tagBDSMNatasja Ch. 1

Natasja Ch. 1


Fred had been searching the city for weeks, looking for an unsuspecting young woman. One of his favorite places was a diner, an old train car with a counter and stools. It was nothing fancy, but a place to eat cheaply. Fred came here often, because young girls with little money and either no family or many friends in the city. He knew by past experience that patience would reward him.

As he walked into the diner he noticed two young girls sitting at the counter and he took a stool three down from them. He ordered coffee and sat watching them openly. The younger of the two noticed him and blushed from his open gaze at them. She lowered her eyes to the counter and did her best to ignore him. She whispered to her companion. The second girl looked back at him and tried to stare him down. She seemed to be getting angry at his blatant staring. Finally she spoke.

"Do you have to stare at us like that?"

Fred smiled enigmatically and sipped his coffee. He did not respond, but did not look away either. He had decided. He wanted the one that blushed and would not speak. She still had her eyes lowered and would not look at him. Fred finished his coffee and left, smiling at the two of them.

"What a nerve", he heard as he passed them on his way to the door.

Each night for the next week he returned to the diner, waiting and biding his time. Finally he found the two girls sitting at the counter. This time he sat next to the one that had spoken to him. He ordered coffee again and began to stare at them again.

The bolder girl next to him glared at him but did not move. Fred began talking this time and with his charm and looks got the two of them to speak to him. They were, he found out, secretaries at a large firm, making very little money and struggling to keep ahead of their bills. They were sisters, Natasja and Joyce, and had been in the city only a short time. Their family was from a small town over 200 miles away. Using his charm for all he was worth, he got them to relax and accept him as a possible friend and nice person. After talking for a long while the girls had to use the rest room. Fred ordered another drink for each and surreptitiously put some powder in each glass. Stirring each glass, he mixed the powder into their drinks and sat back waiting.

When the girls returned they were pleased to see the new drinks, sodas, the same as they had ordered with their meals. Happily they drank and chattered to him, opening up even more. But, as the drugged drinks took effect, they began to slur words and became a little unsteady. Not knowing what had happened to them, the girls really thought that they were getting ill. Being a "gentleman", Fred offered to take them home in a cab. The three of them got into the cab he had called, but instead of taking them home, Fred took them to a hotel. In their drugged condition, they were not sure of where they were. Almost sleepwalking he brought them into the hotel lobby and sat them down. He got a nice suite and returned to the girls, leading them to the elevator and off, down the hall to the room. As he got them both inside, he led them to a couch and helped Joyce to lie down on it. Almost as soon as she was prone, she fell asleep. Smiling, Fred took Natasja to the bedroom. He closed the door and watched her as she swayed. Natasja's eyes were open, but she did not have much control over her body.

Fred came up behind her and let Natasja lean back against him. She felt warm and soft. Thinking about what was to come, he felt his cock grow in his pants and press against her soft ass. He reached around her and cupped her tits, squeezing them gently and felt no resistance. Knowing that he had her in his power, Fred began to undress the girl. He removed her blazer, then her blouse, dropping both on the floor. Holding her upright, he undid her skirt and watched it slide down her legs. Her bra went next and was tossed to the floor on her blouse. Kneeling behind her, Fred pulled down her pantyhose, ripping them in the process. He lifted one leg, then the other, removing her heels and the pantyhose. Dressed now in only her panties, he stood and moved in front of Natasja.

He saw two pert breasts and fondled her nipples, making them erect. Natasja moaned softly as he tweaked and pinched her nipples. Then, unable to wait any longer, he knelt again and slid her panties down her legs. He had to lift her feet again, to completely remove them. Finally his prize was naked. Fred walked her to the bed and sat her on the edge.

Taking what looked like a briefcase, he opened it and removed a video camera and tripod. He set it up and looked through the viewfinder, setting the camera to record Natasja, making sure it was properly focused. Now that he had the scene prepared, Fred removed his clothes and with an erect cock, walked to stand in front of the girl. With the camera running and recording the naked girl, he moved into the frame. All that was seen of him on the camera was part of his leg, his cock and part of his torso. Natasja, however, was shown nude and her face was on the film. Fred reached down and gently pinched her nostrils shut. In no time her mouth opened to breath and as it did, he leaned forward, letting his cock slide into her mouth. He did not go deep inside, but enough to show on film that she had his cock in her mouth.

