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Mystical Tattoo


Author's note: Please forgive any grammer mistakes. I do not have an editor (Email me if interested) and when I proof read, my mind corrects any of my mistakes because I know what I was trying to say.

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Mystical Tattoo:

I believe in justice. Such an unusual word - Justice. People have been sentenced to death and have been freed from prison because of it. Revolutions and wars have all been fought for it. Dictators have used the word to suppress the masses. It is a word that can be twisted to meet the needs of the people using it, good or bad. It can be a tool to right the rights and wrongs in one's life. It is a word that projects hope. It is my favorite word. If I have the power, how would I perceive justice? How would you?

I won't lie; I definitely hold more than a few grudges in my eighteen years of living. How could I not? I have been ostracized by everyone in my life. At school, I had a complete lack of confidence. I couldn't communicate with anyone. Jocks only talked about sports, bodily function jokes, and girls. The intelligent crowd only talked about scientific nonsense and roleplaying. I didn't even know if I wanted to go to college, let alone what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. And forget about having a girlfriend. No woman thinks tall, gangly, and awkward looking is attractive, especially the teenage girls who succumb to peer pressure on who they should date. Because no one held the same interests as me, I was labeled 'weird' by my fellow students. In retrospect, I suppose that was for the better because I wasn't taunted or bullied, however there is something to be said about being noticed, even if it is in the negative. I was a social leper.

My home life wasn't any better. My father resents me because my hobbies don't include 'macho' activities such as football or automobiles. He, of course, influenced my mother so she practices 'tough' love just to ensure I won't become interested in other men. Because of my hobbies of art and books, they are certain I am headed down the so called 'devils path' of life (as if cracking a belt against someone's ass for listening to classical music would change a person's sexual preference). I've tried everything to convince them of the truth from denying the accusation to hiring a hooker to play my girlfriend for a day. Nothing worked.

The only positive I can fall back on is spring break. I was stunned that I convinced my parents to let me travel to Japan. At first, my dad was dead set against it. If he was sending me anywhere, Cancun was where I should go so I could ogle girls in bikinis, get drunk like a man, and hopefully be hammered enough to be laid by a female. I told them "Never mind, I'll just stay in my room and spend my time with Dostoevsky and Chopin." That got my mother to say, "Just let him go. At least he'll be out of the house." My father caved, giving himself his own silver lining to save face, "Being alone for the week in a foreign country will put some hair on your chest."

The week in Japan was spectacular. I chose to go to the city of Osaka. It is a big city that has lots to offer: entertainment, museums, parks, shrines, and has been called the food capital of the world. My time was well spent, mostly with my mouth agape at the wonders around me, enjoying all that the Japanese culture had to offer. On my last night, I just couldn't seem to make it to my hotel. Not that I was lost, it was just that I wanted to see more. Day became evening, evening became dusk, and dusk became night but still, I had a never say die attitude. I didn't care about the hour. I could sleep on the plane tomorrow.

I woke up. That is the only positive I can say about today, and I just opened my eyes. My head was pounding something fierce as I put my hand to my forehead, as if that would suddenly cure my hangover. The worst part about my dilemma is that I didn't have any idea where I was and the alleyway I was in, left no clues. Oh, I knew where I was supposed to be, on a plane that should be leaving the tarmac from Osaka's Kansai airport right about now and heading back to the states. Actually, the worst part will be the scolding I receive from my parents for missing said flight and when I do get home, my dad's subsequent punishment of me. He's going to kill me. My mom will make sure I'm all right first saying, "Oh my baby, are you okay? I never should've let you go to Japan for spring break by yourself," and then she'd probably only ground me for life. Just something I can look forward to.

I peeled myself off the concrete, bracing myself against the building. I staggered toward the road, finally getting my bearings as I reached it, trying to remember just what in the hell happened. My recollection of the prior night's events was scarce to say the least. I recollect that I was late night sightseeing - with this being my last day, how could I not? - and I wound up at Sumiyoshi taisha, one of the oldest Shinto shrines ever built. From there I recall meeting an old man, Togashi something or other and he convinced me to drink sake with him. Odd because I never drank before in my life. Wait. Didn't he have a needle? What did he use the needle for? I frantically checked my arms for the possibility that something had been injected into them. I was grateful I saw none, but to be honest, my sight was still slightly blurry.

