tagNovels and NovellasNancy's Quest Ch. 05

Nancy's Quest Ch. 05

byD.C. Roi©

Passion in James County XIII

Nancy's Quest

By D.C. Roi

Chapter five

The guilt she felt over her behavior at the convention was strong enough so that Nancy made up her mind to remain faithful to her husband. For almost six months after the convention, she managed to do that. The fact that in those six months there were few temptations helped her maintain her resolve. Then, one night, she found herself working late with Lee McGill, the company's assistant sales manager and one of her bosses.

Over the years, Nancy and Lee had developed a fairly close friendship. Whenever they were in the office together, they talked about their personal lives and teased each other although, until recently, Nancy had never taken Lee's teasing very seriously.

One of the things Lee constantly commented on was how he and Nancy seemed more compatible than either of them did with their mates. In fact, he once told her that his wife, although she was an excellent housekeeper and mother, wasn't a very creative lover.

Nancy and Lee were finishing a project they both had been working on for some time, a report that outlined the company's sales profiled, both growth and decline, over the past five years. When she finished her part of the report, she took it to Lee's office so he could put it with the part he had completed.

Lee was standing at a table along one wall of his office, arranging some papers. Nancy walked to where he was and handed her paperwork to him so he could include it with his.

Before he put the report down, Lee read through it. "This is very, very good, Nance," he told her. "I think the boss is going to be very happy with what we've done on this."

Nancy felt her face getting hot. "Thanks, Lee," she said.

"You know..." Lee said and moved closer to her. "I owe you something for helping me with this."

Nancy was very conscious of Lee's nearness and felt a little unnerved by her reaction to having him close to her. Warmth was spreading through her, the kind of warmth that set off warning bells in her head. "You...you don't owe me anything, Lee," she replied. "I...I was just doing my job."

"You always do a very good job," Lee replied gazing into Nancy's eyes.

Her boss's gaze disconcerted her. "I...it's nice that you think so," she murmured. She was shocked when Lee placed his hands around her waist. "Ah...Lee..." she stammered. She looked at him and felt herself reddening.

Lee's hands remained around her waist and he kept staring at her, breathing hard. "God, Nance, you...you are so lovely," he said softly, then he bent and covered her lips with his.

When Lee kissed her, Nancy stiffened and, at first, she didn't respond. She finally began to push weakly against his chest, but her body began to betray her, just as it always did. Finally she surrendered to the potent feelings rushing through her, emitted a soft moan, slid her arms around Lee's neck, and opened her mouth. Her tongue slipped into his mouth and dueled with his. Erotic lightning flashed through her.

The kiss went on for a very long time, and when it finally ended, the two co-workers stepped back from their embrace, faces flushed, chests heaving, staring at each other.

"How...what...what's happening...?" Nancy gasped. "I...I..." She knew what was happening, the same thing that always happened to her when a man touched her. And, as always, she found herself wanting more, yet dreading it. She couldn't let this happen. Not here, not with a friend and co-worker. There was far too much at risk.

"N...Nance...that...that was the most incredible kiss..." Lee whispered.

"Lee...I..." Nancy stammered. Confusion and desire were clouding her mind, making it impossible for her to think clearly. "I...we..."

Her colleague took her in his arms again. This time as he pulled her against him, she could feel his swollen cock pressing against her through his clothes.

Lee kissed the top of her head. "You know, Nance," he whispered, "I'm extremely attracted to you. I...I always have been."

She leaned back in his arms, looked up at him, and a soft shudder went through her. "Lee, we...we shouldn't be doing this," she murmured. "I...I feel all funny inside, I..."

"Look, Nance, I'm sorry," Lee said, "I don't want to force you into anything. We...we're not thinking too clearly right now. We shouldn't let ourselves be drawn into something we'll regret later. I don't want to hurt you."

Nancy took a deep breath. "May...maybe you're right," she responded. "I...I certainly am not thinking very clearly. I...I...ah...I'm really confused."

"Do...do you want to talk about it?" Lee asked.

"I...I don't know," Nancy replied. Powerful emotions were sweeping through her, emotions that were hard to deny. "May...maybe I should go. I...I'm not sure it's such a good idea for us to be alone any...any more."

"Want to go somewhere for a cup of coffee?" Lee asked, looking hopeful. His eyes were still filled with heat.

"Ah..." Nancy took a long pause, considering her friend's offer. "Yeah, OK, I guess. Where do you want to go?"

