Myka's Tail Ch. 01


I had two final assignments that I needed to send the written reports for off to my professors, and I needed to make sure that I had purchased all of the books that I was going to need for my next semester. I took some time to call home and talk to my parents, and I assured them that I was doing fine, and that Alan was just a sad memory, and that I had moved on. I picked up some groceries from the store so that I would have things to eat over the holiday weekend. All in all, it had been a pretty productive day, but I could hardly control the excitement that I was feeling. It was time to start getting ready for the New Year's party!

I had decided that if I was going to really do this, I was going to do it right, so first I drew myself a very hot bath and poured in a very generous amount of my strawberry bubble bath. I had already set out the things I needed to get ready, and I had plenty of time, so I was going to take this slow, and luxuriate in the experience as much as possible. I pulled off my t-shirt and unhooked my bra, and tossed both in the corner to be washed later. Since my jeans were kind of tight it took a little bit to shimmy out of them, and they and my panties joined the rest of my clothes in the laundry pile. Grabbing my towel, I pretty much sauntered down the hall to the bathroom and my hips had a bit more sway in them now than they'd had in a long time.

I took some time and gave myself a good long look in the mirror. My newly short hair really did look fantastically cute, and my pert breasts with their heart shaped piercings really caught the eye. I reached up and slowly removed both piercings and marveled at the wonder that Cassandra's ointment had done. The holes had completely healed and the attachment of the piercings slid smoothly in and out of each nipple with ease. And god were they still sensitive! My hairless pussy began to moisten as I touched and played with them for a few minutes, and I knew that I had never been this nipple sensitive before. Reluctantly I paused my nipple play, and stepped gingerly into the steaming hot water of my strawberry scented bath, letting my body slowly ease down into the water, sighing as the heat wrapped me in its arms and melted any remaining stress that I had been feeling away.

I must have just sat in that hot tub for ten minutes or more before I began to wash myself so that everything would be perfect for that night. It was pure luxury as I massaged my scalp while washing my hair with my strawberry scented wash (Hey, I like strawberry. Sue me.), and my moans probably would have bothered the neighbors if any of them had been home. When I washed my chest I really couldn't help washing my nipples over and over again and after about five minutes I felt my body tense and start to quiver as I moaned out my first orgasm of the evening. It had to be the first time I'd ever cum from just nipple play. Dear god I was feeling good. I lifted each leg straight out of the water so that I could get between each toe, and rub down my now sensitive skin, and I realized that I should have filmed this bath because I could have probably made a killing selling views on an amateur porn site. I finished cleaning the rest of my body and then leaned back and moved one hand to my tattoo, and let the other one rest on my breast.

I just needed another release, and I needed it badly, so I started pinching and rolling my nipple with the one hand, while gently massaging my mons with the other. I could feel the slow heat building in my belly and my breathing had begun to quicken. Keeping up the stimulation on my breast, I moved my other fingers down to pinch and spread my labia apart. I gently stroked my fingers along the creases that my legs made with my pussy and I began gasping each time my fingers made contact with the outer edges of my hyper-sensitive clit. Needing to up the ante at this point, I slowly inserted a finger into my trembling hole to the first, then second, and almost to the third knuckle, and then slowly pulled it back out again. Over and over I slowly repeated my in and out motion eventually adding another finger for more feeling. Now I needed to really ramp things up, so I quit playing with my breast and moved my other hand down and used my middle finger to softly circle my clit, while using my palm to massage the skin of my mons. I could feel my release start in my toes, and in the hair follicles on my head, and while I desperately wanted to speed things up I forced myself through sheer willpower to keep my slow, steady rhythm. I continued to slowly thrust my fingers in and out, and slightly increased pressure on my aching clit, and the tingling burn began to spread from my toes and hair throughout the rest of my body, and when it settled in my throbbing core I felt my climax explode. I couldn't help but shut my eyes and my back arched uncontrollably, while a scream of pleasure was ripped out of my throat from the bottom of my lungs.