As I stumbled into the main road, I realized I was in the Sumiyoshi ward in Osaka. A worry filled taxi ride to the airport and the purchase of another ticket home that didn't leave until tomorrow left me staring at my phone. It was a phone call I didn't want to make. I took a deep breath as I hit the green button.

"Sheldon, where are you at?" Dad's voice told me he was none too pleased. "You should be on a plane home right now."

"Uh, hi dad, had a little problem here. I'm sorry but I'm going to be delayed a day."

"Sorry? You're damn right you're sorry. I swear, I let your mother talk me into letting you go to another country and now this! I knew you still weren't a man, too irresponsible. Probably why you don't have any friends either, sissy boy."

"I'm sorry, dad. You're right."

"Your God damn right, I'm right. Just know that you have an ass whoopin' waiting for you when you get home."

"Yes, sir." I shook my head. 'I wish my father could be more forgiving.' With that thought, I screamed. My body tightened as a burning sensation seemingly coming from the fires of hell was scorching my back.

"Sheldon, are you all right? What happened?"

Suddenly, the pain was gone. Eerie. "Yeah, I'm fine. I apologize again and I'll be on my way home tomorrow."

"Listen son," Dad's voice went to a tone I am not used hearing. In fact, it was a tone I never heard from him before. It was comfort. "I know you're sorry, so we'll forget the belt this time. Just get home safely, all right."

That was the oddest thing I have ever heard. Not the words themselves, but from whom the words came from. "Uh, okay dad. I'll see you when I get home."

I went back to my hotel and from then until it was time to go to the airport all I could think about was my father. He never spoke to me that way before. I concluded he was biding his time. He'd be calm and collected and when my guard was down, BAM, he'd strike like an Inland Taipan snake in the outback. He'd be just as lethal too.

As I took my first class aisle seat, I was grateful of my frugal nature. It's not that I don't want to spend money, it's just that I don't have anyone to spend it on or go anywhere with. But it did allow me the ability to purchase this ticket, as there were no more seats available in coach. I settled into my chair, hoping to sleep for most of my long flight.

I was startled awake by the flight attendant asking the passenger next to me if he wanted beef or chicken for his inflight meal. To be more precise, she ran over my outstretched foot with her cart. I groaned and removed my leg from the aisle.

"I apologize sir. I didn't see you there. I'm Pam and I'll be taking care of you today."

"My fault," I stretched my body and rubbed my eyes. I then caught sight of the woman's beauty. She had blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a fantastic smile. But when she bent over slightly to give my fellow passenger his chicken dinner, that's what really piqued my teenage hormones. Her breasts just hung there for the briefest of moments directly in my line of sight.

"Could I interest you in a meal today? Or perhaps something to make you more comfortable?"

'You could offer me a better look at those,' my perverted adolescent mind thought. But instead, I went with the more conventional, "Yes, I'll have the beef please." The flaming sensation in my back returned and I cringed. When I reopened my eyes, I saw the stewardess staring at me like I was the piece of beef.

"I appear to be out of beef. I'll be right back."

Pam pushed her cart forward and headed behind the curtain. How is it that every woman can walk in a way that gravitates every male eye to her ass? Her hips swayed mercilessly as she left and it was a mental image I had every intention of keeping.

When Pam came back with my beef dinner, I sat in stunned silence. She had undone the top four buttons of her blouse and her bra had disappeared. I salivated at the sight I was given. She was bent at the waist, way more than necessary, preparing me for my dinner. Her orbs were full and luscious as she put my table over me. Her nipples were protruding as she laid my tray of beef in front of me. They jiggled like jello as she added a slight shake to her body as she placed my napkin and utensils. And I thought the Shitennō-ji Temple was the highlight of my trip.

"Thanks," I muttered as she stood.

"You're welcome," Pam winked at me before continuing down the aisle.

I finally made it home, completely exhausted from the long flight and taxi ride. Even when I was able to sleep on the plane, Pam's massive mammaries invaded my thoughts. One thing that was nice about my departure being delayed a day was that my arrival was a day later. It was 11am and no one was home. My parents were at work and technically, I should be at school, but that wasn't going to happen. I collapsed on my bad and curled up with my blanket.

