tagSci-Fi & FantasyNaked Girl Ch. 2

Naked Girl Ch. 2


Naked Girl - Chapter 2: What I Saw

THIS STORY IS INTENDED FOR ADULT READING ONLY Feedback is desired but please be kind and constructive.

The constant shift between Ebonics and standard English, even in the girl's dialogue; is intentional.


Welcome to West Oakland, another day in the ghetto.

Jamal and his crew were hangin on the corner when the car went by. Now Jamal was dead -the price of membership. The shooter got away. Cops didn't care much, they made a show, but it was just another dead nigga wrapped in a bag. These things happen.

Cindy was a white girl from Napa, 14 and ready to shine. She was all that, on top of the world; but she wanted to go higher. She wanted to soar. She found her angels in Oakland, waiting on the corner outside homes locked up tight, with the windows barred and the curtains pulled. They took her up to soar in the clouds, and when they let go she smiled in bliss as the asphalt of the concrete jungle came rushing up to embrace her. Just another crack whore, these things happen.

Six kids were playing in the street, running around tossing a ball. They scattered to the sides when the car passed by. Four thugs and a bitch scan the street, guns at the ready. The bitch smiled and waved to kids, they waved back. This was her old block. But wasn't anything to see here; Jamal was already dead. They'd'a known, but the cell phone was broken.


Ness Wilson drove by the laundry mat on the way home. She

saw the young girl lying on the bus stop bench, the same one all week. A white girl; couldn't be more than a few years younger than her own daughters. "Someone should do something about that girl..." She almost pulled over, but a john in his beamer beat her to it. The Man -coming back from the City- here for a cheap thrill before going home to the wife and kids out in the suburbs.

A few more blocks and she parked the car. Six kids stopped to wave when she passed by. One them calling out "Aunt Nessy! Momma wanna know if Tisha can sit Wednesday."

"Tell her I'll check, but I think she's free."

Only moment earlier in the house, two girls said it in unison: "You'll never believe what happened today!"

Marya stood naked in front of her mirror, facing her sister Tisha; who'd just burst into the room beating her mother home by mere minutes.

Marya was about to start, but Tisha beat her to it "Check this: Latoya saw a naked super today! Some girl on campus."

Marya got ready to open her mouth, but Tisha was there already "God, what a ho. If I was naked; it'd be so tight!"

"Tisha, sometimes you trippin'." Marya hid her blush well.

"Just think 'bout it. I be flossin' all over, everybody watching; checking it out. Keith'd be so jealous, all the guys wanting to fuck me."

"Girl, what is you sayin'? Guys're already juz mackin. They just wanna fuck anyway..."


"Who wants to fuck who...?" Nessy asked from the hallway downstairs.

"Mom!" Tisha was mortified, not at her words, but over her privacy.

"Tisha wants to run around naked so she can get all the guys to jump her ass." Marya offered by way of explanation.

Nessy shook her head as she moved up the stairs. She gave her daughters the stare of long ended arguments and a worn down parent before moving on and ending with: "Tisha, you get that easy 'nough with your clothes on..." As she moved into her bedroom she thought 'at least I kept them clean of drugs and gangs.'

She saw the picture by her bedside, a young blond boy in a tux, holding Tisha's hand as she wore her best. A prom picture, the boy was Keith. 'I hope he knows what he's getting into.' His parents must hate her -their best son, lost to a black girl from the ghetto. But she'd met the boy enough times to know they were a strangely fitting couple, even if his parents couldn't see past color.

She called out from her room "Tell Keith before you go running naked down Telegraph; he might want to film it."

She didn't have to see it to feel Tisha roll her eyes as the two girls went back to work gossiping.

Tisha looked over her sister's body. "You beat me anyway, you still naked girl."

"Oh!" Marya rummaged around for nightgown, finally slipping a simple cotton affair over her body.

"So what did Latoya say?"

"Oh! Yeah, it was so tight. She was on fire and she shredded a tree. Latoya said she was Crackin'." Tisha cupped her breasts for emphasis "Looking like a Twirk. Mexican or somth'n. She didn't say shit, just looked scared and flew off."

'Looking like a Twirk... I sure felt ready, dripping with sex.' Just thinking about it made Marya go wet. "She didn't recognize her?"

"No. She didn't look local. Ain't seen no naked chics in Metahuman Journal. Latoya thinks she be new."

Marya wanted to say 'So she didn't look like me?', but thought better of it. Instead she just put her finger to her mouth and thought.

"Whasup?" Tisha asked, seeing the familiar gesture.

"Oh... noth'n. Guess ya got better news than me. All I did was my first day at Berkeley."

"Any fine playas?"


"In class, how're the guys?" Tisha translated.

"Oh." How to handle this... "I... I didn't really notice."

"You... didn't notice... any of the guys in school...? Helloooo..." Sometimes Tisha wondered how her older sister ever hit it.

"Well, I guess I was too caught in the scene." That was true in a way.

