tagBDSMMz Zen's Fabulous Birthday Pt. 01

Mz Zen's Fabulous Birthday Pt. 01


Chapter 1

Ms Zen was turning 40 in just 5 days. The prospect of 40 was depressing. The closer it got to her birthday, the more irritable she was becoming. Although she'd always had a healthy attitude towards age, she had to admit that the reality of turning 40 was far different than she expected. She was actually dreading her birthday and she had avoided making mention of her birthday to even her closest friends. Tonight might just be the catharsis that she needed.

A long time play partner, Steve was coming over tonight to have a little fun with Ms Zen and another of her play partner's named Liam. Steve had expressed his interest in serving another for her. She decided that it was about time that happened.

Ms Zen slipped on her black stockings and a pretty black leather bustier and black skirt. She slid her feet into a pair of black high heels, slipping the straps around her legs before buckling them. She pondered over the toy box and pulled out a couple of sensation toys and the leather paddle she'd bought in the horse section of the local farm and feed store.

Liam was wearing a black harness over his masculine chest and had on leather shorts that covered and accentuated his package nicely.

Ms Zen looked at him and smiled. "Very nice. I want you to step out of sight until I call for you. He doesn't know that you are going to be here tonight."

Steve got to Ms Zen's place and took off his clothes as was expected of him. He kneeled naked at the door. Ms Zen began in her most humiliating tone but tonight there was even more of an edge to her voice.

"You miserable slut! You've been jacking off haven't you?"

"No Ma'am, he said nervously."

"Don't bother denying it. I know what you do in your spare time. You look at dirty pornos on the internet and you jerk off in a pair of panties." She already knew he was a compulsive masturbator. In fact she loved to punish him for being the nasty slut he was.

Steve hung his head down. "Yes Ma'am, I did."

"How dare you lie to me, slut! I know how much you like cumming in those panties but your orgasm is mine. I control when you cum!"

"Yes Ma'am," he said. As she berated him, his cock grew harder and harder until it was standing straight up.

Ms Zen flicked his cock with her finger nail.

"Does that turn you on, little sissy, that you belong to me? Hmmm." She crooned to him as she ran her finger nails lightly up and down his cock and when he was least expecting she put her hand around his balls and squeezed firmly, her nails digging slightly into his sack.

"Dirty whore. You are mine. I will do with you as I like. I will whore you out as I choose to. Do you understand? But when you are not serving me you will not spill your cum." She squeezed a little bit harder for emphasis.

"Yes, Ma'am," he yelped out she squeezed his balls mercilessly.

"Are you my whore? Say it for me... Say I'm a dirty whore."

Steve parroted her words as she asked, blushing a deep shade of crimson.

"Are you a dirty cocksucker? Do you love to suck cocks for Mistress?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Well then say it. Say I'm a dirty little cock sucking sissy."

"I'm a dirty cock sucking sissy, Ma'am."

"Good boy," Mistress crooned at Steve. "Such a good boy to know your place." Ms Zen squeezed Steve's face and looked in his eyes with her big green eyes.

"Since you love to suck cock so much, Steve, I've got a very special surprise for you."

Steve trembled nervously and looked at Ms Zen.

Ms Zen called out, "Liam."

Liam stepped inside the room, standing with his muscular legs far apart, hips thrust out and muscular arms to his side. He made a menacing picture in his studded leather chest harness and leather shorts.

Steve gulped and trembled, "Ma'am, I don't know if I can do it."

"You can and you will do it, Steve." She looked sharply at him to show that she was serious.

She walked over to Liam and unzipped his leather shorts, pulling out his huge 8 inch cock, stroking it and making it hard. "Rub it Liam, while I prepare him."

"Get up, Steve." She watched Steve stand up. She lead Steve over to the spanking table and told him to lean over.

He'd experienced Ms Zen's spanking table before so he put out his hands to be cuffed. This time was a bit different though with another man in the room and he didn't know what to expect. He felt very vulnerable there with his bare ass exposed to the ruggedly masculine stranger.

"I'm a virgin, Ma'am, please don't let him fuck my ass, he said plaintively."

Ms Zen laughed. That was not a lesson she had planned for tonight but she thought it funny that he begged not to because she suspected that was what he really secretly desired.

"Oh please Ma'am, no."

