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"Miss Bell," Claire said, "We're having trouble with our microscope." No, no, no, Claire!! Let her go!

Under the counter, Stephanie's hand gently encircled my shaft and slowly slid along it back and forth. The cum residue squished in her grip and lubricated her stroke. She looked up at me impassively. Her arm movement was barely detectable. I mouthed for her to stop and then bit my lower lip.

"Well, you're not set up," Miss Bell said as she pulled the microscope towards her, "Where's your specimen slide?" Back and forth, back and forth. I hunched forward to shield the book slot from Miss Bell's sight. Back and forth, back and forth, and over the tip.

"Could we use this one?" Claire asked and produced a slide with clear goo on it. Oh, no! It was my cum!! Back and forth, back and forth.

Miss Bell took the slide and furrowed her brow. "What's this? No, that's not it." She handed the slide back to Claire and looked around the countertop.

Stephanie's hand picked up speed. Slick, slick, slick, slick. I grunted involuntarily, "Uuhhhh."

"What's that, Timothy? Do you see it?" Miss Bell said, scanning the tabletop.

Slick, slick, slick, slick. "Ohhh, ... It's ... ohhh ... It's ohhh-ver ..." I tried to point and also to maintain control.

"Here it is!" Miss Bell picked up the slide, clipped it on the microscope's stage and adjusted the focus. When our teacher bent over, her attention distracted, Stephanie ended her covert movement and started really pumping. Sli-ick-ick-ick-ick-ick. I wanted to scream! My balls gripped, and my back arched. It was going to happen ... again.

Miss Bell straightened up. "There, who would like to have a look?"

I pounced over of the eyepiece, almost hitting Miss Bell on my descent, in order to brace myself for what was to happen and to hide my face from the expression that would result. Sli-ick-ick-ick-ick-ick. My whole groin spasmed. A load of cum spurt into the book slot. "Uuurmphhh," I grunted into the microscope, despite my best attempts to suppress the noise.

"You see it, Timothy?"

"Uuurmphhh," I grunted again, as more spurts escaped me. I clenched every muscle in my body to cover my convulsing.

"He sounds excited about what he's looking at, doesn't he Miss Bell?" Claire noted. The last of my spasming subsided.

Miss Bell's face appeared in my peripheral vision as she bent down to my face. "Are you okay, sweetie? You look very red." She combed her fingers through my hair soothingly. "And you're sweaty."

I stayed doubled over. "I have a little stomach cramp, I guess."

"Well, class is almost over. I want you to stay behind, and then you and I are definitely going to see the nurse. Understand?" She leaned in and gave me a little kiss on my temple – a soft little kiss. "Oh, you're warm!"

Miss Bell scurried off to confirm the progress of the other groups. When her back was to us, I reared up and stepped back from the lab table. My dripping cock glared angrily up me. It was still hard!!

"What were you thinking?" I seethed, glaring at the girls, "We could get expelled!"

Submissively, Claire and Stephanie both clasped their hands in front of themselves and pursed their lips in mock innocence, but the upturned corners of their mouths betrayed them. Finally, Claire, followed by Stephanie, held up a hand in front of my face, and as they slowly opened and closed their fingers, strings of cum spanned the gaps. "Webbies!" giggled Claire, and both of them snickered uncontrollably.

"Okay, people," Miss Bell announced, "Please clean up your stations before you leave."

My lab partners regained their composure long enough to pack up. I turned my back to the class and wrestled my hard, sticky shaft back into my pants. Despite my best efforts, wet stains appeared on the front of my pants. My penis was still sensitive to the touch, and as I stuffed it into my underpants, I got even more aroused. Wasn't it ever going to relax?

People began to filter out. As I zipped up, Stephanie mentioned, "Timmy, don't forget to get your books."

"Yeah, yeah," I replied dismissively, and then when I heard her giggle, I froze. Turning around, I stared at the book slot with which I had recently become overly familiar. "Nuts!"

Claire and Stephanie burst out laughing and left the class arm-in-arm. I could hear their cackling all the way out the door. What a day!

*** The Teacher's Desk ***

I extracted my poor, deflowered books from under the table and did my best to squeegee off the goo with my hand. Then I gathered them together into a sticky pile and held them in front of me to cover my bulge. Why wasn't it deflating? Shuffling dejectedly to the front of the room, I wondered what I was going to say to Miss Bell. I couldn't tell her the truth; it would be too embarrassing. What if she went back and looked under our lab table?

