Naughty Teen & Fiances Grandfather Ch. 02


As he looked down at his grandsons' sexy young soon-to-be bride, he was going wild marveling her skinny freckled body. She looked so young without any tits and the tiniest pair of eraser-like nipples. They were the tiniest pair of nipples he had ever seen, and when she looked up at him sinfully smiling showing her braces it caused him to moan approvingly. Wearing the mesh see-through dress and tan thigh stockings and black high heel pumps with the flattest chest made her the ultimate teenage fantasy!

God, I was so turned on by my fiancés 76 year old grandfather. As I knelt before him I could not believe the enormous size of his giant cock as it swung out over a foot from his sculptured body with a frightening hook. As I pumped it lovingly, so eager to please every inch of it I was mesmerized by the infinite web of veins that protruded menacingly from the width of his gargantuan shaft. As I lovingly stroked it I was moaning words saying,

"Oh baby it's so fucking huge!" I added heatedly, "Oh baby I love pumping your great big cock."

As I stroked it adoringly I could not get over the astonishing weight of it and the huge curved hook it took to the left. Here I was stroking the biggest cock I have ever heard about and it belonged to my fiancés 76 year old grandfather!

As I continued stroking and pumping my fiancés grandfathers enormous cock I looked up slyly showing him my braces and teased, "Soooo baby, do you like the way your grandsons 18 year old fiancé is jacking your huge you like the way I'm playing with your great big cock baby?

I then spit on it to help lubricate the web of veins on that massive shaft and said sexily,

"Oh fuck your cock is so fucking sexy I could pump it all night baby."

I could tell by the rapid pulsations his cock was making that he was getting close to popping off. I was desperate to bring him off and needed to see this legendary monster cum for me. As my fiancés grandfather moaned approvingly I in turn began to moan and say wantonly,

"Oh baby show me that nice big load that's been building up in your huge cock. I want to watch your huge fucking cock pop off all over the place. Come on baby cum for your grandsons' naughty fiancé."

That did it for him. Suddenly he threw his head back and wailed, "Ahhhhh it cums baby.....ahhhhhh.... keep stroking it baby.....your hands feel so good baby..... soooo fucking good...keep pumping it sexy."

Suddenly my fiancés grandfathers' giant cock began to explode. I could not believe this overwhelming sight. I have never seen anything like this in my life! His huge slit in the head of his cock began opening and closing as a clear liquid began flowing out for almost a minuet. This helped coat my palms as it ran through my long fingers. After a minute it turned into long ropes of thick white cream. Each rope was over a foot long and flew out in rapid burst. His giant cock continued to pulse rapidly for another minute shooting wave after wave of hot cum over my shoulder. I looked on in disbelief and watched puddles of hot white cum form all over the deck of his yacht. It was a spectacle I would never forget. This amazing sight caused me to explode.

I kept pumping and taunting, "Ohhhh that's it baby.... give me that big hot load of cum lover....ohhhh fuck yeah....this great big cock is so full of cum... I've never seen such a big load baby... ohhhh fuck yeah baby.... It's so fucking hot."

As each scorching blast went flying out of his gigantic cock and splashed onto the deck of the yacht he moaned throatily,

"Ahhhhhhhhh..... You sexy 18 year old bitch... you're driving my big cock insane."

As his hot cum dripped through my long fingers I grabbed the head of his huge cock in one hand and proceeded to pump his spurting shaft with the other at a blinding speed. I was determined to stroke out every ounce of hot seed. His beautiful cum began to flow through my outstretched hand and helped lubricate his massive shaft as I fiercely pumped it off with the other. My hands went to the wide base then flew up across the giant hook right to the enormous spurting head. I pumped the spurting head a few times as I looked at him smiling slyly showing him my braces before returning to the base.