Nancy looked at Lee, who had a thoughtful look on his face. "How about Markwell's?" he said at last.

"That sounds good. I hear it's a nice place," Nancy said.

"It is. I've eaten there before," Lee said. "Lot's of atmosphere."

They put on their coats, walked out of the building, and got in Lee's car. He started the car, put it in gear, and drove out of the parking lot.

"Nance, are you OK?" Lee asked as the car rolled down the street.

"I...I'm OK, I guess," Nancy replied. "I...I'm really confused, though." She was staring out the windshield, her hands folded in her lap. What was wrong with her? Why was she reacting like this?

"Why?" Lee asked, glancing across the car at her.

Nancy shrugged. "I...I should feel guilty about what we...what just happened, I guess..." she replied.

Lee nodded, but didn't say anything.

"...but...but I don't feel guilty," Nancy continued. "Not that much, anyhow. Am I...is there something wrong with me?"

"I don't think so," Lee said. He reached across the car and laid his hand on hers.

Nancy grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze.

They were quiet for the remainder of the trip, but Nancy didn't let go of Lee's hand. By the time they reached the restaurant, her emotions were roiling like water at a fast boil.

Lee pulled into a parking space near the edge of the restaurant parking lot, away from the bright overhead lights nearer the building, shut off the engine and turned to look at Nancy.

She looked back at him, eyes wide, lips apart, her breathing strained. He put his hand in back of her wild head, and tugged on it gently.

Nancy let herself be pulled toward him, then their lips met. Once again, her arms snaked around his neck and she groaned softly into his mouth.

Lee reached for one of her breasts. When his hand closed over it, she shuddered, moaned louder, and her arms tightened around him.

"Nance, do...do you really want to have a cup of coffee?" Lee croaked when the kiss ended. "I...I'm not sure that's what...what I...want."

Nancy gazed at him, her chest heaving, and shook her head. "I...I don't want coffee, either," she murmured. She knew what she was thinking about doing was wrong, and that it could jeopardize both her marriage and her job, but once again, she was out of control.

They checked into the motel next to the restaurant. When they arrived at the room they'd rented, they went inside and stood there, looking at each other. Nancy was wearing a tailored black crepe jacket and pleated flowered broomstick ankle-length skirt. On her slim form, the outfit looked stunning. She was acutely aware of Lee's heated gaze. Then he stepped closer to her and began to unbutton her jacket, exposing the lacy white bra she wore under the jacket. With her help, he got the jacket off and laid it on a chair next to the bed in the room.

"God, Nance, you're beautiful!" Lee whispered as he slid his hands lightly around to her back and unfastened her bra. "You're so lovely I can hardly stand it." He covered her mouth with his while he pushed down her skirt.

Nancy tore at his clothes and, before long, they were lying naked on the bed. Lee was between her legs, his mouth was punishing her middle, and his finger was plunging in and out of her.

While exquisite sensations swept through her, Nancy's back arched and she thrust her pussy against Lee's mouth. He responded by drawing her clit between his lips while he continued to thrust his finger into her dewy wet opening.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Nancy moaned, her hips twisting. "God, Lee!!! You're making me crazy!!!"

Lee didn't stop what he was doing. Her slim, strong legs twitched and jerked, the warm, smooth skin of her inner thighs rubbed his face as her legs thrashed.

"Oh God!!! Oh, God!!! Ittt's happening!!!" Nancy cried when she felt herself plunging toward release, "You...you...I...I... Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!" Her lithe body twisted and shook as an incredibly powerful orgasm swept through her.

Lee's lips, tongue, and finger continued their efforts until he felt her relax. He lowered her gently to the bed then slid up next to her, taking her in his arms.

Nancy gazed into Lee's eyes. She gently touched his face which was covered with wetness her wild movements had deposited there. "You...your face is all wet," she whispered.

Lee kissed her on the forehead, then his hands began to rove over her, gliding lightly over her soft, smooth, warm flesh.

Nancy squirmed and pressed against him. "God, Lee, you have such a soft touch!" she murmured.

Her colleague continued cherishing her with his hands, and before long she was again open-mouthed, her chest heaving, her body undulating. His lips moved from one petite, perfect breast to the other, sucking her nipples, which had extended to impossible stiffness. It was as if he couldn't stop sucking them.

"Do you really want me, Nance?" Lee whispered at last. His fingers, between her legs, were teasing the erect bud of her reawakened clit.