I watched Miss Bell erasing the board. Her ass cheeks scrunched and jiggled as she wiped the brush back and forth. Then, as she reached towards the top of the board, they almost popped out underneath her tight skirt hem. I didn't need to look at this stimulation.

I dropped my pile of books onto one of the front tables and noticed that I had smeared some cum from the books onto the front of my pants. Great! I tried to wipe it off with the palm of my hand, but the gunk just seemed to smear, so I kept rubbing. I wished it didn't feel so good, but I didn't want it to set in. I rubbed and rubbed. I was beginning to think that I was getting it off. I rubbed and rubbed. Maybe once more. I rubbed and ...

"Timothy?" Miss Bell was facing me and looked a little shocked.

"Oh!" I dropped my hands to my side.

"What were you doing, dear?"

"I was just ... Nothing."

Miss Bell approached me and swished the hair out of my eyes. "How are you feeling now, sweetie? You're sweating a bit." Then she peered down to see what I had been doing. She must have seen the wet spot ... and the bulge. When her gaze returned, she looked different, as if she were grinning, but she wasn't. She looked deeply into my eyes. "I guess we should go see the nurse now."

"No, I ... I'm ... I'm not really sick, Miss Bell." I cast my eyes down in embarrassment and unintentionally stared at her cleavage. Blushing, I jerked my head back up.

Miss Bell smirked and caressed my cheek with the palm of her hand. "No? No, I suppose not. But you have been acting strangely today, haven't you?" She gave my cheek another little stroke.

"Uhh ... strange? Um, what do you mean?"

"The flushing, the sweating, the nervousness, the ... the stiffness."

How embarrassing! I didn't know what to say.

"It's okay, sweetie. I understand. Come with me." She took my hand and led me towards her desk in the corner. "We need to have a little talk. Here, have a seat on my desk. I'm just going to make sure that we won't be interrupted."

I plopped down on the edge of the desk and adjusted the front of my pants as best I could. Miss Bell crossed the class and shut the door. She searched the floor and then kicked a wooden wedge under the door, propping it closed. Then she walked back to me, her high heels clicking firmly on the floor and her breasts jostling under her blouse.

She halted in front of me and then looked into my eyes, composing herself. Her demeanour softened. She drew close to me, squeezing her hips between my spread legs. Her perfume filled my nose. I felt very uncomfortable and leaned away.

She placed her hands on top of my thighs and rubbed them soothingly. She peeked down at my groin again and then looked back softly into my eyes. I hadn't noticed before how green her eyes were.

"Timothy," she began, "You shouldn't be embarrassed when your body does things that are beyond your control. You are at an age when you are going to experience many wonderful changes. Facial hair ..." She caressed my chin. "A deeper voice ..." She tickled my throat with her nails. "Chest hair ..." She slid her hand down my shirt. "And ..." She placed a fingertip on my bulge. "Arousal."

She smiled when she saw my eyes widen. Reaching behind me, she pulled out some tissues from a dispenser box. "You should celebrate the way you are maturing." She dabbed the tissues on my wet spot and then rubbed it more deliberately. I felt the pressure through my pants, and a warm sensation travelled up my shaft. "You just need to be more discreet." She rubbed and rubbed. My hard-on tingled.

"Uhhh!" I reacted.

"Oh, I'm sorry, sweetie. I guess I should be more careful. You do look a little ... fragile right now. Those tight pants can't be helping." She unbuckled my belt and unfastened the button at my waist. "Let's just relieve some pressure here."

"What??" My voice quavered.

She pulled down my zipper. "Relax, Timothy. No one can walk in and see you. I'm just going to give you some more room." My swollen groin pushed through the open flaps of my fly but still strained against my underwear and pants.

Miss Bell pondered my constraining clothes. "Timothy, scoot your bum up." She grabbed onto my waistband at the hips and tugged. "I think that we should just let everything out in the open until you can relax."

I was shocked. I was going to argue, but her initial pull nearly yanked me off the desk, and when I lifted myself back into place, her next pull succeeded in disrobing my lower half, underpants included. My penis jumped out and stood proudly erect in my lap.

"There you go, sweetie. That should feel much ... Ohh! My! You were having trouble, weren't you?"

I brought my hands around to cover myself.

"No, no, honey. Don't touch it. Just let it alone." She pulled my hands aside, brushing against my erection in the process, and then reached in to steady it gently.

"Ohhh," I reacted to her touch. Something gurgled in my balls and gave me a sense of foreboding. She really needed to watch what she's doing!

