tagGroup SexNew Experiences Ch. 01

New Experiences Ch. 01


As I told you in my previous story my girlfriend Annie is a big pervert. She is always looking for new stuff to try out. This happened when at our second year of dating.

Annie's biggest fetish is male-to-male action but at that time I didn't know. Back then we had done many things but only us both. We talked about it and it was about time we had a third person to join us in our sexual experiences.

Me, of course, as a man voted for her hot best female friend Cassie but it was rejected straight away by her. She explained that she wants our first threesome to be with another man. I wasn't really happy with that at first but we discussed it and decided that we will make another threesome with Cassie afterwards. I found that fair enough and began thinking which friend of mine should I invite.

I had three best friends at that time. First I thought of Richard but he liked to tell everyone about his sexual experiences so I couldn't really trust him. Next was Dan but he liked to do sex with no condoms and that frightened me a bit. Last I thought of Ben. I had know him since first grade and I could mark him as my most best friend. He was a bit shorter that me, well-built but no muscles, short hair and always shaved. I knew that he also had a big dick since I had seen it and on top of that he could last long without cumming. He was the best man for this job and so I decided to ask him.

At that time he had dated his girlfriend for six months and I knew he was pretty much in love with her so I hoped he wouldn't say no. We went out one night, drank some beers and I asked him the question. At first he thought I was joking but then he was my serious face staring at him and found out I wasn't.

"Are you serious? I mean that's your girlfriend dude... You want me to fuck her with you? You're gonna let her suck my dick?" he asked.

"Yea! We are always looking forward to new experiences and I think you are the best person for this job hehe. We've known each other for so long so it won't be awkward to see each other naked and besides - it's a free pussy man. You don't have to take her out, buy her drinks and hang out to get to fuck her. Oh, and don't worry Marry won't learn about this. You have my word!"

"Well, if we do it where is it going to be?" he asked.

"At my place. Don't worry about the place just tell me you're in" I said smiling.

"Sure I am in. Man I'm gonna blow up Annie pussy!"

"Haha! That's the spirit! I want you to treat her like a cheap whore and fuck her with all the power you have!" I said.

"No problem! When we gonna do it?"

"I'll call you" I replied. We continued talking for a bit more and then we went home.

When I walked in home Annie was watching TV and waiting for me. I didn't tell her with whom I am going out but I told her that that is the person for our threesome.

"How did it go? Did he say yes?" She asked eagerly to know.

"Yea he said yes. It's gonna happen on Saturday here at my place. I want you to be dressed nicely - with a short skirt, a small bra where you can see your tits easily and a small g-thong. High heels and stockings are a must! Make sure you got that!"

"I got it, baby! No worries!" she replied grinningly.

Days passed by and I couldn't wait for Saturday. It was on my mind all day long. I couldn't focus on anything else. And so the day came.

I had work all that day up to 7 o'clock. I called Ben and told him I'm gonna pick him up from his house at 8 o'clock and then we're gonna head home. I called Annie and told her to be home at half past seven and to prepare herself including her anal hole and that we are going to be home at about 8:10/15.

Straight after work I went home to take a quick shower. After that I picked up Ben and we headed home. He was a bit nervous and so was I. We began a small talk just to loosen up a bit but with no luck.

We arrived home and got in. It was dark and there was no sight of Annie. After a second we heard her shout out - "Sit on the couch boys. I'm coming in a sec!"

And so we did. In about a min we felt her hands on the backs of our heads.

"Hey boys! I knew and hoped it's gonna be you Ben. I like you the most and from what I know you got a big dick and I like big dicks. You seem a little stiff boys but I know how to loosen you up a bit. Ben, gimme a kiss!" he turned to her and gave her a small kiss and he tried to stick his tongue in. "Not yet you bad boy!" she said.

She then went in front of us and asked us "Do you like my outfit boys?". Was she hot... she had put on high heels with a nice black stocking. A small skirt and a bra that was a pretty thin line and I could hardly call it a bra. The bra had a hard time holding her big tits together. She then turned around and lifted up her skirt. She was wearing a thin line g-string which drove me and Ben crazy. Our dicks were so hard that we could rip apart our jeans.

"Boys, I hope you wanna drill this ass! Steven get the camera. I'm gonna make Ben feel a little more comfortable and you're gonna film it. I got the camera and began recording.