I woke up ravenous. I immediately thought about my favorite dinner, 'I could really go for my mom's grilled chicken with a loaded baked potato right now.' As I sat up and rubbed my eyes, my back became inflamed again, "What the fuck?" I stood in a huff and marched into the bathroom. This was the third time I felt this feeling and I was now determined to find the cause. Was it a rash? Did I pull a muscle? I slipped off my shirt and glanced over my shoulder into the full-length mirror. "Holy shit!" On my back was a tattoo of a dragon. It was large as it started at the nape of my neck and traversed all the way down to just above the crack of my ass. It was a combination of dark colors, full of black and greys, and it was meticulously detailed. The most haunting aspect was the dark, red eyes. I was caught in its gaze and couldn't look away. They appeared to be pools of blood and most importantly, they appeared to be alive.

I'm unsure how long we, I mean I stared at those eyes. The only reason my concentration broke was due to the smell permeating in the air. I inhaled deeply to discover it was the smell of grilled chicken. A smile graced my lips as I realized my mom was cooking my favorite meal. What a coincidence, I was just thinking that. Wait... I was just thinking that and then my back burned. What about the other instances? On the phone with my dad and on the plane with Pam... Did I force that woman to show me her breasts? I chuckled. How ridiculous is this? I can't force people to do my whims. It all must be coincidences. But... I suppose there is only one way to find out. I closed my eyes, I can't believe I'm doing this... 'I want my parents to accept me for who I am.'

My eyes flung open as my back began to burn. I looked back in the mirror to find the cause. It was the tattoo. It was moving. It was fucking moving! My response was a blood-curdling shriek, "Aaahhhh!"

After a few moments, it stopped and the heat was gone. I realized I wasn't breathing. I gasped, sucking in oxygen while finally calming down. Did that just happen? I have to admit, it was more than a little unsettling to see the dragon slithering on my back. I put my shirt back on and made my way to the kitchen. The aroma was wonderful as I entered, my mom just pulling the chicken from the pan.

"Oh, there's my boy. I was just about to come get you for dinner," Mom placed a piece of chicken on each of the three plates. "Is everything all right? I thought I heard you yell something a minute ago."

"Yeah, I'm fine mom. Just stubbed my toe," I grabbed my plate and sat down.

"Well, I'm glad your back," Mom gave me a hug from behind. "How was your trip?" Mom joined me, bringing both her and dad's plate to the table. "Did you see all the sights you wanted? Perhaps pick up a new book for your collection?"

"Forget the book," Dad called as he came in from the garage door. "I want to see some pictures of Sheldon in front of some old churches. Welcome home."

I chuckled, "I think you mean temples or shrines, dad."

"Same difference," Dad kissed mom's cheek and then patted my shoulder before he sat down. "Wow, this looks much better than the hot dogs we were going to have."

They accepted me. I inwardly smiled. I can control the thoughts of others. Now what to do with my new found ability?

I woke up in the morning, surprised I was able to sleep at all. I felt the world was my oyster but had no idea what the pearl was. In lieu of not knowing, I decided that following my normal routine was the way to go. I stood at my closet, grabbed my typical t-shirt and jeans, and headed to school.

I didn't hear a single word that the teachers spoke during my first three classes. I had the ultimate power and was still unsure of what to do. In my life, what did I want to change? My home life was all squared away. I finally had parents who accepted me for who I am. At school, I don't know... The only answer was that I was tired of being a desolate. A wicked smile pursed my lips as I scanned the cafeteria. Of course, I don't want to force a friendship. What kind of friend would that make? No, I want more than that. With this idea, I now consider my parents lucky as I feel that I owe them for having given birth to me. None of these lemmings deserve that mercy. My eyes stopped moving when the cool clique's table came into view. Jocks, cheerleaders, and the other members of Hilldale High school's most popular were all laughing and having a good ole time without any considerations for anyone else. Fuck that. I focused on Celeste Murphy and Heidi Bennett. The two couldn't be any different. Celeste was the star of the elites. She was the blonde hair, blue-eyed boisterous head cheerleader and her boyfriend, Cliff Weathers was the quarterback and captain of the football team. He was arrogant and perhaps the biggest bully of our school, always wanting to settle matters with his fists. Heidi was more of an enigma for that group. She resembled more of a geeky librarian; red hair, black glasses, and less outspoken from all the others, but what really caught my attention were her mesmerizing deep green eyes. We were partners for a science project once and I couldn't stop staring. Being studious, I was stunned she was a part of the group, but that may have had more to do with her fraternal twin brother, the soccer star, Dane. He was overly obnoxious because he had to be the life of the party and they all loved him for it.