Shuddering with the pleasure of knowing he was getting her on tape, Fred gently thrust back and forth, fucking her mouth. Natasja sat dreamy eyed, and in her drugged state did not realize what was going on. If she had known, she would have screamed.

Tiring of the game, Fred pulled back, showing his saliva-wet cock to the camera and then he pushed Natasja onto her back. He lifted her legs and twisted her around so her feet faced the end of the bed. Moving back to the camera, Fred removed it from the tripod and brought it with him to the bed. He sat it down and pushed the girl's legs open. Putting a pillow under her ass, he spit in his hand and rubbed the saliva on her pussy lips. He opened her labia with a finger and found her hole with it. He worked his finger in and out of her cunt, loosening her, getting her ready. He was so stiff it almost hurt.

Picking up the camera, he wormed his way between her legs and focusing down, he brought her pussy into the frame. Then he pushed down on his erect cock and put it at the opening of her cunt. He filmed as he worked his cock into her and when he had the head inside fully, he panned up to show her face and widened the view so that you could see her face and the image of his erect cock pushing into her. When he felt that he had enough tape of her with his cock in her to make her obey him, he set the camera down. Now he settled himself at her opening, her cunt and pushed into her. Natasja whimpered and squirmed. He slid into her deeper until he felt something holding him back. Her hymen, she was a virgin! He chuckled at his luck in finding a virgin, and then pushed harder inside her. Natasja whimpered again and began to move beneath him, trying to get away from the hard cock penetrating her virgin slit. Fred pushed into her harder and tore through her hymen. Natasja moaned loudly and squirmed beneath him. She began to pant, her mouth open as his cock thrust deep inside her no longer virgin cunt.

The tight, silky feeling of her walls stroking his cock made Fred know that he would not last long this first time. She was whimpering as he thrust into her and in a few deep, hard strokes he lost control and shot his sperm deep inside her. Collapsing on top of the girl, Fred shuddered with his release, feeling her erect nipples rub on his chest. He laid heavily on her until he caught his breath and then rolled off. He looked between her legs and saw sperm and blood tricking out of her cunt. With a smile of satisfaction he pulled her to him and held her as he fell asleep.

It was morning and the sun shone through the windows when Fred woke. Natasja was still asleep; mostly from the drug he had given her. Naked, he walked to the other room and saw that Joyce was still asleep also. He went back into the bedroom and set up the video camera to play the tape he had recorded last night. Then he shook Natasja awake. She looked around, not knowing where she was and shrieked as she saw him, naked. Fred walked to her and covered her mouth with his hand.

"Shut up bitch. There is something you need to see."

Fred turned on the play function and Natasja watched as she saw her naked body, then his cock, then his cock in her mouth. She began to cry but could not tear her eyes from the images on the television. Then she saw her legs opened, her cunt on display. Sobbing, she watched as Fred's erect cock penetrated her and gently fucked her. She knew that she was no longer a virgin. As the tape ran out, she covered her eyes and sobbed.

"Listen to me bitch, if you do not do as I tell you, a copy of this tape will be sent to your parents and your boss. You don't want that to happen, do you?"

Natasja sobbed louder, but shook her head no. She could not bear to have her mother and father see her. If her boss saw this tape, she would probably lose her job.

"Now that we have that clear between us, come her and suck me, bitch."

Natasja moaned softly, but knowing she had no choice, went to him. She looked at his cock dangling down, covered with dried sperm and blood. Fred took her hand and put it on his cock, feeling it stiffen in response. He pulled her head to it.

"Suck it you little cunt, suck it in your mouth."

Sobbing louder again, Natasja opened her mouth and sucked his cock in. She was not expert, but she tried hard. Even without any skill, Fred felt his cock harden. He let her suck and lick until he was having trouble controlling himself again. He grabbed her arms and lifted her up. Pushing her back until she fell across the bed, he got between her legs again. He spit once more on his hand and rubbed the spit into and on her pussy. Then he put the head of his cock to her and thrust inside her again. Natasja winced and whimpered once more as Fred began to fuck her again. To her horror, she felt herself moisten inside as he fucked her. She covered her eyes and sobbed softly. Fred ignored her sobs and whimpers and fucked her, more gently than last night. She felt as tight and warm, soft and tight around him. He lasted much longer and Natasja was beginning to respond to him when he came inside again. She started to bawl as she felt the sperm coat her insides.

