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"Yes," I said weakly.

Nurse Moore's hands were now both on my shaft, repeatedly squishing along its length. Slurp-slurp, slurp-slurp. The slippery rubbing was building up a tension inside me.

"Mmmm. Doesn't that feel good, Timothy?" When Miss Bell talked, I could feel her cheek move against my cheek. I could smell her perfume. I could see her eye right next to mine, feel her eyelashes tickling mine.

Slurp-slurp, slurp-slurp. Nurse Moore's breasts jiggled on her chest with her pumping. I bucked my hips in rhythm. I was losing control.

"Yesss ... Ohhh ..."

Slurp-slurp, slurp-slurp. Miss Bell's hand dropped from my cheek to my lap, where she cupped my balls under the nurse's pumping. Her hands became covered with gel, and as she manipulated my sac, her fingers sometimes pulled on my testicles and sometimes let them squish through her grip. "Let it go, Timothy," she murmured at my cheek, "Let it all go. I'm here with you. Just let go." I could feel the corner of her mouth brush the edge of my lips as she whispered, and I wanted to turn my head and kiss it.

"Ohhh ..."

Nurse Moore leaned just in front of my nose; our three foreheads lightly pressed together. Her pumping underneath us was relentless. Slurp-slurp, slurp-slurp. She stared into my eyes but spoke to Miss Bell at my side, "He's getting close. I can hear it in his breathing. Get the pan ready." Her breath blew against my mouth; her nose hovered just at mine's tip.

Miss Bell squeezed gently on my balls. "I feel it," she whispered back and then turned her mouth to my ear. "Just let it go," she breathed into my ear and kissed my lobe. Nurse Moore increased her rate. Slip, slip, slip, slip, slip, slip, slip, ...

"Ohhh!! Ohhh!!"

Miss Bell brought the metal pan around to the front with one hand and kept massaging my balls with the other. Her lips stayed near my ear, and her breath tickled its opening, "I feel it, Timothy. It's almost there." Nurse Moore angled my erection down to aim it at the pan. She pumped frantically on its top half. Slip-ip-ip-ip-ip ...

"Ohhh!! Ohhh!! OHHH!!!" I bucked my hips.

Miss Bell released my balls and hugged me tightly around my waist. She pressed her cheek firmly onto mine, trying to steady my contorting body. Nurse Moore's hand was a blur but was having difficulty tracking the pan. Slip-ip-ip-ip-ip-ip-ip-ip-ip ...

"AHHH!! NNNGHHHHH!!!" I shot and shot. My back arched forcefully, and my whole body seized. Miss Bell's firm hugging kept me from falling off the table. In my stretch, my face pressed against her cheek and slid around towards her. My lips pushed into her cheek. I kissed her ... and then again. I kissed and kissed ... and spurted.

Nurse Moore cried out in surprise, "Ahh! Yuck. Ahh ... ahh, ahh, ahh ... Hold the pan over ... Ahh! Nuts!"

I continued to press my lips into Miss Bell's cheek, and then realizing what I was doing, I got scared and stopped kissing her.

The room was spinning. I gasped to get my air back and grabbed desperately onto the edge of the table to keep from toppling over. My heart pounded in my chest but was already starting to subside. A few final shudders quivered through my body, and then everything settled down. I released my grip on the table.

I thought that I heard some muffled giggling coming from the next room, and it brought me out of my reverie. When I opened my eyes, I was shocked to see my cum dripping down Nurse Moore's front. Large splotches of the white stuff covered her chest and stomach. A long drop of cum stretched slowly off the front of her breast and then dripped onto the floor. She held her oily hands out away from her body and looked down at the mess on her front. "Cripes, did any of it make it into the pan?"

"Oh my!" Miss Bell exclaimed, looking at the nurse's splattered body, and then began to giggle, "Oh dear!" She wrapped an arm around my head and tilted it onto her shoulder, while Nurse Moore walked over to the sink and began to towel herself off.

After a moment, Miss Bell kissed my cheek and moved around the table to join the nurse at the sink, where she grabbed some towels to help out. While Nurse Moore rubbed over her stomach, Miss Bell brought a towel up and daubed her breasts carefully. Nurse Moore looked over at her face and then down to what she was doing. As Miss Bell pressed and rubbed more firmly, Nurse Moore slowed her own wiping and then stopped, her arm falling limply to her side and the towel dropping to the floor.

I heard the sound of a foot scuff in the next room and looked over towards the door. I was now almost certain that there was someone there. I peered at the opening but saw nothing. I thought that I should warn Nurse Moore and turned to say something.

