tagMind ControlNever Surrender

Never Surrender


The women crowded around Lucille, lifting her up and helping her onto the bed. "Are you alright?" one of them asked. "What do you remember?"

Lucille rubbed at her eyes. "My head hurts," she said muzzily. "I was at one of those...'Speed Dating' things...they took me aside, asked me to fill out a feedback form..." Her vision cleared a little bit, and she looked around the room. At first, it was all just a big pink blur, but as she blinked away the pain, she saw that it was just the decorating scheme.

She was on a gigantic bed in the center of a large room; there was a table in the corner, and a few cushions and chairs scattered about, but the room was practically dominated by the bed she was lying in. It looked like it could sleep ten comfortably, and in fact, it was holding quite a few people right now. They were all staring at her with a concerned look on their faces.

She took in five other women, each one wearing lingerie of some sort. Two of them were white--one a short redhead, the other a tall blonde; one was black, with café au lait skin and long, dark hair; one was Asian, petite, but with disproportionately large breasts that nearly overflowed her bra; and the last was Hispanic, tall and muscular, her body language radiating tension. "They said it'd only take a minute...where am I?" She looked down at herself, and noticed with a start that she, too, was dressed only in lingerie that left very little to the imagination.

The blonde woman turned to the others. "Same way they got us, then." She turned back to Lucille. "I'm Anne. I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this, but the speed dating service was a front for some sort of kidnapper. We all went there, and we all woke up in here, just like you. We think they used the service to profile us, make sure we wouldn't be missed. Do you have any friends, any family that could notify the police about you?"

"No, I..." It suddenly sank in that nobody even knew where Lucille was. She was new in the city, hadn't had much of a chance to make friends yet, and the job she'd moved to Cleveland to take had vapor-locked out from under her after only a month. The temp service she was using to make ends meet wouldn't miss her; temps came and went all the time. She was down here, nearly naked, in the clutches of strangers, and nobody would ever come looking for her...

Anne must have noticed the panic in her eyes, because she put her hand on Lucille's shoulder and said, "What's your name?"

Lucille tried to ignore the emotions crowding in, and said, "Lucille."

"Alright, Lucille. I'm Anne, like I said, and this is Gina--" the redhead waved, "Tammy," the young black girl gave a tiny smile, "Yan," the Asian girl nodded, "and Nita." The Hispanic girl also waved, and for a moment she seemed a little calmer. But she continued to watch the entrance to the room like a hawk. "We're all in the same situation as you. You're not alone."

"How--" Lucille couldn't quite believe that the terrified voice she heard was her own. "How long have you been here?"

"Yan's been here the longest, three weeks. Nita and Tammy were taken about two weeks ago, within a day of each other, I was nabbed last week, and Gina was taken two days ago. Assuming that we're actually keeping track right. They darken the lights for us to sleep, but we don't know if that's actually a day's worth of time, and with nothing to write on, well...there's no way to sure we've kept an accurate count."

"And you're all sure nobody's going to come looking for you? None of you have any friends, any family, anything?" Lucille tried to hide the panic in her voice.

"My parents died a year ago," Yan said quietly, her Chinese accent strong. "They'd saved quite a bit of money, and I sold the family business; it could be a long time before anyone notices I'm missing."

Tammy put her arm around Yan's shoulder, comforting her. "My parents will notice, but I don't think they'll suspect anything. We had a fight, the night before I...the night before I was kidnapped." Just hearing it put like that, so matter-of-factly, sent an icewater chill through Lucille's gut. "They thought I was neglecting my schoolwork, partying too much. I threatened to drop out--I didn't mean it, but I was just so mad! I swear, I ever get out of here I'm never looking up from a book again."

Lucille hugged herself. "My friends are in another city," she said, letting the situation finally sink in. "They might wonder after a week or two if I don't email them, but..."

Nita flexed her fists. "My friends are in the Corps. It might take 'em a while to find me, but these SOBs are gonna regret the day they did this."

"You're in the Army?" Lucille asked, hope suddenly welling up.

"I'm in the goddamned Marines, kid. My tour ended three weeks ago, and I just got back to the States. Hadn't had a chance to settle in and get a job yet, been living off my hazard pay."

