tagBDSMMy Weekend with George & Alice Ch. 04

My Weekend with George & Alice Ch. 04


Author's note:

First, I would like to acknowledge and thank Wagoneer88 for his efforts in proofreading and editing this story.

This is a continuation of a story separated into several parts. For it to make sense you really should read the whole thing, in order.

Lastly, if you haven't read the Author's note at the beginning of Part 1, PLEASE do so.


Now on to the story:


George could have been on Mars. For now he was totally forgotten. The notion that this whole event was ostensibly for someone to fuck Alice while George watched was long gone! I would demonstrate fucking Alice to George 'up close and personal' later, but for now this had only to do with the two of us.

She rolled on her back and spread her legs; the smile on her face would have melted ice. I positioned myself between her legs, holding my torso above her with my arms. We smiled at each other again. My eyes were pulled to her breasts, her nipples fully turgid from the licking and sucking I'd been doing at the end of our caressing. My God she was gorgeous and sexy. The thought of where this might go flashed through my head, but I chased it away instantly. For now this was to be pure, raw, enjoyable sex!

She took my cock in one hand and guided it to her cunt. That was all it took. I slipped just the head inside her and held very still for an instant.

She let out a loud moan. My cock head was enveloped. While she was sopping, she was still very, very tight. I felt like I was entering a virgin. In a way I guess I really was. It felt so good that I was glad I'd already cum once. I too, wanted this to last and if it were the first time of the night it would have lasted about ten seconds!

I started to thrust, slowly at first, but steadily increasing the pace. I was still up on my arms. I wanted to drink in her beauty as I fucked her. I was careful not to slide more than about half of my length in her. God she was tight. It felt so damn good I could hardly believe it.

She was quickly winding back up to the plateau stage again. "Oh YES! MMMM AHHHGGG! YEEESSSS!"

She was getting very close. Just as she was seconds away I lowered myself onto her, still keeping most of my weight on my elbows, but I thrust my entire length into her as deeply as I could and started to pound away in rapid deep strokes.

"FFUUCCKK!" she screamed. "OH MY GODDD! OH SHIT!" She began to cum as hard as I've ever seen any woman do so. I kept pumping deep, and hard, and fast. She had her legs wrapped around my waist so tight that I felt like I was banging into her cervix. Hell, maybe I was. I was as deep inside her as possible.

She just kept screaming words of pleasure, obscenity and incomprehensibility in no particular pattern.

She came for a long time. My own orgasm was definitely building, but I still had a way to go. This time as she finally started to recover I switched to a more steady, slightly slower pace, but I was going to keep her close and not let her slip far from another one. I made sure that I was making constant contact with and stimulation to her clit. She was soon fucking back as hard as I was again. We were both getting close this time. Her wanton animal behavior was turning me on as much as the tight squeezing suck of her cunt on my cock.

Finally I started to cum, and very hard. That put her over the edge again too. We both screamed in ecstasy! I kept pumping her until her body went limp one more time, even as my dick went limp inside her. We collapsed on the bed and I moved just enough to keep from crushing her directly under me. We just held each other without moving for quite some time.

Finally after what seemed and eternity she let out a "Wow!"

"Yeah, me too," I said softly, absolutely meaning it.

"Really?" she said with some combination of suspicion and surprise.

"Oh yeah! Don't sell yourself short, sexy. You are without a doubt the very best piece of ass I have ever even dreamed of!" I said with a sly grin, but meaning it sincerely.

She just beamed, visibly very pleased. Her life had never provided the opportunity for someone to enjoy the truly awesome pleasure she was born to give, until now.

After a few more minutes of hugs and passionate kisses I got up off the bed and took her hand to help her up too. "Come here, I want you to do something."

Here came my cruel streak again. What surprised me still was how much Alice enjoyed this twisted behavior too.

As we approached George I noticed that at some point he had let the butt plug fall to the floor. At least he had some sense. "Turn around and lower yourself on to Georgie's cock. I want him to feel what I just felt," I said to Alice.

She smiled and did as I had instructed. I think she saw where this was going. George obviously didn't, yet. He was exhibiting an excitement that would quickly vanish.

She guided his little dick into her sopping, gapping pussy and essentially sat on his lap.

"What do you feel?" I asked, smirking yet again because I was pretty sure I knew what the answer was going to be.

She giggled hard, "Why, nothing, nothing at all."

"Hmm," I replied with feigned surprise, "well, try sliding up and down on it."

She did a few times and about the fifth stroke (I'm certain on purpose) his little dickie came all the way out and slapped against his stomach. When she came down she trapped his little unit against him and rather squashed his balls a bit, eliciting a yelp from George. What dumbfounded me was the fact that while I hadn't been looking all the time, as nearly as I could tell (except for a short time after she dropped the weight on his nuts) George had stayed rock hard the entire time. I just couldn't see how he could possibly be getting off on this, but he clearly was.

As inexperienced as these two were, I wasn't sure if they actually knew how elastic a vagina really was, but I was going to pretend it would never contract again after the stretching I'd given her.

"How about you Georgie, what did you feel?" I asked with false concern.

