tagMind ControlNeural Receptors Ch. 03

Neural Receptors Ch. 03


Happy on one hand, and terrified on the other, I dropped off the sample and sped home. It was Friday, let Elizabeth clean up the mess. Driving home I brooded still over how to control the projection of thoughts. I needed to shield my thoughts, block them before they spread across the ether. Having considered the tinfoil cone, a helmet and a garland of garlic cloves, I decided that the answer had to be in my own brain; my brain had to generate its own shield.

Getting comfortable on the floor of my living room, I tucked myself into a lotus position and began to empty my mind. Feeling the rhythm of regular breathing, I began to imagine a sphere surrounding my brain; it was billowy, opaque and blue. Lights and lighting seemed to pulse inside the sphere, but didn't emerge. The image seem to hold; it was holding. For some time I sat contemplating and strengthening the image.

All of sudden someone knocked at my door and my concentration was startled. In my imagination I saw a pool of light emerge from the sphere aimed directly at the door. The light disappeared through the door and bounced back to the sphere. I knew, I just knew that the old lady from next door, was standing there.

So that is how it works, my head nodded. Breaking the trance but holding the image of the blue sphere in my head, I answered the door. It was the Mrs. Mann and she had broken a lightbulb off in the socket, could I get it out for her?

Crisis resolved and the image floating in my head, I showered and began to clean the apartment for my evening's tryst. The doorbell rang and I realized that I had lost track of time. I leapt for the door and damn near tore it off the hinges opening it in my excitement. And there stood Jenn, more of a walking wet dream than I remembered this morning. Her legs were lean and her eyes were bright. I took her by the waist, stepped up to her and planted a kiss on her lips. My springer sprung a hard one and the blue image vanished from my thoughts.

"Can I just wallow in your curves?" I mumbled to myself. She giggled, pushed the bag between us and announced she brought Chinese food instead of going out. My cock subsided and I sought the image again trying to get control.

The blue sphere re-emerged behind my eyes, glowing brighter that ever and it seemed to be spinning. "Hey," Jenn broke in, "are you daydreaming in there or do I simply overload your circuits?" She had a devilish grin on her face.

"Well, I am hungry to eat, ah, something," I replied, trying to look innocent. She cupped my face with her free hand, told me I was sweet, and marched off to the kitchen. One touch of her hand and I had a tenting problem in my pants.

I forced myself to eat dinner while we talked and made eyes at each other across the table. I was at half mast in my pants but holding it together somehow in my head; I could taste more the anticipation in the air than the food on the plate. "How long can you hold back?" I questioned of Jenn in my mind. In my imagination I saw a point of light emerge from the blueness and shoot like an arrow directly between her eyes. Damn, more than mere illusion, I saw that light fly with my eyes open!

Jenn blinked once. She stood up, came around the table and as I pushed back my chair, she straddled me and sat in my lap. I cupped her face and brought our lips to together. Her tongue snaked into my mouth, and the sphere behind my eyes shattered in a blaze of light that engulfed us both. I was an animal in heat and she responded in kind. Grabbing her waist, I stood up and she wrapped her legs around me. I could feel her heat against my cock as I carried her to the bedroom.

I threw her on the bed and we began to dry fuck through our clothes while our tongues swirled. Her hips were rocking and I was rolling with the friction when her hand pressed my shoulder back and she whispered that we had plenty of time and lots to do. Her legs were still locked behind me as I unbuttoned Jenn's blouse and uncovered her bra. I popped the front clasp with two hands and pulled back the cups to reveal her pink nipples. I gently rubbed her nips to tautness with my palms and she began to coo and rub her breasts in circles against the soft middle of my hands.

Her stomach was a flat board that bent into soft ripples of muscle as she leaned up to unbutton my shirt. She released her legs and brushed aside my hands from her breasts as she came up, and began to suck on one of my nipples, and then the other. Her hands flicked open my pants and pushed down my underwear. She moved southward and taking my stiff dick in her hand spoke to it softly saying: "I remember you." Jenn kissed the head of cock sending shivers up my spine. She gave the head a big slurp, cradled my balls with a gentle squeeze and sat up.

