tagMind ControlNeural Receptors Ch. 04

Neural Receptors Ch. 04


I should have slept like a log but my dreams kept me twisting in the sheets with flashing bursts of color in a geometric space that kept folding into itself and engulfing me.

I stood at the toilet with my cock in hand staring at Jenn’s number on the mirror. The world felt more stable today as I closed my eyes and there was the blue sphere, pulsing behind my sockets. I relived the images of light from last night and decided to go to the gym after breakfast. Maybe slipping into a runner’s groove as a mindset, I could better master this control mechanism.

Arriving too late to avoid the weekend crowd, the only running machine left was in the front row. I hopped on and increased the speed to a slow jog. I felt myself slipping to that familiar groove of pacing and breathing. The blueness behind my eyes increased and became more solid. I began to sense all of the people around me but I was able to keep them at a distance for quite a while. I began to tire after awhile and slowed the speed to an easy walk. Feeling confident again I looked up and a vision of loveliness stepped into sight. She was young, fit, and lacking a better word, had a rack, a big, round, wholesome set of tits. I wondered if they were real or fake, and dammit if I didn’t watch another point of light emerge and shoot right into her forehead. Knowing what was coming, I began to panic inside for I had no where to run, literally.

“Hi, I’m Tracy” she said as turned to face me. She pulled her shoulders back and asked “Do you like?”

Before I could answer she told me they were a graduation present from daddy, which really pissed off her mother who couldn’t do anything about it because she was now eighteen. She was the spoiled child of divorced parents and they competed for Tracy's love with ever more extravagant gifts.

“They look great,” was all that came out. The trophy wife on my left smirked at me and I flushed. Tracy told me she going to take a shower and wash her hair, but if I wanted to meet her at the front door afterward she would show me the new car Mommy bought her.

She left and I rushed to shower and change. Tracy met me at the door and walked me out to show off her little vroom-vroom. “Want a ride?” she asked.

Oh, I wanted a ride alright. I nodded ‘yes’ and wondered “how much of ride are you going to give me?” Another point of light shot out and she announced: “this is going to be fun.”

A spin up there and a tour around here, and we ended up at my apartment. I invited her up offering her a drink. Tracy stepped inside the doorway and put her arms around me. “Do you want to test drive my other present?”

I saw that coming, my cock was counting on it; I just didn’t expect her to be that corny about it. I kissed her full on the lips and forced my tongue into her mouth. I didn’t waste much time figuring she was young and wouldn’t know better. I walked her to the middle of the living room and lifted her T-shirt over her head. Off came her bra and she proudly announced “D cups!”.

Giving her proper respect for her new gift, I immediately set about slobbering over them. We wrestled the rest of our clothes off and she lay on her back on the floor. I leaned forward and placed my cock between those mounds and yelled out “titty-fuck!”

She laughed and pushed her tits together for me and began to lick my head every time I reached her mouth. I reached back and began to fondle her pussy.

I got bored after a few minutes and slipped my fingers further into her pussy making sure it was wet and ready. I rolled off of Tracy onto my back taking her with me. She pushed her hips back and took hold of my cock with her little hand, placed it at her hole and dropped down on it. She leaned forward rocking her hips and shoved her melons in my face. I licked, I sucked and watched her ride herself on my johnson. She shook and she squirmed; she uttered ‘ohs’ and ‘ews’ until she blossomed into slow, rich orgasm and, without warning, just stopped.

I took her off of me and put her on her hands and knees. Her cunt was red and gaping as I shoved my cock back into her slit. I grabbed her tits, figuring that’s what they were there for, and began thrusting like a buck in rut. I pounded her hard as I worked towards my release. Finally I felt the sperm rising in my prick, I pulled it out and shot white jizz over her ass and up her back.

“Great road test,” I said with as much sincerity as I could muster. She smiled and agreed. We cleaned up and she took me back to my car. She leaned across and kissed me, telling me anytime I wanted to go for a drive, she would take me.

I went back inside the gym to soak my aching cock in the whirlpool. A couple around my age joined me in the water and the guy struck up a conversation with me. His girlfriend was bottle blond and vacuous, and nodded her head with everything he said. The conversation slid into politics and Joe began to spout some pretty obnoxious stuff that began pissing me off. I stopped talking and let out an ‘okay’ or an ‘uh-huh’ just to be polite but he would take the hint and kept going. He finally pressed one button too many and I was thinking “shut the fuck up!” The blue behind my eyes blazed brightly and I watched a bolt of lightning strike him dead on. I felt that familiar push I had experienced a couple of times yesterday and now I knew what it was. And, he shut up. In fact he got out and walked back to the locker room. His girlfriend, suddenly alone, shot me a weak smile and took her leave.

I idly toyed with taking her but decided that she was just too skanky.

This was turning into a fine day. I was gaining control and confidence; the world was suddenly an endless list of possibilities.

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