The two sisters spent the next few hours gossiping about their day, life, boys, and so on. Marya wondered to herself; why didn't she tell her sister what really happened. For some reason it just felt better to hold off for the time being.

"I seen Sparrow again."


"Keith and I were marinating over pizza, he come running by looking skirby. Word is he moved out of his co-op. Maybe he lost a scrap with Naked Girl. Or maybe she super-fucked his brains out."

Marya hit her sister with a pillow "Really Tisha! It ain't all about beating it."

"It ain't?" Tisha looked genuinely baffled.

"Well at least I know why Keith is always smiling." This got a return strike from another pillow.

A bit later they were back to talking.

"I wonder why he moved out though." Marya pondered.

"Well I got it from Marissa, she in the same co-op." Marissa and Marya were schoolmates, and the only two girls from her class to get into Berkeley. Not good friends by any stretch, but shared circumstance made them civil and somewhat social. Marissa was a white Brazilian, Keith's ex; yet still his friend. Unlike stay at home Marya, she'd chosen if not dorm life, at least the co-op system.

"Maybe he decided to stay at the Guard's facility."

"Yeah but that's in Frisco."

"He can fly can't he?" That was an idea, given how fast she could fly... no more traffic jams. If she didn't mind arriving nude...

There wasn't much else to say, so the two went off to their rooms. Marya going online to see if any of her professors from today had a syllabus available. Tisha tying up Keith's phone, it was a rare day when you encountered supers, rarer when there were two involved, and even rarer still when one was your sister. Not that she knew that. ------------

Marya took her bath before dinner. She needed the relaxation after a day like this one. The warm water covered her like a lover and she fell into a peaceful bliss, looking at her breasts poking out of the bubbles and thinking about her super body. 'Am I really all that when I change?' She looked carefully at the water line around her tits and thought of being super. There was the same blur as before and then everything felt different -more alive, more sensitive. She could feel the warm water on her snatch, aware of it like never before. 'Wow, if it's like this, what would happen in the shower?' Then she looked down to her breasts, they were about an inch further out of the bubbles. "Shit!" Marya called out, then whispered: "Check out my tits... They're huge." She giggled, thinking of the bad dialog in porn flicks. 'Guess this is the part where some playa comes in to hit it with me...' She made to look around the bathroom. 'nope; guess I'll juz have to do it myself.'

Remembering the last time, she gently cupped her breasts and ran her hands along them "Ooohh..." 'Damn, Tisha's gonna hear me.' She stroked across the surface of her body, coming back to breasts only after feeling the wonders of being so alive. When the fingers of her hands hit her nipples she couldn't hold it back anymore. "Aoooh..!" she squealed out as quietly as she could. In an adjacent room, Tisha paused on the phone for a second thinking 'What was that?' Ness was obliviously busy in the kitchen.

"Damn... maybe I can gag myself." She grabbed one of the small mini towels and tried stuffing it in her mouth, thinking 'this is freak'n strange; like S 'n M on myself.' When she had it nice and tight in there, she moved her hand away to continue and was greeted with a flash of heat in her mouth, and the taste of ashes. "Oh come on!"

She slumped into the water, dejected. 'This naked thing is just ridiculous.' She spat out the ashes and drank a little water from the bath tap to clean out her mouth.

"Oh well..." And she continued, having to start over. Her arousal had gone down, but not away. This new body didn't seem

capable of not being ready, of not being sexed up. She quickly got back to, and beyond her previous point. Marya worked her body; gritting her teeth for all she was worth to hold in the sounds of bliss.

When her hands finally found her snatch; she was sweating in the tub, breathing hard. That first finger gave sweet joy. "Aaahhh..." She thought that was quiet. 'I so need a man.' Release was quicker than she wanted. But then, she did need to get out of the tub before anyone got suspicious. When it happened it was like before, only she rode it this time -staying conscious. A ball of energy erupted around her, pushing the water out of the tub. Just as she burst, as the moment of climax reached it's highest peak, the ball shattered with a loud boom. There was no hiding that. Water splashed everywhere. She heard Tisha in the hall and quickly thought 'Normal!' before the door burst open.

"What the fuck!?" Tisha started, before seeing the water all over the bathroom floor.

Marya was a mess on the tub base. "Uh... I fell."

"Shit girl! We gotta clean this up befoe mom finds out." Tisha grabbed some towels and began soaking up the mess, Marya joining in with a full body blush. 'That was close' she thought.

"I think I'll just finish up with a shower." Marya offered when they were done.

Tisha looked her over with a pause. "Yeah..." As she left she thought 'you need a boyfriend. I could smell it all over you..." Downstairs in the kitchen, Ness was thinking something similar.

The family of three ate dinner together. On the surface it was just another night, right down to the scattered gunshots in the distance.

Inside Marya was thinking 'maybe I can do something about that now.'

Tisha was just thinking 'I didn't get to fuck Keith today, summer's almost over'.

Ness was hoping her girls didn't get pregnant, run off to join a commune, get shot at, and all the rest of a parent's normal nightmares. 'Will they ever grow up right?' "Tish, Shafaye wants you to sit for her kids Wednesday."

