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Naughty Elderly Neighbour


This is only my second story on literotica, the first one was fact & involved the first threesome my wife and I had this year. This one is not fact but pure fantasy and has evolved out of a recent fetish I have developed for the more mature lady. This fetish has been born out of reading stories on this site, looking at porn on the Internet and a flirty old lady that I know really well. I appreciate any comments you have to make, I am new to this but I hope my story turns you on.

My mother, who is 83, has lived next to Eileen since 1958. I was born in 1964, so I have known Eileen for my whole life and always referred to her as Aunty Eileen until I grew up, got married and moved away. Now I only see her about once a week when I am visiting my mother. However when I do go round and see my mother, Eileen normally pops in and on some occasions she has asked my mother to get me to do some odd jobs for her. So that might mean changing a light bulb or fixing a fuse or just a couple of weeks back, re-setting the clock on her boiler when the clocks went back an hour here in the UK. Just lately Eileen has got a bit more touchy feely and the day I re-set the clocks she gave me a big hug and planted a wet kiss on my lips.

Now Eileen is no stunning grandma figure, she is in her mid 70's with short lank grey straight hair, a bit of a stoop and badly fitting false teeth. She does have a nice large pair of tits though and even as a young lad I did enjoy her cuddles, so when she cuddled me on that Sunday afternoon lots of school boy memories came back.

For the rest of that day I couldn't stop thinking about Eileen and that kiss and cuddle. 30 years or more ago I had wanked myself off several times thinking about my neighbour, but since I had moved on, Eileen had never since been a fantasy figure. However that night I told my wife I needed a shower before bed, just so I could jerk off thinking about her.

Over the next couple of days I fuelled my lust for Eileen, by looking at pictures of the more mature lady on the Internet and then by buying a porn dvd with Women 60+ in.

Two days later I was talking to my mother on the phone, when she mentioned that the next time I came, Eileen needed a drippy tap fixing and could I help. I said I could and fixed to go round the next day. I spent an hour with my mother and then went round to Eileen's, tools at the ready, (in more ways than one). I was very excited to see Eileen again and even more so when she gave me a big hug hello,

"Oh Stevie, thanks for coming, that tap has been driving me mad," she said.

I held the hug, loving the feel of her tits against me and that smell that older ladies seem to have.

Eileen showed me to the bathroom and pointed out the leaky tap on her bath. I immediately got to work and had it apart quite quickly. I then had to nip to the local hardware store to get a new washer. When I arrived back I let myself in through the back door and headed straight for the bathroom, not thinking to check on where Eileen was. So I pushed open the bathroom door and heard the words "Oh dear." I turned to my right and sitting on the toilet was Eileen, trousers and knickers round her ankles. The sight of her sitting there with a legs open and her peppery coloured pubic hair in full view certainly made my eyes open wide. There was a little tinkle sound as the last of her pee hit the water below and my cock twitched inside my trousers.

"I wasn't expecting you back so soon," she said.

It was hard to take my eyes of her, especially as I had been fantasising about her for the past few days.

"Sorry Eileen, I wouldn't have come in if I had known," I managed to say.

"Well no harm done dear," she said "Just an old lady having a wee."

As she stood I continued to stare at her crotch, deliberately now and my cock was stretching the material of my trousers. She peeled off some tissue from a toilet roll and dabbed it against her pussy, dropping it into the toilet behind her.

"Is that enough?" I stammered.

"What dear,"

"Is that enough to clean you up, or do you need some help?"

"Stevie, what are you suggesting?"

"I'd like to clean you up some more Aunty Eileen."

"Oh you haven't called me that for a long time. What are you suggesting then?"

I dropped to my knees in front of her and putting my hands on her arse pulled her towards me. Eileen didn't resist at all and I lifted one leg out of her knickers and trousers and spread her legs wider. I then put my lips against her pubic hair and started to lick her, pushing my tongue along the length of her vagina.

"Oh Stevie that is so bad," she gasped.

I could taste the residue of her piss and I delved into her further, tasting her moisture. I fondled her wrinkly arse at the same time, running my fingers down her bum crack, past her puckered little arsehole to her cunt and back up again. She ground her pussy into me as my tongue probed her clit.

"Oh you filthy boy, eating your old Aunty like this."

I continued to lick her and as I did her pussy got wetter and wetter until she was panting wildly.

I came up for some air and decided to get her totally naked. She sat back down onto the toilet as I unbuttoned her blouse and also unfastened her bra. Her large tits dropped onto her wrinkly belly and I fondled them feeling their weight and stuffed them into my mouth.

Eileen had her head thrown back as I mauled her and sucked her large flat nipples.

She was constantly calling me a filthy boy and the more she did the more randy I became.

Once I'd had my fill of her tits I stood her up again and turned her around so she was facing the wall, leaning on the toilet cistern. I knelt down again, so her fat crumpled arse was in front of me and went to work on that with my tongue. I ran my tongue up and down her arse stopping every few seconds at her arsehole until I was just probing her rectum with my tongue.

Eileen was gasping even louder,

"Oh Stevie, you filthy sod, yes darling lick my arse, lick Aunty's bum hole, Oh you horny sod."

By this time I was desperate for some release, so I told Eileen to sit back down and as she did, I released my throbbing cock. Within a few quick jerks, my spunk was shooting from me onto Eileen's droopy tits.

"Yes, Yes, yes," she repeated over and over.