Fred got up from the bed and left Natasja laying there, crying. As she saw him walking away she curled into a ball and sobbed softly to herself. He had her on tape, fucking and sucking and now had a hold over her. She was also very upset that he had taken her virginity.

Fred walked into the room where Joyce was sleeping off the effects of the drug he had given her the night before. He made a call and sat watching Joyce while he waited. After a time there was a knock on the door. Going to the door he took a package from the bellboy, closed the door and walked to Joyce. He opened the package and removed a set of handcuffs. Taking one of her hands, he fastened one end of the cuffs to her wrist and the other end to the leg of the couch. Smiling to himself, he returned to the bedroom.

Natasja was still curled into a ball but she had stopped crying. Fred grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet. He led her into the bathroom, turned on the shower and pushed her into it. Following her, he took soap and washed her, then himself. They got out of the shower, and Fred dried her off and then himself. Natasja did not resist, even when he washed her tits and pussy, but she did blush. Her face stayed red throughout the washing and drying.

Fred now took her arm and led her out the bathroom and to the bedroom door. Opening it, he pulled her through to the other room of the suite where her sister still slept. When Natasja saw Joyce, she stopped, but a swift smack to her ass got her moving again. Fred took her to a footstool and made her kneel. Then he reached into the package he had received earlier and cuffed Natasja to the footstool by her hands. She was now on her knees and bent over the stool. As soon as he had her as he wanted her, Fred moved to Joyce and shook her awake. Joyce lay on the couch opening her eyes. When she saw Natasja, cuffed to the stool and naked, Joyce tried to get up, finding that she was cuffed also.

"Be still and be quiet. You can watch."

After saying this, Fred got behind Natasja and pushed her legs wider apart. Then he bent over and began to lick at her pussy. Natasja turned an even brighter shade of red. He licked and sucked at her. Natasja saw her sister watching and felt so ashamed. But with the shame of how she was, she felt arousal as the tongue licked at her. The longer Fred licked, the more aroused she became, until she felt a quivering in her belly. She tensed and felt her insides contract and clench. Natasja had her first orgasm. She whimpered and her ass moved back and forth as the orgasm ripped through her. Fred lifted his head and smiled, then kissed her above her ass, letting the juices he had licked from her moisten her skin. Then he walked around Natasja and knelt in front of her.

"Your turn, girl, suck me."

Natasja looked at him in shock and with her sister in the room she said:

"No, I will not do that."

Fred looked at her and gave her a nasty smile. He got up and walked to the bedroom. Coming back he held his belt. He showed it to Natasja.

"Are you sure girl?"

Natasja did not realize the significance of the belt.

"I will not do that."

Fred walked behind her and suddenly Natasja felt a slash of burning pain on her ass. She shrieked and felt another blow to her ass. The blows came fast and furious until her entire ass felt as though it was on fire.

"Oh god, my god, please stop it. Please, I will do it. Just don't hit me anymore."

Fred came back to face her, smiling again, with the belt dangling from his hand. Kneeling again, he lifted his cock to her mouth. Natasja began to cry again but opened her mouth and took his cock inside. She was not expert by any means, but she sucked and licked frantically. She did not want the belt again. Even as she sucked Fred, she could see Joyce watching her. Now in addition to the fear and pain she had felt, she felt humiliation at having her sister see her sucking.

Fred enjoyed her mouth and hardened until he was erect and throbbing in her mouth. He began to give her instructions on how to suck better and where to lick. Natasja listened and began to follow his instructions. Before long Fred was panting and moaning himself. Natasja only felt the shame and pain in her jaw from having her mouth held open. Fred finally could not stand it any longer and he gripped her head and began to thrust into her mouth. Now he did not care, and with each thrust, Natasja gagged on his cock. He was going to back of her mouth each time, gagging her. Her eyes began to water again and Fred got a thrill from hearing her gag. She was still afraid and trying to suck his cock, when he came in her mouth. Now she was choking as his sperm filled the back of her mouth. Her spurted a lot into her. Natasja was trying to get away and get his dick out of her mouth so she could keep from choking, but Fred held her head in place.