"No is not a safe word," she chided him gently as she placed a spreader bar between his legs, to keep his legs spread wide.

His cock was rock hard and she tugged on it a few times just to tease him.

"Oh thank you, Ma'am," Steve said gratefully.

She took out her sensation toys and began to tickle Steve's sensitive skin. she rubbed something very feathery and soft over his legs and his cock and balls. He could not see what she was doing but it felt very good to him. She spent a long time teasing him this way. He began to relax and to stop trembling. When he was completely relaxed, she took out the leather paddle and when he was least expecting it, she whacked him firmly across his lower cheek.

"Ow!" Steve cried out loudly.

"Did I say you could talk?" The paddle came down over and over again, making nice pink marks.

"No, Ma'am, he hissed."

"Silence, sissy, you speak when you are spoken to." She continued to paddle him as he struggled to not make a noise, but he was not succeeding very well as she vigorously spanked his ass.

"Come here, Liam and jack your cock off in his face while I spank him." She watched as Liam complied, beating off his huge cock in Steve's face.

"Nasty boy, you know you want to suck cock. I know you are a dirty little cocksucker just waiting to eat his first load of cum, aren't you? Tell me you want to suck a cock. Tell me."

Steve blushed and squirmed as Ms Zen spanked him.

"Come on you little whore, I know you want to please your Ms Zen. I long to see your lips around that big huge cock. I know you'll do a good job for Mistress and swallow his load." Ms Zen continued to spank him as she humiliated him.

"You were born to be my sissy. Yes, I think I might as well dress you up in panties and charge $20 a blow job." Ms Zen laughed to see his reaction.

Do you think he would look good in panties?" She turned to Liam who nodded in agreement.

Ms Zen fished a pair of panties out of a drawer and swung them around on her finger.

"Mmmm yes." Ms Zen uncuffed the spreader bar and unhooked Steve's hand cuffs and helped him to stand up. His ass was a very nice shade of red. She handed him the pair of silky pink panties.

"Put them on."

Steve awkwardly put on the panties, all the while blushing in front of Ms Zen and her friend, Liam.

"Good girl. From now on, your name is not Steve. It is Slutty Sarah."

The former steve made a little moan when she realized just how very much she wanted to be Ms Zen's girl and not her boy.

Ms Zen took Sarah's hand. Ok, now come Slutty Sarah. It is time for you to be made into the cock sucking slut I know you are. Ms Zen lead Liam and Sarah into the bedroom. She instructed Liam to pull off his shorts and lay down on the bed. Then she got onto the big King sized bed herself, pushing Sarah down onto the bed like a rag doll. She put her hand in Sarah's hair and pulled her hair hard, pulling her towards the big erect monster cock. She pulled Sarah closer and closer until her lips were right next to the huge round head.

"Now kiss it. KISS IT."

Sarah hesitatingly planted a kiss on the throbbing head and started nervously when it bobbed in reponse.

"You can do it, girl. Kiss it again. This time kiss it and lick it."

Sarah obeyed, licking tentatively.


Sarah licked a little stronger.

"Yes that's a good girl. What a good cock sucking cunt you are. Open your mouth, bitch. OPEN YOUR MOUTH."

Sarah opened her mouth and Ms Zen pushed her down on the big cock, watching her gag a little bit as the huge cock stretched her lips wide.

"Now suck it, bitch. SUCK IT!" Ms Zen yelled at Sarah. Ms Zen whacked the leather paddle across Sarah's already pink ass.

Sarah jumped and started sucking. Ms Zen grabbed her hair and pushed and pulled her head, making her bob up and down. She started to get the idea and began to suck and bob on her own.

Ms Zen whacked her ass again. "TRY HARDER"

Sarah sucked and slurped and bobbed. Liam moaned as he watched her bob up and down, knowing she'd never sucked a cock before. He thrust enthusiastically into her mouth, using her mouth like a convenient glory hole bitch. Soon he felt his balls ache for release and he placed his masculine hands on either side of her face as he thrust into her mouth, yelling as he shot big loads of cream in her mouth.

"Oh good girl. Good girl." Ms Zen crooned and stroked the back of her head as she took the load down the back of her throat.

"Mmmm. You've pleased Ms Zen very well. " She kissed Slutty Sarah on the lips and tasted the cum in her mouth.