Jenn shrugged off her blouse and bra, and her large breasts stood at attention, defying gravity as her nipples pointed straight out. She undid her skirt and in one swift move, pulled her skirt and panties off. She leaned back and smirked at me: "What do you want?" I went to my knees and began to kiss her from her neck to her stomach, choosing the valley between her breasts and ignoring the nipples. Jenn's stomach tensed as I teased her bellybutton with my tongue and moved down into her little scruff of public hair.

I kissed my way between her thighs and worked back to her pussy lips, which were swollen and hinting of moisture within. I licked from the bottom to the top of her pussy but did not stick my tongue inside.

"Stop teasing me," she begged, "Suck it! Suck my pussy." I pulled her lips aside with my fingers and began to kiss the moist folds of her lips up one side and then the other. Her clit was already prominent but I danced around it and returned downward to her wet tunnel. The juices were dripping down to her ass crack as I stuck my tongue as far up as it could go. Slurping and sucking, I tried to touch every inch of her sweetness with my tongue. Her hands came down on my head and practically dragged me up by the ears until my tongue made contact with her clit. I stuck a finger of one hand up her cunt and grasped a nipple with the other as I began to gently flick her bud with the tip of my tongue.

"Harder," she demanded. I obliged and began to use the flat of my tongue, licking faster and faster. Her hips bucked, her cunt tightened around my finger and she screamed: "I'm cumming" in a long, drawn out wail.

With pussy juice everywhere, on my face, my hands, the bed, Jenn sat up and began to kiss me and lick my face. My cock jerked at her gentle touch and she whispered in my ear, "No more teasing, I need your cock in me, now."

Without hesitation I pulled her hips to the edge of the bed, lined up my erection and eased it in without resistance. The muscles in her pussy tightened around my cock as I paused to enjoy the sweet sensation of being engulfed in a wet, hot sauna.

"Feel this," Jenn challenged me and I pulled back only to meet against the resistance of a wall of muscle. I thrust forward and the wall disappeared until I touched her pubes with mine and her muscles squeezed my cock again. In a slow rhythm I thrust back and forth as her pussy stroked and massaged my dick. Her head was thrown back and she began to moan as I picked up the pace. OUr sweat commingled where our hips joined together in friction. Every muscle in my body strained at the effort of power and rhythm, and the pressure just kept building. I knew that I couldn't last under this kind of assault and with one last thrust to the hilt, I cried out and I came in one, two, three long hard jets.

I lay on top of her feeling her cunt still squeezing my dick and listening to her heart beat at a good clip. I had had sex before but never anything as intense as this. Rolling off we lay side by side exploring our various nooks and crannies, passing lazy kisses from top to bottom. Time passed and I rolled back on top of her: "Where did you come from? Where have been all my life?" I asked her.

"Get off of me, you lug," was her reply along with that melting smile of hers.

She trotted off to the bathroom and I rolled onto my back and stared at the ceiling, thinking. The blue sphere crept back into my thoughts and I pictured it again encompassing my brain, but the light inside was subdued and the lightning quiet.

Jenn emerged from the bathroom and picked up her clothes and began dressing. My face dropped. She explained, "I've got to work tomorrow; I'm running the office this weekend. This is the first time they've asked me and it's a big deal."

She buttoned the top button, leaned down and kissed me on the cheek and told me to call her tomorrow. "Your number," I called as she turned towards the door, "I don't have your number."

"It's in your bathroom, lover," and she smiled at me again.

I rushed for the bathroom and there on the mirror in bright red lipstick across the entire length was her telephone number, along with her panties from this morning hanging on the cabinet pull. I heard the front door close as I burned her telephone number into my brain.

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