To my amazement he actually responded to this, "I didn't feel very much either." He said this with such despair that I had a momentary twinge of guilt, but that didn't last! There was no doubt he hadn't felt anything, because a few strokes in that pussy would have caused a man in George's state to explode if there had been any friction at all.

"Ooh, that sounds bad. After a couple of more fuckings like that last one, and be sure I intend to do exactly that, Alice may never be able to feel your little dickie ever again Georgie. Shit, we saw that your tongue isn't really any good to her and if your dick is useless too, what's left, huh?"

Alice had started to beam when I mentioned more fucking, and now she joined in the cruelty too, "Not much it seems," she said shaking her head.

George was broken; silent tears rolled down his cheeks. Here he was, having witnessed the last few hours, and now knowing his tongue technique was woefully lacking and believing he'd never feel it even if Alice did let him put his dick inside her again.

"I can think of one thing, at least he can clean you up after you fuck a real man!" and without waiting, I tilted his chair back and laid him on the floor again.

Alice didn't hesitate either; she was squatting over his face in a heartbeat. After just a few seconds, she lowered herself even more and loudly said, "George, you better get to it if you want to be able to breathe." She had smothered his face completely and for the moment he could not get any air. It appears he had been reluctant to lick another man's cum out of his wife's cunt. She was giving him no choice now.

"That's better," she said as she lifted up a bit. I could hear George gasp down a big lungful of air. "Don't stop though, or next time it will be quite a bit longer between breaths."

He believed her, because both of their body movements indicated he was now working hard at cleaning her up.

Shit, he had watched me have my way with his wife repeatedly, taken a blowjob load from her mouth and swallowed it, and now was lapping up our combined love juices after a raucous fuck, and STILL his cock was hard. What was with this guy?

Alice must have been satisfied he had completed his task, and she stood. That left George still tied, flat on his back, a gooey mess in his lap from her sitting on him, and his face smeared with our combined cum. What a pitiful sight.

"Who is going to clean me up?" I asked, smiling at Alice.

She said nothing, but just knelt in front of me and proceeded to give me a thorough tongue bath, swallowing everything she licked off without hesitation, I might add. Her reluctance and aversion to the messy parts of sex were quickly disappearing.

"I'm exhausted," I said, "How about some sleep?" It was after 10:00. I'd arrived just over three hours ago. It seemed more like an entire lifetime.

"Me too, sleep sounds good," yawned Alice.

"One last thing, you know what's left for tomorrow, you still have a cherry to lose. I have a somewhat larger butt plug than the first one for you. You might just want to wear it tonight to get ready for what's coming tomorrow. Or do you just want to have your friend here stretch out that virgin ass of yours?" I asked somewhat mockingly.

Somewhat to my surprise she smiled and said, "Oh, I think I'll just wait until morning and see what develops. Maybe I'll just take you on the way I am."

That made my cock twitch again.

We turned off the lights and, leaving George where he was, his wife and I crawled into his bed and pulled up the covers. We again held each other and kissed passionately and with more noise and giggling than was normal. It wasn't long before we were sound asleep, entwined in each other.

It took a few seconds for me to realize where I was as I woke. At first I was sure it was a dream, but quickly enough the reality of being in bed with Alice and her gently stroking my cock while nibbling on my earlobe enveloped me. It was still the middle of the night, that was all I could tell of the time.

I rolled my head toward her and we kissed while she kept working on my cock. I was fully awake now and ready for more sex. I started to roll her on her back, but, "No, you lie back and relax, I'm in charge this time."

Without giving me a chance to perform any foreplay on her, she rolled on top of me and guided my cock into her pussy. She was completely lubricating and was not in need of any foreplay! There was no partial penetration this time. She made sure I was buried to the hilt inside her. "Oh GOD you fill me up!" she moaned, not at all quietly. George had to be aware already of what was happening in his bed.

Then she started to slowly fuck me. I started to thrust back and she stopped moving. "If you don't lie still, I'll get off!" she said sternly. I could see she meant it. And Hell, why would I argue. This was fantastic, so I grabbed her nearly perfect ass in both hands and just held on.

There was just enough light that I could make out her face and since she was semi propped up on her arms, her breasts were swaying invitingly just in front of my eyes. I did the best I could to lick her nipples as she pumped, but she was clearly teasingly keeping them mostly out of reach.

It didn't take long before her breathing got ragged. She started a steady moan. Her rate of humping stayed even, but the pace increased.

"Ohh, ahh, ohh, ahh," she fell into a near wail, the 'ohh' on her up stroke the 'ahh' on the down.

Her hedonism was exciting me as much as the stimulation her tight pussy was giving my swollen cock. The feelings of pleasure coursing through me were fantastic, but after the earlier events of the evening, I was still minutes away from cumming myself. I was enjoying this immensely; I was able to give Alice pleasure and still experience the warmth in my groin. It was a fantastic experience. And my orgasm would be powerful when it did come, I could tell.

She was very close now and her pelvis was pumping faster and faster. I tilted my pelvis up a bit to increase the friction between her clit and my pubic bone. That did it, "GGGGGRRRRRAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!" she screamed as she came.