She got on her knees and crawled up to Ben. She lifted up his shirt and began kissing his chest. Then she licked his nipples and went down. She unzipped his pants and dropped them down. Then he she started touching his dick through his boxers. His dick was rock hard at that moment and it couldn't wait to get out. She then set him loose. Ben's 21 cm dick flashed in front of her.

"Mmmmmm... a big shaved dick!" is all she said with an amazed smile before she started sucking him. First she licked it all up. From the balls to the tip of the head. She then spit on his dick and began sucking it. By the look of Ben's face he was really enjoying it and so was she.

"Baby, leave the camera on the table facing us and penetrate my ass!" she said. And so I did. I lifted her skirt and moved away the g-string, lubed her tight hole and asked her "Are sure in the ass? Don't you want some pussy action before that?"

"Fuck that ass! NOW!!" she replied quickly and with a high tone. I started inserting my dick. I got the head slowly in and started fucking her real slow. I could feel her ass loosen up which encouraged me to drill her harder and deeper. In a few moments I was penetrating her so hard that she had a hard time placing Ben's cock in her mouth.

"Lift your legs, Ben! Let me lick your ass!". He did as ordered and she spit on his hole and started licking it. At that moment I was so turned on that I could feel I was close to cumming.

"It's not slippery enough. Baby, spit in my mouth." she turned to me and I spit straight into her mouth. "If you're gonna cum get your dick the fuck out of my ass!". I didn't want to stop fucking her but I didn't want to cum as well so I stopped.

"Get me the red butt plug. Ben is gonna fuck me in the pussy and we don't want my ass to tighten again as you did a good job opening it up!". I went to me bedroom and got the butt plug. When I was back she was sucking him and trying to deep throat him but with no luck.

"Now insert the butt plug and get the camera. Ben you don't move.". After I inserted it she got up and got on top of Ben with her back at his face. She spit on his cock and she guided it to her pussy. Annie then put her legs on his knees and started fucking herself. "Make sure you record it! I wanna see his dick inside me! All of it!" she shouted out. I got close so I could get a nice shot of his dick penetrating her pussy. She was moaning hard. She seemed to really enjoy it.

"Ohh.... this is big! I don't know if my ass will handle this but it has to! Steven you will work on opening it up even more!" she then continued to fuck herself for a few more minutes.

She got off his dick, turned around facing him and said "Sandwich time! Remove the plug and fuck me in the ass, baby! Leave the camera on the table again...". She turned around and didn't wait for me and started fucking with Ben. I left the camera on the table, removed the plug and spit on her hole, then I penetrated her. We both started fucking her fast and she hardly had time to take a breath. "Now kiss me with a tongue Ben!". And they started kissing. We staying in this position for about ten minutes. Annie was so turned on that she couldn't say a word.

"We're gonna drain all her power" I said. "I think it's time for her to taste our cocks after we've been in her!". After I said that I made a strong last push inside her ass and then I took my dick out and so did Ben. She got on her knees and she took my dick in her mouth and started jerking off Ben.

"Mmmmm I love my ass' taste, baby!" She said that and started to deep throat me. She just couldn't get enough of my cock after it's been in her butt. She then switched and started sucking Ben's cock but she didn't seem to enjoy the taste as much as she did on my cock. She changed us a bit and then she got up and said "My ass is cock-hungry! Ben you'll do me doggy-style. That way you can stuff your dick the most!"

They got in that position on the couch and I went in front of her and gave her my dick to suck on while getting ass fucked. I could see that she was a bit in pain but soon she was enjoying it. She started sucking me and looking me in the eyes. She knew how much I adored that. As Ben fucked her ass he bumped her constantly and made her take my dick further in her mouth which turned me on even more

"Man you got a nice slut." he said.

"It's true, Ben! Now slap her ass! Make it red!" I replied.

He started slapping her butt very hard and I was afraid it could hurt her but she started moaning even harder at that moment.

"Change boys! Ben gimme your cock and let Steven fuck me! Steven change the holes frequently... I wanna get a good taste of both afterwards!" Annie said moaningly.

So we changed and I started fucking her pussy at first. I then changed to her ass and her pussy again after that. I did that a lot of times but I enjoyed her anal hole more. From all the fucking it had gotten pretty big and you didn't need to lube it or spit, you could easily slide it in and that turned me on a lot.