"I'm sorry, sweetie. I'll be more careful." She leaned in and gave me a peck on my cheek. I felt her eyelashes tickle my cheekbone.

There was a moment of silence, during which she gazed at my erection. Then she snickered. Looking back at me, she said, "You know, Timothy. I do feel a little flattered by this. You're really sweet to get this worked up about me." She leaned in again and touched the tips of her lips ever so slightly on mine. I froze as they gave my lips the barest of nibbles. In my lap, a fingertip traced up the side of my cock, and then her hand lightly encircled it and gently descended to its base. A shudder went up my spine. When she pulled back, her hand had returned to my thigh, where it massaged the muscle.

She suddenly became more detached. "Let's talk about something else until it goes down."

"It won't."

"It won't what?"

"It won't go down."

"Oh, don't be silly, dear. Of course it will."

"No, it won't. It hasn't gone down all morning."

"All morning?" Miss Bell screwed up her face. She looked down at it and then back up at me. "You mean you keep getting erections – one after another."

"No, the same one. I've had it for over an hour. And it keeps getting bigger."

"Huh," she exclaimed and directed her attention down again. "Maybe we should take you to the nurse after all." She pinched my little head and swivelled my pole around to inspect it. Then she squatted down until her face was level with it. She grabbed its base and began bending it in different angles. With her other hand, she touched and prodded different points along the shaft and the balls. Her little probes tickled all over.

"Oh, Miss Bell!" I called out, "Oh! It's ... It's ..." I shifted and trembled on the table.

"What's wrong, Timothy? Does it hurt?" She clenched her hand supportively around my shaft. It was the wrong thing to do.

"No. No don't." I began to rock. She maintained her grip.

"It's okay, Timothy. I'm here with you." She, inadvertently, pulled my erection down horizontal with the table.

"Ohhh, don't, don't, don't, don't, ..." I bucked my hips. Her grip just felt too good, and I couldn't help but to push into her grasp. "Oh, no. Oh, no." I thrust forcefully, and she increased her grip even more. "Ohh, I'm going to ... uuunghhhhh!!"

Gobs of cum launched directly at her face and splattered on impact. I could hear the squishing sound of each spurt hitting her skin. She leaned back in surprise, but balancing on her haunches, she couldn't get out of the line of fire. Shots hit her nose, an eye, her forehead, a cheek, ....

Eventually, the shooting subsided, and I tried to catch my breath. Rivulets of cum ran from her clenched eyes over her tightly closed lips. She opened her mouth wide, as much to show surprise as to get some air. As long drips of cum glooped past her lips into her mouth, she spit and sputtered to expel them.

Miss Bell scraped the goo off her face and flicked it onto the ground. I reached for the box behind me, pulled out handfuls of tissues and handed them to her. As she blotted up the mess, the gravity of the situation sunk in. My cum was in her eyes, up her nostrils and on her lips. I was mortified ... and still hard.

Was I never going to go down?? What was in those pills that Claire and Stephanie had forced me to take? With each orgasm I had, I seemed to get bigger, stronger and more ready to go again. My hard-on stood solidly erect in my lap as if anticipating the next opportunity.

Miss Bell stood up shakily, continuing to wipe away my residue. Drops of cum dribbled onto her tight white shirt and soaked in, making little transparent blotches. She kept her eyes shut and was still spitting. "I am so sorry, Timothy. Ppptttt. I didn't mean that to happen. Pppttt. Are you okay?" She reached out blindly for my thigh and squeezed it reassuringly.

"Yes." I wanted to apologize, but I couldn't begin to think what to say.

"Timothy, I have to go get cleaned up. I want you to stay here until I get back." Turning and wiping her eyes with the back of her hand, she tottered across the class and bumped into the door. Grabbing the knob, she pulled on it without success. After a couple more frantic tugs, she kicked away the door wedge, flung the door open and left.

I was suddenly visible to people passing in the hall. Luckily, the few students who were out there turned and stared instead at Miss Bell's rush down the hall. I jumped off the desk and stuffed myself frantically back into my pants. I got my underpants up but couldn't close the zipper. I turned my back to the door and kept pulling on the tab.

*** The Bathroom ***

After a few more tugs, I feared that I would either split the stitching or get myself caught in the zipper. I tried using one of my hands to compress my bulge and shield it from the closing teeth, but then I couldn't get enough traction with my other hand to make the zipper move.