"Yessssss!!!!!" Nancy replied fervently. "Please!!! Please, Lee!!! I need you!!!"

Lee rolled atop her, careful to hold most of his weight off her. Reaching between them, he gripped his cock, centered the swollen purple tip on her sopping middle, then lowered his hips slowly.

Nancy felt Lee entering her and was thrilled by the wonderful sensations she was experiencing. She gasped and her head rolled from side to side. "God!!! Oh, yesssssss!!!" she moaned. Her hips rose, summoning his cock deeper into her.

Slowly, Lee stroked in and out of her, bending occasionally to thrust his tongue into her mouth.

The longer his cock worked in her, the more insistent Nancy's responses grew. "Lee, please!! I'm so close!" she groaned, clutching his arms, grinding her middle against his. "I...I'm so close!!! I...I need you!!!!"

In response to her passionate plea, Lee increased the pace and strength of his thrusts.

"Uhhhhh!!! Uhhhhh!!! Uhhhh!!!" Nancy groaned as Lee's body thudded against hers with more and more urgency. She felt herself begin to quiver, then her passion erupted. "I'm coming again!! I'm comming again!!!" she cried. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Yessssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Yeah!!! Take ittttttt!!! Take itttttt!!!" Lee cried when his orgasm exploded. He shot stream after stream of sweltering juices into her.

Afterward Nancy snuggled in Lee's arms, burrowing against him, hiding her face in his chest. "I...I know I should feel terrible about what we've done," she whispered. "But...but I don't. I...I feel wonderful!"

Lee caressed the smooth curve of her back. "You should feel wonderful," he whispered. "A woman as lovely as you are should feel that way all the time." His hands again began to travel over her, exploring every spot he could touch. They moved over her ass and delved between her firm buttocks.

"Ohhhhh, Lee!!!" Nancy murmured as she squirmed and pressed her body against him. "That feels so nice!"

Lee slid had her roll on her belly, then he began to make love to her in earnest. It felt as if his hands were everywhere, touching, teasing, tickling. They traced between her slim legs and she parted them. He caressed the baby-soft skin of her inner thighs and she cooed with pleasure.

"I don't believe it!" she gasped. "You...you're turning me on again!"

Lee spent what seemed like an eternity on her lovely bottom and lithe legs. Finally, he began to kiss her finely-formed bottom.

"God, Lee!" she groaned. "You're making me crazy! Don't...don't make me come again without you! Please! I...I want to come with you again!"

"I want you just as much as you want me," Lee replied. he got to his knees and moved behind her. Then, gently, he lifted her hips and aimed his revitalized cock at her sopping opening.

Nancy felt him entering her again. "Yessssssss!!!!" she groaned. She pushed back against him when she felt his rock-hard shaft sliding into her snug, warm cavity once more. He gripped her hips, pulling her against him and once more, waves of joy broke over her. This might be wrong, but it felt wonderful!

Lee kept stroking into her and Nancy pushed herself up on her arms. Lee's hands covered and began to squeeze her fine, small breasts. Her nipples were again extended like little fingers.

"Againnnnnnnn, Lee!!! Make me come againnnnn!!!" she cried, her hands covering his, squeezing them tighter against her.

Lee slipped one of his hands free and began to twirl her clit. Nancy found it a supremely thrilling experience! "Yesssssss!!! That's itttttttt!!! That's itttttttttt!!!!" she groaned, her bottom squirming against him. "I...I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I.....Uhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" Her head rolled on her shoulders wildly, limply, and her hands clamped her breasts. Her body quaked and jolted. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!"

"Nanceeeeee!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!" Lee cried, hugging her against him, as he exploded more of his molten juices into her.

"What...what happens now?" Nancy asked Lee as they lay in each other's arms once their wild joining had ended.

"That's up to us, I guess," he replied, kissing her gently on the nose. "Now that I've learned what a wonderful lover you are, I'm not sure I want this to be the only time I ever get to make love with you."

"I...I...we both have families," she whispered. "And...I..."

Lee put a finger on her lips. "Nance, do you want to keep seeing me?" he asked. "Or would you rather we put all this behind us?"

Even though she knew she it was wrong to do so, and understanding that he was giving her a way out, Nancy nodded. "God help me, I'm not sure I can stay away from you," she whispered. "I...I know it's wrong, terribly wrong, but..."

"If that's what you want, we'll have to work something out, won't we?" Lee said.

"I...I guess so," Nancy said. "I guess we will."

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