"No cumming mister! You got more work to do! Come here let me suck you!". I went in front of her and she looked at me and my dick with a glaze that says "I can't wait to taste that!". She deep throated me straight away. She couldn't stop sucking it as if she wanted to make it dry.

In a few moments she stopped sucking me. She went down on the floor with her back on the floor and her ass up in the air besides the couch and started touching her ass hole. She tried first with three fingers but it was too easy. She then tried her fist and it got in.

"Boys what have you done to my ass. It's bigger than my pussy" she laughed out. "Ben start fucking me, Steven shoot!". He inserted his dick in her anus and started penetrating her.

"Steven do you like how my ass tastes? Don't answer.. I know you do! Why don't you take out Ben's dick and suck it! It tastes even better!" when Annie said that I was quite abashed. I looked at her and she started begging me "pleaseeeeee baby I really wanna see you suck dick! Pleaseeeeeeee". I loved her so much that I couldn't say no. I looked up to Ben and he made a face saying "Go for it!".

I took his dick out of her ass and put it in my mouth. I started sucking it slowly first since I didn't know if I would like but after a bit I found it very nasty and arousing. I just couldn't get enough of his big dick. He seemed to enjoy it too. "Good boy!" is all I heard from Annie before she started jerking me off and sucking my nipple.

"Do you want to taste his cum?" she asked. "I bet it is real tasty..."

I took his dick out of my mouth and just replied "why not...".

At that moment a big grin got on Annie's face, she stood up and went to the kitchen. She came back bringing a plate.

"Good! Now Ben will fuck me until he cums in my pussy, then I have a surprise!" she said.

Annie lied on the couch and he started pounding her. It was not long until he came inside her pussy with loud moans. Ben took his dick out of her pussy and guided it towards my mouth. It was still dripping cum. I liked it from the top to the bottom and then took it in my mouth. We then both turned to Annie and notified her we were ready. She told me to give her the plate and so I did.

She got on top of it and squirted the cum out of her pussy. It was a very big load and it looked real tasty. She then slid in her pussy one of her fingers and tasted the cum. "MMmmmm.." she said "you're gonna like it, baby! Lick the plate up!" she said handing me the plate.

I took one fast look and then started licking it. When I slurped up all of it she said "Open your mouth! Show me the cum! Then spit it in my mouth!" . I opened my mouth and I was filling with Ben's cum in mouth. I spit all of it in her mouth and she held it in her mouth for a bit and then spit some on her tits and chest, one part in her right hand which she spread on her pussy and ass and with the rest left in her left hand she stroked my cock. She covered it all in cum.

"Fuck me now! In the pussy! I want you to cum in my mouth!"

I inserted my cum covered cock in her pussy and started fucking her. Soon I was ready and I made her go on her knees and I came inside her mouth. I was horny that I felt like I shot a tone in her mouth. She pulled me down and made me kiss her with all the cum in her mouth. We started snowballing and spitting the cum in one another's mouth. With all this hot action between me and Annie we didn't notice that Ben had become hard again.

As we were kissing he came and said "Turn around. I got some more for you!". We turned around and he pushed our head one next to the other and he then jerked off until he came all over our faces. It was another big load and we both got covered in sticky jizz. I turned around to clean Annie's face but Ben stopped me. He went down and slurped all the cum off her face. He then made her turn around with her ass facing us and he spit all the cum over her ass. He then cleaned my face of all the cum and spit it also on her ass and then said "Wait a min!". Then he rushed to the kitchen and we could hear he was searching for something. In about a min he came back with two straws. He gave me one and one for him. "Let's drink it up!" he said. We started drinking all the cum from her ass and then we swallowed the hot juice.

"What a night.." Ben said. "I never knew how hot a threesome could be! Let's do this again some other time but with more bi action. What do ya say?"

"Hahahaha" laughed out Annie. "You wanna suck some cock too? Or do you want Steven to fuck your ass?"

"I wanna suck cock for sure but I don't know about getting fucked... we will see. Now I have to go since it got pretty late and Marry is waiting for me. When I have sex with her I will think of you two and our next experience together!" said Ben and left.

"Man what a night" is all I could say. This was the night I found out I was bi-curious and that I enjoy sucking cocks.

"Good boy... Good boy!" said Annie and pat me on the shoulder. "Next time more!" she said and stood up. We then took a shower and went straight to bed. More of our experiences soon..

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