Myka's Tail Ch. 01


"Did it hurt? Oh wow, your mom is going to kill you, but they look so hot!"

"They hurt more now than they did yesterday, but this was the most uncomfortable thing I did," I said as I unbuttoned my jeans and then slid them down my legs with my panties so that I was practically standing naked in front of Kelli.

I gently pealed the tape from the bandage that was there, slightly above my newly waxed pussy, and folded back the cloth to reveal a tattoo of a heart with a butterfly landing on it on the right side of my mons. Kelli again reached out again and brushed a light finger along the edge of where the tattoo was, causing me to once more feel that strange spike of both pleasure and pain.

"That is so amazingly cool, and also super cute with the shave! What made you just jump in with both feet and go all Hot Topic on me?"

"I am not all Hot Topic," I giggled, then I looked at Kelli for a moment and replied, "I'm not sure. I just felt like I needed to make some changes and let a new me out of her shell and this is what felt right. I know it's a bit of a surprise, but I feel much better about myself than I did a few days ago."

"Well then, that is all that matters. Put your clothes back on girl, and let's go find a couple of great costumes and give all the guys at this party a heart attack just from looking at us."

I grinned a bit then, pulled up my pants and put my shirt back on, then got myself ready to go. As we left my apartment I took Kelli's arm in mine, and I felt a strange sense of excitement come over me as we made our way to her car, and I had the feeling that I was taking the first steps into a new reality, my new reality. How prescient that feeling was.

Kelli had a plan that day, and we must have hit 15 boutiques, and 3 malls looking for the perfect outfits for the McAlllister party. This was the New Year's party to end all parties, and the McAllisters held it for the college students every year. They were the golden couple on the board of the alumni association and they opened up their estate every year on New Year's for a charitable donation of $100 per attendee that went to helping children in poverty or some other worthy cause. There was food, dancing, alcohol if you were old enough, swimming, and other things. It was also the biggest costume party of the year, as the McAllister's felt that New Year's should be as fun as possible, and all of the students did their best to upstage each other by dressing up better than everyone else. It was at this party that Alan and I first had sex, and thinking about that stung a bit as we wandered the city, looking for the golden jewel of all costumes. I knew that he and Madeline would probably be there because we had all purchased our tickets weeks ago, and that was the one thing that I was still not looking forward to. This year's party, however, promised to be the biggest most outrageous one yet because the McAllister's daughter, Jessica, had just graduated and the two celebrations were being rolled into one. It was going to be one hell of a party if I could get through it.

Unfortunately Kelli and I still could not find anything to wear for that night and we were becoming desperate. All of the stores we'd hit had no decent selections, or were sold out of anything worthy of the party, and time was running short. We decided to try one last place, a small, local indoor strip mall that had some specialty shops and hopefully some clothing stores that might have what we needed. One of those funny feelings tickled the back of my brain again as we pulled into the parking lot, and I told Kelli that here was where we would find what we needed. She gave me a dubious look, but since we had no more options we made our way inside. It took us twenty minutes to make the circuit of the stores, and we still had no luck, and Kelli decided to go grab a late lunch from the taco stand in the middle of the mall. I still felt something nagging at my mind and I told her that I was going to take one last look around before coming back and joining her and then we could leave.

"Good luck. See you in a little bit."

I turned and walked back towards a part of the mall that we had been through when we first came in, and that strange pull got stronger as I turned down one of the side corridors. Then I saw it. An old looking shop with a small wooden and glass door with vintage and antique looking clothing in the window and my heart did a small leap as I wondered how we had missed this place on the first go around. My hand almost tingled as I grasped the old brass knob and pushed the door open and walked into the small shop, the sound of an old bell tinkling as I entered letting the owner know that I was there. My nostrils were filled with the smell of quality cotton and linen and with a slight hint of sandalwood that also hung in the air. Everything around me worked hard to grab my attention as I looked at gorgeous dresses, riding outfits, corsets, and other clothing, all with a look and feel of old world quality. My mouth was open in a silent gasp at the treasure trove I had stumbled upon, and I almost missed hearing someone enter the shop from the back room.