After twenty long ropes of cum leapt from his huge cockhead I eagerly guided the spurting monster to my open mouth and began swallowing blast after blast of his hot cum. I was delirious and came as I swallowed my fiancés grandfathers' luscious scorching cum. As his cum began to subside I stood while continuing to pump his monster cock as it wedged between his tight stomach and mine. We came together in a hot kiss as his huge cock continued to spurt up through our stomachs hitting my chin and my hair. Finally after a minute of his tireless cock spurting, it fell between his legs and came to rest at his knees. After a sinful kiss he handed me my glass of Champaign and suggested we go to the hot tub. I moaned and said slyly,

"Ohh that sounds so sexy baby."

We took our Champaign glasses and walked to the other side of the yacht holding hands. The sight was so wild. I looked down and moaned in amazement as I watched his giant cock bounce angrily from knee to knee making a loud thumping sound! The only other sound that echoed across the deck of the yacht was the sinful clicking of my black high heel pumps. It was a sound that suggested that I was there to turn on and fuck this wealthy and powerful man who happened to be the 76 year old grandfather of my fiancé! As we walked we would stop every ten feet to kiss. Our tongues would fly out and the tips would make an electrifying contact that made my already wet pussy ache. As we kissed I felt his huge tireless cock brush up against my thigh high stockings and throb which caused me to moan uncontrollably.

I can't begin imagine what my fiancé let alone other people would think if they saw the two of us so lost in crazed lust for each other. I can imagine how repulsive it may have looked to some people seeing a young 18 year old girl with freckled skin and braces dressed wantonly in a see through mesh body stocking, black high heels, and tan thigh high stockings while sinfully kissing her fiancés 76 year old grandfather while caressingly pumping his massive 13 inch cock?

We kissed like this for over an hour then went to the Jacuzzi. As my fiancés grandfather went into the Jacuzzi I went to change. In the cabana I noticed a few bikinis. I remembered the picture of the girls wearing those sinful bikinis and high heels and wanted to keep the look of a naughty teen eager to please an older wealthy, powerful giant cock. Each bikini was like the ones he bought for me that day. Each was just sinful. I knew he would love to see in one and knew I would love wearing it for him. After I removed my mesh body stocking and my nylons and high heels I put on one of the sinful thong bikinis then stepped back into my black high heel pumps.

When I came out of the changing room the sound of my black high heels clicking on the wooden deck echoed off the water filling the air with instant lust. As my fiancés 76 year old grandfather looked at me with a savage lust in his eyes I walked around the edge of the Jacuzzi with my eyes riveted to his massive pulsating cock that towered out of the water over a foot and rested on his muscular chest.

No words were spoken as I walked slowly and deliberately around the tub. The air was alive with the lusty sounds of my black high heel pumps clicking on the wood deck floor and our low guttural groans. As I walked in my pumps I glared at his enormous cock and said in a low throaty voice,

"Ohhhh fuuuck ..... Ummmm...soooo fucking big."

As I watched my fiancés grandfather leer at me from my classic black high heels to my long milk white freckled legs to my ultra-flat chest I heard him groan,

"Oh yes Allison you are so fucking sexy ..... so fucking sexy"

He went on saying, "For such a young girl you know exactly how to turn a man on baby. Those sexy long white freckled legs in those sexy black high heels. And those tiny brown nipples on your sexy18 year old body. You are truly in touch with your sexuality Allison. And you know exactly how to use it for your own personal gains... I really enjoy that trait in my grandsons fiancé baby ... I am quite impressed baby... quite impressed. So young and so naughty."

As I passed by the mirrored wall I saw everything that caught my fiancés 76 year old grandfathers' attention. The bikini thong bottom went right up the middle of my round freckled ass separating my freckled ass cheeks, making me look ever so slutty. The sides of the thong were cut very high on my waist so that as I walked in my black high heels it made my long skinny legs look as if they went on for days. The material was so sheer that my little nipples were magnified as they strained against the white transparent material ludly. I looked like the ultimate trailer park slut. The kind of slut that every wealthy powerful man who could have anything they wanted had to have deservingly.

As I walked around the Jacuzzi staring at my fiancés 76 year old grandfathers enormous cock and as his eyes were riveted to my naughty freckled 18 year old body I began to think back on my life growing up in a the church-like community and how far I have come in such a short time. I began to think how right he was about me wanting the best out of life.