"You went to a dating service before you got a job?" Lucille knew it sounded rude, but she couldn't help herself.

Nita winked at her. "Girl's got needs, kid."

Lucille smiled just a little, but the situation seemed too serious to crack jokes. "Come on, though, one of you must have some friends! Er...I mean...sorry, I didn't mean it to sound like that."

Gina said, "I've got friends. I just don't think they'll look for me. I was..." She sighed, looking down at her arm. Lucille could see a few faint, but noticeable scars on the crook of her elbow. "I was addicted to heroin. My friends weren't saying anything, but I think they knew. They're probably wishing they'd gotten me into treatment right now, telling cops to dredge the river for my body, maybe even looking for my dealer...but I don't think they're checking out a speed dating service." She rubbed the needle scars absently. "Funny thing is, I'm not feeling any withdrawal. It's been two days since I shot up, and...nothing. I don't even miss it. It's weird, but if I ever get out of here, this could be the best thing that ever happened to me."

"When," Anne said with quiet conviction. "Not if, Gina. When you get out of here. Because we are getting out of here." The force of the words almost convinced Lucille, and she could tell why Anne seemed to be the leader of the group.

"What about you?" she asked Anne. "Surely you must have someone who'll notice you're missing, family, friends, a boss..."

"Oh, my boss knows I'm missing," Anne said bitterly. "I got hired a little over a week ago as a hostess at the Happy Endings Dating Service. Fuckers must have laughed themselves sick looking at my job application."

"Then if nobody knows we're here, we'll just have to get out of this ourselves." Lucille looked over at the entrance to the room. "There's no door. Why don't you leave? Are there guards outside?"

Anne shook her head sadly. "No. Go ahead and try to leave the room, Lucille. You're bound to find out sooner or later, and it might as well be now."

Lucille didn't like the sound of that, but she slid off the bed anyway and padded towards the door in her bare feet. The carpet felt thick and luxuriant under her toes, and under other circumstances, she might even consider the room to be comfortable--but not knowing it was a prison. She walked up to the entrance, but when she got about two feet away, her body just froze. She couldn't move a single inch closer to the open doorway. She could back up, move from side to side, but nothing could get her closer to freedom. She backed up and tried to jump through the opening, but her legs tangled themselves up underneath her and she fell to the floor in a heap.

"Nice try, but it wouldn't have worked," Nita said. "Even if you did manage to jump all the way through, you'd just walk right back in here again. We're fucked, but good."

Lucille got up, tried to reach out through the doorway, but her arm just stopped, like it had hit an invisible wall. "I don't understand," she said plaintively.

"It's some sort of brainwashing," Yan said. "They've done it to all of us. We can't leave...remember the headache you had when you came in here? We all had that. They've done something to our minds."

Lucille stood as close as she was allowed to the doorway and tried to fall backwards, but something in her mind wouldn't let her topple over. Instead, she sunk to the floor and started to cry. "Oh, god," she said, over and over. "Oh, god..."

Anne ran over to her, took her by the shoulders. "Listen to me," she said, not angrily but urgently. "They want you to feel this way. They want to break your spirit. Lucille, you have to stay strong. We can never surrender to these people. They're not invincible. They can brainwash us, but they can't break our wills completely. We can fight them. We just have to keep fighting them, keep believing that there's a way out, and maybe someday we can fight hard enough to break this programming!"

Lucille looked up. "How do you know?"

Anne spoke again. "We've been fighting them. Small acts of defiance. Mostly symbolic, but they mean a lot to us. They've kept us going. Shown us that whatever these sons of bitches have done to our minds, we still have free will. We--"

Nita hushed them quickly. "Someone's coming," she said quietly.

Tammy said, "Probably the 'harem master', come to see the new girl." She positioned herself on one side of the doorway, as Anne stood on the other side. "You ready?" she asked Nita.

Nita cracked her knuckles. "Oh, I'm more than ready. Come away from the door, Lucille. We've done this a few times before, we all know what parts we have to play. You're still new. You might not be ready to help out."