"Oh what a very good girl you are." Ms Zen smiled widely.

Liam turned to Ms Zen and said, "Happy Birthday, Ma'am." Now that Sarah has had her surprise, I have a surprise for you. Liam made a quick phone call on his cell. Then there was a knock at the door.

"There's your birthday present, now." Liam said, hardly hiding his glee.

Chapter 2: The 40th Birthday Present

Liam opened the door and two guys rolled in a very large refrigerator sized box. They placed it carefully in the middle of the living room floor. Ms Zen rolled her eyes, wondering what Liam could have possibly gotten for her. She looked at the large brightly wrapped box and the big bow on top.

Liam said, "Well open it!"

Ms Zen said, "Okay. Let's see what's inside." Ms Zen peeled away the wrapping paper to reveal a cardboard box underneath. She untaped the sides of the box and the front panel of the box opened like a door, revealing an iron cage and the cages contents.

"Oh my god! You didn't! What is this Liam?" Ms Zen looked inside the cage in disbelief.

Hanging on the door of the cage was a card which said, "Happy Birthday Ms Zen. I'm your 21 year old slave. My name is Rick. I'm bisexual. I've never been dominated by a Mistress but it is my fantasy to serve."

Ms Zen looked at Rick who was dressed in nothing but a thong and a ball gag. She looked at Liam and gave him a look which was hard to interpret.

"How much did you have to pay him, she stared at Liam. He's an escort, isn't he?"

"No Ma'am, he volunteered. I know him personally. He's a good kid and eager to learn."

Ms Zen's eyes shot daggers at Liam. Very well then. He shall learn. She reached through the bars of the iron cage and pulled down his thong. She gasped when she saw the size of his cock. She stroked it gently, bringing it to life.

"Okay Sarah, your turn."

Sarah blushed and stroked the huge member. She watched as it rose. His cock was thick and hard, a good 10 inches. Sarah had never seen anything so big.

Rick didn't flinch as the panty clad Sarah played with him. He held very still and moaned and sucked on the ball gag in his mouth.

"Liam, put some nipple clamps on him." Ms Zen ordered her submissives to obey.

Liam reached through the bars of the cage which were just wide enough for his meaty arms and he placed the clamps on Rick's nipples, adjusting them just so. He then pulled on the chain a little bit and heard Rick moan a little and gasp.

Ms Zen buckled a leather strap and lead around Rick's cock and balls and attached a leash to them. Then she opened the door to the cage and lead him out. She pulled the chain and watched Rick follow along as she tugged on his cock and balls. She pulled him around the room a couple of times while Sarah and Liam watched. Then she pushed him to his knees. She took off the gag.

Ms Zen said to Rick, "Your safe word is lemon. If at any time you wish to stop then you must say lemon. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Rick looked down shyly as he replied.

"Your cock is my toy. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am." Rick moaned a little.

She lead Rick by his cock and balls over to the big king sized bed. She told him to climb onto the bed and lie on his back. She draped the cold chain over his cock, letting it coil around, wrapping the cold chain around him and then unwrapping it. Wrapping and then unwrapping. He moaned at the feeling of the hard metal chain against hm. Then she abruptly removed the chain and the leather collar that was holding his cock and balls so tightly. He signed in relief to be free again. His cock bobbed and pointed proudly.

Tie his arms and legs. She ordered her play partners to help her as she pulled the cuffs from where they were hidden at the four corners of the bed and tied Rick spread eagle to the bed, first removing the thong that had been resting underneath his balls. She pulled off the nipple clamps and rubbed his nipples to sooth them.

"Ooh poor little slut, your nipples hurt." She intoned sarcastically as she rubbed his nipples.

She slipped quickly out of her skirt panties. She removed her bustier. Then, she laughed as she straddled his face. She pulled her shaved lips apart and exposed her clit. She rubbed her clit back and forth over his tongue as he stuck out his tongue for her.

"Mmmm. Good little sex toy." Ms Zen bounced on his tongue a little bit, smothering him between her ample thighs.

She put her hands around his huge member and squeezed. She slipped a cock ring around his huge cock.

