tagBDSMMz Zen's Fabulous Birthday Pt. 02

Mz Zen's Fabulous Birthday Pt. 02


Chapter 3: Wet Wank

Zen woke to the sound of birds outside her bedroom window. She stretched deliciously and had a vague impression of the night before. She wiggled her toes, thinking about Steve and Liam and became fully conscious when the vision of Rick came to mind. She wondered if she was still dreaming. She rolled out of bed quickly and padded into the living room to check the verity of her memory and there it was in the middle of the living room floor.

The big iron cage with bars sat there like a giant parrot cage. But the exception was that there was definitely no parrot inside. It was a full grown young stud, and he was there on the floor of the cage on a sleeping bag, sleeping quite soundly.

She pushed a toe through the bar of the cage and nudged him with her foot.

"Yo. Stud boy. Wake up." She said loudly.

He opened his eyes and stared up at her and smiled with the charm of a 21 year who'd just been enlightened by a 40 year old woman to new sexual experiences and she could not help but smile back. He was completely genuine and fresh.

She opened the door to the cage, taking the key from around her neck and placing it the big iron key hole. She pushed the key in the door and turned it, hearing the click of the lock as it opened. She opened the big iron door and helped Rick up from the floor.

I'm going to get you showered and fed and then you've got work to do. She took his hand and led him into the bathroom. She pulled down his thong which had somehow gotten replaced since the night before and ordered him to pee. Then she turned on the shower, making sure that it was a comfortable temperature and told him to step into the shower.

"You are my property now. I'm in charge of your well being and this will be a part of our ritual."

She examined his body as she washed him, taking care to notice everything. She washed his chest and examined his nipples to make sure they weren't damaged from the nipple clamps that he'd had on last night..

Next she washed his cock and balls thoroughly. She squirted shower soap on his cock. She put her hand around his cock and squeezed and pulled, lathering him slowly. She rubbed the lather around and slid her hand down to his balls. She took care to rub the lather underneath and all around his balls, squeezing them and scrubbing them gently with her hand.

"Turn around and bend over," she demanded.

Steve did as she had asked and bent over. She spread his cheeks and examined his hole, checking for bruising or damage from being fucked for the first time. Satisfied and finding no harm, she squirted soap on his ass and scrubbed it gently with a shower scrubber, rinsing him thoroughly with the shower hose. She soaped him up again and rinsed him again.

"Turn around again," she said commandingly.

He turned around and she noticed that he was hard again.

"Quite the little faggot, aren't you, Rick. You enjoy anal stimulation. You enjoy a nice hard cock in that hole."

Rick turned pink and said, "Yes Ma'am. I'm your faggot. I like cock because it pleases you."

"Yes, that pleases me, slut." She smiled at him while putting her hand around his cock again.

She squeezed his cock and twisted her hand around it slowly, pumping him up and down. The soap made a wet sort of sound as she lathered the rich creamy foam all over his cock and balls. She stroked the full length of his 10 inch cock because he was now fully hard and throbbing. As she tugged over and over, she watched as he was now involuntarily fucking her hand. He couldn't help it as he pumped her hand like a dog in heat, pushing that hard dick into her closed fist. She squeezed her hand a little bit tighter, making it more of an effort for him to push inside her waiting hand but push, he did, fucking her hand like a piston. He started to moan.

"Oh Mistress," he said. "If you don't stop I'm going to cum."

"Yes, slut. I want your cum. Cum all over me, baby."

She tugged even harder, watching as he lost control and started gasping and moaning as his warm cum spewed all over her belly, and even as far up as her breasts.

"Good boy. Very good boy." She took the shower hose and finished washing him. She turned off the water and had him get out of the shower and she toweled him dry slowly. She took care to dry every inch of his skin.

After drying him she wrapped the towel around his waist and took him into the kitchen where she sat him down and fed him breakfast. She gave him plenty to eat because she wanted him to have plenty of energy.

As they ate, they talked a bit about what lead him to be interested in S & M and why he desired to serve. He was really eager and had been looking for a Mistress for the longest time. He'd been disappointed over and over with girls his age who had no real interest in a guy who was bisexual. In fact they were kind of scared of bisexuality. He told her about his first boyfriend in college. They'd really only sucked each other and had never done anything more than that. And he told her of how he always had felt something lacking. That he wanted more excitement. He dreamed of being tied up and being forced.

She shared with him much the same feelings only for her, the journey to expressing her true self had taken quite a bit longer. She told him how lucky he was to have found himself at such a young age and commended him on his ability to be honest with himself.

"I have lots of ideas of what we might do before I turn 40 officially on Friday. I hope that you have the time to hang around until then." Ms Zen looked at him thoughtfully.