He smiled at her.

"Swallow it."

With a look of disgust she silently refused. Fred smiled again and picked up the belt from the floor. All he had to do was to show it to Natasja. As soon as the belt appeared in front of her eyes, she began to swallow his sperm. She choked it down, swallowing several times. Fred took his cock from her mouth.

"Lick around inside your mouth, I don't want any wasted."

Natasja did as she was told. She still feared the belt. Joyce watched the whole process in disbelief. She could not believe that her sister was naked and sucking a man's cock, swallowing his sperm. Now, however, something new was going to be added.

Fred unfastened Natasja from the stool and led her to the couch. He cuffed her to leg in the middle, and he unfastened Joyce. Holding onto to Joyce firmly, he moved her so that she was in front of Nastaja, one leg on either side of her. Then he pulled her dress up and pulled Joyce's panties down to her ankles. He then pushed Natasja's face directly into Joyce's cunt. Joyce began to babble and Natasja pulled her head back, shocked.

"Shut up Joyce. Keep your fat mouth shut. Natasja, I want you to lick her right on her pussy. Lean forward and do it now."

Natasja held her head up and did not move. Fred bent and picked up the belt again. Natasja saw him and with her stomach clenching in fear bent and started licking Joyce frantically. It was too late.

"I will not put up with this crap Natasja. Every time I tell you to do something, I expect immediate obedience."

Fred walked behind her and she heard the whoosh of the belt just before another line of pain bisected her ass. She squealed, but kept licking as Fred lashed her with the belt six times. Joyce watched biting her lip so she kept quiet. Natasja licked and sucked Joyce's cunt until she came, whimpering and biting her lips.

"Good girl, good little pet, Natasja."

Fred had become erect again, watching Natasja licking Joyce, but there was something different in his mind now. He left the two girls as they were, going into the bedroom again. This time he returned with a tube of lubricant. Neither Joyce nor Natasja knew what it was. He pried open Natasja's ass and dripped the lubricant on her anus. Natasja could not figure out what was going on until she felt his finger at her anus.


Joyce did not understand, she could not see clearly enough to tell what was going on, just that her sister was panicking. Fred worked one finger into Natasja's anus, moving it around and in and out. Soon she felt looser, and he put another finger up her ass. He moved the two fingers around until her asshole felt opened.

Natasja sighed as she felt the fingers slide out of her hole, but began to blubber frantically as she felt his cock pushing at the distended opening to her rectum.

"Oh my god, no, please don't."

The head of Fred's erect dick wormed its way into her. Natasja's head hung down and she babbled nonnonononononononono continuously. Fred worked more of his cock into her, dribbled some more lube on his cock and pushed harder. He slid in further and further until his belly was against Natasja's ass.

"Tell your sister where my cock is."

Natasja began to cry and whimper incoherently.

"Tell her now or I will get the belt again."

"It's in my ass Joyce. His cock is in my ass."

"Good girl. Now brace yourself."

Fred began thrusting and he added lube to her opening. Natasja lowered her head to Joyce's abdomen and began to cry louder and louder. Fred pushed her face down so the cries were muffled and he fucked her up the ass. She was tight and with all the lube, slick as a cunt. Fred humped into her, filling her ass with cock.

"What am I doing, Natasja?"

You're f-f-f-fucking me. F-f-fucking my ass."

Shortly after she said this, Fred could not hold back any longer and came up her ass into her rectum. Satisfied, he slumped over her back and as his cock softened it slipped out of her. Natasja knelt with Fred leaning over her crying once again.

First, now that you have seen what has begun to happen to Natasja, it seems time to get to know the girl.

Natasja is a 20-year-old small town girl. She has education past high school from a business college where she took classes in secretarial work. She came to the city from home with her sister Joyce who is one year older than her. The girl's parents would not let one of them come to the city alone. Only when the two of them were through with some schooling were they allowed to come together.

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