"Timmy," a voice called through the classroom door, "Oh, Timmy!! What are you doing?"

Oh no! It was Claire. I covered my open fly with my hand and turned around.

Claire approached me, grinning. "Come on. Miss Bell told me to bring you down to the nurse's office." She grabbed my free hand and pulled me back towards the door.

"But my zipper?"

She dragged me across the room. "Don't worry. Just walk behind me."

"But my books?"

"No time."

I stumbled into the corridor and attempted to fall into step. People seemed to be ignoring me, and I tried to stay close in behind Claire's hustling figure. We zipped down a flight of stairs and along the hallway below. However, before we got to the nurse's office, Claire halted in front of the girls' bathroom and looked all around us. Satisfied, she shoved me through the door.

"Hey!" I exclaimed, tumbling into the side of a sink. When I regained my footing, I looked up at a group of girls, who were giggling and jabbering by the last stall near the window. A few were pointing my way, and some in the back were craning their necks to see.

Stephanie came forward and drew me back to the group. I surveyed their faces; the eight of them were all from my biology class. Milling around excitedly in their school uniforms, they seemed energized and expectant. I had a sinking feeling that I was somehow part of whatever they were waiting for.

Stephanie braced me against the partition of the last stall so that I was facing the group. Claire appeared at my side. I couldn't speak. My throat went dry, and my balls tingled.

The girls moved their heads around to get a better look. Their eyes were glinting. "Let's see it! Let's see it!" came a cry from the back of the group.

"All right. Settle down," Claire calmed the group, as Stephanie fiddled with my zipper.

I tried to fend Stephanie off, and for a bit, we tussled at my fly, our hands wrestling and slapping against each other. Claire came to her assistance, and then another girl joined in. I struggled and writhed. All of the girls pressed in on me. Soon, my arms were pinned above my head, and my fly and waistband were assaulted by many hands.

Claire leaned towards my ear. "Do I have to tie you up, Timmy?" she whispered.

"No," I whimpered.

My pants were yanked down my legs. My erection stretched against the fabric of my underpants.

The girls got uncomfortably close, and their gibbering got more excited. Stephanie placed a finger on the end of my penis and flicked it down. My pole rebounded and oscillated stiffly in my underpants, and the girls giggled in response.

A pair of hands grabbed the bottom of my shorts and snatched them to the floor in a single motion. My cock stood out defiantly in the centre of the group. Everyone paused.

"All right," Claire said, "Go ahead. Touch it."

Someone nudged Samantha, who was standing at the front, but she flinched and backed herself into the group.

"Lindy!" someone yelled out, and then a few others endorsed the suggestion, "Yeah, Lindy!" A petite girl with braids and glasses was hustled to the front.

Claire drew her by the elbow towards me. "Don't be shy, Lindy. Go ahead."

Extending a finger, Lindy touched the tip of my cock and then recoiled. She reached forward again and traced her fingertip delicately along the topside of my shaft. It tickled exquisitely and sent a chill up my spine. My body shuddered, and I let out a low moan.

Over my head, my arms prickled from lack of blood and trembled from weakness. The crowd closed in. One by one, hands reached forward and fondled my groin. Fingers pulled on my balls and massaged my testicles. Hands grasped and released my shaft. As one hand slid down its length, another followed in behind. Too many sensations flooded my perception, and a now familiar roiling in my balls warned me that something big would soon happen.

"Kiss it," someone called out.

"It's getting really red," said someone else.

Finally, Claire pulled me away from the group. "All right. All right. Steph, you can take him in now. Here are my pantyhose."

Stephanie directed me into the end stall and prompted me to sit on the toilet. I was happy to finally drop my arms, which tingled with the return of blood. Surprisingly, she sat on my lap facing forward and snuggled her back against my chest. Leaning her head back to my ear, she whispered, "I didn't sit on anything, did I?"

"No," I replied.

She squirmed her bum into me and lifted my arm onto her lap. Picking up my hand, she slipped a loop around my wrist. It was the pantyhose.

Claire entered the cubicle, looked at Stephanie and said, "Okay?" Stephanie nodded her head and stood up.

"What's going on?" I asked.

Claire sidled between the toilet and partition. On the other side of the stall, Stephanie lifted my hand gently with her pantyhose leash. Suddenly, Stephanie yanked down on the hose, pulling my hand behind me. Claire grabbed my other hand to my side and reached under the toilet tank. In no time, the pantyhose was wrapped around my other wrist, and I was fixed in place.

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