"Yes, I am on break from College. Next semester is my last semester. I don't have to go back until January."

"Well then, I guess no one will miss you, if I keep you until my birthday."

"No, Ma'am. I am all yours."

"Well then, come with me."

Chapter 4: Web Cam Splooge

Ms Zen lead him into the Den and sat him in front of the computer. She turned on the computer and said, "Don't move, I'll be right back."

She went into the other room and came back with a leather hood for him which had black mesh over the mouth and nose and holes over the eyes.

"For anonymity," she said. She zipped open the hood and fitted it over his head. She zipped it up and looked at her handiwork.

"Wow, this is strange. I've never worn one of these," he said.

"Can you breathe okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine. It is just a strange feeling to be wrapped up like this,' he said.

She slipped a beautiful feathered mask on her head. She then connected the web cam and turned it on.

"Ah. Now I understand."

"Oh you just think you understand, stud boy," she responded dryly.

Ms Zen turned on her favorite web cam community chat program and pulled up the cam. She aimed the cam so that when they were both sitting, they were viewable. She entered the couples chatroom and looked around. There were rarely any couples available. Oh well, single viewers would do as well.

"Take off the towel," she said to him in a sharp voice.

He removed the towel as she asked and sat back down.

"Show me how you like to stroke it," she said sexily.

He began stroking his huge cock, rubbing the nob gently. He gripped the head in a reverse grip with his thumb pointed towards his body and rubbed the underside of the head softly. He looked at her sitting in her nightgown, her nipples rock hard, and his cock sprang to life. A few more squeezes and strokes of his fingers and his huge dick was ramrod stiff.

"Good boy. I like how you are so instantly hard," she said.

She sent out an inquiry in the couples chat.

"We are a real couple. Any interested parties who'd like to see me and my male slut?" Ms Zen typed the message and hit enter. Within a few seconds, multiple requests for cam connection appeared.

"Accept some of them," Ms Zen advised. Check their profile first.

Rick reviewed profiles of people requesting to view the cam and accepted 3 cam requests. All of them guys. Two of the guys sent their cams as well and so there they sat, their cocks in their hands, rubbing like there was no tomorrow.

"There you go, dirty boy. A perverted audience that wants to see you stroke. Nasty middle aged men who would like nothing better than to shoot their cum all over their keyboard. Let's see how well you can get them off."

Steve gripped his cock and stroked. Ms Zen put her hand over his and guided his hand. She squeezed and stroked with him.

"Stand up, slut boy." He stood up and she aimed the cam so that his profile was clearly visible of him stroking his cock, his ass clenching as he stroked. She pulled out a small dildo and lubed it. What she was doing was all clearly visible on the cam. She stroked the lube up and down the dildo. She was behind him so he had no idea what she was doing. He had no idea until she pushed the dildo between his cheeks.

"Oh," he jumped in surprise.

But she kept pushing, working the dildo against his ass. She pushed the tip of the head against his hole, working it around and around. She pushed harder and the dildo slid inside. There was plenty of lube so it went in nicely.

She watched the cams of the people who were watching him and saw how excited they were. It was obvious from the way they were stroking.

She gently slid the dildo in and out of his ass, just the head at first and then deeper. Soon she was pushing the dildo in all the way and then sliding it out very slowly. She watched as the first man shot his load and his camera went black as he went offline.

'You see, stud boy. You are just wanking material for them. Do you feel like a sex object yet? Watch the other guy jacking. See how fast he's beating off? All he cares about is getting off watching you, fuck toy"

She kept fucking him with the dildo but then she told him to turn around. Now she was on her knees, reaching around him to fuck him with the dildo, her enormous breasts just in front of his cock.

Rick moaned because he was so close to cumming.

"NO. Not yet, you little whore."

Rick slowed his stroking to stop from cumming right away.

Ms Zen reached for the mouse and accepted 2 additional web cams. The first one was a black man with a really thick hard woody. He was stroking really slowly, fondling the head of his cock.

"Mmmm. I love black dick," Ms Zen said.

The second cam was a trans woman in panties and bra with a very realistic looking dildo. She was licking and sucking it. Her full lips were covering the tip of the dildo very sensuously. She pushed the dildo in and out of her mouth and rubbed her little clitty through her panties as she watched Ms Zen and Rick. Soon she lubed up her dildo and pulled down her panties and began fucking her ass with the dildo. She pulled apart her cheeks so that the big head was clearly visible as it stretched open her tight little hole. She rode the dildo sensuously like a cat in heat. Her ass wiggled and rotated as she fucked herself again and again.

Rick was reaching the point of no return. Ms Zen began spanking him.