As my spunk fizzled to a dribble, Eileen took my deflating cock into her hand and licked what was seeping from me.

I watched her as she did so and her eyes met mine and I could see the look of pure lust in this old lady.

"Was that good?" she asked as she dropped my cock and sat back.

"Wonderful Aunty Eileen, a long held fantasy fulfilled."

"Oh you bad boy, but I thought so, that is why I knew my little toilet ruse would work".

I smiled realising that she had been waiting for me to return which is why she naturally hadn't closed the bathroom door.

"I'm glad you did that Eileen, I've wanted you more lately than ever before."

"Even though I am a wrinkly old lady?"

"Mmmm, that turns me on so much, I do nothing but wank over you all the time."

"Oh you bad boy, but now I hope that you will wank with me all the time."

"Oh I'm going to Eileen."

"Call me Aunty Eileen like you did earlier, I like that more."

"Well Aunty Eileen, I can honestly say that I have had plenty of fantasises about you and even though you are quite mature I hope that you will let me fulfil all of those now."

"Oh Stevie what sort of fantasises, really naughty ones?"

"Well I have a thing about women and toilets, so I especially liked licking you after you had done a pee."

"That was naughty, I wasn't expecting that, but it was nice and you obviously have a bum fetish too."

"Mmmm, your arse is lovely, you taste so good."

Eileen shook as I spoke to her.

"I love this dirty talk Stevie darling, tell me what you want to do next."

"Well as you seemed to like my toilet fetish, what I really wish is that I had been here before you even started to wee."

"Of you bad boy, what do you mean?"

"Well then I could have watched you pee and maybe if I was a good boy, you could have done some in my mouth."

Eileen was shaking again, her tits wobbling from side to side.

"You want to me really do that?"

"Yes Eileen, people call it watersports or having a golden shower, my wife does it for me on a regular basis, but doing it with an old lady like you is much more appealing."

"And what about my bum then?" she asked

"I love licking women's arsehole's, the hairier, the dirtier the better."

Eileen cooed some more.

"You are a dirty boy, but you are driving me wild with all this talk. I haven't had proper sex for years, but I must admit to having a good feel of my fanny most nights after you have been round, you horny boy. So you want your old Aunty Eileen to wee in your mouth? What would your mother say?"

"I don't care what anyone says, and yes I seriously do want to do that."

"Well you dirty boy, you can have your wish, but first Aunty Eileen gets her wish and that is to feel you inside me and then next time you are round, well if you are a good boy, maybe I'll let you have a little drink."

She then took me to her bedroom and on her big kingsize bed, I fucked Eileen until both of us were exhausted.

I then quickly had to fix her tap before going back to see my mother. She was concerned that I had been a long time and confessed that she had been on the verge of coming round to see if I was okay half an hour earlier. If she had she would have found her son humping her elderly best friend.

I couldn't stop thinking about Eileen for the rest of the day and that night as my wife had to go out for a work related issue I phoned Eileen up.

"Hello Aunty Eileen, I've been missing you," I said.

"I'm glad, did you enjoy your day?"

"Yes I did and I want more."

"More what deary?"

"More of my Aunty Eileen. I'm sitting here now with my cock in my hand thinking about your lovely body."

"Well darling don't exhaust yourself too much, your horny old Aunty wants you again tomorrow, come round at about 2.00pm, your mother goes out on a Thursday afternoon, so she won't know you've been round."

"I'll be there," I said.

I walked through Eileen's back door just before 2.00pm. The house was quiet, "Hello," I called.

"Up here Stevie."

I followed the voice and went up the stairs and into Eileen's bedroom.

She lay on the bed wearing nothing at all, her fingers were working themselves in and out of her cunt.

I stood back and watched for a while as this old lady masturbated, and then she whispered "Come and join me."

As my fingers joined hers, she used her right hand to unzip my jeans and she delved inside for my throbbing cock. I helped her release me fully and so for a couple of minutes I had two fingers from my left hand up Eileen's pussy alongside two of her own fingers from her left hand whilst my right hand was wrapped around hers as she rubbed my cock.

"Fuck me dear," she said.

I did exactly what she wanted and she gasped and moaned as I pushed my cock in and out of her aching pussy.

By the time I had shot my load inside her cunt, she was physically drained and all she wanted was a cuddle. I lay there kissing her face and her head and telling her wonderful she was for quite some time until she said, "I'm ready now."

I looked at her quizzically, not sure what she meant.

"I need to wee," she said, "You said yesterday, you wanted to be there when I did."

I was immediately re-ignited and took her hand as we went to the bathroom.

Eileen sat down on the toilet again and I put my hand between her legs.

"This is dirty," she said

"Mmm but nice."

Eileen then started to wee, slowly at first, but then in a torrent. First I let it run over my hand, but then I grabbed her and pulled her forward so that she was pissing into my lap. She watched fascinated herself as her yellow piss dribbled to a few drops which dripped onto my hard cock. As she stopped I bent forward and started to lick her clean and Eileen held my head between her legs. When I had finished, she wanted to clean me up and so she soaped her hands and washed my wet cock telling me how naughty I was but how much she loved it. Her actions soon had me reaching another climax and as I shot my load onto her bathroom floor she was telling me that next time she was going to do all her wee into my mouth.

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Excellent story

Really liked this story, I love older woman myself and love the thought of helping one out by providing a tool for their needs!!! Even though I’m well into my 50’s I’m hoping still that an oldermore...

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