I turned my head and got my first look at the owner of the shop, and I nearly did a double take. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on, and I stood there without the ability to move or speak for several moments. Her hair was long and raven black, cascading around her shoulders in ringlets and waves that seemed to both gather and reflect light in a mesmerizing pattern. She had the most piercing green eyes, which seemed to bore into my soul, seeing everything and missing nothing. Her complexion was slightly pale, but was flawless and smooth and her smile was like radiant sunshine. She could have been in her early fifties, but I really could not accurately place an age to her, though she did project an aura of both age and wisdom. She was also the sexiest damned woman that I think I had encountered, even covered up in the modest Victorian gown she wore, she oozed a sex appeal that few could rival.

"Can I help you miss..." she asked, in a soft and melodious voice that seemed to calm my beating heart and made me feel as if she was a friend. Scratch that, she was definitely a friend.

"Umm, my name is Myka, and my friend and I have been shopping around for a costume to wear to a party tomorrow for New Year's."

"Ahh. I see. Well Myka my name is Cassandra, and I'm pleased to meet you. Come tell me what it is that you are looking for."

I came up and took her hand in mine and then sat down on a stool she had by the front counter. I am not sure what it was that made me begin to tell her all that had happened over the last week and a half, but once I started it was impossible for me not to continue. I let her know about my situation with Alan and Madeline, and about what Kelli's advice had been. For her part, Cassandra just listened and nodded in the appropriate places and also took notes on a small notepad while I let her know what we had been out trying to find. After my story was finished, she snapped the notebook closed and gave me another penetrating stare, with her tongue slightly out of the left side of her mouth, as she sized me up.

"I think that I have just the thing for you. Just give me a minute."

And with that Cassandra hustled back into the back room and I could hear her moving boxes around and the swish of cloth as she looked and sorted through her collections to hopefully find me the perfect outfit. I sat there listening to her work and my thoughts wandered while she was occupied. After what could only have been a few minutes she walked through the back room door with some boxes and a couple of bags in her arms.

"Let's take a look at this and see what you think," Cassandra said, as she gave me another smile that almost melted my heart.

With that she opened the first box and I gazed down at what she had selected for me. It was a maid's outfit done in black and white, with a skirt that would not hang down, but would stick out straight and stiff, like a classic French maid. It was a skirt that was designed to conceal nothing and to reveal every sensual inch of a woman's body, and I got a little flushed just looking at it. It was complimented by a black corset, with a bustier that would lift and display my breasts to perfection, and the ribbons and white trim on the top were impeccable. The other boxes and bags had what would complete the outfit. A ruffled white lace collar with a black band and a silver mounted red stone to bring attention to my neck, and matching white lace fingerless gloves, also with the same black bands and stones to fit them around my wrists. My legs would be covered by white thigh high stockings that had an intricate lace pattern around the top and Cassandra assured me a garter would not be necessary. Finishing off the ensemble was a pair of flat black, square toed school girl shoes with a thick style four inch heel. Just looking at all of this started my heart racing and I was getting out of breath.

"So, what do you think Myka?"

I turned my head and looked at Cassandra and in a breathless whisper I said, "I think it's perfect!"

Cassandra gave me another of those knee weakening smiles and then pulled out a measuring tape.

"Ok, Let me get some quick measurements, and then you can go have lunch with your friend while I make any needed adjustments," Cassandra said as she began to expertly move the tape over my arms, around my chest and waist, and up both the insides and outsides of my legs.

Just her touch as she was taking her measurements felt like sparks dancing over my skin, and I did not know what to make of the warm feeling that I was getting inside. This went on for a few more minutes, and with a last measurement and a couple of more notes in the notebook, Cassandra put her tape away and gathered up the costume.

"Give me a half hour, and I should have everything done that I need to do, okay? And bring your friend, Kelli was it, when you come back. I'm sure I have something laying around for her too," and with that Cassandra rounded the corner into her back room leaving me standing in her shop with a strange look on my face.