"Cum for me you dirty little whore. Cum on my tits NOW. Rub it faster, fuck toy." She spanked repeatedly on each cheek until he came hard, squirting his cum all over her breasts.

"Mmmm. Lick it up, slut boy. Lick all your nasty cum off of my breasts." She watched as he obeyed, cleaning her breasts thoroughly, sucking the last drops of cum from her nipples.

"Oh I'm so proud of you, dirty boy. You've done a wonderful job. You got off those nasty old men for Mistress. What a good slut you are."

Chapter 5: Circle Jerk

"Young man, I believe that you are ready for a little more adventure, but we've got to find you some clothes to wear," Ms Zen looked at him with a sparkle in her eye.

Ms Zen looked at him critically. He wasn't so tall and he was pretty slim.

"Ah, I know just the thing for you to wear."

Ms Zen pulled a couple of things out of her closet. She presented him with a pair of stretchy black pants and a ruffly white blouse.

"Put those on. They'll leave nothing to the imagination," Ms Zen smirked.

"But Ms Zen, those are your clothes. I'll look like a sissy," he complained.

"Oh well. But it'll accentuate your lovely package so much. You will look like a flaming faggot but that's okay. I like that. Maybe a little pink lip gloss to complete the look."

Rick sighed but he obeyed. Ms Zen stepped back and admired her handiwork after putting pink lip gloss on his lips.

"Perfect," she exclaimed.

Now for our field trip. We're going to the dirty book store.

"Oh please don't make me go out in this outfit, somebody I know might see me." He replied, turning a bright shade of pink.

"Don't be silly. They are all on Christmas break. They won't be around." She took no nonsense from him.

She dressed quickly as well in a sexy little black dress and heels and lead him by his hand out the door and down to the car. During the car ride he fidgeted and fretted about who might be there and Ms Zen said not to worry.

They parked in the public parking lot and walked across the street to the dirty book store. She pulled him inside and took him around the corner to the toy section. They looked at the numerous selection of vibrators and cocks. She teased him about the really large realistic looking ones, telling him those looked appropriate for him. She laughed as he looked at her in horror.

They looked at the ball gags and the nipple clamps. She fondled the fish hook gags, thinking about how it would be fun to hold his mouth open for a waiting cock.

They lingered around the video section, looking at various porno movies. Ms Zen could tell he was getting hard again. The female clerk smirked a bit, probably amused by the age difference. Ms Zen was, after all, old enough to be Rick's mommy.

Ms Zen glanced at a large man browsing around the gay porn section of the store. She walked over to that section, pretending that she was browsing as well.

"Would you like to see that hung stud over there jack off?" He looked surprised but then he looked at Rick and back at Ms Zen. He was embarrassed.

"Meet us in the back," said Ms Zen. She walked over and took Rick by the hand and pulled him into the back where the video peep shows were. She pushed Rick into one of the peep booths and told him to pull down his pants and start stroking.

Rick obeyed Ms Zen, pulling out his cock and beginning to stroke. He was already hard and sticking straight up when the gentleman from the front came back. She nodded towards the booth.

"Look but don't touch," she said.

The gay man walked into the booth, and watched Rick as he jacked off. Rick was so turned on at being watched in a public place. He full of adrenaline and that excited him even more. He stroked his huge 10 inch cock, holding his other hand under his balls, pressing tightly as he watched the face of the watching man. He could see his bulge growing in his trousers and longed to see his cock.

The man looked at his gaze, knowing what he wanted and unzipped his trousers slowly. He pulled out his already throbbing cock and began to stroke as well. Rick was surprised to find that the man had a cock which rivaled the size of his. He looked at the cock longingly, but knowing that Ms Zen would forbid him to touch this strange man's cock, he just looked and wanted while he continued to stroke.

The man was getting very hot watching this young stud stroke and he began to cum. Rick came as well as he watched the guy spasm and jerk. The older gentle said thank you, politely, then zipped up his pants and left.

"Come on." Ms Zen said.

Rick stuffed his cock back inside his pants and pulled them up and they left quickly.

On the drive home, Rick was quiet. They arrived back at Ms Zen's apartment and she asked him to undress again. She placed the collar and leash on his cock and balls again and wrapped the leash around her hand. She sat down on the couch and turned on the television. He stood there naked, not knowing quite what to do.

"Sit, slut." She motioned to the floor.

Rick sat down on the floor, patiently, wondering what Ms Zen had in store for him next. He was at her mercy. He definitely couldn't refuse her. He hadn't yet used his safe word and he really did not want to. He couldn't seem to refuse anything that she asked. He smiled thinking that maybe there were a lot of submissive men who wished they were in his place at this moment.

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