My body had nearly locked up and I was trembling with the fiery sensation of the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced rocketing though my very soul. Not wanting to let go of the sensation, I quickly moved my hands to my breasts and kneaded the soft flesh while also using my fingers to firmly pinch my rock hard nipples. The aftershock that then blasted through me pulled another pleasured scream from my throat as I extended the orgasm out for another minute or two. When I finally quit shaking and had collapsed back against the back of the tub, I was finally able to breathe regularly again. It had been the most incredible sexual experience of my young life; practically transcendent. I mean, one more climax like that and I probably could have opened my eyes and seen God, and probably could have said "Hi. How are you?" to him as well. Trust me ladies, strawberry bubble bath will do it for you every time.

Anyway, as much as I wanted to just lay there and glow in the aftermath of an epic masturbation, I knew that I was tight on time and I still had a ton to do to get ready. Sighing in disappointment, I drained my tub and used the hot shower to rinse off the rest of the bubbles, and reached out for my towel. Even drying off was turned into a sensual experience the way my body was reacting, and I again wished I had been recording the experience. Before I left the bathroom I stopped and replaced my piercings, making sure that each one hung cutely below my nipples in just the perfect position. My nipples were still so sensitive that I had a mini orgasm right there and had to pause between placing each piece. Tonight was going to be really special, I could feel it in my bones.

Back in my bedroom I jumped to the middle of my bed and grabbed the honey scented lotion on my night stand. Again, I love strawberries, but when you combine the strawberry with the honey lotion the smell on your skin is nearly hypnotic. I took my time and massaged the gentle lotion into my body, making sure that I hit every little spot that I could possibly reach. The rubbing between my toes, my smooth rounded calves, and my thighs started my pussy juices flowing again, and I poured more lotion into my hands so that I could move on to my upper body. I loved the feeling of my hands sliding over my smooth stomach and I relished the breathless gasps that were caused by massaging my breasts yet again. I shivered as I moved on to my arms and neck, and the rest of my body that I was able to get my own hands on. I thought that next time maybe Kelli could help me get the spots I could not reach, and maybe even help with some of the ones I could. That thought, while it made me smile with contentment, also surprised me. I had never had feelings like that for any woman, let alone Kelli, but I passed it off as a product of the amount of arousal that I was feeling at the moment. Whatever it was, I had put off things just long enough. It was time to put on my tail.

I knew that I needed to be hot and horny as hell so that I could get the tail piece inserted properly. I was going to take Cassandra's advice and just use my own natural lubricants, but I knew that I really needed to get the juices flowing for this, so I went to my dresser and grabbed my tail, the stockings, and the shoes, because for some reason I have always found stockings and high heels to be really damn sexy. As an afterthought I also grabbed the pair of ears so I could really do this right. This time I decided to set up my phone to record what I was doing because I really wanted to watch this later, as I knew it would probably be really hot. After getting everything ready, I looked around my room and decided that a final touch was needed, so I lit all the candles I had placed around my room for my night with Alan, but had never taken down, and I turned down the lights just a bit to give the room a little more atmosphere. It was time.

As I thought this to myself I felt a pulse wash over me, almost a wave of energy, and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up on end. Whatever it was, it was a surprise, and just a tiny bit freaky, but after the burst of energy had passed I could feel nothing but the raging heat and desire in my body, just waiting for release. I had already hit record on my phone, so I walked over to my bed where I had laid out my things and I arched my back as I stretched for the camera, thrusting my breasts forward to a most prominent position. I turned slowly and then sat on the edge of the bed, and proceeded to put on the stockings, making sure to exaggerate each movement and placement of my hands and legs, rubbing them smooth even though there was no wrinkle in sight. I also made sure to position myself so that my swollen lips and the moist fluids that had begun to flow from my pussy were hidden from the camera just enough to incite the imagination and to build the tension for whoever watched this, just as much as the tension was building for me right now.