After a moment's hesitation I turned and hurried out of the shop and nearly ran back to Kelli at the taco place. She looked up at me, surprised as I jogged towards her with what had to be the biggest, silliest grin on my face.

"Oh God, Kelli. I've found my costume and you are going to flip!"

Kelli just looked up at me for a moment and then asked, "Where did you find it? There wasn't anything else that we haven't looked at here already."

"We must have missed this little shop over in the back corner. Cassandra, the owner, sells all sorts of vintage clothes and I guess even has some costumes as well. She even said that she probably had something for you to wear too!"

Kelli looked at me skeptically, "Really? I don't remember any place like that, and why are you here if you bought it?"

"Cassandra told to give her a half hour while she made some final adjustments, and then told me to come back with you. You have to come check this out Kelli!"

"Ok, ok. Just let me finish lunch and we can go take a look."

Kelli finished eating while I rambled on and on about all of the clothes and dresses and other things that were in Cassandra's shop, and then when she finished I grabbed Kelli by the hand and nearly dragged her to the wood and glass door with the brass knob. Kelli was just as awed as I was when I first entered the little store, and she was nearly as excited to look at all the dresses and accessories that were on display.

We had only been there a moment when we heard Cassandra call out, "Hey Myka, and Kelli, right? Give me just a few more minutes and I will be right with you."

And true to her word, Cassandra came around the corner after a short time with several boxes and bags in her hands.

"Ok, Kelli, these here are for you," Cassandra said, setting out some of the boxes. "Everything should fit and I think you will look fabulous as a sexy classic foxhunter, how does that sound?"

Kelly was smiling ear to ear and then asked, "How did you know what size to get for this? Myka didn't tell you my size and you certainly didn't measure me. If it fits, however, I think a foxhunter is perfect."

"Well Kelli," Cassandra replied, "I've always had a nose for these kinds of things and I've never been wrong yet, though if it doesn't fit come back before your party and we can take care of it."

Kelli then beamed at Cassandra then pulled out her wallet and asked, "So how much do we owe for these?"

Cassandra seemed to think hard for a moment and then she replied, "$50 each will suffice for payment. Is that acceptable to you both?"

Kelli seemed thrilled, but I nervously shuffled my feet and looked at Casandra.

"Umm, that seems like an awfully low price for what I know I am receiving. Are you sure that is all that you are going to charge?"

Cassandra then looked at me with gentleness in her eyes and placed her hand softly on my cheek.

"Yes my dear Myka, that payment will be more than sufficient, and I will not take one cent more than that."

And with that Cassandra rang our credit cards and then bagged up our costumes and we were ready to leave.

Kelli turned to me and said excitedly, "I can't wait to get back to your place and try these on and model them for each other!"

I was grinning about this too, but then Cassandra cleared her throat behind us causing us to turn and pay attention to her, almost involuntarily.

"Ladies, I must insist that you do not do that. You must wait to wear these costumes until you are nearly ready for the party that you will attend. I insist on this, and I am sorry, but it is a non-negotiable requirement for the price that I gave to you. Am I understood?"

Kelli and I both nodded dumbly, wondering where this feeling of authority and power Cassandra had was coming from.

"And Ladies, I will warn you now. I will know if you do not follow these instructions to the letter. Now Kelli, if you would be so kind as to let me talk to dear Myka here privately for a few more minutes," and Cassandra's smile returned as if it had never left.

"Sure Cassandra. I'll see you back at the center court Myka?"

I nodded to Kelli and as she left I turned around, wondering what Cassandra had to say to me. When I turned to her, she was holding one smaller box, and she had look in her eye and a hitch to her smile that said she had a very mischievous surprise.

"Now Myka, your costume is going to knock all of the boy's socks off tomorrow and I just know you will wear it well. I thought, however, that you might want the opportunity to perhaps take the costume to the next level, and leave all of those poor boys drooling in wonderment as you pass by. Interested," Cassandra asked, still smiling like she had beat the devil at his own game.