She kept pumping me for several seconds while her orgasm peaked, and then, as it started to recede, she collapsed on top of me with her head on my shoulder and her face turned to mine. Her eyes were closed, but her smile was devastating, and she was softly purring.

I waited a few moments while she recovered a bit and then kissed her. She kissed back violently. "Want me to get on top?" I asked gently.

Her eyes opened slowly and they looked right into mine. Her smile widened even more, if such a thing was possible. "Maybe after the next one," she said with a playful seriousness that made my cock twitch.

True to her word she started slowly fucking me again. It felt fantastic. I lay back and just enjoyed. It was nearly a carbon copy of the first one, but took a fair bit longer this time. I was much closer to cumming when she pressed her boobs against me and stopped moving the second time. I let her lie there longer this time too. I needed to cool down a bit if I was going to last long enough to make her cum a third time, and that was exactly my goal.

It was quite a while, so long in fact that my cock was just starting to soften, when I rolled us both over without slipping out of her and started the same slow fucking motion she had employed. I made sure I was giving her clit maximum stimulation again. In her sensitive state I could tell it was providing intense feelings, but it was having the desired effect. She was being even more vocal this time. George had to be going crazy lying there in the dark, unable to see anything since he was still flat on his back, and listening to his wife about to cum a third time from a middle of the night fuck.

I wasn't sure I could hold out until she was there, but just as I reached the point of no return she started to come with a scream. We both exploded together! It was the most amazing sex I'd ever had. We collapsed with me inside her still and tangled like two vines. We were asleep almost instantly.

When I awoke the light was streaming in through the window. It felt late. After the last twelve hours or so, I wasn't surprised to have slept for a long time. I'd been drained by this wild woman I'd been with!

She was still lying next to me on the bed, but very wide-awake. I had the impression she'd been that way for a while. It was a little disconcerting to wake up to someone just looking at you.

"Mornin' sleepy head," she said.

"You wore me out," I smiled.

"That better not be true! We still have a whole day ahead of us," was her retort.

We climbed out of bed; I noticed that she looked fantastic even first thing in the morning. She evidently had already been up and come back to bed; there was coffee service on the dresser. My day does not begin without coffee, but I didn't remember ever telling her that.

As I finished my first cup I realized George was still lying on the floor, tied to the chair. He was wide-awake too, and silently observing. For the first time since I'd tied him to the chair (except of course those few minutes after Alice had belted him in the nuts with the weight) his prick was soft. It could have been my imagination, but I thought his nuts looked a little swollen. It was hard to tell because either way they were still tiny.

I stood the chair upright again and sat on the bed looking at George. Finally I asked, "Like some coffee Georgie?"

"Yes, please." His] voice was nearly a croak.


She got him a cup and took it to him. She helped him drink it and then put the cup aside.

"Thank you," he said, eyes downcast.

"Georgie, you hear Alice and me during the night?" knowing full well he had to have.

Very softly, "Yes."

"Turn you on listening?"

Alice was paying close attention to this exchange, but staying quiet.

Even softer, "Yes."

Damned if he wasn't getting a hard-on talking about it!

"Wanna spend the whole day watching Alice and me have sex in even more ways?"

Almost too soft to hear this time, "Yes" again.

"Good, 'cause we're going to no matter what you want, so you might as well enjoy it. Alice, I think Georgie enjoys watching you and me more if he needs to cum real bad. Why don't you give him a quick hand job right to the point where he just about pops his nuts, but not quite."

She smiled, and by now I knew she was able to get him right to the very edge and could read him well enough to know just when to stop. Within minutes she had him there. I was positive that she wouldn't let him cum no matter what I said, so I decided to have a little more fun with him.

"I bet Georgie would like some more of that right now. Why don't you give him about five more strokes."

Without saying a word, but after a definite pause, she did exactly that. Five very slow ones. The effect was easily seen in his eyes, he was so damn close but couldn't quite get off. She started to move toward me on the bed.

"Ah, com' on, don't be stingy. Georgie hasn't had much fun at all. Give him another five." She smiled at me and winked, her back to George so he couldn't see.

She turned back to him and, while she took her sweet time, ended up kneeling before him and gave him five more, very, very slow ones. His eyes were nearly popping out of his head.

This time she didn't get up but turned and looked at me. "Five more," I said softly.

"Oh, I'm afraid he'll cum," she said. Both she and I knew that wasn't going to happen, but George was so desperate he wanted to believe her, and therefore he did. Which just made what was coming worse.

"Ahh, go ahead, if he can cum he's entitled." George's face lit up like someone had just given him ten million dollars.

She gave him what must have been five of the lightest, slowest strokes any cock had ever experienced! You could sense that George was so close he could taste it, but Alice knew exactly what she was doing and try as hard as he could, George just couldn't get there.

"Damn, Georgie, I was trying to be nice, but I guess you just aren't in the mood to cum. Well, maybe later. I guess that's enough for now Alice."

George groaned so loud we both had to laugh.

To be continued...

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