Buckling on the black school girl shoes was also something I found to be really sexy, and I crossed and uncrossed my legs several times to make sure the fit of the shoes was perfect and that the buckles and bows on them were in their place. I stood up then and gave the camera one more stretch, followed by a quick pirouette so that I could test out my balance on the heels I had just put on. God I felt like I was the sexiest thing in the world, and for a moment I was glad that things had worked out the way they had between Alan and me. I then reached down and fit the band with the cat ears onto my head and made sure that all but the ears was hidden in my hair. I took a short look in the mirror and could not help the shy pose I struck as I immediately realized I was actually lusting after my own body. It was a lust that was driven by an ever increasing heat in my center that was becoming more and more difficult to control.

Turning again to the camera I gave one more stretch and then started a gentle massage of my breasts, making sure that my heart shaped piercings were on full display, and then crawled up onto the bed in a very cat like manner. I had positioned myself on my side, propped up on one elbow with my toned thighs and ass pointed at the camera and my legs stretched out to display their full length. I reached around with my free hand then and parted my cheeks just enough to expose my now dripping pussy to the camera and I slowly plunged my middle finger into my eager hole, eliciting a moan of raw pleasure. I continued moving my finger in and out of my soaked labia, increasing my speed and swirling it around to make sure I hit every side of my tight canal, and to give the camera the much needed action it deserved. With every movement I got hotter and hotter, and my moans began to come in time with each thrust of my finger, and my speed got more and more rapid. With a final sharp cry my orgasm rolled over me and I trembled in ecstasy as I felt a burst of liquid squirt out from my throbbing pussy, and my head jerked back as I sighed out the rest of my release. My god I was getting really good at this.

I took a brief moment and slowly moved my hand up to my mouth and considered the finger that was now coated in my slick cum. I had never really had the desire to taste a female's fluids before, and especially not my own, but I just could not help myself. The camera seemed to demand it, and so I inserted my finger into my mouth, slowly and gently cleaning my hand of the juices that were there. I was not sure what I expected to taste, but while it was a surprise the sharp tang and musky aftertaste were really pleasant and I realized I could not wait to do this again. But as much as I wanted to repeat this performance, I realized that the show must go on and that I was running out of time to be fully dressed.

I moved over onto the center of my bed then and leaned back against the pillows I had placed there, spreading my legs and shifting my hips so that my face, my pussy, and my little rosebud of an anus were in full view of the camera. Giving another sigh of pleasure, I used my left hand to start massaging my mons again, and used my middle finger to strum my red and swollen clit, and spent a few minutes with my right hand playing with my breasts and nipples to push my body to the next level. I could feel a near steady flow of my lubricating fluids now pouring out between my labia and I knew that it was now or never. I reached down with my right hand and picked up the black cone like attachment of the tail and forcibly rammed it between my labia as my left hand kept a steady circling on my clit. The cry that I could not help but give was almost primal in its intensity, and I rapidly stroked the tail plug in and out getting it coated and ready while I came yet again.

After this last shuddering orgasm I pulled out the tail plug and it was actually dripping with my cum with the lettering on its surface looking like it was on fire. I could feel the flow of my juice running in a near river over my pucker, and I placed the tip of the cone right against it and gave a slight push while still circling my clit with my left hand. The muscles of my sphincter did not want to yield easily and so I had to apply more and more force until I found the correct rhythm. I worked the cone centimeter by centimeter into my waiting ass and with each pulsing thrust of the tail I moaned in glorious pleasure. Again, again, again, again, again. Push, pause, push, pause, push, pause. My thrusts and my clitoral stimulation began speeding up together, faster and faster, with more and more need, and finally, with an ear shattering howl, the wide end of the cone slipped past my little rosebud and I climaxed a final time and then collapsed back on the bed in exhaustion.