"You are going to get Mistress off over and over. Sarah, hold his cock for me while I mount him. "

Sarah took hold of the huge cock and held it for Ms Zen while she climbed over him and straddled him. Ms Zen sat down on the big head, pushing it against her wet pussy. She pushed firmly until the huge cock spread her pussy lips wide. She felt the big cock stretching her as she sat down on it.

"Mmm. Now that's what I call a real man. Not some shriveled up little cock." She looked at Sarah and laughed and watched while Sarah's little clitty got hard at the insult.

"Rub that little clitty for me, bitch, while a real man fucks my pussy." Ms Zen bounced up and down on the huge cock, rocking against it, rolling her hips around and around. Soon she felt the first orgasm coming on and let the pleasure flow through her as her pussy quivered and spasmed around the huge cock. He was still hard due to the ring around his cock, so after resting for a moment, she continued to work his cock, riding it up and down. She bent over her breasts hanging over rick. She pushed a breast in his mouth, watching while his tongue moved around it.

Sarah and Liam were standing in the room quietly watching while MsZen got what she really needed. They could see Rick's huge balls bouncing as Ms Zen rode him vigorously. She fucked him hard, gripping his erect penis with her strong muscles, milking him, getting off on the huge size of him, feeling him stretch her tight. Soon waves of pleasure rolled over her again, this time he was with her as she came, and he shot his load inside her. She felt his warm cum shoot deep inside her and dribble out. She lay beside him on the large bed and spread her legs wide.

"Cleaning time, Sarah. Come here little sissy slut. Come here NOW." Ms Zen spread her lips wide as Sarah dipped her tongue inside to lick out the cream.

"Good girl. Lick it good. Then I want you to lick all my pussy juices off of Rick."

Sarah rushed to obey. Liam just looked on with his hard cock in his hand. He stroked his rock hard cock as he watched. As Sarah finished licking Ms Zen's pussy and went to clean Rick's cock, Ms Zen watched. She watched as Rick's cock sprang back to life again and was just as hard as before.

"Mmmm. What a Fabulous Fortieth Birthday. Thank you Liam."

Ms Zen laughed. " Untie him. I want a service top."

Ms Zen watched as Sarah and Liam untied Rick. Ms Zen spread her legs wide. "Get to work, sex tool. Fuck me."

Rick obeyed. Not minding that Ms Zen saw his cock as a handy dildo or a tool for her orgasm. She spread her legs wide as he mounted her.

Ms Zen groaned as he pushed his giant cock inside her. "Liam, I know you are dieing to serve me. I want you to put your cock in Rick's tight little rosebud ass."

"Oh yes, Mistress, Rick gasped when he realized what was happening. I'm a virgin, but I'll gladly take it in the ass for you."

Liam gasped at hearing this and was even more turned on. He carefully fingered Rick with a lubed finger. He pushed his finger deep. Rick was so turned on at this point, but Ms Zen slowed the pace and made him stay very still inside her while Liam probed his virgin ass. Then Liam inserted two fingers. Ms Zen watched Rick's face, enjoying the expressions there. She kissed Rick's mouth and tongued his mouth while Liam probed and thrust with two fingers inside him. Then Liam held his hard cock against Rick's ass. He held it there, contemplating what he was about to do.


Liam obeyed Ms Zen's command and thrust his cock into his already stretched and prepared ass, but it was tight and Rick's little rosebud ass gripped him firmly, quivering around him as he slowly and firmly pressed it deep inside.

Rick moaned.

Ms Zen moaned and began riding his cock, thrusting up against him as Liam thrust down. Rick was in the middle, getting fucked from both sides. Ms Zen was so turned on by watching his virginal expressions, she began to cum over and over on his cock within a few minutes of riding his big rod. Not long after, Liam was thrusting over and over into Rick's tight and his full balls were banging against rick as he shot his load and Rick came at the same time. Ms Zen, Rick and Liam all were on the bed together then, Ms Zen and Liam holding Rick and telling him what a good fuck toy he was. They cuddled there on the bed while Sarah got busy again. Sarah had more cleaning to do.

Ms Zen then instructed Liam and Sarah to put Rick back in his cage with a sleeping bag and a pillow where he would stay until Ms Zen needed to use him again. They placed the lock on his cage and they left Ms Zen peacefully sleeping in her big king sized bed.

Happy Birthday, they whispered as they left quietly.

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