"Um..." Tish went through her mental PDA, looking for an entry but coming up empty. "I think I can, gotta make some calls first."

"Just let her know, she likes you more than the other girls."

Marya wondered why, but didn't mention it. She was just old enough to begin seeing her sister for more than her faults, but it was a slow transition -like teaching a river that's it's been flowing uphill all this time. You had to give it time, be patient.


After dinner Ness sat on the porch, chatting with ol' Marcus from across the street. He was a bum, and he was always trying to look down her shirt, but he was nice enough and never bothered the girls. Not your typical dirty old man. They waved to Davian as he went by -the corner dealer ever since Jamal moved out. A nice boy, too bad about his career choice, but you couldn't blame him in this place. That's just the way it was.

Marya was still trying to figure out if she missed anything important on her first day. Tisha'd called everyone and found she had no excuses to get out of a job Wednesday. Even Keith, her personal love slave; had no excuse to distract her away.

"Say Mar, what'cha think naked chic's up to?" Tisha walked in on Marya, in mid search for sites on Supers.

"Probably beating it with Keith, since you ain't there to keep her off." Marya worked real hard to hold back the grin, but it wasn't listening. She tried to pay attention to her screen, but Tisha wasn't going away just yet.

"I wonder what'd be like..."

"Got me. How would I know?" Of course she knew exactly what it was like. She'd felt like a bitch in heat the whole time. She still wondered how that ranger, what's his name... Paul. How Paul had managed not to tear it up with her? She must've smelled like 3 tons of sex with her eyes glued to his crotch the whole time.

Tisha continued with "I wonder what she'll do. If she's new... Maybe she's hangin' with the Guard, if she ain't a villain."

"I doubt she's a villain..." Marya said, a little faster than she should have. 'Should I try to join the Guard?' She thought about this. It would be a big step. Would they take a naked girl?

"Well you never know till it's too late..."

"Maybe she'll be our own little hero, fighting the Man for justice."

"Ghetto Bitch: The Naked Super Ho!" Tisha smiled at the idea. "That's what they'd call her, sounds like a villain if she goes against the Power."

"Well..." Marya began.

"She was in B - Town anyway. Who knows were she'll show next. Maybe she was here to find Sparrow." Tisha shrugged.

'As if...' Marya thought. 'I never liked that pretentious jerk anyway.' Out loud she just said "Maybe, who knows. Not every super chick worships him..." She looked at her screen. "Well, I gotta look some stuff up."

"Homework already?" Tisha peered over Marya's shoulder to the screen beyond.

"Somth'n like that."

"You writing a Supers report?" The screen showed a site on super's history, focusing on mutants and how their powers tended to come out.

"Naw, looking for ideas."

They continued for a bit, breaking away as Tisha went to bed and Marya finished up her searches. Strangely enough, she couldn't find any mutants who manifested like her. She almost posted a question, but figured the risk of being tracked was too great. 'What I need is a mentor.'

Ness got done chatting and came inside. She went to sleep with a novel. A Science Fiction tale about a people who lived in a great forest world and had no word for war.


The last one up was Davian -standing on his corner waiting for The Man to come by for a hit. He was the only one who saw her -little Cindy, miss top of the world- getting out of the SUV. Her clothes in tatters and a new black eye -at least the john'd left her alive. Davian watched the girl cry herself to sleep in the parking lot of the Laundry mat. No one deserved that, not even a white girl. He held back the tears, a coldhearted D-boy; he couldn't afford them. John circled around in his SUV and bought a dimebag before heading on home. It was just the way things were.

Marya dreamed of flying high. Raven was at her side and Coyote nipped at her heals. A dark shadow fell back before her, bright colors behind. She was naked and glowing with the fires of her power. The ghetto was below her; she looked down and saw it in all its dark glory. The D-Boyz, the children, the young mothers whose men were locked away, the johns and junkies in their SUVs coming in and out from their safe suburbs, the blind police, who only busted the victims and the bottom rung. She saw it all, even the useless vigilante heroes who came in to beat up a gang or two, ignoring the real problem.

Sadness filled her heart. This was her domain. Where the supers didn't go -the land forgotten by those so-called heroes. She didn't know how, but she wanted to make it right.

In the morning when she woke up her clothes were gone. Ashes in their place, but her bed was strangely untouched. "Damn. That was my favorite gown."


Ebonics and Bay Area Slang dictionary:

B - Town: Berkeley
Beating it: Having sex
Crackin': A fine looking bitch
D-Boy: Drug Dealer
Dimebag: bag of drugs.
Flossin': showing off.
Hit it: Have sex
Ho: whore
Mackin': hitting on women.
Marinating: Chillin', Hanging out.
Skirby: scared, frightened
Snatch: Pussy
Tight: cool, phat, da bomb.
Trippin': Out of your mind
Twirk: A girl ready for sex.
Whasup: What's going on
Word: ain't that right.

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