Lucille scrambled over to where Yan and Gina stood, both of them taut with nervous energy. It seemed like long minutes, but it was really only seconds before a young, skinny man with watery blue eyes and unkempt, sandy-blond hair walked into the room.

"Now!" Nita shouted, and both Tammy and Anne sprang onto the man from behind, grabbing his arms. They dragged him over to the large bed and pulled him onto it, each one pinning down one of his arms. With a precision born of long practice, Nita ran to the bed, grabbed the man's pants, and pulled them down to his ankles. He let out a gasp, and looked around in bewilderment.

As soon as his gaze fell on Yan, she reached over to Gina with a precision born of long practice and began to fondle Gina's breasts. "What do you think of this?" she said, giving the man a long, sultry look as she ran her hands up and down Gina's body. "Bet you weren't expecting us to do this, were you?"

Anne and Tammy pulled his shirt up, and began planting kisses all over his chest. Lucille felt the first faint stirrings of hope inside her when she noticed the man's cock begin to stiffen. It wasn't much, but it was a start.

Nita leaned down to the man's crotch, and slipped his cock into the valley of her breasts. "That's right," she said. "You didn't know what you were in for when you came in here, did you?" He could only moan in answer. Good, Lucille thought, you have him panicked now! She stepped closer to the bed, but their captor could only see Nita now, working him up to a full erection.

Gina and Yan sat down on the edge of the bed together, deliberately teasing the man with their sensual, lesbian caresses. He was going to feel sorry he'd ever trapped the five of them, Lucille thought.

No, she said to herself. The six of us. She slipped off her panties and got onto the bed, and Nita backed away as she noticed Lucille approach. Lucille realized that she couldn't just let the others fight her battles for her, she needed to do her part too. She straddled their captor, and entrapped his cock in her twat. That's right, you bastard! she thought. I've got your cock, and I won't let you have it back until you've shot your load deep in my pussy! Bet you'll think twice about coming in here again, huh?

Nita did her part, reaching around Lucille's body and fondling her breasts, each woman now doing their best to force this twisted madman to orgasm. It was the only way to defy him, Lucille now realized, the only way to show that despite their brainwashing, she still had the power to resist the master of the harem by giving him the best sex he'd ever had. She felt the excitement ripple through her body, the realization that she was doing something positive despite the hopeless situation they were in, and it felt so good, she felt her pussy clenching around his cock and knew that she was coming, and that soon he'd be coming, and every time he came, she'd be that much happier because she'd know she wasn't completely brainwashed...

He let out a long, gasping sigh, and Lucille felt his cum spurt inside of her. She leaned back into Nita's arms, letting his cock slide out of her pussy as she slumped backwards in pleasure. Yan knew exactly what to do; she let go of Gina, and leaned in and licked out Lucille's freshly-fucked pussy while their captor watched. Lucille moaned seductively at the feel of Yan's wonderful, sensuous tongue lapping the semen out of her twat, and was rewarded with the sight of their captor's cock already hardening again. She shared a triumphant smile with the other girls. They had him exactly where they wanted him now.

They forced him to two more orgasms before he finally managed to wriggle free, pull his clothes back on, and escape from the room; Lucille practically felt like cheering as she watched him slink away, drained and satisfied. "That'll show him!" she shouted.

"See?" Anne said. "I told you, we might not be able to escape, but that doesn't mean we're slaves."

"You're right," Lucille said. "I'm sorry I doubted you. They can hold our bodies, but they'll never break our spirits." She leaned back on the bed, sighing. "So what now?"

Anne gestured at the security cameras, red lights flashing as they recorded the events in the harem. "I say we show them that we still have a little fight left in us. Let's show them just how sexy a lesbian orgy can be!"

Tammy leaned in and kissed Lucille passionately. "Anne's right," she said, cupping Lucille's breasts in her hands. "After all, if we don't have hot, steamy sex at every conceivable opportunity, then in a very real sense, the evil mind-controllers will have already won."

Lucille pushed her back onto the bed, and leaned down between her thighs. "I couldn't agree more," she said, just before she dipped her tongue into Tammy's warm, wet pussy.


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