Miss Bell was now wiping over the front of Nurse Moore's panties, and Nurse Moore, who must have been tired from her effort, had her head on Miss Bell's shoulder and was leaning against her side. Miss Bell was buffing slowly in small circles, and Nurse Moore sounded like she was having a hard time breathing.

I looked back at the door, and ... Yes! ... I saw four little fingers curled around the edge of it. There was someone there! I snapped my head back to the sink.

Nurse Moore was now turned towards Miss Bell, who was still towelling her lower region but, now, in long slow strokes. Their foreheads were touching, and they were staring into each other's eyes.

"Nurse Moore! Nurse Moore!" I cried

The instant I spoke, the two of them startled. They both straightened up and looked over at me, bewildered. Then Nurse Moore moved back to the sink and furtively returned to towelling herself off. Miss Bell, who seemed a bit flushed, approached me. "What is it, dear?"

"There's someone in the next room!"

Miss Bell squinted at the door and then crossed to it. Nurse Moore walked over to me, her dress now rebuttoned. She brought some wet towels with her. Her face looked very red, and her eyes seemed to be avoiding my gaze.

"There's no one out here, Timothy." Miss Bell held the door open and stared into the next room.

"My goodness!" Nurse Moore exclaimed as she cleaned around my groin, "It's still as hard as when he came in."

Miss Bell returned to our side. "Are you sure we shouldn't take him to the hospital?"

"Yes, I'm sure, but he may need a lot more attention than I thought." She grasped my hard-on lightly and twisted it to check its firmness. "A lot more attention. Okay, Tim, you can get dressed now."

I jumped off the table and grabbed my clothes from the chair. As I put them back on, I kept glancing over to the door to see if our spy would return. Nurse Moore and Miss Bell didn't seem to be as alert to the possibility of an intruder and were talking to each other softly. I could barely overhear them.

"... able to cancel. Then I'll come over and see how he's doing. That is, if you don't mind. ..." As Nurse Moore spoke, Miss Bell used a finger to slide some of the nurse's long brown hair from her front to her back over her shoulder. She curved the hair carefully with her finger to rest it over her ear.

Miss Bell gazed at the nurse with softness in her eyes and a little grin on her mouth. "Of course not," she said, "I think you should come over ..." Her palm rested on the nurse's cheek. "to check on him."

*** The Teacher's House ***

Miss Bell and I finally left the school, and I was surprised to find no one in the nurse's outer office as we walked through. I was still rock hard and unable to close my fly, so I made my way to the parking lot with my hands in front of me. Luckily, because it was now late in the afternoon, there were few people in the hallway as we made our exit, Miss Bell's high heels clicking and her ample curves wriggling as we went.

At the car, I scrunched and twisted to get in my side. On the other side, I watched Miss Bell wiggle her way into the driver's seat. With the effort, her skirt hiked up almost onto her hips, permitting me a view of the patterned tops of her stockings.

I was glad that she was going to give me a ride home, because I would have otherwise had trouble walking all that way in this condition. Of course, we might actually be going to a drug store first to get some of that gel that I need for my treatment, but on the other hand, the nurse had probably already given a tube to Miss Bell when I wasn't watching. I didn't see that the gel had done anything, but maybe it was going to take one or two more applications.

We reversed quickly out of her space and then revved forward. I got a thrill out of sitting in the car I had waited for all those mornings and sitting beside the teacher that I had dreamt about ... Well, maybe I shouldn't think about that. My eyes caught the tops of her nylons again, and so I swung my head away to be more discreet.

In my peripheral view, I detected some shapes by the tree in the vacant lot – by my tree. I swivelled around to get a better look. As we sped along the lane that led from the lot, I stared back and caught sight of two figures on bicycles in the shade of the tree. The two riders started off after us, but soon we turned onto the main street and were driving away from the school. If those two figures were intending to follow us, they would now only be able to see us disappear out of view.

"How are you feeling, Timothy?" Miss Bell asked.

"Fine." I sat forward again.

"If you need me to pull over, please let me know ahead of time so that I can find a spot that is out of view."

I didn't know what she meant by that. Did she think I had to go to the bathroom? "I'll be okay," I reassured her.

"That's good. We're almost there."

At the traffic light, we turned left instead of right, completely in the wrong direction of my house. I wondered if she knew where I lived. I was about to say something when we turned into a driveway and stopped. Before I could speak, she was out of the car and walking up the front steps. When she unlocked the front door with her keys, it hit me that we were at her house.