'I want Celeste and Heidi to be devoted to me.' I chose the word devotion because I wanted them to keep their personalities but redirect their want to please towards me. I was so close to using the word slave, but I wanted variety. The burning sensation immediately began on my back. It seemed less daunting now that I knew it was going to occur.

Both girls immediately started looking around with Celeste actually standing to do so.

"Is everything all right Celeste?" Cliff put his hand on her hip.

"There he is," Celeste spoke with conviction as she swatted Cliff's hand away.

Heidi saw where Celeste was looking and smiled. Both girls started walking toward me. With each step, they kept glancing from me to each other. Celeste rolled her eyes in minor annoyance as she realized she had competition. Heidi began nervously biting her lower lip as she came to the same conclusion. She didn't feel she had a chance but was determined to try.

I had to choke down a laugh at the sight. 'Heidi and Celeste will support and help each other's need to please me.'

Both girls momentarily stopped and gazed toward each other. They both smiled a knowing smile before continuing on to their shared destination, me.

"You're Sheldon Hayes, right?" Celeste easily took the vocal lead.

"Yes, I am."

"Well, I'm Celeste and this is Heidi," Celeste batted her eyes and smiled, seductively licking her lips. "Do you mind if we sit with you?"

"Absolutely ladies," I gestured to the chairs on either side of me. Heidi sat on my left and Celeste on my right. I noticed the stares from everyone as they sat but didn't care. "What can I do for you?"

"Oh no," Celeste put her hand on mine. "It's what I can do for you? I'll do anything."

I smiled. This was too easy. "And what about you, Heidi? Are you willing to do anything if it makes me happy?"

Heidi's eyes lit up and her hand reached for my free hand as she smirked, "If you're willing to have me too."

It was obvious Heidi was very insecure about herself. "Of course," I chuckled. "I would love your company. Here," I slid my chair away from the table. "Why don't the two of you sit on my lap?"

The two eagerly took up residence on each of my legs, which garnered the attention of everyone, especially Cliff and Dane. I put my hands to their hips and began a light stroking, causing the girls to giggle. This was absolutely amazing.

"Celeste, what the fuck are you doing?" Cliff thundered as he and Dane closed the distance between us in a half a heartbeat.

"Heidi?" Dane's voice was full of concern. He always seemed to be the protective brother. "Is this another one of your experiments? I told you, you had to stop all that and just be quiet and you would be able to hang out with me and my friends."

"You always said I needed to change to find a boyfriend. Well, I'll change for him."

"I don't like it, Heidi." Dane pointed at me. "He's the class freak."

"Answer me!" Cliff thundered at the woman on my right knee.

Celeste let out an irritated sigh as she glanced up at her former boyfriend. "Isn't it obvious?" She then chuckled, "you've been replaced." She turned back toward me and put her lips to mine. "Sorry about him. He gets jealous."

"I'm going to kick your ass!" Cliff balled a fist and took a step forward.

'Cliff, punch Dane instead.'

I smiled as the burning sensation occurred. Cliff's arm flung forward and at the same time, his body pivoted. Dane didn't have a chance. The punch hit him square in the cheek and his body spun before crashing to the ground.

"Oh shit!" Cliff's eyes went wide, "Dane, are you okay? I don't know how that happened."

Heidi slid down to her brother, "You all right?"

Dane sat up, cringing as he felt his face, "Yeah."

"Listen Bro, thanks for all that you've done for me but I think it's time for me to live my life."

I felt somewhat sorry for Dane. Not that I cared for him as a person, I've seen firsthand some of his accomplishments when it came to harassing other students just for a laugh. But in this instance, he was trying to be a good brother. I decided to not get in the way of his relationship with his sister. 'Dane, encourage Heidi to be with me.'

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