I knew I was still recording, and I did not want to leave the camera with much dead air time and nothing going on, but I really did need a minute to get my breathing under control, and I wanted to relish in the fullness that the tail plug gave me. It was like I had been filled with warmth, and love, and home, and happiness, and my whole body tingled with energy. I took a bit of time to writhe and stretch, getting used to how my new attachment moved and felt, and each new movement brought me a new feeling of pleasure. I had never been much into anal play, but this was something else entirely. I got up then and shuffled up onto my hands and knees and wiggled my ass for the still recording camera so that the tail would swish and flick, and it would be clear to anyone who watched that I was soundly and delightfully plugged. I also used my hand to again sample some of my pussy fluids, partly for the camera but mostly because I wanted to taste them again, and because I would need to wipe much of it off before getting dressed.

I used a small towel that I had thought to bring to finish cleaning myself up, and put just a bit more lotion on my hands and arms to mask the odor of my marathon masturbation's effects. I was constantly turning and moving so that the camera could get good views of my new tail and it felt kind of erotic to do so as well. I was now cleaned up enough so I picked up and slowly pulled on the black silk and lace panties that went with the costume, and I noticed that the back of the panties had a cutout with a button to accommodate the tail. I guess Cassandra knew me too well. I pulled on the frilly black and white lace skirt that stuck out stiffly from my body and belted it in place while giving my still erect nipples one more tweak for good measure. I bent over exaggeratedly to grab the corset/bustier top and gave my ass another shake for the camera, and then pulled on and cinched up the top, realizing that I would not need or wear a bra tonight. I then picked up the last accessories, pulling on the lace gloves and buckling the white and black lace collar around my neck, with the ruby prominently displayed in the hollow of my throat. I then turned saucily to the camera and bent over a touch at the hip and blew a kiss to the camera and walked out of the picture while giving a cheeky wink over my shoulder.

I turned off the recorder at that point and sent the file to my email and deleted it from my phone so that I could make sure that only someone I wanted to have the video would have access to it. I put on just a touch of makeup, but after looking in the mirror I realized that I did not need much to finish off my look. I then gathered up the few things I would need that night and put them in a small black clutch I had that went pretty well with the outfit. I also grabbed my laptop so that I could process the film I had made while waiting for Kelli. Sitting down on the edge of my couch I turned on my computer, then answered my phone when Kelli called. She told me she would be there it about ten minutes and I let her know that I was ready. I pulled up the video file on my computer and was able to quickly delete off the ends of the video where the camera was started and stopped, and saved it so that it could be viewed on my machine.

Not long after I had finished the quick editing job my doorbell rang, and I opened it and got my first look at Kelli in her costume. It was a hybrid between a foxhunt outfit and a steeplechase uniform and god did she fill it out well. Her hair was done up in a French braid and the rounded riding cap gave her head a very classic look. The red coat she wore was practically three sizes too small, and it forced the black lace bra to push a very nice amount of cleavage out of its top. The look was finished off with a boy short style bottom, thigh high black stockings, and high heeled knee length riding boots. And just for that added extra she was carrying a black leather riding crop in her right hand.

"So what do you think," she asked in the brief moment that I was taking in her costume. She had her head turned to the side and was looking up in a mock fashionista pose, and had not seen me yet.

"My god Kelli, you are gorgeous!"

I said it, and I realized I really meant it. It was a fabulous outfit, but my first thought was when I would be able to take it off of her. Where the hell had that thought come from? At that moment Kelli turned back to me with a huge smile on her face and then her jaw fell open and whatever she had been about to say was lost as she could do nothing but stare at me. It made my heart soar with happiness that I had this effect on her, and I gave her a coquettish pose while slowly swaying my shoulders back and forth, looking at her with heavy lidded eyes.

"What do you think, Kelli?"

She reached out a trembling hand then, and placed it softly against my cheek, and I was compelled to close my eyes and rub myself into her touch with a soft sigh.

"Oh Myka. I can't even think straight right now. I don't know what to say but just, wow!"

I stepped back into the apartment then, taking her hand and drawing her in with me. As the door closed behind her I stepped away and did another pirouette just for her, making sure to give my tail a good shake for the full effect.

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