I got out of the car to join her, just as she returned to help me inside. She threaded her arm through mine for support and walked beside me into the house.

As I removed my shoes, I noticed that the house smelled wonderfully clean and perfumy. Miss Bell ushered me into the living room and sat me down on the couch. She flitted about the room picking up the items that were strewn about. One of them was an elongated plastic tube that was smoothly tapered at one end. Another item looked like a lady's slip but was black and very delicate. She must have washed it too much because I could easily see through it.

"Would you like something to drink?" she asked, sounding a little flustered, probably because of the mess.

"No, thank you."

"Are you sure?" she asked as she went over to her stereo and put on a CD. "You can have a beer if you want."

"Oh no, I'm not allowed to drink. Thanks."

She returned to the couch and sat on her legs beside me. The CD played something slow and jazzy. Miss Bell scrunched closer and tickled her fingernails through my hair.

"Miss Bell," I asked, "Do you think maybe I should be getting home now?"

"Soon, sweetie. When you're feeling better. I have to take care of you for a bit first." She traced her hand down the side of my face, palmed my cheek and then kissed the top of my head. "We should probably undo those pants. You must be very uncomfortable."

It did feel pretty tight, but when I reached down, her hands were already there. She undid the button of the pants and then jerked down on the waistband, almost tugging me off the couch. On her second attempt, I lifted my bum, and she yanked again, pulling off both my pants and underpants at the same time. My erection flipped out and wobbled stiffly in the open.

"Amazing," she said, tracing a fingertip down its length. Then she jumped up. "Don't go away."

She zipped out of the room with my clothes and then returned with a large towel. "Here," she said, "You better sit on this."

I stood up and let her arrange the towel on my cushion. I certainly didn't want to get her couch sweaty. After she had smoothed it out, I sat back down, and she cuddled up beside me. "There," she said, curling her arm around my neck and playing her hand through my hair again. "That's better. Now we don't have to worry about having any accidents." Accidents?

She brought her free hand over to my lap and ran her fingernails up and down my thigh, just barely skimming over the skin. Her tickling made me flinch.

"Sorry," she said and giggled. Then she leaned towards my ear and said, "I should know by now that I have to be careful."

She moved her hand up my thigh again. Stretching out a finger, she traced around my balls and then up the underside of my penis. I shivered at the light touching. Her breathing sounded a bit laboured.

"Miss Bell?"

"Yes, baby."

"Are you going to put some of that gel on me now?"

"Mmmm. Yes, that would be a good idea, sweetie." Good idea? Wasn't that the whole point?

Miss Bell got up again and left the room. I thought that she had gone to get the gel, but then I saw her purse on the floor by the door. Maybe she had to go to the toilet.

I looked down at my hard-on. Stupid thing! When would it go down?

Suddenly, behind me, I distinctly heard tapping on the window pane. I spun around in my seat, but there was nothing there. So I got up on my knees, drew back the sheers and looked out, but again, there was nothing there.

I sat back down and straightened the towel under me. Maybe the towel is to prevent the gel from staining the couch. Or maybe ... My goodness. Did she think I might shoot goo again? Clearly, that had only happened with the nurse because she had rubbed me too much. All Miss Bell has to do is apply the gel and then stop. I should be okay if she just does that. In fact, maybe I should rub the gel on myself, because then I would know when to stop. I must remember to ask her.

Miss Bell appeared from around the corner. Any thought of saying something to her vanished immediately. She had changed into a short white satin kimono. It slithered over her body as she walked towards me, and I had to conclude that she had nothing on underneath it. Her breasts bounced freely with her steps, and her nipples protruded brazenly under the flimsy material. I was rendered completely speechless.

"Theeeere," she said breezily, as she tucked herself next to me on the couch, "Now I really don't have to worry about getting messy."

She gave me a big kiss on the cheek and then sat back to look at me. "Miss me?" She had a big grin on her face.

"I ... uh ... I ..."

She giggled and then became focused. She undid her sash and draped the kimono open. The ends fell on the outside of her large breasts and kept it from closing. I stared uncontrollably at the pair of full, round, soft, ample, pink, squooshy, ...

"What are you looking at?" she teased. Bringing up a little plastic bottle, she clicked open the lid and squirted a stream of clear liquid into her hand.

"I'm sorry, Miss Bell," I apologized and snapped my head away. Then I looked back at the bottle. "Aren't you supposed to use the gel that the nurse had?"

She clicked the bottle closed and dropped it behind her. Rubbing the liquid between her hands, she looked back at me through the tops of her eyes. "I think you'll find this works just as well."

