting and just hung on, her rubber penis completely buried inside her lover.

Finally Ruth was spent, motionless, lying still under Denise, but still breathing deep, harsh gulps of air. Denise raised head and looked at me with wonder.

"That was AMAZING!" she exclaimed. "Doing that to her, I felt so SEXY and so POWERFUL at the same time! What a RUSH!"

I leaned over to Denise for a long, lingering kiss, tasting sweat on her lips.

"It's a kick," I said, "and you did a great job. You already know more about satisfying a woman than half the guys on the planet."

Denise gazed thoughtfully down at Ruth's face, lying slack and serene a few inches below her own.

"It's not exactly easy, but it's sure worth the effort," she mused. "I could FEEL her cumming with every ounce of her body."

She laid her head on Ruth's shoulder, gently kissing and caressing her with a tender expression on her face. I slid one arm under Ruth's neck and the other across Denise's shoulders, hugging them to me. We rested like that for a long time (I may have dozed a little) until Ruth suddenly moved and giggled, "I never want to move again, but if I don't, I'm afraid my legs will start to cramp. If THAT happens, you guys will be carrying me to the emergency room to have this thing surgically removed!"

We all laughed at that and Denise began slowly, gingerly to remove herself from Ruth's embrace -- and her pussy. The first few inches of dildo came out slowly, reluctantly, Ruth's coarse pubes and inner labia clinging wetly to the pink shaft. The last couple of inches popped out in a rush, leaving the mouth of Ruth's pussy gaping open for a second. Denise knelt there, stroking the dildo dangling between her legs, and Ruth reached down to rub her crotch.

"My pussy is going to be as sore as my ass!" she declared, then she blushed.

Denise looked at me with arched eyebrows.

"I fucked Ruth's butt this afternoon," I admitted. "She was great!"

"You guys really HAVE covered a lot of ground," Denise laughed. "Here, help me with these straps."

(End of Chapter 14 of 15)

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