I came around the Jacuzzi and knelt down on my high heels facing him. I then met his lips for a sexy kiss. I began slowly stroking his enormous cock which was once again a raging 13 inch hard on. We kissed for a few minutes then I stood and began walking around the Jacuzzi again as the heat between us continued to build. I repeated this sexy play a few times then removed my black high heel pumps and went into the Jacuzzi to join my fiancés powerful grandfather. We immediately began kissing and stroking each other. It was so fucking sexy to be in my fiancés grandfathers Jacuzzi kissing passionately after only having met hours earlier. Here I was an 18 year old bride to be in a month kissing her fiancés grandfather who was almost 60 years older than me! Oh fuck I was so turned on by this, and the way he was kissing me and the size of his huge hard-on, I knew he was loving it too!

We kissed like this for an hour. It was so sexy just kissing each other as his enormous cock came up through the water and rested on his tight stomach wedged between our two turned on bodies. I knew he needed to be sucked one more time before we went to his bed. As I lay in the water I began kissing all over his enormous shaft then started licking it, flicking my hot young tongue over it wildly. As he moaned, Ohhhh yeeeessss baby," I began biting the sides of his grotesquely huge veined cock.

I would do this repeatedly going from kissing and licking his huge cock to biting the thickly veined shaft and would then bend forward as our hot tongues would meet for a nice sexy kiss. As we kissed my hands began stroking his giant shaft. His lips felt amazing, as he kissed and sucked my tiny brown nipples which caused me to moan,

"Ohhhh yessss baby.... you've got my little nipples so turned on....oh yeah... bite and suck em baby....ohhh yaaa you've got my tiny nipples all worked up baby."

My fiancés grandfather also had an amazing tongue. He flicked my tiny overly sensitive nipples, then I would lift my face from blowing his huge cock and we would meet for a immoral kiss. When I went back to blowing him, he began pulling on and sucking my tiny nipples.

This went on for an entire hour until I began to feel his giant cock begin pulse and snap. As we kissed I began to say him in a low silky voice.

"Oh baby.... let me drain your great big cock again....let me jack another hot load out of it before we fuck baby.....oh yeah shoot it off for me lover....let me watch your huge fucking cock cum again baby... I want to watch that great big cock explode all over the fucking place lover."

We then began madly kissing as I pumped off his huge throbbing cock in both of my widely out-spread hands. His cock was so fucking huge that even with my two hands spread out on his massive shaft there was enough room for another pair of our out-stretched hands!

Suddenly a long blast of cum went soaring over my shoulder and splashed against the mirrored wall over fifteen feet away! As I excitedly stroked him off, blast after blast shot out of his huge turned on cock as I watched intently. I sneered and said hungrily,

"Oh yeah baby.... drop that big fucking hot load....Let that big hot load fly out of this monster black cock for me baby. Cum for your sexy 18 year old granddaughter lover."

To my amazement his giant cock wouldn't stop cumming. Huge ropes of scorching cum continued to jet out of his cock head for almost a minuet! As these startling blast of cum erupted from his enormous cock I began to tremble and came from this explosive site! As it finally began to trail off he snarled,

"Suck it."

Without hesitating I brought his enormous cock head to my open mouth and proceeded to worship and swallow each delicious blast of his wonderful cum. I never tasted such a beautiful cock. My fiancés 76 year old grandfather had the most delicious tasting cum I ever drank.

After he came I continued to worship his giant semi-soft cock by licking it all over until I licked off all of the cum that trickled down onto his great big heavily veined shaft. It was so sexy licking a cock so huge in this softened state. To me this was the ultimate sign of power. To have such a huge cock even when soft made people would make every one become in awe of it, it was the ultimate sign of commanding power.

I loved blowing his huge cock after he came. It was a sign of a young teen who worshiped an older man with a real big cock. We then proceeded to enjoy a sexy kiss that went on for another hour. As we kissed, my fiancés grandfather told me that he has never met a sexier and naughtier female in all of his life. This was coming from a man that had hundreds of women. He said that I was addictive.

To Be Continued.............

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