That didn't sound right. What were the odds that Miss Bell would have at her house the exact medicine that ... Her hand squished onto my hard-on and descended to cup my balls.

"Ohhh ..."

"Hmmm?" she asked, "Were you going to ask me something, Timothy?" Her slippery hand grasped and slid and compress and rubbed slowly around my groin. Sluuurrrpp ... Sluuurrrpp ...

"I ... ohhh ... I ... uhhh ..."

Sluuurrrpp ... Sluuurpp ... "Just relax, sweetie," she whispered, "This won't take long." She leaned in and bit lightly on my ear lobe. Sluuurrrpp ... Sluuurpp ...

"But ... Miss Bell," Sluuurrrpp ... Sluuurpp ... "if you ... keep doing ... that," Sluuurrrpp ... Sluuurpp ... "I'm going ... to make" Sluuurrrpp ... Sluuurpp ... "a mess." My hold groin tingled, and my hips began to rock slowly with the stroking.

"That's okay, Timothy," she whispered at my ear, "You just tell me when you're close." Sluuurrrpp ... Sluuurpp ...

"Ohhh ..."

She stopped for a moment and retrieved the bottle. In a sustained squirt, she drizzled a long stream all over my erection. Placing the bottle behind her again, she went back to applying the liquid, but her tempo increased dramatically. Squish, squish, squish, squish, squish, squish, squish, ...

What was she doing?!! "Ohh ... Ohh ... Miss Bell!!"

"Yeeessss?" Squish, squish, squish, squish, squish, squish, squish, ...

"Ohh ... I ... I ..."

"Is it time?" Squish, squish, squish, squish, squish, squish, squish, ...

"Y-y-yes ..."

"Hmmm?" Squish, squish, squish, squish, squish, squish, squish, ...

"YESSS!! Ohhh!!" My balls gurgled. This was it.

Suddenly, she dropped her face onto my lap, her mouth encircling my shaft. She clamped her lips around my tip and continued pumping with her fist. Squish-ish-ish-ish-ish, ...

I couldn't believe what I was looking at. "Oh no!! AHHH!! Nnnghhh, nnnghhh, nnnghhh, ..." I spurted and spurted into her mouth, my cum gushing into the wetness beyond. Her mouth and fist, locked onto their holds, travelled up and down along with my thrusting hips.

I collapsed onto the couch. Outside, some neighbourhood kids screamed, strangely close to the house. Miss Bell raised her head, and opening her mouth, she let my cum drool into one of her hands. The goo dribbled off her lower lip, and she had to sputter a few times to expel the last few gobs.

She got up and left the room, holding her cupped hand under her chin as she went. I breathed heavily on the couch and felt my energy drain down through my body and into the cushions. I found it impossible to believe that I had just cum in my teacher's mouth.

"Tick, tick, tick." I heard the sound at the window again. Maybe it was a tree branch. I looked casually over my shoulder. This time, I thought that I saw a shadow, so I leapt up and whisked aside the sheers, but again, there was nothing.

Miss Bell returned. She had refastened her sash and had a washcloth in her hand. She knelt beside me and cleaned my groin. The cloth felt soothingly wet and warm.

"It's amazing how it stays so hard," she observed as she pulled the cloth along the length of my shaft, "So long and hard ..." She cleaned and cleaned, her voice became distant. "So firm and thick and ..." Suddenly, she stopped cleaning. She stood up and strode to edge of the room, where she halted. After a pause, she turned around and offered an outstretched hand to me. "Timothy, come along. I think it would be better if we ... I mean, if you were ... lying down." Her fingers wriggled in invitation.

*** The Bedroom ***

I got up and took her hand. We padded down the hall. Miss Bell's kimono slipped and shimmied over her jostling bottom. In the bedroom, she pulled down the sheets on the large bed and propped up a small pile of pillows. I crawled onto the middle of the bed and lay on my back. I needed the rest.

She knelt beside me and fluffed some of the pillows around my head. Then her eyes and her hand travelled slowly down my body. At my groin, her hand softly encircled my shaft and slid slowly up its length. Her eyes were fixed on what she was doing and her hand made another gentle run.

"Miss Bell?" I asked.

She jerked her head and gawked at me. Her hand recoiled.

"Don't you need to get the medicine if you're going to rub me down there again?"

She swallowed. "I ... uh ...," she replied, "I need to ... um ... to go to the ... uh ... toilet first." She leaned in and kissed me softly on my forehead. She hesitated for a moment, hovering above my face. "I ... uh ... I'll be right back."

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