I looked at her for a moment longer, and a feeling of trust seemed to come over me, and I knew she would never do anything to hurt me. I nodded silently and Cassandra who then set the small box on the counter in front of me. It was all black, with silver trim, and it had a strange writing around the edges of the top, made of letters that almost seemed to glow a reddish orange. As I looked at the box I could almost swear that the writing was moving, but I did not know for certain. Then Cassandra flipped an ornate silver catch and lifted the lid of the box and allowed me to look inside. I gasped as I saw a pair of triangular cat's ears on a head band, and what looked like a silvery grey cat's tail as well. I gently reached out to feel the ears and tail, and I found that they were soft and velvety, feeling almost like real cat fur. I then noticed that the tail was attached to what looked like a smooth obsidian cone with a small cylinder and disc attached to it which the fur of the tail was fixed to. The cone also had more of that strange red orange writing on its surface and seemed to glow and writhe like the outside of the box as I looked at it.

Cassandra then said, "If you want, you can wear the ears and the tail with the outfit, and I guarantee that you will be the envy of all who see you. What do you think?"

I could barely contain my excitement at the prospect of what was in the box, but then I asked, "These look great, but how does the tail attach to the costume? And will this cost anymore?"

Cassandra just chuckled a bit and pulled the tail out and showed me the cone.

"This end gets inserted in, well, into one of your most intimate places. And the shape allows your body to grip the tail so that it can hang free and look like its actually part of you."

Realization slowly dawned on me and I gasped, "It's a butt plug! I'm not so sure about that, I've never done something so, taboo."

"Myka, you can choose to use them or not. It is your decision, but if you do use them, I recommend that you make sure you are good and relaxed when you put the tail on. And I have also found that the best lubricant for the tail is your own juices, so give yourself plenty of time to get really worked up before you put it on. If you decide to wear it, that is. As for the price, just find me after the New Year and regale me with all the details of your adventures. Now get out of here, and go have fun. Oh! I almost forgot. I also put some special ointment in with your purchases. Just rub a bit of that on your new body art and it should make things much more pleasant for you by tomorrow night."

And with that Cassandra placed the black box in my bag and shooed me out the door, after which she turned the sign to closed and gave me a quick wink before disappearing into her back room again. How the hell had she known about my piercings and tattoo? Though I guess I shouldn't have been surprised because she seemed to know just about everything else. Anyway, I turned to go find Kelli and as I was walking away from the store I felt a warm thrilling feeling start in the pit of my stomach, and I knew that even with my hesitation I would certainly be using the tail for my costume.

Kelli and I were able to make our way home after a couple more stops, and then as we stood outside my door we gave each other a quick hug before she went back to her apartment. Then I went inside my place and sat down to enjoy a hot chocolate and one more Christmas movie before going to bed. I felt peace in my heart, and I knew again that things were going to be ok, and that the world was on the cusp of opening up to a new day for me and those I cared for. Taking Cassandra's advice, I opened up the small vial of yellow paste and rubbed it into both nipples and over my tattoo, and I was rewarded with a warm tingling sensation as the soreness that was still present seemed to melt away. And with that I crawled between the covers again and went to sleep, dreaming of the great time Kelli and I were going to have at the party tomorrow.

I woke up early and stretched lazily, and had to force myself to get out of bed. I was still a bit tired, but I had a lot to do before getting ready for the party that night, and the prospect of getting ready got me just as excited as the party itself. I looked down at my bare breasts to see how my nipples were doing and I was shocked to see that the redness and swelling were gone and it looked as if I had had these piercings for years. I reached out and gently touched first the left and the right piercing, and I nearly lost my balance they were so sensitive. In fact, my nipples hardened almost immediately and I could feel a moist dampness start in my panties. Cassandra was right! This could be the most fabulous night ever, just based on my nipples! And my tattoo was bright and vibrant, but with no pain or swelling at all. I wanted to play with myself right there, but I also knew that I still had a ton of stuff to do, so I reluctantly got myself dressed and stepped out the door to face my day.

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