Naked Husband


Victor had organized his life to enjoy his exhibitionist tendencies to the fullest, first by augmenting his natural good looks with constant physical training to keep his body in form, so that attractive women would want to see his body, and second by organizing lots of situations where he could get naked for the ladies.

He had a career but also did side jobs as a figure model and male stripper, going to as much trouble as necessary to keep the two lives apart. Every vacation found him at a nude beach where he liked to push the envelope by wandering just a bit past the boundary or by going to his car without getting dressed. At home Victor was always naked, dressing only for visitors with certain exceptions. He always celebrated his birthday in the outfit appropriate for that day, and whoever went to that party knew what to expect. He even put it on the invitations. Some girls accepted these invitations, but not many guys.

He met Victoria when he was modeling for her drawing class. Victor had long practiced keeping his member at least semi-erect without direct stimulation by concentrating on sexual fantasies, often involving any ladies who happened to be present. Of course no matter how hard he tried, there was no way to stay erect all the time, but when Victoria walked into class that day Victor was already standing naked in front of the class talking to several young female students with his package in almost full glory, just enough to make it very interesting to look at, but not so much to think that he was about to jump one of the students.

That day Victoria took her seat, rather than joining the conversation, but still had an excellent view of Victor's body, surprising herself how much she enjoyed looking at his active penis and those balls hanging down in the warm room. She decided that she owed it to herself to talk to this guy, and planned to just walk up to him during break or after class, if there weren't too many other girls surrounding his beautiful body. This solved itself when during his break he made a round of the students -- without benefit of the traditional bathrobe - to view their drawings of him one by one. As much as she wanted to meet Victor, she was embarrassed for him to see her drawing, which was a vague outline of his body with his genitals in exquisite detail. Victor's reaction was to smile and utter a few generalities, but after the class, he walked up to her -- still in all his naked glory- and invited her out for coffee.

Coffee turned into a long, interesting, conversation, so she asked him point blank if he was married or in a relationship, since he had mentioned nothing of the kind. When he said no, she asked if he would like to come back with her to her apartment for sex. Victoria has never been shy.

Soon they were a couple and began living together. Victor was, as before, almost always naked in the house, but Victoria rarely joined him. She may be forward, but she has never been an exhibitionist. Still she got a real kick out of Victor's constant nudity, especially when he was naked in front of other ladies, even her friends. When possible, she loved to accompany him to his stripping gigs, usually bachelorette parties, where she stayed in the background and enjoyed seeing her guy running around naked in front of the girls. Victoria liked to be there to provide his release afterwards. (She didn't know about one she missed where a dozen girls played musical chairs with naked Victor, testing his endurance, until he ended by coming in the bride's mouth.)

One day Victoria had two friends over who weren't particularly surprised to see Victor naked. Both had certainly seen him naked before, but neither had really hung out at the house with him or been to any of his birthday suit parties. That particular day he said hello to her friends and enjoyed giving them a look before getting back to working on the plumbing while Victoria talked to her friends. Each one took a turn coming back to watch and distract naked Victor who was lying on his back with his head under the sink. Of course his legs were spread out, so that his entire package was visible.

The girls were enjoying themselves and ended up staying longer, so that when Victor finished his plumbing and taking a shower he could come out in his usual non-attire to talk to them.

Victoria noticed her friends trying to steal glances at Victor's stuff, which both she and Victor really liked, so she invited them to stay for dinner, "if you don't mind my naked guy." They both accepted, and after a few drinks started feeling comfortable with naked Victor and began to look him over openly.

Grateful to Victoria for setting up this opportunity to show off his stuff to a couple of classy ladies, Victor was making it a point to keep his dick as erect as possible, and since it was a warm summer evening his beautiful big balls were hanging down in clear view. He sat on a couch across from the girls, so they could see it all.

After returning with another round of drinks, Victoria moved over to sit on the couch next to Victor and began touching his penis from time to time, absentmindedly it seemed, while she talked to her friends. Victor's member was not absent minded about it, expanding out to its full length and thickness , as he tried to appear nonchalant. Victoria was touching him lightly but often enough to keep Victor erect in a state of excitement but far from release.

Despite his efforts to be casual about it, Victor was going mad with ecstasy and expectation, and enjoying the presence of the two ladies. Half of him was in a hurry to shoot off his load in front of them and the other half wanted to drag it out, but it didn't matter what he wanted. Victoria was in control.

The girls weren't officially watching at first, but then dropped all pretense and turned their attention to the show. One even commented on how beautiful his package was, and the other nodded in agreement.

At this point Victoria figured she had the go-ahead and said, "let's see what this big guy can do." She began stroking consistently, but still lightly, and Victor couldn't help but moaning, and started to sound like he was already near ejaculation. Victoria took off her hand, leaned over and kissed him on the mouth,. "You're going to get there, big boy, just slow down and enjoy the journey."

At Victoria's invitation the others took a few strokes, following her instructions to do it slow and light to drag out their fun. Then one sat down on the floor between his legs and took charge of his beautiful testicles, gently holding them and running a finger toward his asshole. Victor loved the feel of her warm hands down there.

The other helped Victoria, and he loved how the fingers of their two hands covered the whole length of his dick, as they lightly stroked him, while the other cradled his balls and explored his ass crack. When Victor thought he was about to climax, there was an interruption for a change of position. Victoria wanted her friend to take over, so the friend moved into position next to Victor with her left hand under his waist and her right hand back to his dick.

Victor's progress had slowed a notch after the interruption, but he loved the technique of Victoria's friend, a little more fire, not quite as slow, with a little bit of circular movement. He knew he couldn't last much longer. He was moaning and muttering the kind of irrational things that people in his situation are known to say, and soon the lady in charge noticed a drop of cum emerge, and slowed down to prolong Victor's ecstasy and her own fun for a few more seconds.

His ejaculation, accompanied by a few choice expletives, was way above average volume, according to Victoria, and the two visitors were suitably impressed. His spunk was all over. The lady between his legs had some on her face, the lady doing the stroking had it all over her hand and one drop on her nose. Victoria got some wet wash rags for them to clean themselves and Victor off.

Dinner with naked Victor followed, and since everyone had had too much to drive, the two spent the night. Victoria graciously let the two of them share a bed with Victor, but once everyone was asleep, Victor came to wake Victoria and prove that he had more than one shot in him.

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